Graduation (The Last Post)

We finally made it. Graduation Day!

I think most here got tired of the rabbit hole and all the back n forth long ago… so we shall walk down the path to graduation together. For those of you still there, come on, reach up grab someones hand and step back out into the sunlight. Turn away from the urge to continue in endless circles.

I can’t say good-bye with out first saying thank you.

Last year especially was a hard year to get through.This place helped out a lot. Trust me when I say, I got more from this place than anyone!

Thank you to everyone, and I mean everyone! I’m not gonna mention everyone by name, but I can’t go without a few acknowledgements. Thank you Barnaby Jones, your help early on  kept me on the right track. Thank you Donna and Too Close, both of your continuous help and support, you will never know how much it meant. Thank you CA1 and Annie, you both are awesome! Linda, I’ll miss you most of all (LOL, one last Wizard Of Oz reference), seriously though, you know you are like a sister to me, who would have thought that reading early on? You flew to Vegas and we rocked out to Eminem in my car. I’ll never forget it.

Everyone who came and read, joined in the comments and spoke to me off blog, you helped make this blog what it was. I’m not sure what that is exactly, but I’m proud of it and glad to have met you all.

Even though this is the end, as I always said this place is organic. I plan to go back and read and add to many posts, some posts that didn’t make it may even find their way in. Plus there’s always the comments.

We shall end it as it began, with an Eminem song. I thought about which one it should be for quite a while…

The Experiments

I’ve called this blog an experiment, actually I have said it is a few different experiments. I think for the most part, any continuous reader picked up on what they were. But before we head off into the sunset I do have to explain a little further.

So the idea of doing a blog called Zero’s World first came about because so many that got involved in my LISK blog seemed very interested in personal stuff about who was behind the blog. I was happy to oblige, but didn’t think that was the place to do it. So the idea of a Zero’s World Blog came to be. And I guess the personal stuff was the FIRST EXPERIMENT.

I wondered if by making a more personal blog would some readers take it and run with it. Let’s call it “The Dorothy Experiment”. We all know how that experiment ended up. Right from the beginning of this blog my identity became a big issue and lawsuits were being thrown out there. My wife and family became targets. And Dorothy made me part of her never-ending LISK list. It sucks but this is how the internet works. Your life can be twisted by trolls and under-medicated busy bodies. I went into it knowing this would most likely be the outcome, so I can’t bitch or complain about it, but many have this happen to them unwillingly and it can be devastating to have lies and slander posted about you from strangers on the internet. And I feel for all of yous.

Another experiment was to see if I could figure out who was behind some of the screen names that were plaguing the different blogs and sites. Let’s call it “The NERD Experiment”. That experiment was a great success. From Mockingbird to LL6, it all came out. Does everyone remember all the hoopla about who the “Real” PS149 was? LOL, well, it came out here didn’t it? In fact that was who I wanted to know most of all, the 69 IP. Behind hundreds of comments from almost as many different screen names, the one I call NERD. This blog can end with its head held high just from figuring out Nerd was PS149 who was originally Seaslug44. The one that some thought was Hackett was Joe G. And who’s Joe G? I did write about this:

I mean without NERD, there would be no LISK Blog or ZW. MM7 thinking this guy was Hackett, a serial killer, and stalking her is why I really started blogging about it all. Plus Joe G’s continued screen name games was one of the main reasons ZW came about. Yes, most of all this was because no one knew who this person was. The person behind all these comments:

69 ip1

69 ip2.JPG

amd mm7 blog 1st

amd mm7 blog2.JPG

amd mm7 blog3.JPG

nerd as amd on UG

nerd as genius at mm7


nerd on fluke and TS

ss44 moving to florida

ss44 moved to florida.JPG

ss44 phone issues.JPG

ss44 ws local.JPG

ss44 ws local2.JPG

ss44 sites

ss44 sites2

cynthia on ccc

nerd just k

nerd pom

nerd as veronica on ps149

nerd an IP

early nerd comments

3 more early nerd.JPG

nerd 1997.JPG

amd on mm7.JPG

And on and on and on… so yea, figuring out who it was all coming from was big in my book and makes this blog a success! Right? Thank you to everyone who helped! Lots did. But it was Joe G. himself that really left the path to find him. And just to wrap it up with a nice little bow and prove to anyone who needs further proof who was stalking MM7s blog:

joe g 1st

joe g is amd

Joe g spam mm7

joe g ps149


joe g lance TS GQ.JPG

Make of it all as you want, because Nerd ran away and isn’t answering any questions. I will say this, out of all the who’s I figured out, none of the whys were ever answered enough for me to understand. The whys never are.

Out of all the experiments that went on here, “The Back N Forth” Experiment” was the one I really got into.

I was ready to go at it with any one who wanted to go. You all saw it play out in the comments and posts, but what you may not know is this was taking place all over the internet:

pizzagate bible1.JPG

pizzgate bible2

pizzagate bible3.JPG

pizzagate bible4.JPG

pizzagate bible5.JPG

pizzagate bible6.JPG

terry's bible 1.jpg

terry's bible 2.jpg

pizzagate bible7

pizzagate bible8

That’s one of my favorites. I never called anyone homophobic, just pointed out the word means exactly what it’s used for. And I stand by my comments on their bible, SCARY!

