Leeches And Lunatics

Maureen has found her way to the blog. I knew she would. She constantly said she wouldn’t ever come here, but I don’t think Maureen’s word means too much. The fact she tried for quite a while to convince everyone she was above the games I wrote about and then ran right to Jerry and Dorothy said all we needed to know about that. Besides I’m telling you, her and the Mocking Bird nut are close.

I don’t think there is much left to say about Maureen. It’s all there to be seen for itself. But I do have to talk about her Facebook messages. Like Dorothy, Maureen continues to send me messages on FB even though I do not reply to them. Also like Dorothy, there is some funny stuff in them:


maureen zw leeches.JPG


Clowns, Alice In Wonderland, a “drama” meme… all good stuff. She wants us to believe the ZW blog doesn’t matter, it’s just full of leeches and lunatics, and that she doesn’t have the time for it. Maybe she’s right about some of that. Maybe the ZW Blog doesn’t matter, I have certainly never said it did. And it does have it’s share of leeches and lunatics, I think it has something to do with the subject matter. But as it turned out, Maureen found time for The ZW blog after all. Over the past few days, she has filled the comments with gems like these:

maureen comment1.JPG


maureen comment3.JPG

Oh Maureen, trying so hard to make it seem like you don’t care… LMFAO!

Love how you threwΒ my “radar” line back at me. I’m on Maureen’s radar. Cute.

I really like that Maureen usesΒ pronouns like “we” and “our”, classic!

Maureen uses the troll logic that people don’t want her here, so she came here. Deep down though she knows I got her here. She fought it hard, even told me I couldn’t do it:

Maureen wont comment.JPG

This is not a LISK blog. I need to count how many times I have written that. Way too many for people still not to get it. I also don’t “out” people, most of the stuff I put up can be seen on the internet somewhere.

I did get you to comment on my narcissistic blog though, Maureen. Wasn’t very hard to do either, your word don’t mean much from what I can see. I said that right?

And now that you found your way here, it’s already time for you to leave. You could read here for ever and still not understand.

This place isn’t for you.

115 thoughts on “Leeches And Lunatics

  1. Bye bye Maureen!!!! Lol. Speaking of leeches, you’ll have to block her to get rid of her. It’s what all the guys gotta do.

  2. Richard, I found my way to your blog only because there’s no other way to call you out on your lies, so I came right to the source. I’m calling you out on your lies. I never ran to Dorothy or Jerry. Both were in the LISK group fool. Let me inform everyone since you haven’t Dick, you’ve been sending PM to Rich Keyes, and Patricia, Lmao. Good try. As far as these people you insist I know, and I’m in cohoots with, MOCKINGBIRD, or Susie, prove that. And tell me why you think it’s even relevant? Sure, I sent those posts to you, you even posted one on your pg, you liked it so much. You left out a few though, you forgot the narcissist post…You cherry pick posts and comments to spin them into scenarios that you think make you look clever. I see through you..

    • Actually this blog is kind of a social experiment, Maureen. It examines what goes on behind the scenes of people who claim to want justice, but are simply playing a game. He exposes that, plain and simple.

      I found my way here well over a year ago. I found people who hate games and want justice for the LISK victims. Justice is hard to find when there are vile people on the Internet doing everything in their power to FUBAR the case. Why don’t you see that? Choose you friends wisely, Maureen. I guarantee the majority aren’t what they seem.

      • CA1, they just can’t get it. You could draw them pictures, they just wanna see what they wanna see. God forbid they actually look at themselves instead of everyone else for the source of their issues.

      • You seem a genuine and sincere person, child advocate, so I’ll appeal to you. Richard (Zero) came to our LISK groups to stir things up. I came here to expose that. He had several of his followers copy posts from the group pg and twist comments to try to make ppl look bad, as in crazy. I found myself here on this blog, Dick trying to spin my comments, and that’s not right. I had to speak up about it, not just for myself but for all the others in these LISK groups. Dick claims this isn’t a LISK blog, then why troll these groups, cherry pick comments, and try to make ppl look like liars, call them insane, etc? This is exactly what he’s done. After the group closed down, he’s trying to now PM ppl from the group, why? They never read his PM,s and deleted him. He’s making the LISK case revolve around him.

