Breaking The Silence

I have been asked before why I don’t do more posts about missing and abused children. The simple answer is I don’t want the message to be lost in the craziness of what this blog has become. I’d love to write about my own parental experiences as well, but the Dorothys and Nancys out there would only use it to slander my family and mount attacks against good people who might comment on such posts. But the story of little Bella Bond has shaken me at my core as a parent and a human being.

This is the latest I have read on the story:

Anyone reading that article knows who the real demons were/are. It sickens me to know that this little girl spent her short life with such cruel, selfish people. Not experiencing a loving, caring family who should make you feel safe and happy. Her life was a nightmare and the so-called adults around her were monsters!

I’m lucky to have had good parents. My childhood was not always easy, but I always felt loved and protected by the adults around me. And it didn’t stop with my parents, it was grandparents and uncles and aunts, I was lucky enough to have a family who let me know I was loved from early on. And my children were lucky enough to have a good father due to how my parents and relatives raised me. And just as it was for me, my kids had more than a good father, their mother, their grandparents, uncles and aunts as well as cousins… they all had a part in the lives of my children. I’m not a perfect parent, nor were mine, but together as a family we did our best to raise happy, responsible human beings. It’s a healthy cycle that leads not only to happy childhoods and well-adjusted adults, but a better world in which we all live in.

I don’t need to say that kids that are abused and bullied have a higher chance of growing up to abuse and bully others. I don’t have to say that many serial killers were badly abused as a young child. I don’t have to say our children learn how to treat others from how they see us treat others. Everyone knows these things…

But maybe I do need to say, although we know these things, we are still failing the children of the world… severely.

Many children still live in poverty and do not get the proper nutrition needed to grow into happy, healthy adults. Think about that. We live in a world where so much of its resources are waisted and misused. Just walk into a buffet and look at how much food is thrown away.  I once worked for a super market, so much food spoils from being left out or just not sold in time, and it is thrown away. It’s not that there is not enough food to feed everyone, it’s just that we don’t really care to feed everyone. Only ourselves and then toss away what we can’t finish. Yes, think about that.

Children are still being sold into slavery and many believe children are property and belong to them. Religion helps cement that idea with some. Again, how will these children treated as slaves and worse ever grow to be happy, healthy adults?

It seems it is even harder for a young person to escape abuse today, when the internet is full of predators and cyber-bullying. More than ever children need good parents, good friends and families to help them to have a happy childhood and make it through all that is stacked up against them.

So to hear another story of how a child was abused, killed, and then discarded like trash by the very people the child looked to for love and protection from the evils of the world, makes me want to crawl into a corner and never come out, because it’s too difficult to look another human being in the eye knowing what they are capable of, knowing the world in which we all live.

That kind of thinking won’t help either. No matter how ugly the world can be, no matter how evil human beings can be, hope can never be lost… instead faith in understanding and change in how we are to each other must always prevail.

Though it is definitely not easy.

I used to think the worst thing you can do is take a child away from their parents. The story of little Bella shows this is just not true. And yet, reports to CPA are often fraudulent and it can be difficult to know what is best to do in some of those situations. Many people call CPA on others over disputes and grudges with no actual worry of the child’s welfare. Add to that poverty and drug addiction and it is not always understood what is best for the child or children in any one situation. Plus just because a child is taken out of a bad situation, it does not mean they won’t be put into a worse one.

So what do we do? Well for starters we need the right people doing the right jobs. Which includes, CPA, foster parents, teachers, etc. “It takes a tribe to raise a child” and today this is truer than ever.

But most of all we need those who are close to a child in trouble to step up and get that child the help they deserve so that they can have the hope they need.

We all deserve a good childhood to grow into happy, healthy adults. Again this isn’t just good for the child’s well-being but the future adults well-being. Therefore this should be the first issue on any discussion of a better America, a better world. Many of our other problems will solve themselves, if the lives of the youth were our number one priority.

Fat Mike, the lead singer of the band NOFX, has written a musical of sorts, that hopefully will make it to Broadway some day. It is called “Home Street Home” and is a look into the lives of young children who leave their homes to live on the streets. Some of the songs in it are lighthearted and need to be because of the serious subject matter. Other songs are almost too hard to listen too. But the album as a whole is important and tells the sad tale of how hard it is to be a young person in this world of adults who have forgotten what it is like to be a young person in this world.

I am posting 2 of these difficult songs below. As difficult as they are, they need to be heard:

If the story of Bella doesn’t make you want to scream out at the world…

If listening to these 2 songs doesn’t make you want to cry out at the injustice of being young without a voice…

If you aren’t really pissed at so-called humanity…

Well, than in my opinion, you are part of our biggest problem… and I only hope you are not a parent.

As for me, tears are pouring down the side of my face and I need a tissue, and I just can’t continue to write any more at this time.

Ding Dong The Witch Is Dead

Did you enjoy the show?

Well it continues on right here!

So yes, I played pretend with Dorothy, I pretended to be someone in the Nut Gallery and she pretended to make sense.

It all started back in November when someone wrote me saying, “It’s to bad we don’t have a spy to see exactly what Dorothy is saying to her wacko gang of blind believers”. Alright I may be paraphrasing here, but the point was made. And I decided to go for it. Kate Carter was enlisted as a ZW Spy!

And so it began:

k8 dph1

I know, very deceiving… but that’s how a spy must work. And in the end, it did work.