No mater what I would or wouldn’t blog about, it all came back to the “back n forth”. This was the line I would follow the whole way. And it’s the line the internet seems to follow as well. From beefs between Marvel and DC fans to the depths of it all in places like Pizzagate Exposed, the “back n forth” reigns supreme. And after giving into it for all these years I can understand why. I have to admit, it was fun at times to just give in and go at it tit for tat no matter how stupid and pointless it got. And of course there were times where it was gratifying to deliver much-needed medicine to those in need of it. But I never fooled myself into thinking the back n forth ever proved anything, what would prove something would be to walk away from all the back n forth. In the time I have been doing this blog, engaging in many back n forths, it has slipped from our social media and into the real world. I said it would happen and it has. Take a look around, Twitter conducts the White House!

Everything I said was coming has come. Crazy is the new black. And the internet will pat you on your back and support your delusions. When it’s not supporting you, it’s egging you on with the “back n forth”.

The back n forth is taking us backwards. I’m ready to move forward.

“The Time Has Come”, The Walrus Said (3 Final Posts)

It’s here, it’s finally here!

Graduation Day!

At the end of the day (heh, heh), we will be through here and the ZW blog

We have quite a bit to get to before the day is through, though.

So I’m gonna get to writing.

In the meantime I thought some of you might be interested in what were the most viewed posts over the years.



2013 stats

2013 only had a couple of views, after all it didn’t go up till December 27th, 2013. And there wasn’t a real post until New Years Eve. But over the next few years posts went up and a few more people came to read:

2014 stats a

2014 stats b

2014 stats c

2014 stats d

2014 stats e

2014 stats f


2014 stats g.JPG

2014 stats h.JPG

2014 stats i

2014 stats j

2014 stats k

2014 stats l

2014 stats m

2014 stats n

2014 stats o

2014 stats p

Interesting right? That first year was dominated by Nan Nan comments, so of course her posts are at the top, it wasn’t uncommon for her to go back n forth in the comments with many of us, bringing the comment total in the high hundreds, breaking a thousand in that top one, therefore boosting the views. In other words if a post got lots of back n forth in the comments, it also got high views as those comments grew. So it was interesting to me to see the posts that were high on the view list without the help of the comments back n forth.

Day 25 Of Christmas Songs only got 1 view (I wonder who it was), but it was one of the last posts of the year, so that makes sense.

Well, here’s how the other 3 years played out in views, including this year. You can see how it went up and down over the years, some posts bringing in lots of views, others only getting 1 (who is that 1?) Check ’em out if you want, but make sure to come back and check out the final 2 posts.


2015 stats a

2015 stats c

2015 stats d

2015 stats e

2015 stats f

2015 stats g

2015 stats h

2015 stats i

2015 stats j

2015 stats k

2015 stats l

2015 stats m

2015 stats n

2015 stats o

2015 stats p

2015 stats q

2015 stats r


2016 stats a

2016 stats b.JPG

2016 stats c

2016 stats d

2016 stats e

2016 stats f

2016 stats g

2016 stats h

2016 stats i

2016 stats j


2017 stats a

2017 stats b

2017 stats c

2017 stats d

2017 stats e

2017 stats f

2017 stats g




2017 stats h

2017 stats i

2017 stats j

2017 stats k

2017 stats l

2017 stats m

2017 stats n

2017 stats o

2017 stats p

2017 stats q

2017 stats r

2017 stats s

2017 stats t

2017 stats u

One Last Christmas Gift

I hope everyone had a nice Christmas. This is our last Christmas together on the ZW Blog, and there’s one last present under that tree for everyone!

It’s the ZW soundtrack! Newly released just in time for Christmas (and the end of the blog)! It has 20 tracks and a secret song at the end!

Merry Christmas Everyone!


zw album front cover

Track 1: The Monster– Eminem ft. Rihanna

Track 2: Zero– Yeah Yeah Yeahs

Track 3: Three Is The Magic Number– Blind Melon

Track 4: Cunt – Kat McSnatch

Track 5: Fuck You– Lily Allen

Track 6: Restless Heart Syndrome– Green Day

Track 7: My Name– Xzibit Feat, Eminem & Nate Dogg

Track 8: Richard– Obie Trice Feat. Eminem

Track 9: Brand New Key– Melanie

Track 10: Relief– Sixx A.M.

Track 11: California Kids– Weezer

Track 12: Making Friends– Lagwagon

Track 13: Rhyme Or Reason– Eminem

Track 14: Wreak Havoc– Skylar Grey

Track 15: The Bitter Pill– Warrant

Track 16: What You Give– Tesla

Track 17: Sloth’s Revenge– Dirty Heads

Track 18: Heathens– 21 Pilots

Track 19: All Bad Things– Motley Crue

Track 20: Encore– Eminem Frat. Dr. Dre. & 50 Cent










Hidden Track

zw album back cover.jpg



War’s End (The Last Post For Dorothy)

The other day I received a private message from someone on Facebook. They had been talking to Dorothy Price Hill and in their conversation Dorothy told him about my blog (Thank you for that Dorothy) and that I was connected to her ex husband and Joe Brewer. She also told them that I helped make a snuff film in Brewer’s basement. Nothing shocking here. We’ve heard this all before. It does proves she ain’t missing a beat. The blog and FB page has been quiet, but Dorothy troops on. Telling any one who will listen how she alone has all the proof to solve the LISK case and of course how I’m the big bad boogie man. At least this person had the decency to ask me myself… and I think I set them straight on it all.