      • LOL, stop, everyone saw what happened, i went to that group because Jerry and Dorothy were slandering me. Then you came to help with the cause. LOL. I made 3 comments there before I was booted. I hardly call that trolling. Stop. you are embarrassing yourself. show some self-respect. as for cherry picking, I’m finishing the post now, wait for it.

      • I understand that CA1, but I’m not what I’m portrayed to be on here. I’m not involved with anyone on a personal level trying to FUBAB the case. As I explained to RD, I only got involved with Jenn G in a very minor way. I met her at SG burial, and via a phone call. As soon as I realized she was not genuine imo, I blocked her. RD insists Im personally involved with these other ppl, DPH, Klamb, Mockingbird, etc. I don’t know them other than through comments on groups. I AM NOT INVOLVED WITH ANYONE.

      • Maureen, we all watched in real time as you got together with Jerry and DPH. I was trying to stop people from further fucking up the case as well as other things by connection to Jerry and DPH. DPH has done damage to so many people, I explained that, don’t act like I didn’t. And Jerry harassed and stalked people. You ran to them both and tried to make fun of me like I was the nut. I’m done explaining it. And everyone else here already gets it. You don’t want to get it.

      • Hey, maybe she’s saying that she doesn’t personally intend to mess with a case. I could believe that. This is her personality. She enjoys getting attention. Stirring up crap and running back and forth talking about people. That’s how she does relationships. She doesn’t even comprehend that about herself, much less understand what she’s doing related to messing with the case. Really, she just isn’t that bright.

      • I’ve got something I’d like for Maureen to explain to me. She insists that Dorothy is sane. Well, anyone that reads here or anywhere Dorothy writes has seen her claims about the jewelry that was found on baby doe being hers. How could either of her husband’s have stolen her jewelry and put it on someone they’ve killed when neither of them even knew Dorothy at the time it happened? Now, maybe Maureen doesn’t care about lies and just enjoys going around the internet supporting nuts that interfere with the case. But Mo insists this is just not the case. So, Mo, if you’re not just another nut being a fake do gooder, can you actually open your mind and read what dorothy and other nuts actually say? Can you see the inconsistencies and the outright lies? You like to read Mo. Can you do it? Can you read Zeros blog and see how it’s been? Can you read dorothys own words and open your eyes? Me, I don’t think you got it in you Mo. I think you’re too selfish to see anything but what suits you, truth means nothing to you. But someone told me they don’t think you’re hopeless. So, I’m not gonna be closed minded like you Mo. Are ya nuts, close minded, blind, what’s your deal Mo? What attracts you to the lying trouble making nuts if you aren’t just like them?

      • Maureen and I discussed this the other day.yes I finally answered her messages (she sent me a singing clown, I had to write back). Anyways, I asked her if she really thought Dorothy or that lady stuck on Zodiac were sane and if she thought they were actually helping the case. Answer to both, no. Well she danced around the sane question, but she agrees, none of them are helping. Maureen admitted, she got with Jerry and Dorothy because she thought I was mean to people. She thought I was too hard on her. And maybe I was. But she is off the LISK sites. Which is good because most of them are a waste of time. I could go more into this, but I’m happy to move on. Funny how the comments got loud again, then total silence. I wish all of you could see all the sides as I do. I wish you could all see what was being said n private, what’s being passed around to who. I see it all. The secret groups. Yes I know there is a Jerry hate group. What good do any of these secret and closed groups do? Some people like this blog because I put it all out there. Some people hate this blog for the same reason. Again though, blame me, hate me, love me, or just think I’m wasting time. But it’s all of you doing this… all of you.

      • Sorry for answering late, real life took over yesterday.

        I appreciate you answering me, Maureen. I know what I’ve read and it doesn’t look good. If you aren’t a part of the games these people are playing, walk away. I guarantee it will be better for your mental health. I also guarantee there’s not a site on the internet that’s going to solve the LISK case. There’s too much we don’t know. Those who claim to have the answers are making it up…Yes, I’m looking at you Fish Boy and associates.

