RIP 2018

Oh man what a long fucked up year. I mean I hope you all had a great year, but as for me, 2018 was a slow-moving snail of a year full of endings and changes and… and… disruption. Not looking forward for 2019, just glad to see 2018 gone.

Wow, I don’t want to come back all down and out in Zero’s World but 2018 was a rough one. How I made it through with out this place is a mystery beyond even Lake City Quiet Pills. Speaking of, let’s just address the elephant in the room. Is ZW back?

It seems to be.

What that means exactly, I’m not sure. But it feeeeeels so good to be back!

I really do hope everyone out there had a better year than yours truly. I hope things are going well for all of you out there, so well that you will never know this blog is back up (personally aimed at those I truly hope have moved on though I know some have not, still I am sincere when I say I hope they have no need to read this).

Did you miss those drag on parenthesis?

This feels right. Until right now I didn’t truly know how much I missed this place.

I got the old laptop out, Em blasting, feeling the room with inspiration.

Yes it feels right.

I tried (not quite succeeding) to leave this place and everyone here in a better place, on a higher note. Here we are a year later and I don’t know about any of you but I’m as “malevolent as I’ve ever been”.

So much for that high note. Or was it high horse. Either way, I failed.

In my defense there was shit going on and the blog NEEDED to come down. But who was I kidding, riding off into the internet sunset like that. Whatever symbiote shit the internet has infected us with, we all got it. It seems to be a part of us now. RL…IL… what’s the difference any more?

And some of that shit that made me pull the plug on this place are piles of bricks waiting to rebuild it. They nagged at me with the rest of the disruptions of this past year.

There I go again, sorry.

It’s time to let 2018 go.

Raise a glass with me once again friends.

Good bye twenty eighteen! Here’s hope twenty nineteen has better things in store for all of us.

There’s always hope.