Once again, and for the last time… it was a conscious decision on my part to let Dorothy mix me in her tales. I had been warned she would and even without that warning I knew it would happen… it’s what she does. Because for me it’s all the proof I need to decide whether to believe any of the other things she has said about people. I know, I could see that before, but since there are some out there who insist she is a sane person and believe in the work she’s does, I can without a doubt say, yea, she made up all sorts of shit about me and if she’s not crazy she’s fucked up somehow. I can use me as an example of how she makes up lies to fit her stories. I have first hand experience now. I know… and no one can take that truth from me.

But it’s been a rough ride, don’t get me wrong. Dorothy, what started as a deadly dance ended up in war. And there was loss on both sides.

Sometimes you just have to know when to surrender and give up the fight.

There’s a quote from one of my favorite movies “War”:

War is like a big machine that no one really knows how to run and when it gets out of control it ends up destroying the things you thought you were fighting for, and a lot of other things you kinda forgot you had.

Amen to that.

I admit, when I first heard got this message about what Dorothy was still saying about me, I was ready to give it to her one last time. real good in her final post to bury the witch under the house forever. But what good would that do? Yes it would be fun, yes many of you would have enjoyed it. But that’s not where we are heading here on the blog. And to do that right now would be getting lost in that war and destroying it all.

So instead Dorothy. I give up. You win. If that’s what you wanna call it. This is your last post and I wish you peace. The war is over. At least you will get no more fight out of me.

There’s enough fighting going on in the world today. Everyone is always waging war on someone or something. I’m laying down my arms. Not beat… not even tired of fighting really, just content that what’s left fighting for is also worth surrendering to. Deep shit there, go ahead try to figure out what I mean.

So Dorothy go on and enjoy your Christmas and New Year knowing the fight with the big bad zero is done. War is over, if you want it.

And everyone else… it’s Christmas Eve, forget about the wars we all fight, the back n forth, and internet reality. Enjoy your day tomorrow! We have a big day on the 26th!

Onions And Rabbit Holes (The Last Post On LISK)

I have said many, many times, this is not a LISK blog. I started this blog to write about other things. Even my LISK Blog was not done to focus on the case or try to solve it in any way. It was about those who I found online who connected themselves to the case and seemed to make some sort of game out of the whole thing. I’ve blogged about this many times, trying to explain how it felt to be sucked into what  I called a rabbit hole. Even though I tried to keep that blog focused on the rabbit hole and not the actual case, I learned early on that wasn’t possible. In fact if my blogs bring any light to the LISK case, it’s how connected the rabbit hole has become to the actual case. I have called the LISK case an onion with many strange layers. I couldn’t write about my experience going down that rabbit hole without also discussing some of those layers.  And as I have said many times, the fact that the rabbit hole is so much a part of the onion now, it’s become almost impossible to separate the 2 and get to helpful information. I’ve tried.

To give an example let’s go back to last year when John Ray shocked everyone with a news conference where his then new client spoke of “sex parties” with the Ex Police chief James Burke. I haven’t blogged much about John Ray, but I think everyone who reads here knows how I feel about him. I have heard from those who don’t like him and say he has destroyed this case looking for the payoff at the end and those who do like him and say he is doing this because he really cares and wants to get answers for the victim’s families. I don’t know which is true… but I have come to my own opinion that John Ray is one of the main people over the years to help bridge that connection between onion and rabbit hole. All I have to do is take a look at the list of people who have been in contact with John Ray over the years, many of them “helping” Mr. Ray with his pursuit for truth or payoff:

Flukeyou and family

Dorthy Price Hill



Susie Mockingbird

Should I go on… I think you all get this already.

So back when this news conference hit I, like many others, was skeptical. And it turns out we were all correct in our skepticism. Because while many were deciding what to believe of the stories of Burke and this girl John Ray had set into the spot light, everyone learned there was much more to the story, and that in fact the conference was a little misleading. OK, a lot misleading. Yes, this new layer Ray was trying to show in the onion quickly became part of the never-ending free fall down that rabbit hole. The first sign of this was in the conference itself, which seemed to be done mainly to connect James Burke to Dr. Hackett and the LISK case. But then there was mention from “Leanne” (name used for woman in conference with John Ray) of another person that she had actually called in a tip on being LISK. When asked more about this, John Ray concluded it wasn’t important nor the reason for the conference. What? When you sort the whole conference out, it seems, “Leanne” had called in a tip on someone she thought could be the LISK and then the person she called in the tip on was contacted by LE and told about the tip she made about him. Fucked up right? Well, that’s not exactly what happened, but at the time I didn’t know that, so let’s wait before dissecting it too much. Point is this tip is how John Ray learned of “Leanne” and her claims, it’s what would eventually bring her to becoming his client and you would think the reason for the conference. But John Ray said at the time, it wasn’t important. Why? Well, my opinion at the time (which hasn’t changed even though I now know much more about all of it then I did then) was that John Ray was more concerned with how Burke connected to the story, even though Burke is not the one “Leanne” believed was LISK because Burke was big news at the time. And Burke being linked to LISK was not anything new. We all know it was something being said for a while, so it fit the storyline John Ray was more interested in. Plus, if Burke could be connected to Hackett through “Leanne’s” stories that would definitely benefit John Ray and his ongoing case with Doctor Hackett.

I wanted to write about this last year. But even though I pieced it together very quickly, I didn’t feel right making it part of this blog. You’ve all heard me say this before, but let me explain fuller.

Right after the conference, someone came to me asking if I knew what the initials L.H. had to do with the LISK case. At the time I couldn’t think of any and asked why. I was told that someone had contacted them telling them MCME was someone in the LISK case with the initials L.H.


