These 2 comments were left the other day, leaving me to wonder who this new commenter was. And what (or who) brings dawhoda to the blog. I have some clues to who dawhoda is. A name and a place, 2 proper nouns to point me in a direction. But I’m more concerned with what (or who) brings dawhoda to my world.

The post in which dawhoda commented on is from over a year ago, titled “Gossip Blog”:


Hmmmm… where have I heard the term “Gossip Blog” recently? LMAO, just playing, but it is funny to point out I long ago discussed this blog being called a gossip blog… circles my friends. Read into it what you want. And if you are lost… 2 people from Florida (MM7 and Hmmmm…) refered to this place as a gossip blog. Maybe they should hook up. Is MM7 a step up or down from Candyce? I really shouldn’t have explained that, it ruined it. Oh well, I still agree with them both, after all they  know all about gossip and blogs and how they go together. Enough of that…

Back to dawhoda…

Both of dawhoda’s lame but similar comments (“go play in traffic”… really? REALLY?) were left in comment threads to and about Nancy. So I’m guessing, possibly even assuming, that dawhoda is here thanks to Nan Nan.


The last person (that I know of and posted about) to come here, being sent by Nan Nan was Son Of Mankind, remember that guy? Probably not, he was pretty unrememberable. I don’t think he even ever got his own post… but he did make his way into my heart and the nut gallery. Will dawhoda do the same… well they already have their own post, so there’s that. And those comments… pretty nutty.

If you go look and see where Nancy has been spending her time online lately, you get the idea what kind of people she might be meeting up with:

nan hilary1

nan hilarynan hilary2








I could go on, but no need. Nancy seems to be finding common grounds with other Hillary Clinton haters. Nancy joining these groups says a lot about these groups… lmao. Maybe I should try to join one.

So is dawhoda from one of these anti Hillary groups? Maybe. Does it matter, probably not. I doubt anyone really cares much about what dawhoda has to say, and I really doubt they’ll be back. Plus is dawhoda’s presence really worth bringing Nancy back up? Who is the crazy one here?

Well, if you think bringing Nancy back up is crazy… wait and see who I’m bringing back up next


Shake It Off


Any new Cicada stuff out there? I haven’t even looked. But it’s that time of year.

I saw Anonymous is getting involved with the fight against terrorism:


And The Illuminati is taking over everything:


I bring up these 3 groups, because with all that’s going on in the world, it would be nice if we had some heroes… even some anti-ones.

But we are so involved in the back-n-forth. Victories are just the lead in to the next fight. Everyone’s pointing the finger at their oppressor and shouting demon! Actually we moved on from that… we now are pointing fingers at our accusers and shouting demon!

Even I, as I teach by example, have gotten too caught up.

Time to shake it off…



What Me Worry?

Well look at that, we have a new friend…


At first I thought it would be another one of those comment and run types, I mean after all, the email, not real. Not original either. Can’t you come up with something better than “zero is a criminal”, sorry, but I’ve seen much more creative fake emails in the comments.

Speaking of fake emails… there were 2 other new commenters recently I tried to contact through the emails they had on their comments.

The Fluke lover Jimmy from my LISK blog left the email address:


And Bill, the Dorothy neighbor left this as their email:


Now that ones funny. I tried to contact both of them as well as EnoughAlready… but I got the same reply from all three:

mail fail

Look you don’t have to leave a real Email address if you don’t want to. But I want to make it clear, that I would never expose an email address… only the fake ones… and then usually only if they are funny. The ones about my mom are the best!

I also want to say, I don’t try to contact most of my commenters through the emails they leave. I usually wait for someone to contact me. But if I do try, it’s usually to prove that the email is fake or I might just want to talk off the blog about something you posted, but that’s very rare. In the case of Bill though, that is exactly why I wrote them. Was hoping to open up a dialog with any neighbors of Dorothy.

So feel free to leave you real email address, I will only use it in case of an emergency, and like I said, I will never put out or pass out someones email, unless they ask me to… a few of you have asked me to pass your emails on in the past… and for the most part it worked out pretty good… there was that first one that didn’t go so well… Linda and Jen… but it was it was still needed I guess…

Or leave a fake one… but make them good… put some thought into them.

Jimmy, Billy… I’d still like to chat with you about your comments and the subjects they were about, each respectfully, Flukeyou and Dorothy… so feel free to hit me up at my email:


It’s a real one, I swear. Or you could always send a private message to the Zero’s World Facebook:


Now as for EA or is it EZ:


Damn, EZ… you get a little impatient if you don’t get attention right away, dontcha?

Relax EZ, I wasn’t ignoring you, I was just making sure to give you the response you deserve.

I clicked on your link and saw exactly why you were so antsy about me letting your link through… there’s nobody there yet. The whole thing looks like it’s under construction and in need of some views… so I’ll help ya out:


I might even throw you a “LIKE” if you take that picture down.

Look, I appreciate what you are doing, I really do. I have to admit I got all excited when I first saw your page. But you are in way over your head. Many others have long since STFU after trying to dance with me.

People begged me to block Nancy, to stop letting Dorothy and Flukeyou keep repeating their same old slandering lies… but I never had to block anyone. Those FB White Priders and FOTM never even dared to comment here, but I saw who read.

