I guess the best way to start is to explain what SSDD is for those who don’t know. It’s a phrase I’m sure most of you have used before. “Same Shit/Different Day”.

Simple enough, right? Yea, nothing is ever simple here.

Long time readers may remember that I have three favorite authors. Douglas Adams, Clive Barker, and Stephen King. I came into each of them in that order… after reading everything there was by Douglas Adams, I started reading Clive Barker. When I ran out of Clive I moved on to Stephen King. I have yet to run out of Stephen King…

I bring this all back up because a few months ago I went to my personal library, which is full of many different subjects, both fiction and non-fiction, but yes, the bulk of it is Stephen King books. The movie “Dreamcatcher” was gonna be on and I wanted to watch it. It was a book I had not read yet. So I got the book out and started to read.

I read in different speeds… very fast and super slow… I can spend hours reading one day and then go a few weeks before having time to do so. But when I really get into a Stephen King story, I read every chance I get. It took me a few weeks, which, for a book just under 600 pages, is not fast by any means, but in my world where I can set a book down for 2 weeks before having time to pick it up again, that’s pretty fast.

The book is a sort of alien horror story. A pretty good one. I found parts of the book some of King’s scariest. Most would say “It” and “Salem’s Lot” is king at his scariest, and I would agree. These and a few others actually are books that cause nightmares. There are parts of “Dreamcatcher” that also do exactly that. There is a bathroom scene that is truly horrifying and disgusting.

If you have seen the movie, you know about the bathroom scene and SSDD, but trust me, I read it and then watched the movie right after I finished. Like most book to movies… you really have to read it to get the full experience. The movie was pretty good for the first half… but just lost site of the story in the second half. I understand why it went a different way, but it really did become a different story by the end.

So, yea, if you saw the movie and liked it or saw it and thought it was missing something… read the book. The missing stuff is there.

Anyways, without spoiling too much for those who have not seen or read it, SSDD is discussed by the main characters throughout the course of their lives. At first they don’t understand exactly what it means. Something they heard the older boys say.  In a simple explanation (very simple) they come to understand it in different parts. Same Shit… yea, that’s a given… but at one point Different Day comes along and so much seems to change… in the end though it’s a phrase meant to be together. SSDD.

I’m not gonna speak for Stephen King or the characters in the book, but I will explain what I took out of their dealings with SSDD.

We get stuck in repetition, the same shit all the time. It’s the way it’s designed, so really it’s no one’s fault. I mean we eat and sleep and do all sorts of things in monotonous repetition. So to get stuck in Same Shit is just life. But at times change is there… if you read my very first post on another blog that seems so far from this one, I wrote that evolution is a part of creation. We create to evolve and we evolve to create. Different Day is waiting for all of us who step out of our circles, realize we are our worst enemy and therefore you are the one who can make it all work out or not. You are in control of your own destiny.

Now I may be taking the whole thing further than needed. Again, that’s what I got out of it. On the simplest terms, Different Day can be seen as first time experience. It’s all the same shit, until those first come. Any first. First job, first love, first kiss, first child. SS is always punctuated with first time experiences that bring on the DD.

I hope I haven’t confused anyone yet, this post is just gearing up. I guess it doesn’t matter because in the end, the characters see it as one. SSDD, and sadly it is what everything becomes. SS becomes DD, DD becomes SS, but in the end, it’s all SSDD.

Are you still with me?

Another way to say it may be, “the more things change the more they stay the same”. But SSDD says that and a lot more. It’s kind of a discouraging way of looking at things… but that don’t mean it ain’t accurate.

Alright, that’s enough insight on SSDD. I bring it up because last summer, when I read “Dreamcatcher”, and I read all about SSDD, I saw fully how that described the Zero’s World experience … and here we are months later… SSDD.

To start we have to go back to my first blog here on Word Press, the one we fondly call “The Red & Black”. When I started that one I was searching for a DD. Looking to put a fun, uplifting blog up. A welcoming place that did not promote the “back n forth” you see all over the internet and social media. Though I wondered how long I’d be able to keep that up. Since I planned to blog about the “back n forth” and the way we misuse social media. If you have not read those early posts, please take some time and check them out. No matter how far we have come, I said it best in those firs few posts. I had planned on blogging about religion and politics and many other controversial subjects  that I knew could lead to the “back n forth”, but I hoped to try to handle it differently. To find away to preach without judgement. That went out the window early on unfortunately. I don’t know if there are many of you who have been reading since those early days (those of you who did and are still here… I fuckin’ love ya) but for those who weren’t here, this is what happened.

