So now that you know, let’s take a closer look at Hawkshaw:


Still get a kick from his new avatar. So if you didn’t already figure it out (and I’m pretty sure everyone has), Hawkshaw is Dorothy and Susie’s detective friend Pete F. Pete was once a cop and because of that he has become quite the little insider at Websleuths. Now I know some of you like Hawkshaw, (some like TKAMB just pretend to like him), but that maybe because you don’t know much about his other screen name Petefio. We will get to Petefio in a moment and maybe you might like Hawkshaw a little less… maybe.

First I want to get right to what I think is the root of why I believe Hawkshaw is not someone who should be so wrapped up in the LISK case. It’s comments like this:


You see, to me comments like this make me think Hawkshaw doesn’t care who LISK really is, he just wants to see Burke go down for it. He doesn’t care if anyone makes the evidence”fit”, because Hawkshaw feels Burke has made evidence “fit” for so many others. And this is a feeling Hawkshaw has had for a very long time. Well maybe not as long as he has thought Spota was doing it. It wasn’t till Pete started hearing word that Burke was going down that Pete started in on James Burke. But Spota, Pete has been after him for a long time. Most of you probably know right where that started. Now I’m sure Pete (Hawkshaw) knows all about “bad” cops from his time as a cop himself, but Pete’s obsession with Spota really started after Pete was retired. As a detective Pete worked on  what he calls the SIL case. SIL stands for Son In Law. It seems Pete’s son-in-law (who also was a cop) got arrested for burglary and Pete felt he was set up:


LOL, ‘he thinks he knows’, yea, Pete is a riot, as we are about to see. but first we really need to understand this SIL stuff. You see Pete worked as a Detective on it using his knowledge of LE due to his time on the force. But to me this already shows where Pete steps on the lines to get where he wants to go. I get he wanted to help out his daughter’s husband, but him being the father-in-law and an ex-cop well, it leads to bias, in my opinion. The strange part is that even though Pete says his SIL was set up, sometimes I’m not so sure he feels this way:


And I don’t think he cared:


This is what I mean. Pete doesn’t seem to care about truth. There are to many biased feelings involved. Before we go on, you should hear from Pete all about what happened to his SIL:








He leaves a much shorter version on Websleuths:


But here is probably his fullest version of the whole story:











There’s a lot there. I’m not even gonna waste time picking through it here to make a judgment on whether or not the SIL was set up. All we need to know, is Pete believes it, sometimes. And Pete has been getting into it with others online over these subjects for at least a decade now:





















And it goes on and on and on. Pete aka Petefio aka Hawkshaw makes sure to hit up anywhere and everywhere:





















I put that last one there because Pete actually includes Nancy’s son in his list of criminals.

Look Pete Hawkshaw has been talking for years. About his SIL, about Spota, about Burke, about the LISK case… in fact Pete goes on and on about all sorts of stuff. And some of the things he has said are pretty messed up, we will get to some of his worst in just a minute, but first I want to take a look at 3 of Pete’s different subjects that I found interesting. First is about David Bianco and the subject of cops that kill:



Just a couple of things here. Pete points out cops can be killers and even super detective Hawkshaw can’t tell the good ones from the killers. Also Pete has a peculiar way of using the initials BJ. This next thread is about Pete being a “victim”:






I’m not even sure what all that means… but Pete says he was a victim and Pete should know. The last subject I’m putting up is Vegas:





So Pete likes to gamble. And he seems to prefer Vegas to Atlantic City. Well we will have to get together next time you are in town Pete. Oh, and I agree, I hate those tickets.

So, Pete is obsessed with Spota, Burke, and busting Long Island LE. We all see that right? But that doesn’t mean Burke ain’t a dirty cop. He is. And maybe Burke is connected to LISK in some way. If so, I think it should come out soon. My point is that Hawkshaw is obsessed and is looking for what he wants to find. And that seems to be what most people involved in the LISK case are doing. People want to prove Hackett did it. Others want to prove Hackett is innocent. People want to prove Burke did it. Others want to prove other wise. Everyone gets lost in what they want to prove or disprove and forget the object should be finding out what really happened.

You all can make your own judgement on Pete Hawkshaw. But let me point out he has worked with both Dorothy Price Hill and Susie S. That’s enough for me! Still, just to help tip that scale, let’s take a look at Pete’s most questionable comments (aren’t ya glad you looked into me for DPH, Petey?):


WTF? Did Pete just say his cousin was a serial killer? Damn.


That one’s just creepy!


Pete using the term blumpkins! Gross! Flukeyou used “blumpkins” in one of his comments before. If you still haven’t googled it please do. It shouldn’t surprise anyone that Pete would use such a term, his humor is … well off:




If you think those are bad, look at this:


Yes, that one tells us all we need to know about Pete. Wal-marts, LMFAO!