I looked at anyone I could think of with the initials L.H. but could ony come up with 1. someone connected to DPH, but it wasn’t really LISK related, so I didn’t think it was right.

While I was trying to figure it out, quite a bit happened. Websleuths and LISK Facebook groups were buzzing with comments and discussions that many believed included John Ray’s newest client, “Leanne”. There was discussion that “Leanne” was telling her “real” story to some. And there were definitely places where I saw that someone was definitely dropping clues of who the person was “Leanne” gave the original tip on. A Babylon attorney was one of these such clues and that sparked something. I had looked up an attorney in Babylon with the initials L.H.

Sure enough, the person who had asked me about the initials L.H. had been talking to “Leanne”. At this point they already knew it and confirmed it to me. But I knew it was. And I knew who L.H. was. I knew, because for a while at that time I had been following comments being left by someone calling themselves Plottmaster (as well as other versions of this screen name):


plotts lh



There are lots more out there, but it all circles around the same names, and one of those names… Lindsay Henry… L.H.

Again, while I was piecing this together it was also coming out in social media. We all know this is where Jerry rose his ugly head. He started a Facebook group that a few of you joined and well we all know what happened. “Leanne” confirms some things to Jerry and he runs with it. Who was one of the first people Jerry contacts… me. And I never even spoke to the guy at this point. But he was told to trust me, which is good advice if you aren’t an internet nut spreading the disease, and we all know Jerry was just that. Part troll, part stalker, all asshole.

I quickly called him out (Do I get that credit? While most of you were opening up to the little creep I was putting him in his place) and shot him down. Which we all know led to some crazy shit and some seriously fun reading. Let’s just put it out there, Jerry then ran to a FB page ran by Kim West (‘member her) where along with Kim’s friend Dorothy Price Hill and a few others who no longer like me mentioning them here, got together and came at me. Why? Because I was the one to see through Jerry and know his ongoing actions were not only bad for the LISK case, but may be dangerous for some of the women he was approaching.

This eventually got me a private message from “Leanne” herself. She was curious about who I was, and I believe some people told her that I was getting ready to write a post about all of it and that I might not be to kind to her. I told her truthfully that I was probably not gonna post about it. Even though I knew at the time it would get me shit tons of views and comments. I explained to her that I felt that she shouldn’t be sharing her story with the internet. I also explained if I was gonna post about it, it would have been done already, because I had the story for a while at that point. Jerry had written me quite a bit before I told him to piss off. But before “Leanne” told me her story, before Jerry told me what he knew, I had already heard all about it. It get’s tricky here, but I have told all of you in private and in public, EVERYONE talks to EVERYONE! “Leanne” thought she was being carefull with who she spoke to. And yet each of them came to me and told me what she was saying, I mean Jerry didn’t even know me, but he was sent to me and he spilled it all unknowingly that I already knew more than he.  And by the time “Leanne” came to me I already had it all.

But it was great to hear it all straight from her. And unlike Jerry, I wasn’t trying to force anything or get anyone to give me any of this info. In fact I told “Leanne” many times I didn’t want to know about specifics when it came to L.H and the parties. I felt it was info for L.E. and F.B.I.

Then it got even crazier when “Leanne’s” friend Jenny Salazar AKA Sue Flae AKA Trini Anja AKA Macie Mae brought in a bunch of trolls to screw with everything.

I don’t need to rehash most of this, if you have been reading, you know how it went down. But I just want to make one point, it was “Leanne” who finally got rid of Jerry. And we can all be thankful for that. Yes, it was “Leanne” who gave Jerry a lot of the things he knew, but let’s face it, a few of you gals out there bought into the Jerry game and gave him things to use, and I’m not just talking about LISK stuff, that guy knew personal stuff about a few of you. Shit he got a ton of shit on me, thanks by the way. “Leanne” got the jerk yanked off social media. So yes, we can all be thankful for that. The guy was bad news.

This is side tracking as most of my posts do. I spent enough time on the likes of Jerry so let’s move on. “Leanne” and I spoke quite a bit, and again, if I was to just make a post about our conversations, I know it would be a quite a big way to end this blog and get all sorts of views… but as I told “Leanne” back when we first started talking, even though this blog seems like a narcissistic voyage at everyone’s expense, that’s not really what it was about. And I have kept quiet about most of this. Yes, there is bits ‘n pieces scattered but I did not put it “ALL” out there, despite the fact that it would have helped the ZW Blog get even more readers. I felt all along that info on L.H. from “Leanne” should be kept off social media and the internet. But as we all know, this was a year ago, and it was not kept off social media and the internet. And before we go on I have to examine this a little further.

It would be easy to say “Leanne” is responsible for it all getting out there and in return mucked up with the rest of the stories and theories. Others might blame John Ray, with good reason, thinking maybe it is him getting so many to keep the internet side-show going. I can’t pass judgement on this. Yes, I spoke out loud and clear that I thought it should all be left off the internet, but let’s face it, there is good reason not to trust the usual course of action. So it’s not up to me to decide how “Leanne” or John Ray go about getting their info out there. Still to me, it just seems all sides are not handling it right. But that’s “to me” and since I’m not really involved, what does that matter?