Cat-fishing had just become a big thing. The movie had been out and the TV show was just begging. There were stories of people faking Facebook accounts of whole families for now real reasons other than attention. A football player was in the news after being fooled by a guy pretending to be a girl. The football player actually thought of this person as his girlfriend and mentioned her on TV, when the guy with the fake account made it look like the football players fake girlfriend passed away.

I was really taken in by this strange new way people were using the internet to fuck with people. And here we are years later and it’s only gotten worse.

As I got ready to blog about all this I came across MM’7s blog. To me it seemed a weird sort of cat-fishing was going on in the comments of her blog. And after all these years we know how right I was. But I learned on MM7’s blog and all the other sites, blogs, and discussions related, they called these fake screen names and accounts “Sock-Puppets”.

I may be boring some of you, since I have kind of explained all this a few times over the years, but I feel the need to recap and fill in so everyone understands the ZW SSDD fully. I decided to put it all together in a 3 part post called “Catfish & Serial Killers“.

This of course led to my LISK Blog and what ever DD I was looking for, once I started my LISK blog I  defiantly found something completely different.

The LISK case it self is a repetitious beat of SSDD leading in endless circles. I think most of you know what I mean by that. I may not have understood SSDD back then, but I knew about circles and eventually I came to a place where I wanted to get out of the circles my LISK blog had led me too and try to move on to something else. In other words, leave the SS and find some DD.

Zero’s World was born.

Again, I have  written about all of this in much more detail many times before, so I won’t continue to bore those of you who have read this way too many times now. Point is, I started Zero’s World and SSDD became modus operandi.

As I began posting on Zero’s World I realized people had been looking into me. MM7 was the first to figure out who I was, but if you were reading back then, you know I had pretty much told her all about who I was, so her searching was just verification I guess. This led to a SSDD that still puzzles me:

Remember, this came from MM7 right around the time I started ZW 4 years ago. MM7 was trying to imply that me working in a haunt could be twisted into something. Which I said many times myself, after all my character is very scary, lol. We all know I have written about my haunt character many times and yes people have tried to twist it… SSDD.

But that’s not the SSDD I’m bringing up here. It seems that MM7 went straight for my wife when looking into me. I xed out my wife’s name. Not quite sure why, it’s not a secret, right?

Again, the names are xed out more in jest, we all know what they say. This is just one example of DPH spreading the word. SSDD!

I don’t know how often this goes on but more recently Maureen sent me something she said was sent to her:

Jesus Fuckin’ Christ! SSDD! I don’t know who sent that to Maureen. She sent it to me more as a taunt then a heads up. My guess was TKAMB, since she’s one of the latest out there bringing up my wife. But I know Ricky Dicky Keeys was sending her stuff about me, and so was Fireball, I think. It don’t matter… SSDD, and one as I said, that still puzzles me. Do you look for info about my wife to see what kind of woman would marry an asshole like me? Or is it like I have said before, a little jealousy. MM7, DPH and others have not had very good luck with men. And you just want to see who was lucky enough to find a good guy like me? LMFAO, that’s it, huh?

What really puzzles me about this, is why you feel the need to tell me, “I know your wife”. Good for you, SSDD fuckers! Ask MM7, Dorothy, Nancy, or Maureen what it’s like to deal with “Sassy”. Over the years I have told you all to leave her out of it, that was  for your own good.

Another SSDD that kind of puzzled me was the threats of violence. From MM7’s husband:

Before I go on I need to point out, I never brought him or MM7’s kids into it. MM7 brought her whole family into it, and others did go at her family, you can read back and see what I have written. Not to mention, I took much down at MM7’s request when others posted stuff about her husband. But let’s just be honest here, the guy is an abusive prick who thinks he can bully and beat people up to get his way. Oh and by the way, I checked, and he did not go to the owner of nor was the site taken down because of Danny Boy.

I’ve had lots of threats over the years:

Jerry was all over that SSDD.