Still say I’m wrong about old Hawkshaw? Well then you might like to hang out with him at Thee Rant:


It’s a place for ex-cops like Pete. And as you can see from this reply to Pete’s Wal-marts adventure, there are people just like Pete there:


But put all this nuttiness aside and the main thing about Pete that worries me is how involved  he gets:


I mean he gets way up in there like the other nuts and then he says things like this:


Or this:


And worse… something like this:


Remember that? I do. Then you see something like this:


Just one question. Why is anyone taking him seriously? And look, 9 years ago Pete talks about how he somehow fucked up the Zodiac and Son Of Sam case:


Hawkshaw has been everywhere and I’ve gone on quite enough about him for now. I just wanted to get it all out at once so we can continue moving on. Before we go, let’s go way back and see what Pete was like almost 20 years ago:



It sure does seem like Pete was a little worried about Mayor Koch being gay. That’s funny to me, because I know some people make this a big deal:


I get it, Pete thinks Koch was gay because he passed legislation that benefited the LGBTQ community. and that bothered him. Pete is worried a gay guy might try to pick him up. Gross! Fuck Hawkshaw! There, I said it. I’m done.

I’ll leave you all with Pete’s own words. I’m sure he won’t get the irony in them but I bet most of my readers will:


30 thoughts on “Hawkshaw

  1. OMG! I’m overwhelmed with thoughts about this fucking loser.

    1. So you were cruising gay clubs in drag, but it was for the case. We get it. Wink wink. You hate gays so much because you’re still firmly in the closet right? Come on out Petey boy, you have until Friday to let your true self out. After the inauguration, who knows what will happen. Enjoy it while you can.

    2. I’m curious if you hate Koch because he was gay or because he was a Jew? Was it a twofer you couldn’t resist? Koch would have beat your ass, then as he was walking away said ” how am I doing”.

    3. Your SIL. Read.a bit, saw you were an obsessed POS and did the scroll and roll. You got worse not better. Have you considered a hobby that doesn’t involve the internet and it’s myriad of nutters? They aren’t helping your mental disorder.

    4. I need to mention that you are a homophobic, anti-Semitic, misogynistic, narcissistic parasite. On behalf of big breasted women everywhere, we dress to please ourselves. You see, we don’t think that we have to hide our lady pillows because some decrepit old man might get a hard on. We don’t think about you all! Sorry to burst your old man bubble. Try treating women with respect and look at their eyes sometime. You may see disgust looking back at you, but at least for once you’d be a respectful POS.

    5. You voted for Trump didn’t you? SMH.

  2. I can’t wait. Really! Game players.
    What remains is that the only true facts that anyone knows (except for the murderer, he knows) is that a serial killer has murdered at least 11 people and left their bodies or body parts on ocean parkway. Everything else is theory or fantasy. The truth is we don’t know. But these were real living human beings with families and lives. And the killer is still not caught.
    All of you ‘sluethers’ seem to not give a good fuck about that. So why? Why the meddling, the tampering and outright obstruction of this very real active murder investigation? I want to know. Pete? Suzie? Joey? Cristin..Dodo ditty… Etc. Etc. Anyone care to answer? Evil fucking creeps.

    • and people are still acting like he’s so lovable on Websleuths, one of them even said my blog was not written very good. Which may be true even though not grammatically correct , But the guy is homophobic, racist, arrogant, narcissistic, chauvinistic, and talks about killing people as if he would enjoy it. Yes he knows that Burke and Spota are dirty, duh, he was part of that shit for a long time. But the guy is so not right. The people still saying i’m wrong and all these nuts are just good people trying to help the Gilberts or the victims of LISK… well you can see them all by their OWN words right here. It may not be written very good. But you got to be blind not to see what I’ve shown. And we still have MCME!

    • He’s something alright, something fucking crazy. This whole online presence of this case and the players are like NOTHING I have ever seen. I belong to many crime groups but none quite like this.
      Have you seen the newest one saying she is related to a victim ? I am skeptical hell let me be honest, I don’t believe 💩 from any of these mentally disturbed people.

      • Again… it’s a good thing. I wear it with pride that I don’t fit in. I wouldn’t fit in at UG or Thee Rant or any other place these creeps hang out.

      • You mean the one with the sob stories that weren’t working and who everyone thought had mental health issues with her talk of reports? And now everyone loves her cause she’s says she’s a victims relative? Yup, I most certainly did see her.

      • Go all the way back I said they were all caught in a caucus race, like in Alice In Wonderland… And they still chase each other round and round

      • I wasn’t around for the mental health issues and such but I did notice she has changed her last name from Bailey to Masterson. I admit I posted and fed into her attention seeking to see if she was going to be asked for verification but nope, nothing, nada.
        All crazies welcome 😞. My bestie and I had a conference and decided it’s all 💩.
        As for WS I failed as well, I am banned 😂. I have my own thoughts so I don’t really fit in there.

  3. They still love him cause they think just like him, so they don’t have a problem with it. And defending him is like defending themselves. Why else would they have no problem with that crap?

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