I never had to block anyone… but with time they all STFU.

“Cause no one wants to walk around, stepping in dog shit
And get doo-doo on the shoe again, soon as they washed it.”

You see EZ, you are in a long line of loud mouths that have since STFU, wait I said that already.

Thing is EZ… you are already  showing your cards… and they are all wrong.

That picture you have posted on your page with the title that says it’s exposing me…well,  that’s not me.

I know Dorothy has passed this picture around, telling people it’s me. But it’s not. My hair is much longer and I have no face tattoos. Also, I have a nose ring, true, but not a septum piercing like in the picture.

I’m letting you all know, this is not me. If you want to continue thinking it is… fine, he’s not a bad looking guy. But it just shows how wrong you all are.

“It’s harder to live with the truth about you, than to live with the lies about me.”


Bring it EZ!





The Devil’s In The Details

Two months ago I posted “The Devil You Know” and “The Devil You Don’t Know”…  I had planned on posting the third part (which you are reading now, well sort of, this part would not have been there if I would have written it back in August, but I didn’t) shortly after. But it got really quiet everywhere again. And it was nice. I mean there was almost no response at all from the nut gallery over at FOTM (which I didn’t expect any really, I’m sure they tell themselves I’m irrelevant, and they may be right… self-named zero, right?). It’s just as well, I don’t have time at the moment to get into the craziness that resides at that blog. It’s like the tea-party and those at FOX NEWS got together, smoked some crack laced PCP, had sex, then had a baby… and they named it FOTM (Fellowship Of The Minds).  Common sense says RUN! But I’ll just skip away for now…

The whole idea behind the 2  “Devil” posts was to ask the question out loud,  whether to continue with the crazies I have been dealing with from LISK related sites or to move on to other crazies out there in the wild, wild, web. But, the question was rhetorical. I knew who would respond first and who I would continue on with (as I said, I didn’t expect any response from FOTM, they like their crazies all in one nut sack. Easier to control the misinformation that way and how many times do I have to say Dorothy and I are BFFs?) So I knew it would be the Flukeyou/Dorothy/Nancy team to actually reply, and I was ready with a third part to the “Devil Trilogy” where we could bring up another question… will get to that at the end of this post. So I sat back and waited.

Eventually, Nancy and Dorothy had some things to say on each other’s Facebook, but that was expected. They have a zero quota to keep up with, and must mention me at least every nine days. I wasn’t so sure if Fluke would comment again… at least not so soon… but he did. So I decided to quickly get to the new post, wrote down the title which I had already planned, “The Devil’s In the Details”. Then started gathering the different things I wanted to discus and link (see it was gonna be about how all the old things from “Dorothy’s Team” such as emails, posts IMs, etc. might need to be given a second look at to see if some of it can be understood better, see if any of it means anything or just proves they are all full of lies, games, and agendas. Something I’ve mentioned before and I’m actually gonna get to that part in a minute, so this parenthesis ramble is really not needed, back to Joey’s comments…)

So Joey made some comments:




Now I’ve already answered these in the comment section, but I wanted to post them as I see them, so you can see them as I do. I love the emails Fluke uses… and the zero’sazero still cracks me up. I also want to address something. Some people still ask how I can tell it’s the real Fluke aka Joey Scalise commenting here, and I think it’s pretty obvious it’s him, but hey, they do come from different IPs as you can see here. There were 2 different IP addresses used in the new comments, so it could be 2 different people, and I have said many times, some people may still be working together as teams to keep games going. But for sake of argument let’s just say it’s Fluke. I can explain why I think they are from him, but I don’t want to… yet… it’s all about the suspense now!

I will explain one thing though, from the minute I started my blog I kept a collection of screen names and their IP addresses. So did MM7, and she once sent me her list of IP addresses:

“linda”    108.
alphamale    208.
alphamale cell?    208.
Auntie G    76.
Babylon Barry    198.
BabylonBabyDoll    71.
C Peter Hackett    70.
Cheryl    69.
CPH comment    69.114.
CPH comment 2    24.38.
CPH comment 3    24.191.
Dorothy    108.41.
Dorothy 2nd IP?    74.108.
Dr. Michael Nuccitelli    67.
Ed Boyle    65.
Hackett?    209.
Jackie    70.
Jennifer cell    208.54.
Jennifer home    173.52.
Joe Scalise Cingular    198.228.
Joseph Scalise @ home    71.224.
justiceforever    (2 Ip Addresses)
Lisa’s cell    174.*
Lorraine Waterman?    76.
maineiacgirl    67.
Mandamas    97.
me    184.88.
Michael Dougherty?    24.
Murt?    184.
my cell    70.193
my cell-not home    70.193.
mysteryadikt    (2 Ip Addresses)
new IP for Hackett?    68.
ps149 #2?    166.
ps149?    208.
Scalise @ work    173.163
Sherre @ work    198.
Sunflower    71.
Susie?    74.
Todd Harrison Yaskal    76
tooclosetohome    69.
wrote my full name    24.
Zero    76.

Did you make her list? I obviously have removed most of the IP numbers, but MM7 gave me the full numbers. I know she did it to help, and I think most of the time MM7 might have been helping in her mind, but her time to get it all out in the open has come and passed, she feels she has done nothing wrong, I know many who disagree, and I am one of them.