That’s Ricky Dicky Keeys, and as I pointed out back then, SSDD!

Yes lots of threats over the years, but that little fuck Malik Boodie, aka Ken Jones, aka The Shark really made an art out of it:

SSDD Malik! And don’t think I’ve forgotten about you, because I haven’t. Soon Malik… soon.

Yep, no matter who came along, Flukeyou, MM7, Jen G, DPH, Nancy, NERD, TKAMB, SOM, Ken Jones, Plot Master, Jerry, Maureen, Ricky Dicky Keeys, et cetera… each one was so much like the other.



Note from Zero: As you can see, the above was written back in March. I wasn’t quite happy with it. I wasn’t sure how to express the full feeling of SSDD running this blog has filled me with. It sat and sat and I almost thought I was just gonna skip it. But even with no real new posts other than some holiday stuff, the SSDD continues. So let me put a finish on this post, it needs to go up:

One SSDD that always makes me smile a little is how people praise my blog or say they love what I am doing until it catches up with them.

MM7 used to post links to my blogs and I commented quite a bit on hers. I was very lost at the beginning but I caught on. Anyways, MM7 would go back and forth liking what I was doing  to calling me a stalker. She liked it as long as it went with what she believed or should I say perceived.

Flukeyou and DPH also praised my blog at times, I think we all know what they think about it now.

A little while back I announced Seaslug44 was PS149 as well as NERD. In fact he was a shit load of screen names throughout the years. I know he didn’t want me to put it out there, but I felt it was important for people to know. There are quite a few things about Seaslug44 I think probably should be put out there. but I’ve held way back because we had started talking on Facebook and he seemed to want to clear up all the confusions… I was giving him the benefit of the doubt.  Even though early on NERD had some not so nice things to say about me and the blog under his many screen names (no need to go in to them at this moment), but he seemed to be liking me going at TKAMB and some of the others:

Yea Seaslug44 was fine with me exposing what others did but I guess he might be worried what all I might write about his own escapades. Even though I have not mentioned him on the blog since, I guess he decided to do as others and run away. I wrote him to ask him something recently and he did not reply. Which was strange because he had written me quite a bit before. I wrote him again and he blocked me.


I noticed a few people blocking me lately. Like that will help.

Some of you make me laugh so much. You say how great I am and then say I’m an asshole. You love it when I go at others and expose them for what they have said and done, but you don’t like it when it is your turn. You see what this place is all about, and yet you come to me and start playing when you have no need too. You could have just stayed away.

But you can’t help yourselves. And one by one you become part of the SSDD.

And in the end each of you blame me… SSDD.

Oh well, we can’t escape it. It is what it is… SSDD.

Oh and by the way Dorothy Price Hill, I know you are mentioning me in your secret FB Group.


56 thoughts on “SSDD

  1. Listen Richard, why are you bringing up my name, and starting drama once again? I left you and your flying monkeys you use months ago. Go on about your SSDD bullshit without including me fool. Jesus, why do you perpetuate the very thing you complain about? ????? SSDD. Man let it go.

  2. Listen Richard, why are you bringing up my name, and starting drama once again? I left you and your flying monkeys months ago. Go on about your SSDD bullshit without including me fool. Jesus, why do you perpetuate the very thing you complain about? ????? SSDD. Man let it go. LET IT GO. I didn’t ask ANYONE to send me information about you, whomever sent me that information in a PM, I didn’t ask for it. I on give a shit about it, it was sent to me along with other information. How did you get it from my private messages? Use your skills to find out who’s feeding me this crap.

    • Lol. And you didn’t taunt me with the fact people were sending you stuff. And none of your buddies flooded my sgit… Damn. Just ignore me. I’m almost done. I said this post was written months ago… deal with it.

      • Do you really want to go down this road again with me Richard? I’m very serious, don’t open this Pandoras box with me. I don’t want to deal with it Mr. NARCISSIST. Stop dragging me into it. You don’t want to do that, trust me. I have no problem with meeting up with you in LV. All kinds of havoc will ensue…if you want to continue to mess with me, you’ll get it back in spades. I’m dead serious.

