Mock (Yeah!) Ing (Yeah!) Bird (Yeah!)

As Susie starts to panic and removes posts and comments, deleting Facebook accounts (you will have to delete them Susie, blocking me is not enough) I can’t help but think I warned her that this day would come… oh yea I did:

You see, way back in March of 2014, I wrote this:

I have been informed that some people who really are involved with this case don’t even know if Dorothy is real. They know just how many fake accounts were made out there by the likes of people like Joey Junior and Susie S. And I will get to Susie eventually, so if you are out there reading Susie, send me an IM or something, would love to know if you are still a part of these evil shenanigans or secretly really someone else.

It’s really not my fault so many of you don’t take what I am doing here seriously.  TKAMB could have stopped this all, but in the few years since I wrote that, TKAMB got more involved with sock puppets and online harassment. We’ve all seen the kinds of stuff she has written under the names Oak Beach, Alice Cooper, and Chris Lovejoy. Oh yea, not everyone has, huh. Not all of you are on Websleuths, not all of you are on the same LISK related FB sites where she comes up… let me go find a few comments real quick:









“Whoever Zero is” LMFAO!

There’s more, lots more. But that will do for now. Susie aka TKAMB and so many other screen names is just like the rest of them in this sick group. And if you are gonna start covering your racks you are gonna have to go deep. As I said, I have known about you for a while:

Is that a mocking-bird?

Image may contain: bird, sky, tree and outdoor

I think it is.

Yes, you will have to go deep to cover your tracks.

6 thoughts on “Mock (Yeah!) Ing (Yeah!) Bird (Yeah!)

  1. Zero, is this EVOL bitch mocking prostitute?? Her POI is BURKE you DOPE..YOU ASSHOLE KNOW IT ALL!!!!!!!!! WTF

    See, as ive said all along, NOT ONE OF THESE GAMERS WOULD EVER DEFEND A PROSTITUTE!!! Let alone mourn what LISK did…
    ITS ALL ABOUT THE BENJAMIN!! The 15 seconds you talk about. trained in ‘sex trafficking’?? Scuze while i hurl………….Just wat DOES Sussie do 4 a living besides NOTHING and spitti n venom and poison?? What IS UR FORMAL TRAINING YOU DOPE??


  2. Why oh why do i keep hearing this damn song?? Oooooh Sissie, lol..You as crazy as Dot..But ur BUSTED…Ya damn BEOTCH. Now, lsten up:..hehe heh heh..dont karma taste bitter?? awww.

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