Anyways,  I found it weird that these were the only ones she kept, I had much more, but I guess these were the ones she was pretty sure about. I compared her list to mine and started figuring some things out, but her list was a mix of screen names, people she thought they were, and people she knew they were. So it wasn’t until I had her blog to read as an administrator that I was able to truly understand her list of IP addresses.

Again she gave her blog to me freely, and before any of you say, she gave you info and then you used it against her, I’d like to point out, that until I saw her blog from her view, I didn’t know how messed up it really was. Plus I did not ask for it and she still sent it to me twice! I wouldn’t even open the link she sent the first time, I was very leery of opening links people sent me and could not understand why she would send me it:


Again think of me as you want, but part of the problem, actually a lot of it, was and is that some of those involved here were/are sharing so much information, misinformation, and personal information with everyone. Plus, as I said, reading that blog as it really was, made me see MM7 in a final light as far as I’m concerned. But I still think she could help nail the likes of Dorothy and Joey if she really wanted to. So whether she thinks she is helping or not, I think she could and doesn’t… plus she helped confuse a lot of stuff in my opinion. Yes, my overly public way of putting things out there may be wrong to some of you, but the private passing of info was way more damaging and in my opinion, still, shedding a light on all of it can only help. Well, most of the time I think that. Sometimes I think we should all just shut up. but that ain’t happening.

So Joey made some comments… yawn. Dorothy and Nancy’s stuff was much better:

nan fb dph zero richie 8-31

This one cracks me up. Hopefully I don’t have to explain why. But I will. Nancy actually stumps Dorothy here. Dorothy tries though. I don’t know which is funnier, Nancy’s classic reply to Dorothy’s lame attempt to confuse her about who I am or Dorothy’s hilarious explanation?  If I’m pretending to be Richie, then who am I? Oh, maybe you don’t know, but then how would anyone know what I look like? Oh the whole thing is such a ludicrous, conundrum. It makes me laugh to tears. I bet Dorothy wanted to say “Zero is Richie”, but that would show their cards. Right? Get it? Sort of? Hope so, cause I’m moving on:

nancy fb dph zero sept 20

I gotta clear this up, red and black are a lot of people’s favorite colors. I AM NOT MIKE! In fact growing up, as I have said many, many times, I idolized Nikki Sixx, his favorite colors listed once in a magazine were red and black, up till then mine was just red, but from then on it has always been red and black. No dots to connect, I just really idolized Nikki Sixx (still do, just got the new Sixx A.M. album “Modern Vintage” and I LOVE it! Playing it in the car every day, sorry, back to the post). I really wish you would stop seeing everyone as your ex. It’s wrong and it’s unhealthy. I’m done with that whole game. I’m not Mike. I won’t say it again. (sigh… yes I will).

O.K. what else?

dph n fb fl

Now why is Dorothy bringing up Florida to Nancy?

dph fb fl

Oh no she didn’t? Kind of weird that MM7 ain’t threatening to sue Dorothy. I mean that’s straight VENT BLOG SHIT all over again. But then Murt has some messed up stuff about MM7 on his blog:


I mean this is worse than anything I have posted, right? Although I do agree with Murt (and the fact that MM7 made me agree with Murt only adds to that mountain, Murt is a real creepy guy, I mean really creepy) that there is some fishy stuff with the whole Drone talk, and I do think Murt was brought in to help confuse that whole situation, but my point here is, this guy is right in Florida, why not sue him or threaten him in some way? Maybe there’s more to this Murt connection then I thought. But again, we moved to far ahead.

This last one gave me mixed feelings:

dph nancy fb zero sept 20

“Who is this sociopath?” LMAO, funny stuff, but again, please, don’t mention my children in your BS posts, I’m sure I covered this… last warning.

Also it’s absurd to say I attacked The Scalise family, or Cristin’s family, or Dorothy’s family. I won’t even dignify it with a response. But hey, she posted a link to my blog. That was helpful. I like when world’s collide!

I was ready to respond to all of this and get to this post (yea, I haven’t even gotten to this post yet, not the one I had planned already) but then I decided to wait. I mean why jump when they want me to? I know a lot of you think I do. So I didn’t. I took the Sunday I had planned to write this and just relaxed… but now I feel I should finnish this “Devil Trilogy”! It might have lost something in the wait… or gained too much… I’m not sure which… but onward we go…

So as I said, after I wrote those 2 posts 2 months ago I decided to take a new look at some old stuff for the third post, like this email from Dorothy:

dph email1

dph email2

dph email3

Wow, Nancy Evans Figat is mentioned. I didn’t know the name back then so it meant nothing to me, but with hindsight I can see Dorothy was trying to play the “Mike” game way back then, it just never took off because no one knew what she was talking about. I see another name that might mean something:

Pete Fiorello.

Or is it Peter Fiorillo?

Dorothy brings this name up a lot. And others have mentioned it to me in private. Am I suppose to chase this name like I have done other names so many times before. All of us chasing names and theories. Will it ever lead any of us to answers?

