Here we are, 4:20 on 4-20, what should we talk about?

Well today is a well-known holiday for pot smokers. I know this because every news station I turn to today is saying so. LOL, what a difference a year makes.

Anyways, yes, today has become a traditional holiday for pot heads everywhere, I once wrote a post on the whole thing, I don’t think that was here though, I think that was on the old MySpace blog. To bad that’s gone, I could just post a link right here that would show what I wrote on the subject, Oh well, it was a really cool read on how 4-20 came about. Maybe next year I’ll rewrite it here. Here’s a couple of links on the subjects I wrote about:




Today though, I want to talk about the other traditions this time of the year and the tragic anniversaries that have come from them.

First off we have Hitler’s birthday:


Yea, that alone is enough not to celebrate this day. And of course there is Columbine:


There was the BP oil spill:


Yes, today has a few bad anniversaries.

And it seems there has long been a tradition of attacks on America this time of year:




Some of these tragic events were planned out purposely on the same day to mark the anniversaries of the other ones, leading back to what happened in the Waco siege which ended April 19th, 1993:


Plus April 19th is Patriots Day:


But for what ever reason, this week of April can be a painful one to remember and a scary one to wait through each year…

Thank God those stoners picked today to get high, celebrate, and enjoy life a little.

Sorry if I killed anyone’s buzz.

Click on these for more 4-20 events:




HAPPY 4-20!