Jerry Hall-ech!

Alright, time to crack another nut:


Holly shit, new background pic! That reminds me, Hawkshaw changed his avatar pic not to long ago:


Wait a minute… take a look at my Facebook pic:


LMFAO! They all want to be me.

Alright so I hear  this Jerry guy is telling people I contacted him. Fucking nut. Why do that to yourself? I didn’t even give a shit about you. You were under my radar, just some fake screen name trying to milk people for what they know. Yea, I saw your posts:


They were everywhere:


Plus people were talking about you. Yep… you start playing, people start talking… without it I blog about Trump, it’s a simple as that.

So I heard about Jerry and I was glad I hadn’t heard from him. From all I heard I figured he was another nut. But like all the other nuts, Jerry went and got himself all wrapped up in the LISK case. And someone put him in my direction. Thanks a lot. LOL, actually I’m very happy Jerry wrote me. But let’s clear up his little lie, I did not contact him, he contacted me and told me to contact him:




And then there was a ton of other shit. Pictures and screen shots of conversations. TONS of it! And all before I had even seen he messaged me, let alone answered him. Yep, fucking nut. But none of this is new to anyone… I just posted about what that other nut Plottmaster wrote back in October of last year:

Fuck you Jerry! You are a nut! And quite the little stalker, huh? Plus like so many I encounter in the LISK world, you got a touch of the “bi-polar excuse”, dontcha? You write “please don’t share” and then in the very next thing you wrote, you said, “destroy this bastard”. I know you want me to do your dirty work… but there’s a lot more going on here… I get that. So let’s go slow, alright.

Jerry is persistent, all the nuts are. He even got some “friend” to contact me:


And this guy again, not waiting for a reply, sent me a ton of screen shots. Is Jerry for real? I don’t think he is. In fact he told me his Jerry Hallech name was fake… duh. But not very original, huh? It sounds a lot like Jamie Hall. That’s your real name, huh Jerry?  Or is Jaime not even the final stop in your list of aliases? I know this one was you:


The Joker? LMFAO… nope just a joke. I like how you use the same Initials in all your fake screen names. 3 names all with the initials J.H.: Jerry Hallech, Jackson Hope, and Jaime Hall. Which is why I am unsure about this guy:

hayden fb.JPG

See… the initials aren’t J.H. Is this you Jaime? Or did you really get some dumb friend to send me a bunch of screen shots of a conversation between you and…

Yea, not so fast. We are taking this slow. I don’t want any of the attention to be pulled away from Jerry Jamie Hope (LMFAO, you’d think by now someone would read my blog before getting stupid with me). This Hayden Lufkin looks like a pretty real account too. And the pictures on the account are not Jamie (yes Jaime, I have seen a picture of you). Damn, I really think Jamie got his dumb friend right in the middle of this:


Man, each new one gets dumber than the last one. Jaime, you got your buddy right into the center of  the shit you stepped in. Why, man, why? But then again why would you go around telling people I contacted you and that we are working together? Fucking dope.

Look he just liked the last post:

JH new likes.JPG

Oh shit, is that funny. He didn’t know this was coming I guess. I thought the song and “Joker” reference would be good enough clues, but Jerry Jamie Hope is not playing with a full deck (are any of these nuts?). So stay away from him. And Jerry, stop being such a creepy little stalker.

Alright where to next?

30 thoughts on “Jerry Hall-ech!

      • Zero I have so much to say but I will try not to write a novel here. I approve, biggest reason being I am so irate at these morons for lack of a better word. They treat this as a game but this is reality for the victims families and friends. With John Ray now leading the shit show in full force he has disgusted me once again more than the last time. This new chaos that Jerry or whatever his name is started with a Lady of The Night 😉 tis disturbing. How dare those pieces of 💩 cause more pain and spread more lies.
        I hope to see some arrests or people held accountable for this ridiculous behaviour and lies.

  1. Wow. I don’t think Jerry read, even if he did like it on fb. Cause if he did, then Jerry’s not the brightest crayon in the box.

    • We believe Jerry to be mentally ill so I feel he will continue this bull 💩 Unfortunately Until he gets some help.

      • LOL, I totally thought you were LOTN. My bad… but i admit when i’m wrong. There are reasons, i wont bore everyone with them, but i was wrong. welcome hifichick! You seem to have a good grip on it. and yes, Jerry is all messed up, he just “liked” this post on the ZW Facebook. Ladies, stay away from that one. trust me on that!

      • Ok, lol, what the heck is going on here?? Wjere did this “Jerry” come from, and WHY ZERO?? Ill be patient a bit longer, but ill say this: Jerry, your messsin’ with the wrong HERO when you mess with ZERO!! Or any of us for that matter!


