MM7 and Susie

I know this place can be confusing. You should see what it’s like in my head, everything racing around in circles, constantly. So it can be hard to keep things straight when I start typing. Luckily for all of you I love to do recap posts or what we have come to call explanation pots. This is gonna be one of those.

So I’ve blogged about lots of things, but one ongoing thread was to show the connection of some people I used to say from, but as we have evolved here we know the truth, it’s a group of Websleuthers. So I have shown how these people got together and well we all can see the outcome.

Once again I need to point out that a lot of ladies reached out to Mari and were part of her Facebook group. It’s important to note that, MM7, Dorothy, Jen, Candyce, and Susie were part of that. At least at one time. I think it should also be noted that they all were kicked to the curb at some point. This happened because they did all work together at some point and then run back to Mari and rat out the other. They each had to be the one who was helping Mari and the best way to show that was to expose who the others were up to no good. The main story was always someone was writing a book. This was an issue quite a bit once books started be written.  There was also the screen name thing.  And bad talk behind Mari’s back. They liked to snitch on each other. Still do or I couldn’t be writing all this. I call this group of ladies The Exiles… though some of them did get back into Mari’s good graces. It’s important to know this went on, it was part of it. So it all started with…

Truthspider. Well that’s where I’m starting it at least. For what ever reason, Truthspider and Fluke got together on the whole LISK=Hackett campaign. I have heard they know each other through lifeguard stuff maybe. But even if they just met up on Websleuths for the first time it dosen.t matter, because once those 2 started there, a lot set into motion to connect the very wrong people. Now Fluke also had his stuff going at and Truthspider would go there as well, but it was Websleuths that started the real connections, and still does from what I see. So Jen is on Websleuths, MM7 is there on Florida stuff… and MM7 joins the Hackett campaign. So you have Fluke, MM7, and Truthspider working together behind the scenes and taking their fight to Websleuths. They have resistance especially from PS149. Meanwhile MM7 is also helping Fluke over at as well. Too Close To Home is doing their best to combat them there (we are keeping war terms for now since we are in a war with Dorothy, that is how she sees this, so that is how it shall be, TKAMB seems to be another casualty from that war, so i don’t think it’s going to well for that side). There were others that spoke out against them and the whole thing blew up there, resulting in several people being removed from Websleuths.

Jen connects to both MM7 and Fluke and they all work together. (What I mean is they all worked together as 3, but also Jen worked with Fluke alone, MM7 worked with Fluke alone, and MM7 and Jen worked alone) Dorothy get’s in there to. She works with MM7 quite a bit. QUITE A BIT! Dorothy works with Jen. MM7 starts her blog and it is a place for all the Websleuths fighting to continue since Websluths frowns on it, harshly.  But that threesome breaks up. Jen and Dorothy go at it. Jen tells Mari MM7 is writing a book. MM7 tells Mari things about Jen. There are other connections, Dorothy and Nancy, and somewhere Candyce finds her way in and out of there, and some I still may not see. When there are so many “players” each one capable of creating multiple accounts it’s hard to keep up. But I think I did a good job. I think I got to the core of most of them.

So this group worked together and against each other and created a lot of false narratives. And as you see it still goes on. Hawkshaw Pete and Mocking Bird Sue are still involved in this kind of thing. But what really want to show with this post is how it all circles back around, that this group all connects together. I want to show you TKAMN/Susie connects right back to this group who started it al… and well that was done before I even started blogging about any of this. It;s right there on MM7’s blog to read anytime:

Yep, I hate to use their own words, like conspiracy. But they have all conspired together, that’s no joke. And the more I look at each one you see how they worked together and yes against each other. But more importantly in my opinion they interfered. And some still are.

Author’s Note: After posting this I realized maybe a graph of sorts would help show this better. So I made this:



A simple graph for a complicated group of people.

13 thoughts on “MM7 and Susie

  1. Now it makes sense that the second or third question you ever asked me “are you on WS?”. Never been so glad not to be a part of something.

    FYI someone on WS called a murder victim’s father to rat out real names of people. Not this case, another one. How do I know for a fact? I’m friends with a family member and they told me. Left a bitter taste in my mouth. This makes it a lot worse. I thought that was an isolated incident. SMH. I almost asked them for help on another matter, personal to me. Thank GOD I left my business off there and offline.

  2. Man Zero, it actually hurts to go back to the days when you empathized with cristen, although I myself have fallen victim to her BS and paranoid DELUSIONS. I was FUMING when i couldnt convince you in the beginning..But you got it soon enough, and maaaan did you make it all right!!! (i still blame you for me joining FB, now a constant source of aggravation, lol)

    So people used to always ask, “what the hell is Zero doing??”His blog Sucks” “just a handful of LOSERS” “who are they helping”….” a useless GOSSIP blog”…By people, obviously, your critics were the GAMERS.

    A gossip blog..Yeah, ok. lets talk about a FEW people team 6, or 7 if you include Mari, which i do, Although i believe she was in a VERY vulnerable state, Im saying it as i have before. I never met Mari, my opinions are of my own observations which i will not go into. I have no ill feelings for the women, and def hope shes in a better place, she deserves it. May she RIP…The ONLY dirt, if you will, i heard of Mari came STRAIGHT from the GAMERS. OWN IT BITCHES.

    We all witnessed the stalking and disgusting campaign against PS149. It was enough to scare me, and almost ended my short involvement in that LISK blog…I too, was called CPH, CPHs massage therapist, and a hooker involved in organized crime..My former JOB was called alleging all these things by Dorothy..and my FB friends contacted. C***!!! my dads OBIT posted on Shannons memorial page??? (including all my family members names). I still might sue your ass, but how would i collect?? Ooooh wait, your inheritance?? Hmmmmm

    How bout Gus Colletti?? The only person that helped Shannon that night?? I know for a FACT, he had a very heavy heart wishing he could have done more for her that night (which of course he couldnt)…He answered his door, invited her in, called the cops, and stood up to pak…The man SHOULD HAVE BEEN THANKED!! But thanks to JS, JG, mm7, Dope ass Dot ect…He died while being called a liar, involved in a cover up and worse!! Joe used to ride by his house and scream obscenities, and even had a physical confrontation with him!! You pussy. You DICK. Something else i know for FACT, is that Cristen could have left apologizing to Gus, she knew HOW, but never did. Enough said about that..FOR NOW..yeah, theres still some surprises coming this Graduation year!! Know it BITCHES.

    How bout Mike D?? AKA Fieldnotes,Jim Jones?? Stalked at home and Job..Called a pedophile and KILLER by Mari and henchmen, drug addict, and Mr Creepy by that c*** Dorothy…The man did NOTHING to deserve this treatment, is a fine writer and a pretty cool, down to earth dude…But he left all things LISK due to the crazies and their slanderous, meddling in his life.

    Look what happened to Zero! Including harassment an Slander OF HIS FAMILY AND job???!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    So sussie, absolutely FU from the bottom of my heart. You were part of it, a big part of it…Now CHOKE ON IT.



    • love it, yes i approached it slow and was wrong about A LOT of things at first.. but the right people found each other and these games and connectors were exposed. I just made a little graph to show it in a simple way. I put it up on at the end of this post and will add it to FB page soon. Have to finish another post first!

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