Still, I’m trying to show something here… I know it’s taking way to long, but stay with me, we will get there. First though I have to clear a few things up. As I said, I have spoken to “Leanne” quite a bit, and therefore I know about some of the things that have been thrown out there and discussed on social media by many of you. I’ve kept quiet, but let’s face it, a year has gone by and most of it all has been out there already. In fact I read on Websleuths Susie Mockingbird commenting about L.H. admitting to killing people. This did kind of upset me when I read it… I have kept quiet about so much of this, and again my reasons for not blogging about all this was I felt it needed to be properly investigated before being made part of the internet, and yet here is big mouth Susie Sampeirre putting her 2 cents in about the L.H. admission to murder.

So let’s get it out there, because I too know the story… shoot, by now who doesn’t? L.H. supposedly admitted to “Leanne” to killing 2 men. This is the main reason “Leanne” decided that L.H. might be LISK and why she called in her tip. One of these guys supposedly was  killed from L.H. hitting him and killing the guy. The problem is I’ve heard audio of “Leanne” and L.H. discussing this and he denies ever saying such things to her. In fact even if he admitted saying them, he could just say he was lying at the time. maybe he was just trying to impress her. Not to mention, killing to men over jealousy or self-defense (which the stories suggest) does not lead to a serial killer or LISK. Still, if the stories are true, they could be checked out, right? And I know he’s been being looked into for a year now… so did anything come from the stories of murdering 2 men? The story of how he killed the other man was he threw him off a roof  in Greece, if I remember right… and there are other things that could lead the proper authorities to figuring out if L.H. killed 2 men as it is said that he has said. It doesn’t have to be a mystery or a case of he said she said… someone could look into it. So I’m guessing someone has. So maybe someone should clue the rest of us in on what is real there… let’s not hold our breaths though.

Have I lost everyone completely? Do you not know if I believe “Leanne” and think L.H. could be LISK or if I think it’s another LISK game being played out by lunatics? Good. Because it shouldn’t matter what I think. If I believe “Leanne” does that make her right? If I think she is crazy does that make her wrong? Get me?

One last thing though and I have to make this public and crystal clear. In the original news conference it was made to sound like “Leanne” called in a tip in L.H. and then someone in L.E. let L.H. know she had called in a tip on him accusing him of being LISK. As I said before, that would be so fucked up, and more proof that L.I. L.E. (Long Island Law Enforcement) is corrupt as all hell. But that’s not exactly what happened. “Leanne” did call a detective involved in the LISK case and told him she believed L.H. was LISK.

Then you know what “Leanne” did? She called L.H. and told him that she just got off the phone with a detective (gave L.H. the detective’s name and phone number)  and that she told the detective she thought he was LISK. Weird, right?  Well then L.H. calls the detective and the detective confirms it all to L.H. Man, if I was this detective I would think that both of them were fucking with me. So then L.H. and “Leanne” talk again and L.H. tells her he talked to the detective, which I would expect “Leanne” would have expected to happen, since she gave L.H. the detective’s number. But I guess she wasn’t expecting the detective to confirm it to him. “Leanne” then calls up the detective and wants to know why he would tell L.H. she called him. The detective is dumbfounded and tells her, “you gave him my number, you told him you said he was LISK”. I’ve actually heard this conversation, the whole thing baffles me. Again, from someone on the outside it seems like all 3 are playing some kind of game.  “Leanne”, the detective, L.H., none of their actions add up to me. They all seem to keep the circle going instead of getting to the truth or something that can help, it’s more about pointing fingers at each other. The same thing I’ve seen again and again. But this is all what I got out of it, and again shouldn’t mean anything.  Maybe I’m misunderstanding something. Listen for yourself:

I will say this… L.H. is bad news. There are lots more about this guy besides the maybe confessions of killing 2 men. And L.H. was sleeping with “Leanne” while in exchange acting as her lawyer. Not very respectable for an attorney. So maybe there is truth to stories of L.H. and Burke involved in sex parties with “working girls”. Sounds very likely to me. And then maybe Doc Hackett does actually have a place in all this, because “Leanne” says Hackett supplied L.H. with Fentanyl patches. Yes, there does seem to be substantial stuff there. Which is why I felt it should be left off the internet and dealt with by the FBI.

But it wasn’t and it became part of the rabbit hole.  Not only that but it brought new players to the board. “Leanne” had a friend who you all know as Jenny Salazar who flew in like a banshee. Creating all sorts of unnecessary havoc. Lighting the way for a bunch of troll like FB accounts to join in for a short while. Which led me right to a guy calling himself Ken Jones.  This guy claims to be a hit man of some sort. And I should also point out that all 3 of them, “Leanne”, Jenny, and Ken talk about each other being crazy or mentally ill in someway, in fact I believe they all met on FB sites for different mental illnesses. This Ken guy (whose real name is Malik Boodie) even threatened to kill me.

So yes, L.H. seems dirty, and yes he was “Leanne’s” attorney. Also, John Ray seems sketchy and this is now “Leanne’s” attorney. Which is it? Onion or rabbit hole. And does it even matter? Because as I said, both are part of each other now.

You see I didn’t just choose to tell all of this to show how John Ray blurs the lines, no one needs me to tell them about John Ray. Nor is this one more example of how those using the internet in some kind of game, for what ever reasons, has  messed with the LISK case. I’ve shown that more than enough. I could say I believe “Leanne”, I could say she’s crazy, or I could say she has an axe to grind with L.H. Hell, I could say maybe it’s a little of all 3. Why would that matter? And what if John Ray did use her and that conference to tell his narrative? Should it not be looked into?

Here’s where I want to leave this, and what I’m trying to get at… the LISK case and many like it all suffer from L.E. not taking them seriously from the beginning. And that’s really a society thing. “Prostitutes”, “drug addicts”, and others deemed “less than” are not priorities.

