Spoof Phone Calls

“I agree with a lot of your comments, but the calls from hackett to Mari, those calls were traced back to hackett, proving he did call mari several times, although he denied it, until he was pushed into a corner with truth. Hackett sounds delusional to me, from all I’ve heard from Robert, hackett believes his own lies, and what you’re saying as well. Those calls you speak of, spoof calls, all I can say to that is J. G. I’m more than sure you know who I’m referring to. If you know DPH, I’m more than sure you know of JG. The mental state of some people involved is more than one would expect.”

Some of you might have seen this comment left for me on a Facebook LISK discussion page. I never truly answered it because I was working on this post you are reading right now. And this post is gonna cover Hackett, spoof calls, and J.G. So by the end of this post we will understand it better or at least understand why I didn’t answer the above comment (that’s not totally true, I did address the comment which got me into a little public debate with the person who left the comment. I’m not gonna rehash it here and it really isn’t necessary to do so at this point or for the discussion we are about to have.) I just want to say that I myself do not know for sure what calls were traced back to Hackett. I know what has been said and as I will show ya, people like to jump around on both sides of the fence on this one. There are many comments on my blogs like this:


This is something widely speculated and often misrepresented. Why did Hackett first deny ever calling Mari. What did they talk about? Did Hackett mention a “home for wayward girls”? Did Hackett really tell Mari he met with and tried to help Shannan? What does Mari’s phone records really show? How many calls came from Dr. Hackett? What day was the call or calls made? Yep, I’ve heard from people who claim they have proof of each side. Some say, there is proof Hackett did call Mari before Michael Pak and Alex Diaz went to Oak Beach. Some say the call came after they were there. Some say there was only one call while others say there is proof of 3 calls. Some even say that some of the calls may have been spoofed. All I can tell you is I’ve heard from both sides, seen some of the so-called proof, and I still don’t know. I would figure LE has a better handle on it than me though. I would also think  the evidence that some have been passing around out there for a while now can be seen in its proper context by those actually involved in the case against Dr. Hackett. There and only there can it be sorted out to what is the truth of the phone calls. Those of us relying on bi-polar sleuthers who post things and then yank them right down can only get the picture in bits and pieces. But let’s look at those bits and pieces anyways.

So the comment above said, ” Those calls you speak of, spoof calls, all I can say to that is J. G. I’m more than sure you know who I’m referring to. If you know DPH, I’m more than sure you know of JG.” This is a correct statement even if it is a little too general. Yes, I definitely  know of J.G. and yes spoof call stuff can be chased back to her. In fact I think it was J.G. who first brought up spoof calls to me. But they weren’t the last. So I don’t want to lay that blame entirely at Jen’s feet (Jen is J.G. if I haven’t made that apparent yet). As we will see by the end of this post there are others out there who think spoof calls are a part of this whole thing.

But first I have to get to a question I have heard a lot lately, especially after that comment about spoof calls and J.G. That question is: Who is J.G.? I can understand that. She’s been quiet for a while now. But that don’t mean she ain’t out there, still part of the big bang. So let me give you a quick Jen refresher. Jennifer G. is a cab driver in Long Island who became part of Mari’s so-called “secret” Facebook page. This group included the likes of Cristin (MM7), Dorothy Price Hill, Susie S., Candyce B.A., and other lonely ladies lacking both in the common sense department and mental stability. Jennifer befriended both Dorothy and Cristin. Jennifer actually spent time with Dorothy, going to her house on at least one occasion. Jen would then meet up with Mari and others at the vigils and Oak beach marches that would often end at the Scalise house. Jen actually befriended the Scalise’s. That was how this group came about. Jen was the connection between Dorothy, Cristin, and Joe Scalise Jr. They all worked together at some point, but Jen was the piece closely connected. Cristin says more than anyone else in the group , it was Jen that tried to convince her (Cristin)  that Hackett was stalking her. Both Dorothy and Jen claim the other called CPS on each other. Yea, their friendship went bad fast. And even though it is said that Jen is still friends with the Scalise family, Jen says she is convinced Fluke is LISK… or in Fluke equations, Flukeyou=LISK. Jen claims Joe Jr. also tried to get her to sell pot for him. That;s not important, but I like putting stuff people said about Fluke out there, I think you can all understand why.  So Yes, spoof calls were brought up a lot by Jen. I can show you countless e-mails from her trying to explain them to me, but this is better:


That’s Jen if you didn’t know (there I go rule breaking again). So you can see this stuff does get talked about on Websleuths, and yes once again Jen is there pushing it. I don’t deny Jen pushes the spoof call angle. But where did it come from? Fluke? Websleuths? Is it something LE or others are seriously looking into? I don’t know. Well, I know some others seem to be on the subject.