      • You might have noticed it’s like a ghost town in here. I think because I’m so close to ending this no one wants to be my last hoorah. Not you though Mo, you come begging for it. I see your comment not so much of a threat (though it is in a DPH kind of way) but as a challenge. One that I accept of course. The funny part is, there’s not much written about you in this post. I just explained how you all like to threaten me with with knowledge of my personal information. A tactic that only encourages me to go on and on. I have some things to get to Mo, but thanks for stopping by, I will make sure to squeeze you in before all the dirt is shoveled in over us. I will make sure they are really good posts too. Show what everyone out there had to say about trouble making Maureen. We already know what Mari had to say about you, huh. Lol, you are gonna throw the same (spades) comment back at me, which by the way is a line from “Rocky Horror Picture Show”… that’s great. Stop with your empty threats, all it’s gonna get you is a promise that I’m gonna bring it. Not sure when, so just wait for it. So let’s bring on the havoc!

      • by the by… the last time you said you were gonna come to Vegas, you and Fireball and Ricky Dicky Keys, thought I was so silly for thinking you might actually come here. Which I never thought. So this time let me cut the sarcasm so that you don’t misunderstand. Come to Vegas, don’t come to Vegas, Makes no difference to me, I’m not the one saying you’ll come here. But if you do come, may I suggest checking out The Blue Man Group… great show!

  3. You really are looking to stir the pot huh? When I come to LV anywhere from October to January, I will be there only for payback. Two can play, so I advise you to keep my name out of all your drama and chaos. Keep my name out of your mouth. I don’t want to play this game with you, so just let it go. If ypu try to hurt me any further. …be prepared to get back what you give in spades. That will exclude no one or nothing, code broken. Choose wisely.

    • Choose wisely I will… lmfao. keep pushin’ Mo. Don’t you see how empty your threats sound? “that will exclude no one or nothing” Is that supposed to be scary? Come in October I’ll show ya scary! No one else is commenting at the moment so I’m happy to go toe to toe again if you want… right here right now. Or I can wait for you to come to Vegas some time over the next few months and supply some payback…damn I am seriously in tears laughing right now. I said it before and nothing has changed. Anyone wants to bring it… bring it!

  4. What is wrong with you? Are really that stupid? I believe you are developmentally delayed. Your juvenile posts and comments are not even funny, just a sad cry for attention. And no one comments ever unless your bashing someone. Just an old sad man living in the PAST! Too late for you, the make up, hair and the whole fake scary thing really does not work. Your OLD, your lines and blogs are BORING, why can`t you move on! And I have been there years ago the whole scary Halloween thing is so FAKE , trying to scare people with make -up what a JOKE you are!

      • Sorry Richard but your brought this on yourself, your desparate attempt for attention. But you know not what you do. Once the box is open, the gloves come off, and nothing, no one is off limits. My code must be broken at this point, if you keep pushing this with me. Just keep my name out of your blog..Stop…

      • Your name isn’t in it at the moment. This post was actually written months ago and put up weeks ago… and yet you and your lap dog come here with empty threats. Which means I will definitely be putting your name right back in it. But as I told Ivan… you have to wait. I have a few important posts I have to make sure I get to. But don’t worry I will tie all you haters up in a neat bow before I’m gone in December. So really Mo take your own advice and shhhhhhh. Because your empty threats only bring real conflicts. And this war is not finished yet. So fuck your code and stop with the threats. Take off those gloves or shut the fuck up. You keep saying no one is off limits. Has anyone ever been. My family and friends have been brought up by each one of you nuts. You all love going at my wife… did you even read this post? The box is open Mo, now it’s time to find out what’s in it.
        “KCOR S’TEL”


      • Lmao! Looks like the non scary halloween guy gets to yous though, don’t he? Cause here you nuts are again. Mo, you wanna go all the way to Vegas to see him. Haha. Tell me again how inconsequential he is to you.

      • Now we did it. Mo is using all caps again. But seriously “manipulate”? You give me too much credit. You are here Mo because you came here. But people didn’t like you long before that. Mari brought you up long ago, telling me you were not to be trusted, and those little haters of yours came to me too wanting me to go at you…. but I waited till you decided on your own to step into the spot light. I always knew you would.

