Graduation (The Last Post)

We finally made it. Graduation Day!

I think most here got tired of the rabbit hole and all the back n forth long ago… so we shall walk down the path to graduation together. For those of you still there, come on, reach up grab someones hand and step back out into the sunlight. Turn away from the urge to continue in endless circles.

I can’t say good-bye with out first saying thank you.

Last year especially was a hard year to get through.This place helped out a lot. Trust me when I say, I got more from this place than anyone!

Thank you to everyone, and I mean everyone! I’m not gonna mention everyone by name, but I can’t go without a few acknowledgements. Thank you Barnaby Jones, your help early on  kept me on the right track. Thank you Donna and Too Close, both of your continuous help and support, you will never know how much it meant. Thank you CA1 and Annie, you both are awesome! Linda, I’ll miss you most of all (LOL, one last Wizard Of Oz reference), seriously though, you know you are like a sister to me, who would have thought that reading early on? You flew to Vegas and we rocked out to Eminem in my car. I’ll never forget it.

Everyone who came and read, joined in the comments and spoke to me off blog, you helped make this blog what it was. I’m not sure what that is exactly, but I’m proud of it and glad to have met you all.

Even though this is the end, as I always said this place is organic. I plan to go back and read and add to many posts, some posts that didn’t make it may even find their way in. Plus there’s always the comments.

We shall end it as it began, with an Eminem song. I thought about which one it should be for quite a while…

40 thoughts on “Graduation (The Last Post)

  1. We will stay in touch tho, right? Happy new year zero. Thank you for all you’ve done. For me it was always about trying to keep the lies and misinformation out . I stumbled upon the original Lisk site and read all the lies, the set-up Joe Scalia’s Jr was blasting… deliberately lying to destroy a homicide investigation. I couldn’t let it go. Joe, cristin, Dorothy, nan nan, etc,etc, are simply evil people , we know the karma wheel has turned for Joey,( still laughing about the grow op bust)although its not nearly enough for what he has done,
    I’d still like to know why? Really, why? Fluke you? What’s the real reason?
    I’m not done with it.
    reap and sow.

    • Happy New Year! Oh yes. We will stay in touch. The whys as we know don’t always add up, Fluke getting even with his neighbors, PS149 says he just wanted to “spam” those he thought were in need of “spamming” , Jen G, Mm7, Susie, Candyce and others started out wanting to gain Mari’s friendship that turned into a “get even” game with each other spilling out to the internet. The internet is the biggest why. It is where back n forth becomes just too addicting. But even if the whys are still hard to understand, there are similarities to those who played the games. All the guys, Fluke, PS149, MCME, etc. All have curious relationship issues. Fluke has Russian brides uses prostitutes, PS149 says he was messed with for years by his wife who he claims is crazy, and MCME, well Damn that guy has all sorts of stuff depending what you believe, but the proof is out there that he liked to have “kept” women and he himself traded services for sex. And the many women involved, I think I showed just how much most of them hate men. They have had issues in their own relationships that have them jumping into others tragedies. Take your pick, most of those who are the loudest out there, who came here and accused me of attacking and stalking have had really troubled relationships. Even a few of my readers who don’t think I attacked anyone would tell you they have had some bad relationships. This. Is something that is true about many who commented here over the years. Including those 3 ladies who pretended to be fans that are only now calling me a hypocrite and that my blog is shit. I see ya. I guess it makes sense that tragedies like LISK attract those with horrendous relationship experiences, the problem is , they are very bias on the subject, as well as paranoid and ready to get even . That goes for the men and women. Add to the fact that many of them have mental issues (read any plotmaster or Dorothy post and tell me mental illness is not involved) and the whys become even more polluted. I’m glad you are not done TCTH, because neither are most of them. And you know I’m always here for ya!

      • Zero…My Brotha…I can’t appologize ENOUGH..what a letdown I’ve been…Im NOT able to post a fitting comment to you..So until then, one word: GRATITUDE…i avoid the most emotional, but I NEED to write a coherent comment to you..Just not able…Im reading my butt off! Yep, avoidance is one of my worst traits..But I WILL make the comment, it means TOO much to screw up.
        LOVE YA!!

      • this was almost the last Em song i was gonna play… probably should of. But i had been listening to beautiful Pain and felt it fit better. Though this one fits as well.

    • Too close, where to begin..sure hope u still have my number! You were my only ally way back when,sigh, what a newbie I was! Meeting you was an HONOR! Yeah, WHY Joe?? The real answers always haunt me…We shall see…i moved upstate, but I’m ALWAYS down for a road trip!! Hope ALL is ok with you! GB..FOR NOW..xo

    • The Evilest! I’m glad u posted that link to her shit blog! Keeps my angry…and INTERESTED..Gross..this AIN’T OVER..Nope, not till “I collapse”

      • Btw Dear Friend, I admire you….So grateful u stuck up for me, even Cheryl cast me aside (to then Post on Cristens shit blog?? I found THAT odd, I’m calling her out finally…I SMELL BS!) WE still have stuff to do!! Hit me up please..I recently applied for my Medical Marijuana card, thank God! I’ll bring da medicine ..btw, I almost quit long ago, especially when Zero was a big meanie..Lol!!!! But you MUST know, I stayed not just because of you..BUT 4 YOU! Call me friend..xo

  2. Linda. I no longer have your number! I could use a road trip myself. I sent you a pm on messenger.
    And, Linda, when I was the only one on the lisk blog who saw thru the BS, you took a little convincing, but then you became MY only ally, and I too am forever grateful.

  3. I’m around Linda, just not on social media anymore. Call me if you’ve still got my number. Home phone, I disconnected my cell.

    • So, I commented on WS to Beach Bodies (man the screen names they all come up with) told them straight out, if that is fluke returning to WS, then I would be returning as well. This got me a private message from Beach Bodies who says they are not Fluke. They sure sound like Fluke… but if it’s not, who is it? Truthspider? He wouldn’t be back would he… I’d sure like to ask him why he lied about Hackett’s dad’s book.

  4. So my identity is pretty much out now. Mom is safe so I’m ready to take them on. If anyone on FB has half a brain they will figure it out. I don’t care anymore, this shit is too close too home.

  5. And here is a warning for anyone that comments here. You will get harassed. In fact, I will get harassed just for warning people. I’ve got just one thing to say to those that get off on being assholes. Fuck you.

    • Donna, that shits been going on for YEARS..BRING IT, dont let the haters intimidate you…This entire group of friends would have never met if any of us gave in to that HARASSMENT years Fluke says “an INNOCENT man has nothing to hide”..fucking IRONIC..

      Karma taste good??


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