I’m trying to put into words what I’m trying to say… we all know How this scenario works, if someone deems a missing person not important because of their lifestyle (I know that’s a bullshit thing to say, I’m speaking from an asshole’s point of view, in truth it’s not lifestyle we are talking about, it is troubled lives, even more reason to be taken seriously) and things are not investigated properly, later when a body is discovered or worse bodies, it’s too late. From the beginning all missing and murder cases should be treated the same. That’s how I feel and I bet most of you would agree with me. Stop treating the lost and troubled as throw a ways.

In the same vain, all tips and evidence should be looked at. It doesn’t mater what I or anyone else thinks about what “Leanne” said, if there is something or someone there to be looked at, it should be. And there is lots to look into when it comes to L.H.

“Leanne” has reasons to think L.H. is LISK. Some have reasons why they think Hackett is LISK. And the same goes for Burke, Bittrolff, Brewer, and a list of others. It doesn’t matter what any of us think about any of it. It should all be looked at. Hell, even DPH’s ex husbands should be looked at just to see if anything she says is true.

And that’s where I’m gonna have to leave it. I do hope one day the LISK case is solved. . Suffolk County deserves to know if it’s law enforcement and leaders are some kind of evil entity or not. And more importantly the families of the victims deserve answers and some kind of peace.

The Last Post On The Mystery Of Lake City Quiet Pills

Out of all my posts on all my blogs (well over 500 of them) there is one subject that got the most readers: THE MYSTERY OF LAKE CITY QUIET PILLS.

If you don’t know what that is, basically a guy calling himself Milo on Reddit claimed to be part of some kind of secret group of mercenaries. When it is announced on Reddit that Milo had died. The information came from someone called Angel Two-Six, one of many screen names associated with Milo on a couple of image sharing sites.

Here just read all this:

Together, these 3 posts have thousands of views, more than any of my other posts. At first I couldn’t figure out why. I was told it was a hot topic on podcasts, which would do it I guess, but other things I have written about are also hot topics on podcasts. Serial killers, internet bullying, religion, politics, music, and so on… why did this one get so much attention? And still does! Today Return To The Mystery Of Lake Quiet Pills post is number 1 and The Mystery Of Lake Quiet Pills is number 3:

stats on mcqp

I know, not to many readers so far today. It’s early. Plus it is Christmas Eve! Who am I kidding, I stopped writing and people stopped reading. We will discuss this in some of the next posts, for now though, I just want to show that this subject still gets views. Lots of them! And today while I’m writing a final post on the subject, people just happen to be looking the old posts up and reading them even though no one knows I’m writing about it today… oh well, maybe that’s not important… but it was kind of cool for me to see.

Anyways… I think maybe, I get so many views on this subject because there just aren’t many places out there with information on it. I wish I had more to add, but honestly I haven’t looked into it in a while. My biggest problem with it all being real was that a lot of the stories didn’t add up or fit a coherent timeline. But I also had an issue with it being a hoax. A hoax that takes years to go nowhere? And no one over at the site Drunken Stepfather (the then current site where these so-called assassins for hire supposedly met up and discussed things in cryptic code hidden from the naked eye (naked eye, lol. That’s kinda funny due to the type of sites they were part of)) seemed to want to join in on the hoax. Even though they were all being discussed and dissected over at Reddit, none of Milo’s “conspirators” wanted to get in on the game. Well that’s not totally true… Angel 2-6 did kind of set the whole thing in motion. But over the years, this little group has not really said much on the subject that they were part of a trending internet mystery. They haven’t seemed to play into the hoax or try to cover anything up if it’s real. I do know, the 2 main people to have brought this to the world’s attention Milo and Angel 2-6 have both been said to have passed:

Milo and 2-6 RIP

Were they permanently quieted? Or is it just a convenient plot device? I still can’t tell ya! Though I have to say I still lean towards it being a hoax or game or something. I don’t buy it that some secret killing gang is on a porn image sharing site discussing their private tales in coded boob pictures. Yes, I don’t buy it… but which ever way… it sure is a great example again of how the internet taints everything. This is either something sinister going on for a while now right in plain site, being discussed, and blogged about. Podcasts talking about all of it, and nothing has been done about it… or it’s a big never-ending wild goose chase. The internet is good at what it does.

In the end I guess it will go on being googled and looked into. People believing one way or another on it. My final thought on the subject is it’s a whole lot of circles leading nowhere… SSDD!

That don’t mean people shouldn’t chase those circles. If they want. But with this one, I really don’t think any answers can be found, unless another one of the “gang” decide to start explaining. And that ain’t happening. I decided to look up the Drunken Stepfather site, to see what it’s like these days:

They’ve come a long way from those early days of “That Old Guys Image Host”.  I bet someone is making some money from all the ads. Was it all just a elaborate scam to get people to go to their site? I don’t think so. I’m guessing that was just a lucky break someone got in all this. Again, we can’t be sure.