  5. Mo, if you dont like your name brought up maybe it’s cause you don’t like the truth of you out there. You want better things said about you, be a decent human being. Don’t go blaming other people for not putting up with your bullshit and lies. If you can’t handle it, try changing your behavior. Otherwise, shut the fuck up. Your behavior, your consequences. Deal with it.

  6. Even though I really am enjoying this, I thought I had run everyone off from the comments, I have lots of other things to get to. So I’ll just say this. Anyone can read this post. You can see how at the end I explain it was written months back but I never posted it. You can also see I mention MM7, Dorothy, Fluke, Nerd, Susie, Jerry, and more. None of them felt the need to run here and threaten me. You can also read that I barley mention Maureen. All I said is someone sent her personal info about me, which she admits to in her comments above. I really don’t think I said anything inappropriate about her in this post… again you can all read it for yourself. And yet Mo felt the need to come in search of that limelight. In her comments above we can all read her empty threats to go at people around me. That’s how I read it at least, again everyone read for yourself…. that’s what this place is for. I’m not here to convince anyone of anything… read for yourself, decide for yourself. Mo if you want my attention you know I am more than happy to give it to you… but first I have other things to get to. I can’t keep wasting time with the back n forth. So you keep making those threats… or better yet follow through, come to Vegas, or what ever other plan you have that you think will get even with the big bad zero…. you might as well, because I am gonna make a few posts about ya regardless. So wait for them… they are coming. And you know they will be good.

    • Please this is getting too old and you repeat so much, sorry aging signs. Just deal with old age. Oh and Donna you are a waste of my time so sorry no words for the stupid. You are living in the PAST and just soooo boring this is all OLD news like you. Please find direction in your life, your clock is ticking and you look so silly stupid. I bet you refuse to see you are old and a has been but DEAL. Tired or reading old shit you repeat constantly!

      • Lol. That was funny. I love reading things about me by people who know nothing about me. I’m all good on you not wasting your time on me since I can’t recall asking for it. Who are you again? You don’t seem to have made a big enough impression for me to remember you.

      • Damn, this is a good one. You complain about me repeating myself and then you repeat it. And then complain about reading here some more. All along you keep coming back. Love it. But I do hear ya…. so get ready for some stuff you haven’t seen yet!

    • LMFAO! Oh Patsy, you are the clever one. We will get to my issues with getting old before we are done here. And don’t feel too smart, I’ve been sliding that info in for a while now. In fact didn’t this post talk about age and mid life crises etc! It’s nice to know you guys are actually reading now, but taking what I say and hint at and use it as a weapon of some sort… funny shit! I’m getting old and I’m doing my best to deal with it, but any of you really old people want to give me any tips or advice on how to do that, please do so. Hahaha!

  7. Stop picking on Pat now. She’s probably sick of your abusive behaviors twds ppl who you target constantly. The SPDD. SAME PEOPLE DIFFERENT DAY. All anyone has to do is review your blog, SPDD, SSDD. Leave everyone alone before you wind up causing a irreversible situation.

    • It is ok Maureen, we can see the clear signs of mental illness, so much paranoia. Don`t be scared diddy TAKE OFF the pounds of make up you wear and look at yourself. Then your real fear will be finalized. And make sure your home alone, pathetic to see grown old man cry.

      • LOL. And you wonder why I go at you… I ain’t even really mentioned you yet patsy. You ain’t that important. But keep begging for my attention… I’ll make you famous.

      • I can’t even get past the part where you say you can see mental illness. I’m cracking up over that. And what’s the deal with your venomous comments about people when you claim you’re so against such things. Irony and hypocrisy going on with you Pat. But keep going, I bet we get to see some more of your lovely qualities. Lol.

      • Well then stop putting my name out there, on your blog, with threats of more to come. I went away months ago Richard, and ypu brought me back. I didn’t want to come back Richard, but I don’t want to be mentioned here or anywhere. Just leave me be. Not too much to ask.

      • First off, no threats just promises. If I say I’m gonna post something, you know it’s coming. Secondly, a few months back you were begging me to blog about you and your play pals, I warned you, you’d be sorry for wanting to be a part of this, and third this post was written in March, posted in July, and says nothing bad about you. It barely mentions you. Now sit back and shut up, let me do my thing.