Well then let’s get it all out there in the open. Anything else in that email that stands out? And how about some of these other names I have seen out there:

Rebecca Hayashi

Peter Brendt

Alison Raffaele

Inge Curtis

Matthew Hackett

Rebecca Dennis

Joe Gargiulo

Gino Fiorelli or is it Eugieno Hernandez?

(NOTE: It was October 21st when I was writing this and planned on finishing and posting it the next day. But in real life I was dealing with car issues and other problems I won’t get into here,  they did all eventually work out, I know a few of you knew about them and I just wanted to update you. Also Linda came to Las Vegas, blowing my mind a little. We had a great time, and I enjoyed meeting her. She is just as she says she is. This made me wonder if I should continue… I mean, real people are involved here. Some good, some bad, some bat shit crazy… do I continue or run away like some of the others. So I stopped, right where the real post would have originally started back in August or September. Dorothy’s email and a list of names, which might have been larger had I continued… but again, I had stopped…  I should also point out Nancy had been constantly IMing me on Facebook, and others said they were also in conversations with Nancy as well. You could guess how those went and probably be right, they all come back to the same stuff, all though now we are getting away from Nazis and into extraterrestrials (more on all that soon, patience and suspense everyone!). Then someone let me know Nancy asked about my wife… Why would Nancy bring up my wife to someone she doesn’t really know? Why would Nancy bring up my wife to someone who does not know my wife? All right fuck it, let’s finish this post and let the chips fall where they may. 11/6/14)

I could go on name dropping, like many here like to do… but let’s stick to some sort of story line:




Does this email Cristin sent me back in May of 2013, which is just an email she had sent Jen back in April of 2013 help explain anything? It does show the connection between them all. And that the break up came right before Jen came out in my blog. I’m thinking she was there all along, but now that the friendship was over she wanted to chime in on a few things. Funny thing is Jen and Cristin often sent me the same emails “from” or “to” each other to try to show me how it was the other one who played the games… how many of those emails are worth relooking at?

jj on 2 cbs

Is there something to be learned from the fall outs with Mari?

candyce ss

These ladies went out of their way to discredit each other to Mari, how much of it went on to be games and attacks on each other? By the way, that screen shot was sent to me by Jen, so the red scribble on it is hers, I believe trying to show me things… but the more they all tried to show me things, the more it looked like a bunch of crazies wrapped up in a never-ending caucus race. I’ve said this before, correct?  So, are there things to be learned from  these old feuds? Or how ’bout the fights that poured over from Websleuths?


Cristin sent me that a while back. It was one of her reasons for thinking PS149 was stalking her and was indeed CPH (Dr. Hackett). There are lots of emails and stuff on this subject, as well as the things on Websleuths and LISK.com that can still be seen. I’ve already clearly stated my opinion on whether CPH has ever read or been involved in any of the blogs, it was “not a chance” and nothing to this date has changed my mind on that. But I do wonder how many from Websleuths got involved in the games of “Catching LISK“.  There are lots of this that spill into Websleuths world, a world I’m not suppose to talk about out of Websleuths, which kinda bothers me. Why does that place have to be kept so hush-hush? There is stuff to be learned there… lots of stuff. Right? So why not let people talk about it? What is there to hide? Something I’d like to get more into… but right now I’m focused on its past with MM7 and Flukeyou and the mess that came out of it. Untangling everyone,  if you will.

So was it just a feud between sleuthers that bled into a feud against lonely crazy ladies that tried to cling onto a tragic case? One that Fluke used to focus his own agendas on…

A bunch of feuds between some selfish people??? Is that all it all was? Is? Or was/is there something more to all it?

Is there stuff to be read in an old post like this, that may help?


Again, reading this a second time (I found it a while back) with hindsight, might help understand some things. I mean, it isn’t hard to tell who wrote some of that stuff knowing what I know now. And that takes us back to some old gamers I’ve been warned to just leave out… should all of it be left alone then? Is it worth making some of these people account for their actions, explain their lies?

Most people think there is nothing to any of the lies and games peddled by all these people and sites… and I must admit that they keep leading me back to nothing… and yet in the same breath most say they think something is there… somewhere… in the CCC stuff… or the Utopia Guide stuff…… or in the Oak Beach Residences like Joey or Hackett… or in the connections to other cases and suspects… from the suicide of  JB, the aquarium guy to the recent arrest of JB the possible serial killer… everyone has questions… everyone has connections… my question is… do we keep looking at old stuff even if it is from nut balls and people with agenda to compare to new stuff that may mean something? I mean can listening in on Flukeyou explaining to MM7 how he got his screen name help us with any REAL insight? Someone sent me a link to it as if it did:


You tell me… does any of this (and more like it, much, much more) help sort useful stuff from crap? I mean we all have stuff like this, right? Should it all be examined and weighed in on? At the very least it helps show how full of crap some people were/are. Right?

Or am I the crazy one here?


My Mom’s A Whore And Everyone Is Laughing At Me

OK, UMAW, let’s get to that comment you left:

mom whore2

Short and sweet, but so much said just in the email address alone. By the way, I hope everyone had a happy Mother’s Day, my house was filled with moms and kids all day, I hope all of yours were as well! As I was saying UMAW, great email address! Fake or real, it is the best one anyone has used on any of the blogs in my opinion.. And it matches so well with the screen name, really, kudos! Now let’s get to the comment itself:

Clearly none of you have any lives. This blog is funny amd no one takes ANY OF YOU YOU seriously. …seriously.

