Baron Trump’s Marvelous Underground Journey

Has anyone heard about the Ingersoll Lockwood (author) conspiracy theories floating around out there in the wild, wild web?

I guess it’s been out there since 2016, but I just heard about it.

So you know I went chasing.

If you don’t know what I am talking about read on, it’s quite interesting.

So in the late 1800’s the new York born author Ingersoll Lockwood wrote three books that at the time were not very popular (for reasons we will get into in a moment), but gained internet stardom over 100 years later thanks to our current President. I doubt anyone would have called it a trilogy back when they were written. The first 2 were children’s books and both had the same main character: Baron Trump. The third was not a children’s book and is described on Amazon as follows:

This little booklet was penned at the end of the 19th century, and ostensibly involves events mere years later. A work of political satire, it chastises the rise of socialism and populism, inferring their fictional rise here as disastrous and leading to chaos. It is of note here that this work, along with others by Lockwood, appear to prognosticate the current political climate of the United States and West at large- and for an apparent religious Catholic of his era, it is not altogether impossible that Lockwood- wittingly or unwittingly- tapped into some mystic forces. Regardless, it is an interesting little political story from its time and is reflective of some of the social ideologies and movements of the age

It seems this third book called 1900 or The Last President was about an unpopular President (from New York) who the people of America rise up against in destructive riots. Wait are we sure this isn’t a trilogy?

The first 2 books are children’s books sort of along the lines of Alice In Wonderland. Which from what I have read is why the 2 books were not very popular when they came out. You can’t compete with the best.

Here is a description of the Baron books:

In the 1890s, Ingersoll Lockwood authored a series of children’s books about the escapades of his character, the young Baron Trump: Travels and Adventures of Little Baron Trump and his Wonderful Dog Bulger, and Baron Trump’s Marvellous Underground Journey. The series followed a literary trend of the time, which had child protagonists adventuring to enchanted lands and encountering fantastic beings. Lewis Carroll’s Alice in Wonderland, and L. Frank Baum’s The Wonderful Wizard of Oz are two famous examples of this genre.

Lockwood’s Baron is an aristocratic youth bored with his life of luxury in Castle Trump. Searching for adventure, Baron travels to Russia to discover an underground world beneath his feet. He journeys downward and finds himself lost in peculiar settings surrounded by the strange inhabitants of this new world. The stories follow his adventures and eventual struggle to find his way back to the surface he left behind.

And here is some more from Amazon describing all 3 books:

The Last President (or 1900), is a novel by Ingersoll Lockwood, written over a century ago. It became an instant best seller this year, when people began to notice that his author has also written two novels about “Baron Trump”, novels that recount the adventures of the German boy Wilhelm Heinrich Sebastian Von Troomp, who goes by “Baron Trump”, as he discovers weird underground civilizations, offends the natives, flees from his entanglements with local women, and repeats this pattern until arriving back home at Castle Trump. Chris Riotta noted in Newsweek that Baron Trump’s adventures begin in Russia, and also mentioned The Last President, in which the president’s home city of New York is riven by protests against a rigged presidential election. So, Ingersoll wrote about a president from New York, and about a boy named Baron Trump who has a castle in New York’s fifth avenue… Over a century ago. Extremely interesting books that make us wonder if that something that we call prophecies somehow really exists…

I find this all so interesting.

Of course the internet has run hard and fast with all this, some wondering if Donald Trump has a time machine.

That is ridicules… right?

Just because the first 2 books have a character called Baron Trump which seems to fit into the third story of a President literally bringing on the destruction of America?

That’s enough for me. LOL. Seriously though, there other similarities. Just be careful chasing the internet for them, because there are a lot of made up similarities as well. You know how it works.

If it wasn’t for the name Baron Trump though I doubt these books would have come up at all. And although it does sound like the name of the President’s son I should point out it is not. Baron is a title, not a name. The character in the 2 children’s stories is a Baron, therefore he is Baron Trump. So this could just be a coincidence (the dreaded “c” word) or maybe someone had read the book and Barron is named after the Baron.  Not our President of course, everyone knows he doesn’t read. But maybe Melina. Or maybe someone had brought the story up to President Trump because of his family name being in the stories. Maybe, maybe not. my point is I find most of the connections stem from the character of the children’s book being named called Baron Trump and since that connection is not so mysteriously, impossible as at first glance, the rest don’t really add up to time machine either.

The whole thing reminds me of the Lincoln/Kennedy conspiracy. Remember that? I was just a kid (no internet) when I first heard about that. Freaked me out. I could never get my head around such coincidences.  That could be where I first started having issues with that word.

Luckily today we have the internet and we can seek out the truth of such fantastic legends:

It is the internet though. LOL!

We can do the same with the Ingersoll Lockwood trilogy (heh, heh):

Alright I feel better. Just coincidences.

Actually that don’t make anything better. Coincidences are a fucker.

Anyways, what ever you make of the weird connections made with The Donald and these 3 books, one thing is sure, it saved these old books from an inconsequential existence:

The Baron Trump novels were obscured by the more successful children’s books of the time. Lockwood’s tall tales seemed destined for the literary dust bin, but the election of Donald Trump in 2016 renewed interest in these works due to the President’s youngest son’s name: Barron Trump. Now, back in print, the Baron Trump series is enjoying considerable interest and success.

Interesting, right?

I might have to read these books myself, just to be sure.