  8. And don’t try to make Pat feel insignificant, man what’s wrong with you to come st ppl the way you do, such venom
    How would you feel if your cyber bullying caused Pat or go stick her head in an oven?

    • Lol. She is insignificant… to me. Head in an oven? A little extreme, no? Look Patsy came here with her insight on my aging. She’s not mentioned in the post, so why is she here? And why does she keep commenting? You 2 are loving this. You know you can always count on me for the attention no one else will give you.

  9. Wow. If Pat sticks her head in an oven it sure as hell wouldn’t be Zeros fault. You ladies were miserable long before you started taking your bitterness out on zero. And Ms. Hypocrite, what if zero stuck his head in an oven due to your nasty mouth. Guess that’s different cause its you? Yeah, keep talking ladies. Nobody has to say shit about you, you do just fine at showing what you really are.

    • Donna, are you so infatuated with Richard that you need to jump in everything between him and anyone else? Why are you addressing Pat, or myself? This has ZERO to do with you. You do comprehend that hopefully, so I’m guessing you have nothing better to do. This has nothing to do with you, so stay out of it, if you can. Or maybe your infatuation is with me. You can’t seem to help yourself. Now, I’m done with you, so just heal, stay, stand down, go away…

      • Damn you’re delusional. You get that this is a blog anyone can comment on, right? The world doesn’t revolve around ya Mo. But ya know what? If that’s what it takes a lonely lady like you to believe to feel better about yourself, you just go right on believing that. I’ll consider it charity.

      • Oh, and Mo, never ever tell me what to do. I don’t like you enough to put up with it. I’m quite sure there’s no one that likes you enough to put up with it. But you know that only too well, dontcha Mo?

      • You could take away Donna at the beginning of this comment, insert the name Patricia or Maureen and it would make a lot more sense. And stop calling me Richard, you don’t know me that well. Dorothy lost comment rights for that once. Zero is fine.

  10. Pat, are you infatuated with Mo? Well mo, I know you have no clue what friendship is or how to be a friend, so there’s no point in even trying to explain it to you. But believe it or not, not everyone is a shit stirrer and backstabber to their friends. Some people actually care about other people and don’t need any reason at all to defend someone against lies. As foreign a concept as that may be to you, it exists. Though probably never for you.

    • Wouldn’t it be funny is Maureen was taking a page from fluke’s and here’s book of sock puppets. There are many places where these to guys made screen names to stick up for their screen names. Maybe Patsy is Maureen’s sock puppet, there to validate her own comments. Just a thought.

      • I was thinking that myself. Seems like the only one that ever shows up for Mo is Pat. Did you have to make someone up so you can pretend someone likes you Mo? Know what’s easier than making up friends and chasing attention on the internet? Not being a twisted bitch. You should give it a shot Mo.

  11. Again, Donna try your best not to respond to me on here, or anywhere. This is between Richard L and myself. He can handle it, doesn’t need any help from flying monkeys. Butt out. I won’t address anything further if you’re posting it. You lie, slander pPl and threatened me in the past. I want ZERO TO DO WITH YOU. You’re trouble. And I cokdon’t go to Yapank and have a chat with them over there regarding your threats. So, I’m giving you fair warning.

    • Sounds like she is scared of you Donna. How much you wanna bet she still replies to you though. She can’t help it. So funny she don’t like it when people stick up for me and the blog. That’s why she left the first time. And yet she gets Patsy all involved, Ricky Dicky Keys came to my FB and Blog to back up Maureen. Didn’t she even get her sister Fireball to come at me? She just don’t get how hypocrisy works.

    • Holy crap Mo. You that desperate for attention that you’ll waste police time with your imagined threats? Yeah, you are that desperate and selfish. Only one making threats is you Mo. And you’re too much of a joke for anyone to waste police time on. Enjoy your lonely day Mo. Try not to be too bitter today.

  12. What are we up to? 30…40 comments? Nan Nan once brought comments on a post about her well over 1000 with the “back n forth”. You got a long way to go Maureen to reach Nan Nan status. But you’ll get there if you keep at it. I have faith in you.

  13. What are we up to? 56 comments? Nan Nan once brought comments on a post about her well over 1000 with the “back n forth”. You got a long way to go Maureen to reach Nan Nan status. But you’ll get there if you keep at it. I have faith in you.

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