      • He is another one of these sleuthers. But this one is a stalker. I mean scary, watch out! He went at LOTN and let me tell you it was a shit show. Jerry stumbled on to something because everyone has big mouths and then contacted her. LOTN is the girl from John Rays conference for those not on Websleuths. He then sent me the whole conversation. The guys a nut but he has some info that may solve LISK or may be another “my ex is the killer” story. And the sad thing is that no one seems to want to clear it up, just more games and more people saying LISK is about to be caught. I hope so, but like you… I see more games than ever

      • Nice to meet you as well. LOTN actually sent me a screen shot of what you commented here and my reply, and I said yea I know that’s you, and she didn’t correct me. So I thought I was right. I wasn’t. But it shows how people are happy for others to have misinformation. They like others to be wrong. I think it’s all coming to a head though. It definitely can’t go on this way too much longer…

    • He’s a nut. He’s totally unimportant accept he stumbled into things others were figuring out. Now he is just being a pest. I’m not LOTNs biggest fan, but Jerry had no right to try to blackmail her or be as forceful in his correspondence with her. Trust me we will see that correspondence very soon. I actually think Jerry likes me putting on the blog, quite a few people really think LOTN knows who LISK is… And well thanks to Jerry we all know who that person is. Not Burke like in the conference. Yea, I have talked to LOTN now as well. And just for the record, she contacted me. But she had a lot to say, which is the problem.

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  3. is the webslueths a different site. i was on your old blog but not webslueths,if its separate lol i see this latest suspect fits the profile to a T

  4. no im legit lol i came across the Henry thing and i was blown away. how come theyre not taking him down. Is there no dna? i would think since the killer must’ve been so intimate with his victims that there would have been dna. i knew awhile ago it had to be somebody with real estate properties and nerdy in appearance. does anyone else think its him. I knew it as soon as I saw his picture. now it makes sense why he didnt leave a trail through craigslist,cause he didnt find them from there imo

    • Why would they take him down. There is no evidence at the time that proves anything, just hearsay, speculation, and suspicion. LH at the moment is no different than Hackett, Brewer, Burke, or some of the others people feel are LISK. What have you seen or heard that makes you so sure? You don’t have to answer that just think about it. You have no more info than me I’m sure, in fact I’m sure I have quite a bit more than most at the moment.. And I can tell you there is no smoking gun or real evidence that leaks the Babylon Attorney to actually being LISK. But there lots of stuff that is being looked into and because John Ray is the master at making all the nuts jump through internet hoops, we are all privileged to information we shouldn’t have. Maybe that’s good, LE have not been very trustworthy in that county as we all know. And to make my point you said you knew he was LISK by looking at him. That’s ridicules. Information being leaked in the past, like burlap and phone calls have led to many people sure Bisset or Hackett was LISK and many felt too they could tell just by looking at Brewer he was LISK. And for me I look at Bitrolff and since I know for a fact he also hung in these Oak Beach Circles, I felt strongly he was LISK. And now we have LH to wonder about. I know everyone is frustrated with the work LE has not put into this case, everyone is frustrated with John Ray continuing to keep a circus going, I know everyone is frustrated because of all the nuts interfering in the case. But we all want the truth right? Not what others are trying to convince everyone is the truth. Wait for evidence and proof. Because if Websleuths has shown anything its that anyone can look like a serial killer when you look at them through the internet’s lean of reality.

  5. i guess youre right zero,he just fits the profile so much and looks like hes hiding something. doesnt make him the killer confused how the killer hooked up with the girls. Was it online or through an acquaintence. i guess LE knows more but cant release information to the public. i feel like he didnt meet them from Craigslist

    • with all that I agree. and know that right now there is a troll named Jerry (not his real name of course) going around dropping the LH name, saying he is LISK, and now wants to make it seem like it’s me doing this. I have never said anyone is LISK, the closest is that I said Bittrollf is my main POI. But the case has lots of problems starting with a very corrupt LE. So you can beileve I’m not gonna say someone is LISK, that’s for the nuts. But yes, this guy’s name is being brought up in lots of places and there are definitely things LE should look into and I’m sure they are. And how about Burke opening his big fat mouth and singing a little… thats; what we need here. I wont hold my breath, but if He’s not LISK but has information that can help the case move forward and they got lots of other stuff on him maybe he will talk. maybe he is already. Or if Hawkshaw is right and he’s LISK I doubt he wants to help the case. again, though FBI and LE need to start unraveling it all, the media and the public need to stay on them till they do.

  6. i cant picture Bittrolf killing a few times and stopping.
    i hope the killer gets nailed for his crimes whoever he is. wonder if there are two seperate killers. maybe the mystery will one day be solved

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