The Divided States Of America

divided flag

Before I get started I just want to say sorry about being gone for so long, I’m on vacation (more on that in the next post), and I just haven’t found the time or motivation to get on here.

Now, where do I begin?

Are we really there? Are we finally so divided that states are gonna start to secede? Have are differences finally out weighed our likenesses?

Of course not.

I find it hard to believe that half of America is racist and can give 2 shits about the rest of the world or it’s future (by the way, the future is very close now, more on that in a FUTURE post). Maybe a 3rd, but not half.

We have people so wrapped up in themselves they don’t see our common goals any more.

Since when did caring for the earth or wanting to make it a better place to live become  such a dividing issue?

When I was a kid (a long, long, time ago) talk of new energy sources and ideas was the future that we were aiming for, now it’s liberal fake news?!?

Most of you know where I stand, we have sides that want to go at each other, no one wants to be the bigger one and stop the fight and get shit done (the fight is addictive and a win is why we breath).

The word compromise is obsolete.

I’m no liberal, no snowflake, but I see that things are not just stalling but declining… going backwards (Didn’t I warn about this in the red & black all those years ago?).

I have lots of conservative beliefs, but you know I am not a nationalist acting like entitled spoiled brats because you finally have someone in charge sticking it to those people you don’t like.

People going at each other because they are different never realizing they are sacrificing what makes us all the same.

Nothing really new there, it just seems to have hit a breaking point. Like the dam is ready to bust!

We can blame the internet, the President, or as I do, blame it all on George mother fuckin’ Zimmerman.

Truth is, we are all to blame.  Again nothing new there.

Oh hell, I don’t want to drag everyone’s 4th of July down. So I’m not gonna go into all this shit that we already know.

I’m not gonna get into President Trump’s surprise birthday party for America that is only going to further divide us. But there is a lot to unpack there.

No, I’m gonna stop short, because America is where I was born and it is where I will die. Today is a celebration of why I feel the way I do, our freedom.  In fact it is our freedom that allows us to get so separated. Fucked up huh? We get so lost in our fight for freedom that we threaten to lose the freedom we fight for. I think it’s more individual freedom that we really are getting into brawls about lately. Individual freedom is a much different beast then a blanket of freedom for all. Freedoms divided and ready to go at each other.

Sorry, I said I wasn’t gonna do that.

I will leave the subject with an uplifting speech (no really, no sarcasm there). Just in case I actually have any young people out there who read here (I doubt it, but anything is possible) I will leave with this (Remember this is just for the young ones out there):

Young people, freedom is not to be taken for granted, it is yours, USE IT! Let the dinosaurs (something sadly I, myself, have even seem to become) know that you are looking to be living in the future, not the past, not the present, THE FUTURE! This world may have belonged to the dinosaurs in the past… and they are still clinging to it with dying hands in the present, but there is no place for the dinosaur in the future. That is your world. Get up off your ass and take it!

God bless the youth,

and God Bless America!

There, how was that for an uplifting, inspirational, Fourth of July speech? Much better then discussing the clash of “How much is this going to cost the tax payers?” with “Shut up, I want to see a tank”, right?

Alright, enough already. Go enjoy your freedom! I gotta get going. You know how I love the holidays.  And unlike what Fluke said way back when I first started this blog, I am very patriotic, I’m celebrating 4th of July like all true patriots, Bar b q, fireworks, and season 3 of Stranger Things.

Happy 4th of July!





America! (Our Last 4th Of July Together)

Our last 4th of July! Damn, this year is flying by, I hope I have enough time to get to everything that we still have to get to.

Alright, before we all light up the barbecue and then the sky, let me get a little patriotic and set the mood (as if the Eminem song above wasn’t enough).

Back when this blog was in its early stages Flukeyou had something to say about the flag posted on this blog:

fluke flag

I fucking crack up rereading some of the old comments, especially, Fluke’s. I explained back then that the flag he was talking about:


was actually a skateboard logo, I didn’t create it and there was nothing unpatriotic about it. Still… a lot has changed around us in these last few years. It might not be so funny for people to think me or my blog is anti-American!

Damn, maybe “White America” wasn’t the right song to start this post with.

Seriously though, America is racist. And the worst part about it, we had almost convinced ourselves race wasn’t an issue anymore (well some of America at least had convinced themselves of this). Then we elected a “black” President to almost prove to ourselves race didn’t matter… and like a firecracker on the 4th of July, BOOM!

I’m not gonna get into America’s race issues, partly because I have done so in quite a few other posts and more importantly, this post is a list of issues not a focus on one… and I can’t spend too much time on this… gotta go burn and blow up things.

But racism is alive in well in America. And those of you who have read here long enough know of my feelings on how Twitter and social media reacted in the Travon Martin case and how it all led me to right where we are.

Makes ya wonder where America really stands on homosexuality and the LGBTQ community. Right now the PTB’s want to change our direction. It will start with religious discussions of what our true marriage rights are. Make no mistake, it may seem we are beyond the grasp of the fear and hate that used to rule over this subject… but it’s waiting to be brought back.

Let’s go real deep… like the rape culture that exits in America but almost no one wants to talk about. We are way in denial about this. Which is a shame because it blinds us from seeing how other issues like body shaming, “beauty” glorification, and most of the issues women face everyday feed into and allow our rape culture. Uncomfortable subject? Oh well, we can’t hide from it. America’s rape culture affects men, women, and children. Ignoring it only lets it grow and feed into and even darker evil… world sex trafficking. America should be shining a light on this darkness, but instead our rape culture helps it hide.

Too deep? Well we can keep it simple. America’s resistance to take care of its sick and poor is pretty simple right? Which is a good place to get a little patriotic, after all this is the 4th of July.

“Give me your tired, your poor,
Your huddled masses yearning to breathe free,
The wretched refuse of your teeming shore.
Send these, the homeless, tempest-tossed to me,
I lift my lamp beside the golden door!”

See what I did there?

Look, I know America has issues… everyone has issues. But Fluke is wrong if he thinks I’m not patriotic. The issues we have can be found all over the world, and in many other countries a blog like this could not exist pointing out any of it. Not only are we free to do so here, but we encourage it. We push for people to be outspoken and say what they feel. No mater how fucked up it may be.

It ain’t perfect… but it does allow us to change things that need to be changed. It also allows us to change back things that should be left alone. America can’t escape circles and repetition… its human nature.

America’s history is my history… and its future is my future. People are people… I don’t believe a country determines what kind of human being you are. Human beings are what they are. And it can be dangerous to have such freedoms America has. How’s that for getting back to the deep and dark.

That’s freedom… and I take it over anything else any fucking day!

This is all mostly based on my own opinion of course so don’t read too much into it except how great it is we live in a country where I’m free to express it!

Happy 4th Of July!

Blog Go Boom!

Happy 4th of July everyone!

This blog has exploded in many ways, but as usual, I will get it all back on track. In the mean time enjoy some music!

Share your own below!

I hear from a few of you out there that I should make more music posts… I’ve made no denials to how important music is in my life… so I’m always down for that!


Again Happy Fourth!