Thanksgiving and Black Friday Posts (Revenge Of The Turkey Sandwich)

I had planned on writing a blog for Thanksgiving, I was gonna call it “Gobble, Gobble”. It would have been short and sweet and mainly discussing whether or not there is something in turkey that causes everyone to get so sleepy after that big meal in between the football games.

I had heard this so much over the years. “Turkey has tryptophan in it, and eating all that turkey is like taking sleeping pills”. Right? Well that’s what most believed, and lots still do even though I couldn’t find anything supporting this as I searched the web on this, and that’s because most have heard that this is just not true. In fact a look at Wikipedia seems to say that the whole turkey is a sleeping aid story is nothing more than that… a story:

And most things you find on the internet about the subject look like this:

So I planned on writing on all this and that might have led to discussing how people can be so sure of something and then after a little bit of time, they believe the totally opposite. I would have then discussed how the internet can be the thing that helps us decide between such conflicting ideas.

You type in such questions into your Google search bar as: “Does Turkey cause sleepiness” and you read, and usually go for what has the most written on that particular slant or side, in this case as I said, almost everything written on the subject now says that the whole turkey thing is a myth.

From there I would have gone into how myths are used on the net, how they can both be started and sent into mass knowledge much easier now with out instant communicator… but how the internet is also used to bust such myths…

Wow! I thought it would have been a simple blog, but even here, I would have muddied it up the way I seem to do. I mean the sky is open to where I could have taken the post to… would have maybe even brought up the question:

How many of you had to search for a little while after first seeing “RIP Robin Williams” in your social media? How many articles or posts did you have to read before you knew it wasn’t a hoax?

Who knows where I would have taken this simple post about Thanksgiving Turkey and your dad sleeping on the couch? Like I said there are many who still think turkey puts you into a sleep coma no matter how much is said to the contrary… and maybe that’s where I would have ended up on the post… how people can still believe things even though they have been long proven false…

Well, I never got to the post. After all that turkey I ate Thursday, a long nap on the couch was just easier than opening up WordPress and trying to put any thoughts together… I then slipped into a  real turkey coma!

Then I thought I’d do a post yesterday on Black Friday.

Now I would have kept this one really simple, I’m sure of it. Just a couple of links to the shenanigans we all think of when we think of the after dinner shopping massacre:

And then a link to what I thought was the best part of Black Friday this year:

Um, forget Thanksgiving and Black Friday… in fact lets just skip a whole year of holidays and get straight to Christmas 2015!

Yep, I’m the biggest Star Wars nerd there is! That might not come as a surprise to most of you.  I even enjoyed all the fake trailers posted, my favorite was this one:

But for those who don’t know better, those fake and fan trailers may be what people think are the real trailers and not even have seen the real one… in fact I’m not 100% sure that the link I posted as the “Official” trailer really is it… confusing huh?

Who cares right? The movie isn’t even out for another year. Plenty of time for more fake and real trailers to temp fan boys. ( I can’t believe I just wrote that)

Well that might have turned into a muddied post as well… so thankfully I never got to writing it… got to sleepy and needed another nap. Must have been all those turkey sandwiches!

Hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving and a safe Black Friday!