Chris Lovejoy Part 1

So, as I said, To Kill A Mockingbird uses all sorts of fake screen names or what we have all come to call, sock puppets (yes I’m going back to that word). She has for some time now. Long ago when ever people brought her up to me (and not by TKAMB, because back then I wasn’t on Websleuths, I mean when people brought HER up) they said she made lots of Facebook accounts and inserted herself into the case (Boy do I see that now). Most were puzzled by it and did not know why she did it, but they told me to stay far away from her. And I did. I have mentioned her by name a few times on the blog. But for the most part I stayed away. And I was fine not knowing much about this person until I went to Wensleuths and discovered that this person was TKAMB. Here was another one. Why? Why do they do it. They all say they are helping the families. Yea, Fluke, MM7, Jen, Dorothy, they all claim that’s what they are doing. Well that’s not how I see it. Does any one else? I know some of the families don’t. And now just going over all this person has written in public and in messages under so many different screen names, after years of waiting for them to just stop, I had to do something, say something, before I left this all behind. I mean, yes, I got the truth out there about so many of these “players”. I call them that, because they act like it’s a game. They think it’s about tricking and fooling people. They are trolls, but they inserted themselves into the LISK case to become “players”.  So I couldn’t go without exposing one last “player”. One of the biggest.

Most of us know one of TKAMB’s favorite sock puppets is Chris Lovejoy. And I have quite a collection of things Chris Lovejoy has said/written, and I was gonna share them, but that will have to wait till part 2. Because Chris Lovejoy just wrote me a message:


Wow. Don’t these people get what I do here, lol. At first I wasn’t gonna reply. But hey, it’s a sock puppet:


Yea I bet that part where she calls the Gilbert’s liars isn’t helping her with anyone who might have been listening to her. Good. Because she’s poison to the case in my opinion. She is no better than Dorothy… wait, she is  worse… Dorothy is crazy,  what’s TKAMB’s excuse? Poison.

I won’t bore you with the whole correspondence but here’s some highlights:











Again, don’t they see what I do? LOL!

I think I got TKAMB a little worried about what I might post next. Yea, I tend to do that to people. You are in great company TKAMB. They all say the same thing too…why do you waste (spelled right) your time on Flukeyou and Dorothy? Sounds like Joey, “Why do you care who Flukeyou is?” LMFAO! And the fact that you were probably the one who first put up MM7’s identity (yea, I know that too), some of the others who have been through this already might actually be happy to see it now happening to you. Couldn’t happen to a nicer person, right? Yea, that’s kind of weird. I’m helping MM7 in a way. But I never said I didn’t want to help her, I tried to show her how to get out of the mess she created hooking up with all these people. Oh well, I don’t want to get sidetracked talking about MM7.

Why? TKAMB/Chris never did answer that. Why make up screen names and multiple fake Facebook accounts? Why insert yourself into the case and harass people once you are there? Why try to convince so many people you know inside stuff? Why is that so important to show the internet that you and only you know who LISK is? Do you really think you are helping? Yea, well Chris Lovejoy didn’t answer any of that and left me with this:


Did I just get a “cease and desist” from a sock puppet? Shit, I think I did. Damn, that’s fucking funny but kind of stupid. It didn’t work for Dorothy or any of the other nuts, what makes you think it would work for a sock puppet. All it did is create this post for me. Yea, that was not the way to go. I think we need to just cut to the chase…

TKAMB, and I know you are reading today, I hope you had a good New Years, because this is gonna sting a little… ah who am I kidding, this is gonna hurt like hell!

11 thoughts on “Chris Lovejoy Part 1

  1. Awww the backpedaling and excuse making is too cute. By that I mean sickening.

    Were you helping the family when you pretended to befriend them and then call them liars behind their backs? Or when you went to Mari’s funeral for your own perverse pleasure? Or when you spoof called a so called friend from CPH’s phone number? Tell us how your cackling your face off helped anyone but YOU? You find it funny? I find it psychopathic. You ask Zero to take down. The TRUTH about YOU, but have you taken down a single LIE that YOU are responsible for? You sound like a poorly educated troll in that phone call. Shame on you! Oh, before I forget, I sure hope the Gilbert’s called someone who can actually read a phone bill, because you don’t know your ass from your elbow. I can tell that listening to you read a little on a phone bill, you have no clue, just an uneducated guess. How do you sleep at night? Seriously, it must be the psychopathy.

    It’s 845a here on the east coast and I’m already sick to my stomach. Oh the games people play.

  2. Some people just aren’t happy unless they are starting trouble. Tkamb, you get off on starting shit, plain and simple. And all that trying to turn it on others is bullshit. You pulled that hurting the family crap on me too. It’s your go to whenever someone won’t do things your way. And a cease and desist? Really? You go all over the internet playing nasty games, but the truth, that you want stopped. And that ain’t happening tkamb, Not ever.

  3. I KNEW TKAMB was also HootOwl on WS! I just knew it! ☺ This validates(to me) that my gut feeling is usually always right. As have alot of other things that you’ve sorted out Zero!

      • Well…Chris Lovejoy is most definitely SS because she sent me a private FB message asking for Megan’s phone records of all things. As if…lol I noticed on the mocking bird thread that SS was asking for the exact same thing. Good work Zero! I just don’t get it? Why the games?

      • yea, we have known for a while… and they all know,LOTN just mentioned things about susie to me. yes they all know who susie is. john ray, the people from TKS, Hawkshaw, MM7 even knew, and she worked with her back in 2013… I have lots more conversations that prove it, they all like to talk, and again, I’ve had lots of help over the years, TCTH, Linda, Donna, recently a whole new bunch has stepped in and offered information, but lets face it,those like susie and dorothy have come to me one way or another to expose someone they were working with and in returned exposed themselves (ew) I’m just the fucker who isnt afraid to put it all out here in one place to try to get around the sneaky games.

  4. Hee hee hee..Dont cry TKAM!! awww, buthurt are we?? Boo hoo..You PLAYER. Player with LIVES…Must suck to be you!!! GROSS like the rest of the DOPES.

    May I leave you with this? Ok :
    the saying of ‘what goes around comes around’
    karma comes back around.

    Useless, POISONOUS dope!

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