Rainbow Not So Bright

I really wasn’t planning on writing a post today. I have done enough damage for one week, right? And lots of work. It has been exhausting!  But at least this “boring” blog, doesn’t “suck” so bad any more!

Anyways… I wasn’t gonna write a post, and the next post planned definitely wasn’t gonna be about Pauly Lohan. But that guy is really melting down:


Is he serious? Doesn’t anyone read my blog… do all the nutty ones just go straight to the comments?  You should know how this works… this kind of stuff goes right up!

It’s like each of them secretly want me to write about them. Those who have read here from the get go know exactly what I mean. They all long to be a part of the blog that “sucks” so bad. I should point out, I removed myself from this “group chat” with Paul (LL6) and Joshua Zeman (director and creator of the A&E LISK themed television show The Killing Season), but the little cry baby decided to put me right back in the group today and let me know I was a “fucking scumbag piss of shit”. Ha Ha! Piss of shit, I love it!  From now on I’m using that all the time, thank you, you piss of shit!

He wanted Josh to look at what “this shit eating cunt face” posted. I hope Josh did. I know he has read here before, they contacted me about their show long ago. And I like “The Killig Season” and appreciate what they did with all that was thrown at them. But really, LL6 is a nut, look at him go on:


Sorry, I like “piss of shit” better. Piss of shit, piss of shit! It’s so much fun to say. “Retarded fucking creepy fuck”. Nice! Better hope Dorothy don’t read these. Very vile. I like vile… Dorothy, not so much. Yea, tell me I was wrong and this guy ain’t a nut. Let me look back and see if there is any more since I started writing this:


God damn! That’s harsh. But I like it. The “genital wart covered dicks” is great, but I have only 1 genital wart covered dick, and I really hope it don’t fall off. I think the “little boys ass” and “kiddie diddler” takes it a bit to far though. Still, you are right… it;s been far too long since I had a real good “ass pounding”. Would you like to give me one Lindsey? I love how they all call me a stalker. All these stalking fucks call me the stalker. You are all on the internet stalking each other, stalking people from the LISK case. And I’m the stalker. I’m just writing about bunch of people of questionable mental states on the internet engaging each other. And yes, now they engage me as well. Life imitating art imitating life… or vice versa. Oh like I care, tell the world I’m your stalker… but get in line with all the other nuts out there yelling it.

LL6 just finished (at least for now) with this:


Uh, yea, thanks Josh. What did Josh do? I bet he ain’t thinking “thanks Paul”.  If Josh thinks you are some super sleuth instead of the nut you are, if you told hom I am a stalker and he believes you, well I guess it shows why we are where we are with all this. Something tells me Josh is smarter than that. But I will thank you LL6 for all those kind words today, they inspired me put my stalker hat on and find stuff like this:


What’s this? What’s this?


Rainbowrubme? How cute. Is that why John Ray chose “Rainbow” as his pet name for you? Does John Ray know about your Datura Vision? How about Josh? Did you tell him about it?

I know some of you are like what is Datura Vision? Google it. I did:


It’s a flower… a “nightshade”.

And while we are at it, let’s take a look at a story LL6 told about taking Datura to help him have a vision on where to find some Datura… I can’t make this stuff up:


I know that one is blank… that’s because Rainbow took down what ever he originally wrote there… but as you see we can piece it all together as we go:


That’s a reply to Rainbowrubme’s removed post from someone called Talking Brujo Dog. It seems Rainbow  ingested this hallucinate plant so that he would have a vision that would show him where he would find more of this plant growing. He says it was an experiment. And he says it worked.Others seemed not so sure. Let’s read on:















I know those all came out small, hopefully you can read them. Because man, that is good stuff! I’m always finding you guys all the good stuff.  You have Lindsay Rainbow trying to fit in on this “Devil’s Cookie” thread. Telling them how he uses it for “magic” and “visions” and pretty much everyone is telling him he is lame. Why doesn’t he call them a “cunt face”?  Oh well. If you want to go to the actual site and  read the whole thing go here:


You might want to be quick about that. LL6 is a lot like TKAMB, who is a lot like DPH… they all like to delete the things they have written.

I know that’s a lot, but we are gonna go a little further. One more step:


Remember when you wrote that Paul? Probably not, you write it a lot. Posting things you read and think only you understand, all the while wanting to prove things others can’t see. Right? The idea that any of the victims were asked to leave their phones is a lie that you see right through. Or maybe you had a Datura Vision. Regardless, this is gonna be the part where you see that I’m good at what I do. Because you see, I recognize that kind of talk. I’ve seen it somewhere before. Where was it? Oh yea:


Damn it rainbow. Did I just find another one of your screen names? That’s at least 3 now right?  LinsayLohan6, Rainbowrubme, and Rocky Sullivan.


I like 3. I hope there’s no more. Threes a good number.

Keep telling yourself LL6 that you aren’t like the rest of the people I’ve blogged about.

The lies we tell ourselves are the easiest to believe.




Piss of shit!

12 thoughts on “Rainbow Not So Bright

  1. Omg!!! I could barely read what Paul wrote, I was laughing so hard!!! That was some funny shit. I can just see Pauly all in an uproar writing that too. Holey moley Pauly, that’s some really immature fit of words there. Funny as hell, but immature. Hahaha, I’m gonna be laughing to myself for awhile over this Pauly.

  2. Rainbow LOONEY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Man , you could all GET A DISCOUNT RATE AT SOUTHOAKS!! http://www.south-oaks.org/

    How Disgusting you all are…SHAMEFUL, LYING GAME PLAYERS….Yeah, you care about murdered prostitutes…SINCE when??


    • Not a one of them cares. It’s just a line they use. I’ll believe that line when they start telling the truth and stop playing games. Bunch of crazies looking to be right, even if they have to make stuff up. I personally can’t wait til the day when they are all exposed, along with their games and agendas.

  3. There has to be criminal charges for obstruction of an investigation no? Uh oh….You guys have broken the law. Lol!
    Can’t wait until Dr hacket sues all of you. We have ALL THE DOCUMENTATION! hear that Barbara? 🙂

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