You know, even though Milo and the LCQP subject has gotten me the most views it did not generate a lot of discussion. Almost zero comments from anyone on it. That to struck me strange. These 3 posts get more views than all my other posts, but almost no comments and discusion. Then recently I got an email about my LCQP posts:

So, imma just cut to the long and short of this. I’m revisiting this whole thing, having originally stumbled on it a couple years ago, and have decided to give it a go to see what i can come up with…
I’m a military vet, and have more than passing experience with the PMC industry and a decent capacity for investigative research. All told, i think i have a perspective that hasn’t been applied thoroughly to the whole thing, so i dug in.
I’ll get to my own conclusions after this, in case you’re not too interested, but i’m wondering if you’d mind sending me your notes on what you’ve got, on the off chance you’ve taken note of something that you didn’t think warranted publishing but i haven’t seen yet… Also, another blogger mentioned multiple sets of coordinates being left in a comment on a blog, and the only other real blog post i can find on the subject is written by you, and you did have that weird picture posted with the coordinates to the NY hotel. Well, she said the other coordinates listed pointed to an apartment building in New Jersey that had a tenant who’s first initial was “M” who disappeared in 2009. Do you know anything about this? (I’m emailing her separately.)
Anyway… As far as my own conclusions… Pretty much everything is slightly off with the narrative. Not SO off as to be able to write it off, but enough to induce suspicion. I don’t really see the need for an organization like that to post what they did in the manner they did it. If they needed it to be publicly available via the internet, as opposed to just having a mailing list or something, there are a million alternatives to hiding it in the source of a porn hosting site.
I’ve got more than a couple friends in my line of business on the South African side… I’m going to try and get a handle who were the players for SA contractors circa 2010 in maritime. The South African contracting world is small.
So, i’m naturally inclined to feel that this is a hoax, but besides that i’ve dedicated a decent amount of ritalin and the past two days into trying to use the info we know about RoP to link him to an identity. I’ve poured through hundreds of obituaries, records, you name it. I’m running on these presumptions:
He was born ~ 19 January, 1930. He died on 16 July, 2009. He was possibly born in either Pennsylvania, or New Jersey, and possibly died in Jersey. He served in WW2 in the Navy, but was noncombat. He first saw combat in Israel in 47. He was in Korea, and in 53 he was wounded, and his German buddy Gunter died. I’m sure i could dig up more than that, but i felt that was enough to go off of.
There isn’t a single person i was able to find that met that criteria. For your own information, Korea has a couple of extensive databases available for perusal, notably:
That’s literally every casualty record the government has for Korea, in a pretty powerful searchable format.

Nobody named Gunter, as either a first or last name, died in 1953. A Gunter WAS wounded, but no one else who was wounded with him on the same day fits the bill for RoP. There was as well a Guenther Kromrei, but similarly, none of his buddies that were wounded with him match up to what we need.

There were two men i was able to find that met general birth and death dates to an acceptable degree. There was a James Johnson who was in the Navy in WW2, born 19 Jan 1931, died 18 July 2009, and then the one that probably came closest to fitting the bill for our guy: Gerald Brooks, born January 19, 1930 and died 18 July 2009 in Colonia, New Jersey, wounded Oct 1952 in Korea, and was awarded the DSM, which is just under the Medal of Honor. He, however, went on to live a rather mundane life, and he hadn’t served in WW2 in the Navy.

I played around with the dates some, and found nothing interesting.
The name Milo wasn’t helpful in any real way; of the 3 Milos that were casualties in 1953, one was KIA, the other two returned to duty, didn’t match up otherwise, nor had any squadmates die the same day with German sounding last names.
I checked out everyone listed in the Korean War Veterans Association’s flyer who was listed in dying in July 2009, and there were no matches, but i suppose RoP wouldn’t have been one to identify with such an organization.
The last real thing i have to run down is whatever last name might be attached to that coordinate, then i’ll have exhausted my imagination and willingness to dump any more effort into this.
So, my overall conclusion, based upon over a dozen hours of sifting through obituaries and databases, reading through Milo’s entire post history, and other assorted research…

I think LCQP is a hoax being done by a group of dudes on DSF. I think they’re self-styled military aficionados who might have served in the military themselves, but probably didn’t. (If they did, i would put money on them having served during peacetime.)

There are too many mistakes in RoP’s post history that a real veteran of the events he claimed to have lived through would not have made, especially someone as lucid as he appeared to be. Off the cuff, after being wounded in 1953 he said he woke up in a military hospital in Hanoi… Vietnam. I think he conflated his history, as i couldn’t find any evidence of a military hospital being used by America in Hanoi.

The American military wasn’t involved in Israel in 1947. He could have been part of the Jewish volunteer forces, but there’s 0 chance he was there at the behest of the American government, as he was 17.
The timings of some of his posts… On July 7th talking about how he hopes he doesn’t make it to 80.
He mentions having to work because he doesn’t have the luxury of a financed retirement, but yet “was loded.”
And, at the end of the day, while some of his later adventures post-Korea might not have much online, if he served in both the Navy and in Korea (Presumably in the Army.) there would be more than a tad bit of records available… And i’ve found nothing.
Reading through the hints at and discussions of every major romanticized conflict when taking all the characters and content into consideration reads more like a circlejerk in military adventurism, with every name coveted by /k/ommandos over at 4chan being dropped. IF LCQP was an actual entity, knowing what we do about how they conduct business, they would be doing shady African work, (Not “black ops” or anything like that, just literally illegal in anyone who’s concerned’s home country. Violating ITAR, anti-mercenary laws [Which is a thing in South Africa.], not having proper licensing or permits, etc.) employing equally shady individuals not dudes with serious backgrounds who can easily make extremely good money without having to worry about the FBI meeting you at the gate on your flight home.
So, yeah. A bunch of dudes who like to read penny action novels and read wikipedia got together and decided to rattle some chains. I’d say it worked.
Anyway, any input you have that might sway me one way or the other would be appreciated. If you want to use any of this, feel free.