Before I shock everyone (well maybe not everyone) I need to talk about  Mari’s phone records that TKAMB has been passing around. I would really like to post it here, because it would help understand some of what we are about to hear (yes hear). But I don’t know if that’s wise. I’m guessing it’s evidence and isn’t supposed to passed around like TKAMB is doing nor is it supposed to be posted in blogs (like MM7 did with other court room documents). Still I really wish I could, because it does help. It’s out there though, find it, read it, see if it helps sort through the truth of the calls from Hackett or if there was any spoof calls.

Alright let me get to the point, so you all understand what I’m talking about.

I know some of you just don’t see how big of a deal it is that internet sleuths (like the types who flock to Websleuths) are part of a growing nut gathering. People who see themselves as both victims and the only one who can save the day. People throw the word narcissist around. and long time readers know I feel we all have a bit of narcissist in us, social media feeds that beast in us. We all want attention (last time I said this, it rubbed people wrong. Don’t read too much into it. I’m not saying we are all Dorothy, but we live in the 15 minutes of fame world). Still, most of us have balance of some sort. We like to give as well as receive if you know what I mean. I think one of the very first things I posted back on the Red & Black blog, was “true wisdom is in knowing you know nothing”. I live by that. Others don’t get it at all. They think they know it all. And the really bad ones think the rest of us are the ones that just can’t see the truth. Now this is a general statement that covers a lot of territory online.  And you either get what I mean or you don’t. I’m sorry if you are on the side that don’t, but I can’t make you see it. Trust me, you have to come to it on your own. Alright, enough “Red & Black”, let me explain where this less general and more zeroed in.

So what I am trying to say about Websleuths, and particularly those I have encountered on it… they think they are the one who get’s it and the others are not. But they talk in private share ideas and rumors and then use it against each other. I’ve said this, right? They make up multiple screen names on social media and Websleuths accounts. Which I wonder why that is allowed. Maybe people find a way around it, but somehow people are able to have more than one account there and fuck with each other. Yes, they fuck with each other. They sleuth each other, they tell others what they have done together only if it makes someone else look dirty. They also get way involved in the case fucking with people who are part of the investigation and court cases. That place is a mess. And I know a lot of you are not gonna agree with me. Again, I get that it does good… I get that most people there are not crazy or trying to fuck with people. I’m not condemning it anymore than I’m condemning the internet… but even if I know nothing, I know that you get bad with the good. And you know what they say about “one bad apple”.

Alright, I put this off long enough… to make my point let me give you a hypothetical that really happened:

What if the discussion of spoof calls was out there more than you might realize? What if some people though Mari’s phone records even proved spoof calls? What if to prove it could happen, TKAMB spoof called Hawksaw  using Hacketts phone number? That would be something, right? And what if Hawkshaw called Hacketts number back to see who had called him? Let’s say Hawshaw didn’t get an answer, so he hung up. But then a little while later Hackett called Hawkshaw back asking why he called, and of course Hawkshaw would say, “I didn’t call you, you called me”. What kind of confusion would that cause? And what if TKAMB found the whole thing hilarious? OK, I kind of understand that, the whole thing is so ridicules that it is funny. But if something like that did happen, as funny as it is, it’s also messed up. And it would show just how these things go on with the Websleuthers. I know most of you are thinking, no way this really happened. But it did. And not to long ago. The only reason I know about it, is because like MM7, TKAMB like to tape her phone calls and then pass them around. That also proves what I have been saying about how a lot of these nuts use the same exact tactics. But I’ve said enough, hear for yourself. I’m sure we will have a lot to talk about after wards:


I told you it really happened!

Lots to discuse here, I know, but let’s start with this. Listening to these to talk was as bad as listening to the Flukeyou/MM7 calls. Sorry, but these are your great sleuths with so much information? Please.

So Hawkshaw starts off saying he figured it was a spoof call, so I’m guessing stuff like this has happened before. OK I’m not guessing, I know it has. And I know Websleuths and other places have talked about it at some point.

