Thanksgiving Leftovers

I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving! I spent it with food and family as usual. But this is the part I really like… the leftovers. As much as I enjoy Thanksgiving, most of the day my brain is thinking about the turkey sandwich I’m gonna have later. Well here I am with my turkey sandwich in hand (mmm… it’s so freaking good) and thinking about how this was the the last Thanksgiving on the blog and the last time I  enjoy a turkey sandwich writing a post. But I’m thankful for all the years we did have here and all of those I met along the way. I hope some of you are thankful for the same. And for those of you who aren’t you can at least be thankful the blog ends in a month. Yes, I’m sure some are quite thankful for that. To be honest, I’m a little thankful myself.

But I do feel bad that so many posts never made it to the blog. many of them just ideas floating in my head waiting for the chance to get out. Some actually did get out to some sort of unfinished post, left, forgotten in the draft section of this blog:

















19… oh discordia!

Oh well, can’t finish any of them now, there just isn’t enough time. again, some of you might be thankful for that.

But for those of you that like reading here, because you actually READ here, I know the end of this blog may not be something to be thankful for… yea, now that it’s here, I’m a little bummed too (yes, I’m thankful it’s coming to an end for so many reasons, but trust me, I’m gonna miss it!). But for those of you that are even gonna miss my rambling in the parenthesis… there is one thing to be thankful about it coming to an end…



I saved the best for last!


Happy Thanksgiving!