        The thing that pisses most of us off is the games. They are being played. Tell me how that helps the victims and families. It muddies the case and just causes MAJOR trouble.

        You may not agree with Zero’s methods, but who else is going to call these people out? If Zero hadn’t called out all these trolls, how much damage would they have continued to cause? How many people have been hurt by them? They haven’t helped a damn soul that’s for sure.

    • Yeah, bullshit Mo. You’re a pathological liar that gets off on stirring up trouble. Why don’t you go join some date site where you can counsel men on how to not be lead by their members? Lmao. Bye bye Moron.

      • Donna, remember at recently when I was discussing the different ways I could go right now, said I had a post about me cherry picking what to put up. Glad I waited on that, it will fit well here. Again no one can see how well thought out this blog can be sometimes, how patient I am. Next post is gonna be Maureens last… I’m sure everyone but her will enjoy it. And it will be nothing but truth.

      • Oh, I can’t wait. I keep telling them they’re out of their league here. I guess you’ll just have to show them. Heehee

      • I almost posted about the whole cherry picking thing last week when they were putting it on their group page, you know this. So glad i waited, it will be a better post for my patience. I knew Maureen would bring it up again, they are always so easy to read. I already had the name of the post picked out and several screen shots ready to go to tell the whole story, lol. Maureen has got to be the worst one so far, and we have dealt with Nan Nan. Next post up soon!

      • Donna you bow wow, stop already with the men comments. You’re desperate. I do sincerely believe that’s YOUR ONLY INTEREST, and for some reason you latched onto me as your contender for MEN. It’s very obvious now. You also claim we can all see who you are, ah that would be a huge NOPE. The lovely pic you have on your bogus fb pg is from the yr of the flood. What’s that about?????

      • Holy crap you are dumb Mo. If you’re talking about the acct I used in your nut group, it has no pics. Did you imagine some? Lol. Ya know, the people here had no problem finding me, and all they had was the name Donna. You are just amazingly dense.

      • You’ll just have to be forever jealous of me Mo. I look better than you on my worst day, and I’ve got that sanity thing going for me.

    • Lmfao. Lies? First, Patricia wrote me, I can show that if you like. And yes I write rich Keyes with a chance to say his crap straight to me. Again I can poo its that to. Fuck, this is one of the biggest crap comments anyone has ever left and everyone can see it for what it is. But if you are gonna be here let me try something I do with all the trolls. Ask a serious question, can you handle that? So when Jenny and her trolling friends went to Kim’s page and posted all that stuff you were so appalled, it was wrong right? But then Rich Keeys posted porn in the same group, you laughed because it was at my expense. My question is, isn’t that hypocritical?

      • Dick, hypocritical? I didn’t laugh at porn on the group pg, but that seemed to have gotten to you. You’re obviously in control here, post what you want, and miscontrue it to fit your pathetic adgenda, but nobody is fooled by it, other than a few trolls from your blog. In fact by your own admission they took screenshots for you from LISK groups, they were doing so to enable you to have material to bash what you deemed to be hypocritical. Did you explain you contacted me months ago on PM? You tried to out me by saying I was a hypocrite, when all I did was answer your questions about Jenn G. I stand by what I said. You tried to out me about ppl ypu claim I know, and I don’t know them. I had conversation with a few ppl just as ypu did, but prove I’m friends with any of them, because I’m not “friends” with any. You lie, and make yourself out to be the exposed of nuts, hypocrites, liars, whatever you deem makes you appear above it all. You’re not, you’re just not at all Dick.

      • I’m writing all about it now… also wrote about it long ago. Read! Plus we talked about it on the other LISK group. UGH! You are dense. Let me finnish the new post.


      • You are new here so you don’t get how it works. If i say wait for a post, you should do yourself a favor and wait for the post. It’s not finished yet, but you see I’m covering all you are ranting about, and not with the spins you put on it. Now STFU and let me finnish the post.

  3. WITG, you need to explain yourself, stating your assertions about me being a cop hater, lmao. Good try, but it’s bullshit. And who are you? You’re all hiding behind fake profiles and masks. Can you see how hypocritical that is?