Next… damn, TKAMB cracks herself up. I like how Hawshaw asks what the point was. I don’t know if he ever really got it. Do you see that neither of them care about bothering Hackett even though they seem to both think he has nothing to do with LISK? That’s how so many from Websleuths work… get your ideas across no matter who you have to fuck with.

I love how this shows exactly what I have been saying, email sharing, phone calls…  interfering more than actually helping.

Much more here, but TKAMB calling the Gilberts liars… can’t let that go by with out a mention. That’s  how it works, friends some places, stab in the back behind public posts. In fact I bet TKAMB describes this conversation with Hawshaw much definitely then how it is. It seems very friendly, but I bet she sees it as Hawkshaw being another idiot way beneath her who just can’t see what she does. In fact I know she does.

Love how they don’t want to really be involved… damn if that ain’t funny.

This is just part of the big picture of how Websleuthers fuck with each other and therefore the cases they are sleuthing also get fucked with… and I find the whole thing fucked.

What this proves to me most of all, that these 2 people who claim to know the truth, who claim to see what others don’t, they don’t really know anything either. It’s Hackett, It’s Burke, it’s Pak.

It’s a game to these people. They are caught up in being right and knowing more than their sleuthing peers. And they fuck with each other… oh yes they fuck with each other.

45 thoughts on “Spoof Phone Calls

  1. For now, all I will say is unless someone has a certified copy of the records from the carrier, they don’t have shit. Why do you think courts require copies directly from the carrier? That’s right! Even phone records can be falsely manufactured.

    Now I go back and read again.

  2. Bravo! Great post!

    I have to say in defense of WS’s we’re not all like that. Really.

    That type of behavior is not supposed to be allowed. Does it happen? Of course. Esp. It seems in the high profile cases like LISK and JBR and others.

    I really hope you continue to sort everyone out so I don’t have to waste any more time with fake people, who mean no good!

    Having said that, I have to say Wow! Just WOW!

    My jaw is still in the floor.

    I’ll reserve further comments when I’ve recovered and re read. This is alot for me to wrap my brain around.

    • I agree, there are good people there, and good things happen there. I wouldnt suggest to anyone to stop going there if they like it, i my self clash with the cliques, like High school all over again. but the behind the scenes stuff that goes on there is nuts. and so many think their fellow websleuthers are a serial killer.. still no worse than any other place on the net. if it wasnt for the fact that they all like to tattle on each other, I’d know nothing about it. i mean both MM7 and TKAMB not only taped their calls but then shared them online…. that’s pretty dumb. but as Tosh.O would say… “I thank them for it”

      • They’ve been around quite a bit lately. We talked on the phone finally. I know they are busy like the rest of us. Think we might put the final nail in that coffin with all of them. TKAMB is the last one that I needed to get to. And I doubt any of them are gonna have much to say any more, and if they do, who will listen?

      • MM7 told me once upon a time that SS was TKAM. What I want to know is who’s the actual real person behind the nonsense and why? Is SS the real person? Or a sock puppet?

        Maybe I haven’t read the answer yet. Im catching up on your blog. I’ve read some, but missed alot. You’ve written extensively about this. So have others.

        If this person, TKAMB is really working with the families, to prosecute the pimps/boyfriends of these victims. I’m not against that.

        What I am against, is her unprofessional and unethical behavior online. That alone should disqualify her from working on these cases. (IMO) IF, indeed she is.

    • Hi Justice. Glad to see you here. You and I have always clicked and we’ve done some amazing work together. Unfortunately I’ve been been on timeout for THREE months over on websleuths.com for doing nothing more than writing a explaining this exact same theory about how flukeyou, Dorothy, MM7 and others have interfered with thus case by getting personally involved. It was the second time within 2 weeks that I was silenced over there for being truthful. None of the people I mentioned are current members (well at least not under their original screen names) and I did not mention anyone by their real name.

      I’M not sure if I will ever return there. The mods made it clear that I am to he silenced. So be it. I the excuse I was given was that it appear to have a “personal vendetta”?!?!?

      Crazy right???

      There are entire discussion threads there focused upon personal vendettas against Hackett, Burke, Pak, Brewer, Bissett and many others. Those discussions are permitted to flourish when most of the content is pure speculation yet I was silenced simply for posting true facts.


