So, I know I said I was gonna get a little deeper into Jerry’s buddy Hayden. And Jerry has not let up on his bi-polar stalker games. Saying we are friends one moment, then attacking my credibility the next. For some reason he likes to keep talking about my family… creepy little fuck. But over all I think Jerry is getting the picture:


Jerry you are such an idiot. My identity has been out there forever. You call my blog boring and repetitive. You just don’t get how repetitive it can get here, or how that helps make some of the points this place makes. It’s alright Jerry, come at me, don’t come at me. In the end it won’t mater much. You will be screwed either way. You’ve kind of cemented that already.

Well let him continue on… It’s very entertaining stuff over there in Kim’s group. Their is even discussion that Dorothy Price Hill is really Susie S. LMFAO! That’s an old argument indeed. And these nuts all come back full circle. But trust me Susie is not Dorothy. 2 separate nuts. That doesn’t mean Susie isn’t still there. She is. Yes, I see the screen names you continue to hide behind Susie. . No one else seems to be smart enough to notice you, but I did. I guess you didn’t get enough from this place yet. Continue what you are doing right now Susie and I will expose you even further. Is that what you really want. I know you don’t like me. But do you really want to jump back on my radar?

Well, you guys all keep at it. If you don’t mind I’m gonna step back and watch for a little while. I could crush it all right now… but you guys are proving my point right now better than I have been able to do in the past 4 years.

I’m of course talking about Kim Vest’s LISK group. That place is nut gallery headquarters right now. If you are not keeping an eye on what is going on there, you might want to:


Kim has quite the new hang out. Although I can’t really take the credit for it, after all Kim kicked me out within 3 hours of me joining the group. But I can’t help  felling a little responsible for  all the latest shenanigans on that group page. After all I put the place up here. I bet most of you didn’t even know about Kim’s little group till I brought it up. Kim should be thanking me for letting everyone know about her and her group. I bet it has never had so much attention paid to it. But no, Kim don’t seem to like me at all:


So how the fuck should I take this? First off Kim, you booted me from you mental group. It’s just my opinion, but you nuts keep yelling at me to come to the group, even though you know I can’t. Dopes! That’s like a bully type move ain’t it? More of those stalker ways none of them want to admit to. LMFAO!

Also I just have to say it does hurt my feelings a little that I would be kicked out of the group so fast when so many crazy people are allowed. Well Kim doesn’t think there are any crazy people there:

Damn Kim is so not the understanding type. Everything seems to go over her head:

jerry crazies.JPG

jerry numbers.JPG

Crazy contradictions that they are all too nuts to see. Maybe I should take it as a compliment I am not allowed to be part of that group.

Oh well I’m having fun watching it melt down!

Oh and Kim, (and any other dumb asses that can see truth from the voices in their heads. Richard Lyon?!? You guys can see that was related to me right? Someone playing screen name games? Who can that be? Oh Susie, I see all you do now. You can’t get by me. And I swear you better just stop.

I have to admit though you not matering nuts have stolen the spotlight a little. I mean no one seemed to have caught this:



Fluke got arrested?!?

How did we all miss this?

This weekend everyone was passing this arround. And no one seemed to have heard about it before now. It’s from October!

Oh well, can’t cry over spilt milk or forgotten Joeys. Poor Flukeyou, got put in jail and none of us even noticed.

HAHAHA! Maybe that’s the way it should be.

Well we all know why he hasn’t been on here telling me how bad my blog sucks in a while. Yes, too funny. How bout that picture of Junior? He’s looking a little rough. I guess this is all taking its toll on poor Fluke-Boy. Take a good look everyone…  you might see your future in Joey’s eyes.



So I guess Jen G. was telling the truth when she said Joe asked her to sell weed for him. Though he did never deny it, so I think we all knew there was truth to it.

I don’t know if Joe is still in jail. Did he miss Christmas? Did he even get to see himself on TV? I hope someone taped it for you Joe.

I have been chasing down different articles on Fluke’s arrest, this is one of my favorites:


I dare someone to tell me that’s not funny.

Flukes final punchline?

I love it!

And it’s coming for all you nuts.

Believe that!

15 thoughts on “Busted!

  1. And Kims whackadoodle group is something else alright. I guess it’s true what they say about birds of a feather. Each one nuttier than the next. And maureen and dorothy telling everyone else they are nuts! How funny is that? And miss attention seeker, feel sorry for me kim doesn’t know she’s a whackadoodle either. I’m not sure who’s the actual ringmaster of this nut circus. Is it jerry or kim? Though I’m pretty sure it’s maureen who’s really running things. Won’t be long now before they start separating into groups and start stalking each other.

  2. I enjoyed this so much. And all he had to say about the Cannings and drugs. Hmmm maybe it was Joey who gave Shannan drugs. And a hit and run! Gee I wonder if that rifle was one of the ones Joey stole from Gus,s house during hurricane sandy? This is getting good. Lol

    • You said all the things i wanted to about this, the hit and run, the guns, Flukes obsession with proving all his neighbors covered something up about Shannan’s death, the whole cocaine canning rants. we are seeing the real Fluke emerge. I said long ago, time would bring out the truth of all of them. Those of us who have been here from the beginning, can see it all clear. and those who still think they are being slick. Look at Flukeyou! Like him, you ain’t fooling anyone. And like him, you will be seen for who you really are. And Too Close, I’m glad that I could help you find the place where we are now. Those of us who didn’t back down or hide from common sense, those of us who care about truth and don’t get the need to catfish people and cases. Those of us still here after so many have run away. We can enjoy the scattering rats on the sinking ship.

  3. ok so i learned cops cannot pursue a dna sample from someone unless they’ve committed a crime. maybe its different in certain states. Could this be one of the reasons nobody has been caught,because cops arent allowed to get a sample from a person without a criminal record?

    • it could be. legal complications and competing LE is often the reason for cases to get stuck. But we all know there is more to it here. Burke being made chief of police just to be able to mess with the LISK case. Well that weighs in. John Ray encouraging people to spin stories and haunt the internet, that weighs in as well. And internet sleuths who have superiority complexes, yea it weighed in more than you know. There are lots of reasons nobody has been caught. But even without these odd occurrences, the biggest problem that kept LISK in the purgatory it is now stuck in is the same problem that plagues all cases like this. They are not taken seriously by LE or the public. People don’t care about prostitutes and drug addicts. Crude yes, but it’s true. LE don’t get involved and the public sees them as already gone from society. Until each of these missing person cases became connected, no one cared. It is the sad truth.

      • I just want to correct my comment. There are those who cared. Loved ones who have been searching for answers from the beginning. Detectives who have been trying to get those answers for loved ones. But i think everyone understands what i meant.

  4. I’m going to have to send copies of that article a bout Joey’s arrest and mail it to every resident at oak beach. Might even lamenate a blown up version and post it at the gate and the mailboxes. Lmfao…
    Most of your neighbors think the link is YOU.. Joe scalise jr.
    Oh mommies going to be pissed

  5. I was reading archives if the lisk.cim site and found a comment from flukey that “le should look in Cannings cesspool.”
    This was posted at the same time that he was Tell ng everyone exactly where shannans belongings would be found .
    Aug 15 2011.
    Interesting. What did you put in the cesspool Joe?

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