“The Time Has Come”, The Walrus Said (3 Final Posts)

It’s here, it’s finally here!

Graduation Day!

At the end of the day (heh, heh), we will be through here and the ZW blog

We have quite a bit to get to before the day is through, though.

So I’m gonna get to writing.

In the meantime I thought some of you might be interested in what were the most viewed posts over the years.



2013 stats

2013 only had a couple of views, after all it didn’t go up till December 27th, 2013. And there wasn’t a real post until New Years Eve. But over the next few years posts went up and a few more people came to read:

2014 stats a

2014 stats b

2014 stats c

2014 stats d

2014 stats e

2014 stats f


2014 stats g.JPG

2014 stats h.JPG

2014 stats i

2014 stats j

2014 stats k

2014 stats l

2014 stats m

2014 stats n

2014 stats o

2014 stats p

Interesting right? That first year was dominated by Nan Nan comments, so of course her posts are at the top, it wasn’t uncommon for her to go back n forth in the comments with many of us, bringing the comment total in the high hundreds, breaking a thousand in that top one, therefore boosting the views. In other words if a post got lots of back n forth in the comments, it also got high views as those comments grew. So it was interesting to me to see the posts that were high on the view list without the help of the comments back n forth.

Day 25 Of Christmas Songs only got 1 view (I wonder who it was), but it was one of the last posts of the year, so that makes sense.

Well, here’s how the other 3 years played out in views, including this year. You can see how it went up and down over the years, some posts bringing in lots of views, others only getting 1 (who is that 1?) Check ’em out if you want, but make sure to come back and check out the final 2 posts.


2015 stats a

2015 stats c

2015 stats d

2015 stats e

2015 stats f

2015 stats g

2015 stats h

2015 stats i

2015 stats j

2015 stats k

2015 stats l

2015 stats m

2015 stats n

2015 stats o

2015 stats p

2015 stats q

2015 stats r


2016 stats a

2016 stats b.JPG

2016 stats c

2016 stats d

2016 stats e

2016 stats f

2016 stats g

2016 stats h

2016 stats i

2016 stats j


2017 stats a

2017 stats b

2017 stats c

2017 stats d

2017 stats e

2017 stats f

2017 stats g




2017 stats h

2017 stats i

2017 stats j

2017 stats k

2017 stats l

2017 stats m

2017 stats n

2017 stats o

2017 stats p

2017 stats q

2017 stats r

2017 stats s

2017 stats t

2017 stats u

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