      • PS149…Admired you for quite awhile!! May i ask WHY Webslueth would have this attitude for YOU?? I love your stuff…ALWAYS with the facts, and links ect…???

      • That’s interesting. Why was your post banned and who flagged it!

        I just got back to WS after a (couple years) break. These days I find the Facebook discussion group I’ve joined easier, since Im always on FB anyways. Besides we can talk about JS and TS and other things that WS restricts.😊

    • it does seem to pick good ones! Welcome JusticeForever! I’ve been an admirer of you common sense comments for a long time. and so no one is confused, i know dorothy likes to use the word justice in her screen names, she’s done it here numerous times… justiceforever is not dorothy. J4E is one of the good ones!

      • Like I said I was confused at first when I read your comments on Mm7s blog. Because DPH also used justice in her screen name and also helped MM7 with her blog. But your comments were not like Dorothy comments. Then when I went to Websleuths I realised you were not Dorothy, and that you were not one of the gamers, insiders, or someone with agenda. So yea, once i separated your stuff from Dorothy stuff I always saw you as one of the good apples. Lol. And again. Most at Websleuths are. Like most here are. And most people are. But man those bad apples.

      • Oh no. Sorry you went through all that. I could’ve cleared it up for you sooner. I strayed from the case when life got in the way. When I went to check up on thing Mari had just gotten murdered! 😱

        Then the development of peaches being JD3 and the mother of the toddler. The HRs news conference. Of course there’s always the OB drama! Wow! Alot to catch up on.

      • Oh it wasn’t much. Just showing how it happened. How I encountered things. Once mm7 gave me her blog I saw clearly who said what and that there were lots of Websleuths trolls who don’t like mm7 or fluke and other Websleuths people who came to just try to understand it. Both side played games at that point. Fluke wrote under fake screen names, nerd, or someone else would counter and call him out, it was a mess that really can’t be seen without looking at all the comments including the ones not let through. And MM7 did do a good job of keeping track of them all, she was just blinded into thinking it was Hackett and there fore missed lots of obvious things that I pointed out to her. Ugh I’m exhausted, lol. Glad to get to the final ones… sure hope there aren’t more waiting to pop up.

  3. Listening to that was painful. I’m pretty sure I have a brain bleed now.

    Is John Ray still suing Hackett saying Hackett did call MG?

    Why would Hackett say he was running a home for wayward girls? That makes no sense. Shannan was an adult. Was Hackett a blowhard? YES! Just look at TWA flight 800. The guy was a legend in his own mind, like Fish Boy.

    Why did Mari trust these people? Ugh!!!!

    • yep, it’s all mixed up, and I’m telling ya all. Fluke, MM7, Jen, Candyce, Dorothy, TKAMB and others have helped it happen. talking to mari and john ray, talking to each other, it’s all fucked up and that court case is at ground zero of the fuck up… trust me.. I’m finally getting started… and I’m not holding back…

      • Yup. I agree 100%.

        It’s one thing to sleuth a case. But taking it offline and contacting suspects, family members of victims, and the investigators is wayyyy out of line. And the bigger problem is the sleuthing of other websleuths members. There are people there who have put in hours upon hours of really amazing investigative work. And their reward is to become persons of interest simply because they were so good at researching or because they put in so many hours??

        Not cool.

        Not cool at all.

        It’s no better than when Dorothy accuses you ZERO of being a POI or when MM7 attempted to convince the world that I am CPH.

        So crazy.

      • Im SICK…Have SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO much to say, my damn head is gonna explode…HE is the DUMBEST ex cop EVER( believe me, I KNOW HES FRUSTRATING jen), and JEN, UR A SNEAKY bitch ….playin EVERY side of the COIN !!!!!!!!!!!!!! Oh how i can connect DOTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I KNEW IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

        Oh, and Jen, U laugh?? you FUCK with Hackett with NO REGARD…and have such banter speaking about Mari (with whom ive never been shy about my feelings!) Who you used to TEAR UP FOR….YOU NEED TO BE INVESTIGATED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and i love how you ‘dont want YOUR name’ mentioned in regards to helping solve this case!!!!!!!!!!!!! YOU WITCH!!! I HAVE THINGS TO SAY…and i will..
        .Right here.