I just want to say, for the most part, I agree with this comment… for the most part. The first sentence is a little unfair though… I for one have a life, a full and busy life, and yet I still found all sorts of time for my blogs over the last year (and a few months). and I still have time to go out with friends, watch all my favorite TV shows, spend time with the family, work, eat, go to the bathroom, and sleep. And I still use my online time to look up and read all sorts of different topics. Yes, I stay busy, but I feel there is time for everything, and I somehow make it work. Now as for others here, since you did aim the comment at more than just me, correct? I believe Linda has explained many times on this blog and other places about her leg injury and why she found so much time to spend on LISK.com and the blogs that followed.  As for the likes of Joey, Nancy, Dorothy, and all the others who spent so much time on LISK.com and the blogs that followed (many of which no longer want their name brought up) and whether they have lives or not, I won’t speak for them, but I think a couple of them might have lives. Still, I don’t want you bullying any of my readers UMAW, lives or not, I don’t want them to stop reading, anymore than I want to chase off a first time commenter like yourself! So let’s just assume most of us can come here read, comment, praise, lead, or complain, and still have a life. Now … is this blog funny? I hope so… the word parody is right in the sub-title, so its goal is to somewhat amuse. But let’s clarify, this blog, the one you are reading now, though it is the product of the other blogs that came before it, it is different from all of them!

As for the end part, “amd (which I’m sure is meant to be “and”, though I’m not one to correct others typing and spelling skills) no one takes ANY OF YOU (you is repeated, but again, I’m sure that’s a typo) seriously.” I like how you capitalized “ANY OF YOU” including the extra “YOU”. This of course was to make a point, correct? I just hope, again, that you aren’t putting everyone who reads or comments here into that “ANY OF YOU YOUs”.  That’s just not fair to generalize like that. As for me, I hope everyone stopped taking me seriously a long time ago, well, except for when I’m being serious. And if you mean the likes of Joey, Nancy, Dorothy, (oh hell, let’s name ’em all) Jen, Cristin, Susie, Candyce, Angela, Sophia, Kim, and all the screen names and fake accounts made by the whole lot of them, well yes, no one is and no one should ever take these people seriously. And to anyone out there who does take any of these crazies serious, well then hopefully no one takes you seriously, seriously (deep I know, but those who get it, get it). But again UMAH, I’m sure some of my readers and commenters are to be taken quite seriously… I mean you read and commented here, right? Still over all a very good comment from an even better screen name from the best email address ever! MO of course. (that means “My Opinion” Nancy, in case you were lost as usual). I mean who get’s their first comment turned into a post? You UMAW, that’s who. Thanks for your input!  It’s comments like these that keep me going!

So Much To Say I Don’t Know Where To Start

I’m at a point where I have so many post ideas that I don’t know which ones to do first. I had planned on the next post being called “Dharma Initiative Has Zero Agenda” those of you who know about Dharma might get the pun. It was mainly gonna be about a couple anti gay Facebook groups that I used Dharma to become a part of and then got into some debates that the members thought was very judgemental, lol. You could look at my Facebook (link in “My Stuff” at right of blog) and see the stuff I used Dharma for if you want.

To be honest I was just having a little fun with people  who like to post their hate and hypocrisies online. Speaking of which, Dorothy wrote on my Facebook yesterday and today (another reason for you to click on my Facebook and take a look, it probably won’t be there long). I’ll get to that in a moment.

So yea, a post about Dharma, a Vlog on my tattoos, and then possibly a link to that old Vlog I keep hinting at. It was a very funny site, and thought I might as well bring it up before someone else finds it. It would have been a little embarrassing for me, but I think a few of you would get a kick out of it. Like I once said, this zero’s world blog was gonna get personal, and I thought I was ready to go all out.

As you probably already guessed, I’ve changed my mind. This blog is part experiment, part zero legacy.  With that I mean I was gonna use it to put all my stuff in one place, from lyrics to stories, from blogs to YouTube channels. A place for all my cramped up and scattered creativity. and the experiment part, well that’s a little hard to explain, but I think some of you can understand the ongoing thread in most of my blogs and posts, if not, go back and read everything again.

Problem is, I’m not sure I am at the place I thought I was (are we ever?). I thought I was ready to move on to things more about me, after all a few of you are using my clues scattered like easter eggs to figure out just who I am (I wish one of you would clue Nancy in). What has changed? Nothing I guess. It’s just not time yet.

What does that mean? That also is not so easy to explain. It means There’s still things left to be said I guess. And as much as I like to blog about me, a subject I know quite a bit about, I don’t think now is the time, and in fact, you may notice some of my personal posts (the ones that were suppose to help “prove” to Nancy I am not her ex) are gone. I was gonna do this anyways, she doesn’t deserve a picture of me or a video she pretends she can’t watch. She’s a Dorothy flunky in my beliefs and has no desire to get well or get truth. Ah truth, does anyone remember way back (about a year ago) when I talked about truth and how that was the only side I was on. Even though this blog got a little sarcastic and satirical, the truth is the still the only thing I ever stand by. Those of you who do not care about the truth even when people are shouting it at you, well then all your other mambo jumbo must not be truth either. Do you get that, or is it a little confusing. Like I give a f*ck. Be confused, or just reread everything tell it finally sinks in. The choice is yours.

