WARNING! This site is for adults of sound minds only. If you chose to ignore this warning I can not be held responsible for the results. This is a parody of real life and internet life crashing together creating this world, my world. Again ENTER AT YOUR OWN RISK!

7 thoughts on “About

  1. I can’t get enough of this shit! Dorothy and Nancy have really lost their marbles honestly! Nancy seems to be going off about her husband Mike and how he’s these ppl like the president and the First Lady to zero! What a laugh! They should really lock up these two nuts jobs in Guantanamo bay with all the other world scumbags! It the puppet master Dorothy and her favorite puppet Nan Nan a.k.a Nancy, there are people who just don’t know when to quit! Like the song in the movie frozen says Let it go!

    • I love how lately all the arrests being made are fake stories channel 12 is making up to help out Mike the super criminal. Damn, LE, media, and politicians are in Mikey’s back pocket… how can people who know Nan & Dot read any of this and not do everything in there power to help them… given up after all these years? not a good enough excuse, if one these ladies were my mom or aunt or sister… I’d never stop trying to get them help. Again, it’s a shame i’m on the west coast… cause I’d be visiting everyone personally to get to the bottom of this… i’d marcj right up to nancy’s house and say let’s go find that dorothy, and get those 2 face to face… hell none of you would be safe from me…lol (meaning I’d come see you all) Good, bad, crazy… I’d want to meet all of you. eye to eye i’d want to hear your stories…

  2. I wanted to respond to your post about LISK. Police won’t name Jim bissett as the LISK because of tremendous monetary contributions he made to the Suffolk county Republican Party. I first heard he was a possible suspect not from the Internet, but from my ex’s father, who is a corrections officer. The suspicion that bissett was the LISK most definitely came from LE and the jail; my ex’s father didn’t use the Internet.

    • Yep… this is one of those circles. I have chased it and chased it and come back with nothing. Jen and Dorothy blame each other for spreading Bisset rumors on the internet, but I have spoken to several people who say they heard it from a LE friend. And many of them say their LE friends say he is the killer. But I doubt they would let murders go unsolved due to campaign contributions. Yet… there is substance to Bisset. Was he going to be set up by LE as Dorothy says? If so why did it not happen? Is this J.B. the killer? If so why is LE covering for him? Or is there another connection between LE, the LISK , and Bisset? Circles leading us all back to the same place.

  3. Howdy Zero, you seem to be one of the few people in this crazy story who has their head screwed on straight (or at least as straight as any reasonable person should). Would love to pick your brain a bit, if you’d send me an email. I am a bit of a neophyte, though, in this world so if there’s a better way to reach out to you, let me know? WS, although I am sure they can do good work, is a bit daunting, and wading into the craziness on the various FB makes me a bit ill. But things are cooking in the LISK world, so I hope to engage in some dialog. Help sort my thoughts on this stuff. Thanks for taking the time!

    • Yea I don’t do ws, lol, and the pages and groups are recalling getting out there. My email is zerodinh@rocketmail.com feel free to write me. And most discussions here do stay on the right side of the craziness. Not always though. Thanks for the comment. Look forward to hearing from you.

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