The Truth About The CCC Part 2

Before we get into this post (it’s bound to be quite lengthy) go ahead and forget part 1. The first part kind of lingers in the myth and hearsay. I wanted you (the reader) to feel as I did when all of this info about The CCC came pouring into my LISK blog. It was during my first year blogging about all this, 2013, and I really didn’t know what to make of all it. Was any one from Oak Beach part of The CCC? Were all the screen names popping up in the blog comments really from UG? Did The CCC actually post comments? Was there a serial killer or killers among their group? Was this something totally conjured up in Dorothy’s head and then pushed into reality with the help of those around her (you know who you are)? I wanted to think that and run far away from The CCC and UG. As I have said in the past, it creeps me out to read at that place, I know some of you feel exactly the same way. I don’t like spying in on the conversations there. I could never understand why the site was open to be read by the public the way it was. Why would they want all that seen by literally anyone? Reading there gave me the heebie-jeebies. But as I said, DPH and MM7 were not the only ones talking about The CCC… and to find out why I would have to do more reading at UG.

And I did. Way too much. But I got the story behind The CCC. As I’m sure many before me already had done, since as I mentioned, lots of things about The CCC are scattered out there. Other people read all about The CCC on UG. So why is their story still so confusing? Why do so many people seem to know things about The CCC but don’t know what they know? I guess it was because so many out there were being mislead about the things they found or they were the ones trying to mislead people. So let’s get through all the hoopla and find something worth hanging our hat on, shall we? To do that we need to forget that other post. Forget MM7 and DPH trying to convince people Magic was Hackett. Forget all the screen names that jumped from UG to mine and MM7’s blogs. Forget all of it, and let’s start fresh.

So what does CCC stand for anyway? I think most of us would agree that it stands for Carney Construction Company or Carney Construction Crew. That’s what most of us have heard, right? And I think we also all can agree, crew or company is not a big difference. But what about Carney Construction? Where did that come from? Let’s go back to the beginning to see.

Warning! The discussions on UG are gratuitous and offensive at best. You’ve been warned:

magic lightweight get together.JPG

I know… ewww! But Magic’s gang bang request led to discussions of a UG get together:

lightweight shadys.JPG

magic gold stars before ccc.JPG

Which led to The CCC:

lightweight magic ccc first meeting

So back in 2008 Carney Construction was born so these online “hobbiest” could meet up in person. And there is actually a lot written about this first meeting both in planning it:


johnmator on first ccc meeting

lightweight ccc for wolfmagic biohazard ccc hat

biohazard wolf ccc hat

And afterwards:

lightweight on first ccc meeting

biohazard on firts ccc meeting

biohazard on first ccc meetingFrom reading these early conversations we learn that lightweight came up with the name Carney Construction in Wolf5958’s “honor”. Interesting. We also learn The CCC had their first “meeting” on February 2, 2008 at Shady Al’s. (Shady!) What else can be learned from reading these early discussions about The CCC?

jamesfromny ccc name tags

Carney Construction Corp… The CCC. Though I will again point out, that last C was interchangeable:

lightweight barmaid ccc

lightweight ccc

magic ccc ug shadys.JPG

magic wolf ccc meeting.JPG

Yes. The CCC was a big hit. The “meet & greet” went so well that more followed:

lightweight on next ccc meeting

magic lightweight ccc blog

wolf lightweight on families

magic grand opening ccc

magic ccc lw and tammy shadys

wolf answersjames name tags

wolf say hi from ccc

wolf tell them ccc sent you

wolf biohazard ccc

wolf jamesfromny ccc

wolf and treborny ccc

teps ccc digging deeper

lightweight vd

teps ccc 2 14 08

teps carney construction

lightweight welocomes whereitat to ccc


teps shady ccc.JPG

Yes, The CCC got around that February. And did Magic say there was a CCC blog in the works? That would be quite the read I bet. Where does all this connect to the LISK case though? I mean without hearsay and speculations. There is a place where they do come together… to find it we have to skip a few months ahead from The CCC’s immaculate-less conception to that falling out with Magic I wrote about in part 1. I know, you forgot all about that post, good. So let me refresh your memory on what we are looking for here:

teps magic ccc 2008

In August of 2008, just half a year from The CCC’s creation, there was trouble in paradise. Secret groups seldom work out. Whether it be social media groups or a group of pathetic men lurking strip clubs together. But combine the 2… yea, it’s bound to go bad. And with The CCC it was a falling out with Magicfingersny that would stop all the chummy conversation on UG about the new (although mock) construction company. Yes the crew had a break up. And you can follow it in the comments on UG:

magic reply to teps

teps back to magic

There is talk that Magic joins in on posts and comments when he has no personal experiences with the girls he comments about. People wonder if he does it to be part of the conversation, but others wonder if there is more to it. Some accuse Magic of stalking members of UG and even giving away identities. I’m not gonna go to much into all that, because I’m not sure what really happened, lots of back n forth on UG can lead you either way. Did Magic betray his new buddies or was it just a misunderstanding? Basic internet back n forth. Not important for what we are looking for. No, what we want is a name. And I think most of you know that name…


The whole blow up with Magic begins on a thread about a “provider” named Christina. She is often called “Morrie’s Girl”.  Morrie is discussed on UG… though I do believe most of it is not so easy to find anymore, since UG came back from what ever it was down for (Yes, I’m implying something here, simply, when UG went down it came back up with a lot of this stuff not so easy to find, some of it seems to be completely gone… well not completely):

teps morrie.JPG

lightweight and teps on morrie 2013

So who is Morrie? Well, when someone asked that very question on UG, this was the answer:

lightweight on morrie

So Morrie was the owner or another board like UG. A site that was taken down. We all know this story… and that means we all know how The CCC connect to the LISK case, right? I will say it again…


For those who don’t know or just haven’t put it together (I really do wonder how many people did not know all this, I figure everyone must, it’s all out there… but still so many people tell me they don’t know anything about The CCC and think the whole thing was made up. An easy trick I guess, because The CCC was made up, but those who were part of its hoax, they are real, as real as their connection to Morrie and therefore a connection to the LISK case. Sorry, another long parentheses, I hate them as much as you do… but I can’t seem to help myself… alright read this if you already haven’t:)

Most of you do know about this, right? The screen names Humiliatrix69, italyrider, and Morrie seem to all involved in a conversation about Amber right before she goes missing. Because of all the confusion and misinformation, some people think UG (Utopia Guide) is where threats against Amber were made. is actually where this happened, and the site was taken down. A site that may have been owned by a ex-con named Morrie who discussed a plot to get even with a girl who then turns up dead. This site was taken down and that helped UG grow from what I can see. Do Morrie or Humiliatrix69, or italyrider have anything to do with the death of Amber? I of course have no way of knowing such things, but it’s a connection that can’t just be ignored. And Morrie’s comments should also not be ignored. “Tell her we are all coming over there with baseball bats,”  or how nobody would “hear from those 2 girls anymore.”  These comments are enough to make Morrie a POI, right? And I know many have asked about “Morrie”, who is he? Why did police clear him so easily? That question can be applied to every POI in the LISK case if you ask me. The answer may have something to do with all the corruption in Suffolk County. But don’t let me get sidetracked…


Who is he? Maybe that can be discovered by the company he held:

teps on shadys and morrie

And he seems to be part of The CCC Crew. Which means he is probably one of the screen names on UG… I have my guesses. But I want to keep this post on a straight path, so let’s hear what is said about all this on UG:

teps on italirider and morrie

teps morrie trouble with feds

So again, from what I can tell, beyond the stories and myths of The CCC… the connection between this group of “hobbiest” and the LISK case is…


Too some that may seem like a red flag showing proof of some sort of real connection, to others, another coincidence, right? I can’t tell ya which I believe is true. Separating the coincidence from the things that really matter in the LISK case, has not been one of my strong points.

You can see it in their own words though (after all, that is what we do here, no?), exactly where The CCC came about and why some might connect them to the LISK case. That should do it, right?

Except some of you reading these comments can also maybe see where a lot of the myth comes from as well. We should probably just leave it here and not dwell into all that… but I think you all know that ain’t happening.

To be continued…

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