Which brings us back to Dorothy. Can you believe she posted back on my Facebook again?!? After she went to all that trouble to get all her old stuff pulled? Is that smart? Crazy? I don’t know, but I can almost promise you it won’t end the way she hopes it will. I’m not gonna copy and post it here because she will take it down, and I’d like it to stay up. It gives Jen and Mr. Wolff something to use if needed in civil cases that I hope happen one day. But it also just shows how desperate she is. Coming back to post her stuff on my stuff once again. No mention of me being involved. No mentions of my name, or my wife’s name, or Fright Dome or any of the other things I know she posted in emails to Mari, and who else Dorothy? No one cared did they? There’s nothing there to flip on me, again remember at the beginning of all this, I told you it would be foolish to include me in your lists or connect me to people I didn’t know. So all that stuff about “zero is connected via porn or snuff movies” etc. seems silly and only shows just how quick you are to lie about people and make things up to fit your agenda and games. (Remember how a few of you didn’t like me calling it “games”? Can it be seen any other way now?)

Yes, so much to say, I don’t know where to start…

Three Days Down

I pulled this blog for a couple of reasons, main reason was to finish the LISK Blog. There are a couple posts left I want to get to, but the constant comments on here kept me from doing anything else. Second reason this blog was shut down, was to see if I couldn’t get rid of some of these nut cases. I expected to leave it down for much longer but as usual when ever I do something here, reactions come immediately. First thing that happened was a second email from Flukeyou aka Joey aka Junior. The first email came back in December:

Fluke email1

At first I did not believe this was Fluke and I wrote back saying so, then I did some research. This email came from an email address that was being used to comment on my page as Flukeyou:

Fluke comments12

That’s the first comment left by someone using this email address. I have removed the email address and IP address but I assure you the email address used on this comment is where the email above came from. There were 20 comments in all left from this email, though the IP address changed they almost all traced back to Pennsylvania. My point being, all 20 comments and the 2 emails came from the same person, using Mysterymom7’s “Catching LISK” I was able to find a couple of these IP addresses that came from comments from screen names we knew were Flukeyou. What I’m trying to point out is at first I didn’t know for sure these Comments and the first email came from Joey, but first I proved to myself that all the comments came from the same person, easy enough they all used the same email address and generated from the same area in Pennsylvania. Then I proved to myself it was really Joey. This by comparing the different IP addresses from Mysterymom7’s blog. MM7 had told me she sent an email to him telling him he should check out my blog if he hadn’t been reading it. So more reasons for me to believe Joey had come back to the blog and started commenting. Here are the rest of those 20 comments from who I believe to be the real Flukeyou aka Joey aka Junior:

Fluke comments11

Fluke comments10

Fluke comments9

Fluke comments8

Fluke comments7

Fluke comments6

Fluke comments5

Fluke comments4

Fluke comments3

Fluke comments2

Fluke comments1

Why am I bringing this all up? Because of that second email I got. But first let’s look at the first one. It is from December of last year and it says I can ask him questions and even ends with “talk to you soon”. I wrote back three times, first I said I didn’t think it was really Flukeyou, then after comparing IPs and realizing it probably was Flukeyou I wrote him that I did believe it was him. The third one told him I was happy to hear his side of things, his opinions on people involved here, and that I would keep an open mind and would not run to blog about it. Well he never replied, and I did find that kind of rude to come out of hiding to make 20 comments, some very accusing as usual, and send me an email like he wants to talk and then back into hiding.  And then this new email.

I took this blog down to clear my head and finish the LISK Blog. Nancy’s circles was doing its job and kept me running in them, when I knew I needed to move on. I hate to delete comments or not let them through or delete posts or whole blogs. But this has been a tricky road from the beginning. And it has turned me into quite the skitzo. So the blog came down, temporarily of course, but I did think it would be much longer than 3 days, and it should have, but 3 things happened that brings me back to blog about it all.

First was the second email from who I believe is Flukeyou aka Joe aka Junior. The blog wasn’t even down 24 hours and I received this:

Fluke email2

First off, I am sorry for names being put up, sometimes there is no other way in my opinion, censoring what I read is not something I like to do, but I understand why some would just want me to stop putting up other people’s slander, I don’t even know the last 2 names mentioned there.

Now to the email. WTF?!? I just can’t believe Joey gives 2 squirts about my zero’s world blog, for all I know someone told him the blog was down and he just thinks it’s the LISK Blog that is down. But for all the reasons I mentioned above, I have to believe this email came from Joey. I can’t help to think someone went to him and asked him to write me to bring the blog back up. Am I right, like so much else here, I may never know. I replied to the email, but still have not gotten anything more from Joey.

I wanted to blog about it, but the blog was down and I didn’t want to bring it back up. I didn’t want to clog up the end of the LISK blog with more of this kind of stuff so I was just gonna sit on this email and think about it more. I mean why did Joey send this email?

