Easter Egg Hunt

So for our last Easter together I decided to have a big Easter Egg Hunt! I’m pretty sure I left Easter Eggs before…


It’s not hard to find them. I left eggs everywhere!


You should be able to find them all. ee3

Good luck and have fun!





ee11 ee12





















24 thoughts on “Easter Egg Hunt

  1. hey guys 🙂 I was looking up Joe scalise Jr and it said he got arrested for growing herb in Pennsylvania,is that true ?

  2. and so I found out some interesting info about flukeyous dad… he did not retire but was in fact FIRED for stealing a boat from NYS parks. hmm. already own a boat joeey’s,,,, why would you need to steal one. kind reminds me of a post from flukeyou about dr Hackett sinking a boat?

    sounds pretty fishy. such fine upstanding law abiding citizens these scalises. lol

  3. think its time to look \hard at the senior. he did fuck his high school student… none other than joeys mom evelyn.

    • Well that definitely proves Fluke ain’t coming back…. because that comment would have got his attention for sure. I’ve gone a complete 360 on Oak Beach. I first though the place was creepy and that someone there was a killer,then I thought it was all just neighbor gossip and concern that the Scalise’s used go against Hackett. But I’m once again wondering about the many strange residents in Oak Beach. From Brewer to Yohay, from L.H. to the Fiengold brothers. And of course the Scalise family. Yes the whole family. I really do believe a killer or killer is amongst the OB residents (though the killer may be dead or moved from OB).

  4. yes I do think flukey is not allowed to play on the bogs anymore. lol. and im starting to believe there are many many fish at OB<

  5. although evelyn used to claim that they didn’t actually fuck until one week after she graduated. yeah right.

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