So here was someone who looked into it much more than I, but we seemed to come to the same conclusions on it. I wrote them back, but really couldn’t give them anything they already hadn’t known, but I told them I agreed and was getting ready to write a final post on all of it and would probably use their email. I then got a reply to my reply:

Just some double taps on things… Looking back on everything, Milo was definitely a made up character. I put a few days of ritalin-fueled digging through casualty reports, census records, and obituaries trying to find any level of correlation and the names i came up with were the only ones that remotely fit the bill.
And, to be honest, the whole LCQP thing is too sloppy to be ran the way it was and not leave a footprint elsewhere online… Like, you’re not gonna have a contracting company communicating with its people via the publicly available source code on a splash page… Milo presumably coded the image hosting scripts that ran his site, even a basic password-restricted script would have been orders of magnitude more secure than what we saw. The only explanation for it is that it was meant to be found.

I think you’ve got some actual South African contractors on the Drunken Stepfather, and they were either in on it, or might have been the original targets for the troll but whoever was responsible moved it over to Reddit for a wider net…

As far as your concerns about the endgame… Not everyone is a masterclass troll with a fully developed plan that they carry to fruition. I think whoever was behind it started developing the character, wrote himself into a corner, or just lost interest in the entire thing. Not sure which. I never really dug much deeper into TDS forums, maybe if i get bored this rotation i might dig a little deeper and see what i can find, but i think it’s safe to say the whole thing’s a hoax.

I would have to agree with all of this. And can’t think of a better way to end this last post on LCQP. But if ANYONE has ANYTHING to add-on the subject… as usual, the comments are right below. But I’m calling this one the only way that makes any sense:
An old misguided hoax that the internet took and gave extended life to. Again, the internet is good at what it does.

The Last Post On Cicada, Anonymous, Illuminati, And All Other Fake Internet Super Heroes

One of the earliest post on the ZW Blog was about something called Cicada 3301:

Even after 3 other posts:

And an update:

I still wasn’t sure what Cicada really was. And as I write this now I still don’t. Was it anything? Is it still something? Was it some kind of recruitment as many believe? And if so, what for? And is it a good thing or a bad thing?

I doubt we will ever know.

I have written about other groups, like Anonymous, The Illuminati, and Ghost Security Group. I find them all very intriguing, but don’t know if any of them really live up to what ever it is they are supposed to be..

I have made it clear that I don’t buy into The Illuminati, and I haven’t heard much more on GSG… but the rise and fall of Anonymous tells us all we need to know about internet super heroes. They started strong and rose fast only to cannibalize itself. In the beginning Anonymous was a force to be reckoned with. It was powerful and scary. Now it’s nothing more than a mock of what it claimed to be. This is (as I have said many times before) mainly because there was no order to it, anyone could be Anonymous. The great work of irony (I’m pretty sure I’m using it right here!)  here is that this is also what helped Anonymous grow so fast. Everyone is Anonymous means anyone is Anonymous. What made it work eventually is what made it not work. Irony, right?

Regardless Anonymous like any other internet group becomes what it pretends to be against. I see it all the time, anti-bullying groups thriving on cyber bullying, anti-crybaby groups bawling like someone took their pacifiers away. In Anonymous’ case, they set out to go after assholes… now they are the assholes. And just to once more set aside any confusion, I started using pictures of myself on the blog wearing the Guy Fawkes Mask to poke fun at Anonymous. Not because I consider myself a part of Anonymous nor to hide my identity in any way. It was just a joke.

Just like internet super heroes, a sad, sad joke. The internet taints everything way too much for any such group to stay true to itself.

Maybe one day the internet will produce a group that can save the world…

at this point though, we may need to be saved from the internet first.

Complaint Department Part 3

Over the years there have been many complaints about this blog. As well as death threats and lawsuits threats. And quite a few people coming to me on the behalf of other people to let me know that said person is upset with some of the things I have written.

And as I have always said… I understand. This place has been called a “gossip blog”, I have been told I am no better than Fluke, Dorothy, and Mockingbird.  That part I don’t understand as much, but everyone is entitled to their opinions.

I have mentioned a few times that those complaining read more than those who actually like this blog. That has always tickled me a little. It kinda puts me in there with some of my favorite people… Howard Stern, Eminem, and Ozzy Osbourne  to name just 3. I’m not saying I’m as cool as any of them nor that my blogs compare to their accomplishments. But our haters do hang on our every word. The complainers couldn’t wait to see what I posted next. Put all up in black n white like that, I guess it tickles me more than a little… a lot more than a little. LOL.

I have always encouraged my haters to keep reading, and they have. Something that puzzled me somewhat. Always complaining about me and this blog, but always reading the next post. Puzzling, yes, but as I just said, also tickling. He hee!

Even now, as the posts stopped for a couple of months and the views dropped to just 40-50 a day… I noticed it was many of my biggest complainers still reading back over the posts. I’ll not only take it, but I’ll cherish that!

It’s been real… it’s been fun… and at times it was real fun! I hate to have to break it to haters though… any more complaints are moot. Any more shit said about, me, my blogs, and my readers, fans, and groupies is in vain. This is the end. I still hope you continue to read over the last three days (yep, only 3 DAYS LEFT!). I hope everyone rides it out to the end with me. There will be colsure. I know that seems imposible, but it’s a promise I made, and a promise I will keep.

For those of you who still have complaints, who still want to make up lies about me to cover up the truths about you, who still want to hate me even though you can’t help but love me… play the song below and sing along with Em in the chorus.