The second thing that happened, blew my mind! It all happened on my Facebook, and I’d tell you to go click on it in “My Stuff” but it would do no good because of the third thing, the thing that got me to bring “Zero’s World” back up and blog about it all. But first the second thing.

Dorothy made another messed up comment on my Facebook. She disappeared for a little while and seemed to come back not so eager to name drop. ‘But hey, Zero’s one of the assholes (I’m not an asshole, I’m a dick) who just wouldn’t shut up about the things Dorothy was spewing out of her demon like mouth (damn, I’m asking for it) so let’s put some more crap on his Facebook. And let’s make it all up!’ And Dorothy did her Dorothy thing and posted this:


Dorothy, Dorothy, Dorothy, you just keep going to far, and then taking as many more steps past that as you can. I have every evil comment of yours saved and plan to use it for the power of good one day, but in this case an unexpected comment came to my defense:

WTF?! Dorothy Price Hill, that’s a disgusting comment. I am no longer staying silent with you. I tried to get through to you gently so many times and obviously that didn’t work. I’m really tired of being associated with you because we spoke last year for a short time. The ONLY reason I decided to comment TO you on Zero’s World‘s page is to tell you that he’s not a pedophile or criminal or involved in LISK-a SERIAL KILLER CASE. I don’t like what zero’s said about me because it’s not true. But holy hell! You put out completely fabricated information that he’s a pedophile, sexually abused by his mother, involved in drugs/sex trafficking. I have no idea where you got that information and it’s just not true. You don’t even know who he is. You don’t even read his blog and you go around the damn internet saying that shit and, honestly, if zero said he was going to sue you, he would have a strong case and I would have a hard time feeling bad for you. It’s really disgusting the stuff you’ve said with NO PROOF.I don’t always like zero or what he does or what he’s said about me but that doesn’t excuse me from speaking up against this WRONG.
I had a fleeting thought to take zero’s info and make a blog and leave open-ended questions for the readers… I thought I’d give him the same feeling he’s given me. But two wrongs don’t make a right and I reflected and I thought it out of anger. I know who he is and only one other person that I know has that info. I will NEVER give that info out and most definitely wouldn’t give it to you, Dorothy. You’ve dropped my name as if we were cohorts (which we were merely phone acquaintances) in so many comments and posts and even gave info about my career. Info in your hands is DANGEROUS. You so readily drop names and don’t think of the consequences. PRIVATE INFORMATION, FABRICATED information and EXAGGERATED information SHOULDN’T be all over the internet.Yes, I AM afraid to speak out to you. I’ve made my own set of mistakes, and had to learn the hard way. Now it’s time for you to reflect. And STOP. This is a giant circle jerk and it’s never gonna end if you don’t stop. Just keep your mouth shut. Zero has said if you leave him alone and I leave him alone then he’ll leave us alone. Just let him sleuth the case on his own. Maybe he’ll do some good and make a difference while sleuthing the actual case.
This was posted on my Facebook by Mysterymom7 (I wish I had snipped it, but I didn’t and because of the third thing I woke up to this morning I can’t) I was as shocked as some of you might be, but I really shouldn’t have been. I truly don’t believe Mysterymom7 has malice intentions or had them when she wrote her blog. She was someone like me who was not in the New York area and relied on people who were to help her with information. But as we all know, no one is being honest or even sane with the things they were throwing out there. Just look at the 3 people she got contacted by, Joey, Jen, and Dorothy. MM7 was set up to fail from the beginning by people I have come to believe are purposely screwing with people on the internet for what ever crazy reason they deemed right in their head. With Joey its all in how you read him. Many have given me their opinion about Joey, and you can read Lost Girls and get the same opinion there, pushy about his beliefs and agendas, though as I have written before, some think he has brought himself into question with all his knowledge both real and false that he put out on the LISK.com site and other places including my LISK blog. Jen, I can’t get back into yet. Someday I’m sure I will do an update on Jen, I have so many questions there still. Any one who has dealt with Jen or heard some of her stories knows what I mean. Dorothy is straight out whack pack and has trashed so many names including MM7’s. She is never to be forgotten and if she turns up any where out there in the internet spreading her disease I plan to expose it here.
So there I was last night. A puzzling email from Joey and a happily unexpected comment from MM7. Still I had no intentions of bringing the blog back up today or posting about any of it. I was just gonna think about it all for a while, finish the last few posts on my LISK Blog (I swear there is only a few posts left and then it it done) and then I was gonna just take a breather, a break from all of it. I didn’t know how long it would be, long enough to shake off Nancy for sure. I was hoping to come back and get into other things. But I woke up this morning and went to my Facebook and this is what was waiting for me:
DPH FB notice
Are they kidding me? After all she wrote on my Facebook, all she writes on other’s Facebook, I get a time out (I bet you like that Nancy). Of course I get how social medias like Facebook and Twitter work, if someone complains you get banned, they don’t look at the whole thing. I could have complained about her many times and done the same to her, but didn’t because I believe in free speech also I know I could delete anything written on my stuff or just leave Facebook or any other site I don’t like to read at. But more importantly, I’m an adult, not a child who needs protection from the internet.
The thing is, this was my Facebook, she came to it and wrote her slanderous crap and then freaked out when (in my opinion) MM7 finally did what we all have been trying to do, and that’s put Dorothy in her place. She had no come back  for MM7 and instead  got my Facebook reported. This is what I see when I try to use it:
dph FB notice2
My Facebook will come back, but I noticed all the comments by Dorothy and Nancy are gone. So are MM7’s. I’m not sure why all of them are gone, but the whole thing leaves me feeling a little violated. Just Facebook violated, but violated none the less. So Fu*k It, blog back up!
And if I’m allowed to move on will be seen.  But as I said, I’m never moving on from Dorothy. If people can’t see her bully tactics for what they are that’s fine, but as I said in my comment that got my Facebook in detention. You are not the only one who can target people. I will be watching everything you ever put up on the internet and exposing any of it that is slanderous or bully like.
There it is, as usual, everything right there for you to decide for yourself.
And it’s safe to say, I’m not going anywhere, so let’s see what happens next.

