Who Is Plottmaster?

So. Think I should leave Websleuths alone for a while. Don’t worry I promised we would get to Hawkshaw and MCME, and we will, but there are other things I want to talk about too. And who knows they may somehow be related eventually. With hindsight we realize some things are clearer after some time.

Right now I want to talk about Plottmaster, aka Plottmasteram, aka  Plottmastered, and a few other very similarly spelled screen names.  I think they are just lazy and don’t correct their misspellings. If you don’t know about Plottmaster you are missing out:


I don’t know who Plottmasteram is, but they sure sound like the usual conspiracy story-teller. And with a thread they left last October they stepped right into LISK conspiracy MVP:


Tales of snuff films, sex parties, corrupt politicians, and Oak Beach cover ups.

Yea, I don’t know who Plottmasteram is, but like the rest of them, they got my attention.

5 thoughts on “Who Is Plottmaster?

  1. I stayed away for a long long time as members began ‘sleuthing’ me. Then I can’t remember my pw. Lately I’ve been reading until my eyes are about to bleed. Wow Bob WOW. Keep it up zero. You play…You pay. These players have to pay.

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