    • All the regulars here use there name pretty much. Not only have told everyone here on the blog who I am, but Linda actually flew to Vegas and met me and my family. Maureen just don’t like WITG, which no offense he just started reading and commenting here. Glad he did though, it really is getting to Maureen. One more post for her… gotta set all that twisting straight.

      • I didn’t change my user name when I came here, but all the important people know who I am. They will all tell you I am the exact same person here as I am everywhere else. I don’t change who I am to fit the forum.

      • yea, she’s grabbing at anything she can. No ones hiding, people like donna and linda never hid them selves, and they are 2 of the biggest contributors here over the years. those trolls are used to always hiding because of the crap they are up to, and as we have seen the nuts like to play that game accuse others of what they are doing. again, maureen is one of those who doesnt realize when everyone can see through their bullshit, so i will make it crystal clear in the next post.

      • CA1, I have never used any name but my own. Dorothy has been to my fb account, and I once accepted Nancys friend request. And they still can’t grasp that I am me. These people just twist shit in their minds to make it fit what they want to believe. The lengths they will go to deny their own screwed up ways is just crazy.

    • I see an old antique pic of you??? On your FB profile? If that’s you, it’s from circa 1980. So, who are you rabble rousing trouble makers?

      • Sorry Mo, clearly you did not find my acct. It would be hard for my pics to be from 1980, since my kids are also in them, and they weren’t born in 1980. And I was 13 in 1980. Damn, could you be any more delusional?

      • Maureen
        Eat some makeup so you can be pretty inside because your face obviously isn’t anything to talk about.

  4. I see your twisted way of thinking Mo. You didn’t do it unless someone proves it? That’s a whackadoodle for you. Lives in denial of the truth.

    • How does she think that makes any sense. She didn’t run to Dorothy and Jerry, they were just where she ran to. Lol. She went there to get at me. Then all want to get at me because, not becaue I lie… oh no a lie can be ignored. It’s the truth they don’t like me telling. Too fucking bad.

      • Never ran to Dorothy or Jerry asshole, I was in the group. I defended myself, and tried to defend Jancy and others who you threatened to out over PM they had with others about me. Never saw them, and don’t care. I can fwd OUR entire conversation Dick. It was nothing relavent. You CONTACTED me to ask about Jenn G.

      • Mureens on a time out. lol. It’s really for her own good. She just looks so bad going on and on about the same dumb shit. I told her i was gonna cover it all in the next post but she has no patients. well, so we will learn about paitents today. I’m gonna take my time finishing that post.

      • Yup. She needs to keep her big mouth from jabbering nonsense. I would love to see this acct she seems to think is me though. What’d she do, pick a random acct and decide thats me?

      • I won’t be waisting my time with Maureen. Lol. She is with Jerry and Dorothy she isn’t with Jerry and Dorothy, she knows Susie, she dissent know Susie. She’s a DPH clone and that means one day she will be a Nan Nan. Nothing we can do will stop that. I will finish that post when I’m ready and then moving on. The last few months of this place are gonna fly and we have still so much to get to.

  5. scrolling on by specific ftards rules,tra la la..WITG can’t see what supercunt is babbling. probably fighting with someone. Cuntbag πŸ™‚

      • Never ran to Dorothy or Jerry asshole, I was in the group. I defended myself, and tried to defend Jancy and others who you threatened to out over PM they had with others about me. Never saw them, and don’t care. I can fwd OUR entire conversation Dick. It was nothing relavent. You CONTACTED me to ask about Jenn G.

    • Say it to me, who are you? Nasty name calling, hiding behind fake profiles. You’re a pos apparently by your nasty comments. You don’t know me, do step off. If you choose to be led around by the all powerful Dick, go for it, but have the courage to speak out from behind your wall at least

    • You’re a real nasty piece of work. Proud of yourself name calling, making accusations, and going along with the crowdetails regarding me? I wonder how our conversation would go, in person.

  6. Mo, you go to groups for one reason and one reason only. To start maureen shit. You seem to think you’re more than you are. Learn your place Mo. If you want respect, stop being a conniving devious bitch. Otherwise, live in the misery you create. And keep it between you and your fake delusional friends. Just keep running that mouth Mo. Show everyone how screwed up that head of yours is.