        BTW, you are both ASSHOLES!!!~ As i posted in a recent article: THE MURDER CASE against Hackett has been DROPPED, DOPE….UR A DOPE ASS LIAR TOO JOE, caught in another lie… ASS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! so yes, THIS HAS COME OUT!!!!!!!!!! and YOU and Jen BOTH need a close look…Jen?? WHO DO YOU THINK SPOOFED THE CALLS!!!!!!!!!!! FUCKING SAY IT..YOU KNOW IT INVOLVES JOE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

        Why NOT tell Hackett HOWEVER??????????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! cause UR STILL KISSING JOES ASS….U got some splainin to do!!!!!!!!!!!!! YOU TAPE OUR CALLS???!!!!!!!

        Sorry Jen, but im still here, even though you told me from the supermarket,( that LAST NIGHT WE SPOKE WHEN U ADMITTED YOUR INVOLVEMENT regarding Bisset and Channel 12 news)..i should ‘be in THE GROUND LIKE THOSE OTHER GIRLS’ !!!! THEN U SWORE IT WAS A SPOOFED CALL…REMEMBER??? ZERO DOES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

        Say hi to JOE! Give me my book back…LOVE HOW U FLUSHED THE TOILET DURING THIS CALL……….Im PISSED!!!!!!!!!!!

        Get help LOSER!!!!!!!!!!

        HACKET IS NOT IN CIVIL COURT FOR MURDER ANY LONGER…John Ray doesnt want to admit defeat, but ITS TRUE.

      • Jesuz…What can i say?? Zero!! TY Zero…Do you FEEL me?? I think even I was spoofed, remember??….But thats NOT anything compared to these POSTS! TY NERD!! TY PS149!!

        But im kinda sick about it too…Zero, Donna?? Do you feel it too??????????

    • Hey Donna!! Happy New Year!

      Welcome Justice. Hang around here if you want to find things out that you won’t find anywhere else. The people are awesome and very welcoming to those who come here with no agenda!

    • Hi everyone and thanks for the warm welcome.

      I think that all these things are happening behind the scenes at WS in PM’s.

      Very early, I decided that the PMing was all too confusing for my little mind and phone calls a little too personal for my taste. I didn’t do alot of it, I tried to maintain a distance from the craziness, so I missed out alot of the BS thankfully.

      I originally started a page for MM7 after she was banned at WS, so she could have a forum to express her opinions about the case. Soon after I got it up and running, things took off and I was like, WHOA! WAIT A MINUTE! WTH?

      I washed my hands of it all when I saw that MM7 had no plans on moderating and, no clear TOS. Instead she wanted the forum to allow the craziness to flourish, it seemed.

      I want no part of that insanity, I am sleuthing this case ONLY because I felt compassion and empathy for the victims, because of my past experiences. That, and I read all the Nancy Drew books as a kid, so I felt sure I could solve this case, no problem. 😉😂 My intention have only ever been good ones.

      Reading your posts (Zero) put alot of this nonsense together for me. I couldn’t make sense of it all. I still can’t, but reading your blog help put some missing pieces in place.

      Good to see you PS149 (and others) If it helps any, I always knew you weren’t CPH. ☺ I tried to tell MM7 but clearly she was obsessed, as many, if not all, of the people riding the Hackett is LISK, bandwagon are.

      Keep up the good work Zero. I think it’s important to, not only, flush out the crazies, but also find out what their agenda is. Can it really just be a neighbor dispute? I think it goes much deeper. This whole thing is a very elaborate deception and distraction. Why?

      • Thanks for the great comment! Wow, we have the person who helped start MM7s blog and the first person to troll it are here getting things together! This feels pretty good. I really feel people are finally really tired of the games and the he said she said and the passing around of evidence. Hopefully it has a positive effect on the case and things start happening!

      • I know you were only helping J4E but it shows how everyone worked together. which in this case was not always a good thing. You know MM7 had a post talking about working with Sussie.

      • Welcome Justice!! i agree and can relate to ALL you say, all your wondering about…Rabbit hole indeed!

  4. Oh hey fluke you. I told you I’d never stop until you were exposed for the sick evil piece of shit that you are. Liar! But it’s not over buddy. You still have some splainin to do. Why create such an elaborate scheme? Not just a vendetta. How did you know exactly where and what was in the marsh where Shannan was found months before? Oh and the spoof calls. Been saying it was you for years. Smelling like fish to me. A rotten fish.

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