Am I Evil?

Some of you out there (I think like 3 of you) think I am evil and this blog is the work of the devil. You are lost in you religion and bad relationship choices. Some of you have made blogs or commented on other people’s blogs showing these “breaks” with reality as you got lost in your own madness. But if it’s easier to demonize me, a stranger, who got into this to try to understand each of you better (a seemingly impossible task since new crazies keep popping out of the woodwork) then so be it. Again, make me your bad guy, turn me into your ex or the screen name that got the best of you. Take the one who has been honest about themselves the whole time and make them the one responsible for all this. Put me up on that cross and crucify me (though you are giving me quite the God complex).

Hmmm, a pattern that has been part of humanity for a long time, demonize your enemy, crucify them, watch them become Gods for the next uprising.

I though about just banning some of you, but I want EVERYTHING to be seen for what it is and not what some of you see it as. I will however put some of you on time out, like I’ve done with Dorothy in the pats and Nancy right now.  I don’t want to do this, but some of you can’t help putting people’s last names in your comments and accusing them of crimes. Also some of you like to repeat old crap that we already covered and put out to pasture. Then there’s the spam posts, repeating yourselves over and over about crap no one cares about. So yes I will put you on a time out if you can’t keep your comments sane and not so repetitious. And you may act like you don’t care, but I know how some of you don’t like it when I don’t put your comments through.

I’m about to take Nancy off time out and put all the comments she has sent since I stopped letting her through last night. I do this for 2 reasons. First, to show again that it is not me with the compulsive, stalker like mentality. And second because when I stopped letting her comments through it was at 666 comments on the post she was commenting on right now:

lisk 666

I keep seeing this as I look at my comments, and though it is amusing, it also scares me a bit. I may not be evil, this blog may not be evil, but evil could be out there lurking.

Naw, I’m just fuc*ing with ya. LOL.

But seriously look at all the comments flooding this blog from Nancy even though I was not letting her through. Very NERD like.

My Favorite Comment

Zero, want to start off by sayin im sorry to hear about Motley Crue :(  i can relate and understand completely… This post really got to me, so i hope to be as clear as possible. As you know, im also a huge Eminem fan. The ‘story’ told in his lyrics had a tremendous impact on both myself and my son. So much we can relate to, on so many levels and issues…i know you understand. I too, have played the whole CD to death, as well as much of the older material written by ‘Shady’ lately…My son recently said he notices a change in me when i obsess over certain songs, an angry change. Although he understands where im coming from, he knows im in a better place when im listening to ‘Eminem’/Marshal..as his new stuff comes full circle, revealing he has matured and accepted certain painful things in his life..

i think i understand what you’re struggling with. We have had discussions off blog when we both struggle with our conscience..Its not easy for some of us to say, screw it, lets give em a taste of their own medicine!! even though sadly, it seems to work.

When i was new to all this, beginning on LISK, i was accused constantly of being too nice or phony, i was unaware and unprepared for the insults, let alone being accused of crimes ect..when i lashed out and defended myself, i then got accused of being too harsh or disruptive. i learned and observed however, there were many forms of distraction.  Ok, so some didnt curse or get their feathers ruffled, but i witnessed many arguments over who was smarter than who ect…post after post of arguing over the meaning of mental illness for example, just very nit picky, lots of attitude and strong personalities..I apologized many times on that site, but i actually regret that now, as ALL posting there had their moments and made mistakes..

the fact that is we all struggle with the angel/devil on our shoulders, well most do. I like you even more for admitting to this struggle. I know you are GOOD. I know your intentions were GOOD.  all we can do is learn and grow. i have NO regrets. Im proud to ‘know’ you, as well as quite a few others ive ‘met’. i hope you will not spend too much time struggling with yourself ZERO!! Just don’t.

Linda, thank you for your understanding. In the beginning I was one who found your comments on the harsh side, but I have come to appreciate your honestly so much, that if you were the only one reading my blogs I would continue to write them. As we all know, blogs are often misread and misunderstood, and it goes double for comments. It is so nice when someone gets what you are saying. And I can see that there are some of you out there that get what I am saying. I only wish I lived closer so that I could meet some of you personally. I’m sure we’d hit it off and we’d have plenty to talk about.

Thank you, Linda, this comment meant a lot to me. And now in the words of Motley Crue, it’s time to go “On With The Show”!


And yes, I just may put Motley Crue in every post.