  7. Maureen you all belong here. This blog is not about finding lisk. It is about people fucking with the lisk case for their own agendas. It is about finding and exposing these evil CUNTS and about the why? Why do you stupid assholes do it? And why are you so fucked up?

    This blog is exposing and has exposed every one of you insane fuckers. Every time. So Maureen, you are obviously stupid or you haven’t been listening. Because you just keep looking worse and worse.
    Also. We are not trolls. Not followers. We are readers, genius. This is a blog. A blog.

    • You’re a real nasty piece of work. Proud of yourself name calling, making accusations, and going along with the crowdetails regarding me? I wonder how our conversation would go, in person.

      • You wouldn’t understand half of what I say if we spoke in person because you lack basic intelligence. A nasty piece of work? Cmon. You can do better than that.
        Why do you meddle with murder cases? What’s your deal?

  8. Donna, I have nothing further to say to you, or to anyone else who has nasty things to say. Know the facts before you speak about something. I didn’t know you until you butted into Kim’s group stealing screenshots to post here..I don’t know you, but I see what you’re all about. Not a nice person.

  9. So the question remains….WHY? Why Joey? Why Cristin? Dot? Etc.etc etc? Why would you fuck with a real live serial killer investigation? This is not CSI. And the murderer is still out there.
    You certainly don’t care about his apprehension….So what’s your agenda?
    Why ?
    Other than you all being Cunts. Why?

    • Tcth, I once asked Nancy why they do what they do. Her answer was that hurt people hurt. You would think that hurt people would want to protect others from hurting like them, but some just seem to enjoy spreading their misery.

      • sounds familiar..people that repeat the cycle are week. theres a saying…’ failing at something is easy ‘

  10. CA1, I agree with you about some ppl exploiting this case and mucking up the waters. I said this to RD in my PM. I’m not involved with that no matter how folks here try to spin it, it’s not the truth. Just because I was in 2 LISK groups along with RD, and everyone else, doesn’t make me a detractor for truth and justice involving this case. That’s wrong. I got pulled into this slanderous mess because I told someone in Kim’s group not to worry about what some fool posts on a blog. This immediately sent RD into a frenzy of trying to discredit me, because of that.

    • Yes you agreed with me and then ran to Dorothy and Jerry to join in on their games. Exactly what I said. Then u tried to make it like I lied about what we talked about. Or that Dorothy was really trying to help and I was attacking her. Or that Jerry didn’t go to Kim’s group and slander me, he put my address up in the group.oh that was before you were there, maybe you didn’t know that. Yes he attacked me quite a bad t there and then when I went there to defend myself I was instantly booted and Jerry was made King. Everyone saw it but you. And here you are still arguing with the truth.if you just shut up I move on, but you want me to totally spell it out and show just how much of a liver you really are. So here ya go Maureen new post real soon!

    • Maureen, I’m no one special, you don’t have to try to convince of anything. I know Zero, Linda and Donna are awesome people. They are caring and honest. Never once have they tried to out me, because I don’t play games. It’s that simple. I know the regulars here who have valuable opinions and have done extensive research. Read back at what’s been discussed by those I already named as well as TCTH and Annie. They are all GOOD people who have no agenda other than help the victims.

      • Thank you CA1. If only everyone could get it like those you just named. I gave Maureen every chance, people came to me about her long ago. She came at me on Roberts blog with that comment I posted about Spoofed calls, Jen and Dorothy, she brought them up to me, I told her I was working on a post about it and didnt feel comfortable talking in public till my post was up, she said to send her a PM, which i did and have shown she agreed with me about Jen and DPH and Susie and Hawkshaw, but I had already known she talked to the in other groups, which i showed, but still i left her off the blog. Until she hooked up with Dorotbhy and Jerry and the other nutts in Pats group I was fine ignoring maureen. But she thought she would turn things on me… and here we are, nothing turned, in fact kind of back where we started, zero is a narcissistic who needs attention. remember when you first got here CA1 I said i was a narcissist, lol. We all are in a way, its how we survive. we are supposed to like ourselves. when we dont we dont want to live, and for those who really paid attention to all my blogs, living is what its all about.
        oh im red and blacking it again, sorry.
        Happy Valentines Day Everyone! Even you Maureen!

      • I do remember, Zero! Remember when I pissed Annie off about my opinion if Dr Baden? You warned me many didn’t share my opinion, but I said it anyway. When Annie questioned why I felt that way and we hashed it out on this blog, she understood. That’s what grown ups do, they talk it out. They don’t run behind everyone’s back and spread lies. I like hanging with real adults.

      • Oh yes, there have been situations with just about everyone who comments here. But the good ones (the sane ones) figure it out. There are no zero worshippers here, just people who get it or not.

  11. *that last comment was for cword maureen who hates Cops because they would never want to bang her ever, in life,at all,under no circumstance whatsoever

      • oh cause she insists the cops suck because they didn’t prove there wasn’t a homicide when it comes to Shannan. real easy to say when she isn’t a specially trained experienced investigator. plus she’s a f’n asshole ( news flash ). surprised she isn’t protesting the first coroner’s report.

    • ohhh, zero fan! Awesomeness! I really can’t comment one way or the other on LI LE, since I’ve never been there. But it does seem to have its problems. And for those who read here, I think my opinion on police is pretty clear. There is corruption in LE everywhere. There is corruption everywhere. But LE has a hard job to do and the subject is not so black and white. Few are. We have had this discussion many times over the years here. I agree with you Maybeso, and empathy is always a good thing. But I also agree with WITG, you can’t just hate LE. We need to stand by good LE and hold bad LE accountable. But that makes sense right, no on would argue with that. We should all just agree to agree, lol. And empathize with Maureen!


    • What r u talking about? Yes you kept sending me memes.When you sent me the singing clown I couldn’t resist and replied. I said that. I didn’t trick you. You said you only wanted to help the case and I asked you if you thought Dorothy of the Zodiac lady was helping the case you’ll said no.no tricks. And the latest shit you sent me is pretty screwy. Why do you see things so wrong? I can put the conversation and all themselves you’re keep sending and everyone can judge for themselves. But really I think everyone is bored with you passive aggressive ways. You sent me memes over I move,but that’s not contacting me. And yes I did enjoy our conversation. I enjoy most of my conversations.

      • I’m telling you, Mo just can’t live without conflict and drama. She loves that shit. Ive seen her do it again and again. Stir shit up and play all holier than thou miss priss. Total waste of time. There’s nothing you can say that she won’t find a way to twist. It’s the whackadoodle way. Not a thing we ever said got through nancys dense head. Ain’t gonna with this nut either. And fuck you Maureen. Zero was being really nice to you, He even said he might have been too mean (which he wasn’t, you are one nasty lady). Are you so used to that fake nice shit that you can’t recognize when someone’s actually being nice to you? Well you just go on being the conniving manipulative lonely bitter bitch that you are. It doesn’t make a difference to me. I’m ignoring your nutty ass. I’ve seen enough of your kind of nuttiness and I’m rather bored with it. You’re all starting to sound the same. Go fight amongst yourselves and let me know which nut is the last one standing.

  13. She really is straight up bullying and harsssing you and she sounds like the dudes who try to creep on me on Facebook that spam me with messages I don’t reply to and apparently can’t take a hint after they’ve said hi ten times over however long or that spam me look related things or saying what’s up. I will say I rather have your problem than mine which is not getting photos you get but getting random dick pics. It’s awful.

    • And again, I’ve brought this upon myself, i know it. There are many out there who do not. well, I think there are. We are all to easily pulled into the back n forth. Still, I totally get your point. i’d rather have a bunch of nutty women stalking me then to have to deal with stalky, creepy guys. And dick pics?!? Yes, I’m glad i don’t have to deal with that.Dick jokes from jokes and empty threats from guys like Jerry and Ricky are more than enough creepy guy stalkers for me.

    • I let in a few old comments that I had previously missed or purposely left off. But I don’t want anyone to miss out on how screwed up people were and why (yes the why) I do what I do.

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