Want to know if Dorothy is still dropping names of those she once worked with? Want to know if she is still dropping names of people she feels wronged by? Want to know if the crap she is saying would be believed by any rational human being? Well I have those answers now. It’s all in over 300 snap shots of Facebook private messages between Katie and Dorothy. Lots of it is stuff you’ve heard before, some of it is not. All of it is crap. By the way, I did believe someone was trying to hurt Nancy… Dorothy!

I will be posting some of it here over the next week. But not all of it. Some of it attacks people very personally and I don’t want to post all of that publicly. Though some of what I post will not be easy for some of you.

There is another reason why I will be holding some of the conversation back… which brings us to our first clip:

k8 dph132

Seems Dorothy and her family don’t like having done to them what we all know she has done to others. How Christian of them. Well just in case Dorothy’s mother or anyone else in that family really thinks I am the one who is to blame for all their personal stuff being put out there instead of who we all know is responsible for airing all their dirty laundry, both real and made up… just in case they have an attorney willing to jump into the Nut Gallery, I don’t want to broadcast all I have as a defense.

That first clip I just posted, which came in the middle of January leads right into a group of clips I have that I’m calling, “I’m going to the FBI tomorrow”. Seems Dorothy really loves to use that line:

k8 dph27

That’s the first time she mentions it… late December.

k8 dph73

That’s from early January.

k8 dph138

That’s from the middle of January. And from there, it seems like every couple of days, Dorothy was going to the FBI about me:

k8 dph161a

k8 dph255

k8 dph244

k8 dph217

Which was funny because sometimes, in between, she talked as if she already went to the FBI:

k8 dph206

If Kate had been a real person, there would have been many places where she would have called Dorothy on her bullshit. But Kate is faker than the fakest of you out there… a spy whose job was to listen.

Still, what does that say about those who listen to Dorothy and her ridiculous stories? What is wrong with these people who not only  don’t see through the crap but also encourage her?!?

k8 dph243

k8 dph180

k8 dph295

Anyone still encouraging Dorothy needs to pay attention to this next part. Some of the people who worked with Dorothy at some point or made the mistake of being close to her are now wrapped up in her endless, mindless, internet chatter:

K8 dph280

k8 dph281

k8 dph272

k8 dph78

k8 dph85

k8 dph292

k8 dph279

k8 dph171

k8 dph172

There is tons of stuff like that. I have shared stuff like this with both Mr. Wolff and Jennifer in the past because they both told me they planned on suing Dorothy. So far, it hasn’t stopped her. But if either of you want to have your lawyer contact me… you are the ones that she really says the most damaging stuff about and I’d love to share it all with your attorneys.

I want to really stress a point, she is not just posting this crap in public, she sends it to whoever will listen. She had no idea who Kate was, in fact on January 29th, just a few days ago and three months into our correspondence she asked Kate this:

k8 dph246

She doesn’t even know why Kate is involved, though I did explain to her at the beginning as you saw. This I believe is because she sends the same kinds of shit out to everyone not knowing or caring who they are.

In one message she calls me Donna:

k8 dph147

She had a lot to say about our phone call, all lies of course, but I’m saving that for another post. Let’s look at another part where I wasn’t sure she realized who she was messaging:

k8 dph193

WTF? She was talking to Kate, right? Or does she send these out in some kind of “chain” mails? Here’s one that shows exactly what I mean:

k8 dph65b

She is sending all this stuff out to who knows who. And if they aren’t seeing through it like any rational person would, well then they are obviously not rational people… and that means this is at a whole new kind of scary.

There’s more… lots more.

And you will get to see most of it…

For 3 obvious reasons:

One, to get at Dorothy… I mean that’s a given… she deserves some big time payback!

Two, to hopefully show some of you in the Nut Gallery listening to this insane babel, how messed up Dorothy really is and how people are being affected by it.

And the third and most important reason, to help all those who are affected by Dorothy’s hurtful lies and slander. Be it to show you what she is passing around to people she doesn’t even know or to give to your attorneys if anyone ever does decide enough is enough.

Because although I am making light of all this with a super bowl halftime show…

What Dorothy is doing is dangerous and criminal and does need to be stopped.

Until then, I have lots of sharing to do!


Shake It Off


Any new Cicada stuff out there? I haven’t even looked. But it’s that time of year.

I saw Anonymous is getting involved with the fight against terrorism:

And The Illuminati is taking over everything:

I bring up these 3 groups, because with all that’s going on in the world, it would be nice if we had some heroes… even some anti-ones.

But we are so involved in the back-n-forth. Victories are just the lead in to the next fight. Everyone’s pointing the finger at their oppressor and shouting demon! Actually we moved on from that… we now are pointing fingers at our accusers and shouting demon!

Even I, as I teach by example, have gotten too caught up.

Time to shake it off…



Haters & Crybabies

Zero’s World has not been around very long, but I seem to be making friends everywhere I go.

Let’s see, I’ve been threatened with lawsuits several times. This blog has been “reported”,  Twitter’s been “reported”, Facebook’s been reported, everywhere I could be “reported” I have been. I’ve been told by many that I have even been reported to LE including the FBI. I’ve been side handedly “reminded” to be careful or I could be banned from Websleuths. I’ve been called narcissistic, evil, smitten, mean, stupid, gay, obsessed, Mike, two-faced, delusional, both dominate and abusive against women as well as submissive and abused myself…  a bully, a liar, a criminal, a child pornographer, a devil worshiper, with links to everyone’s number one bad guy (everyone has a different one).

I’m still here though.

Besides, I know there are others out there, those who aren’t haters & crybabies, and you are all very encouraging amongst the um… haters & crybabies. Not that I wouldn’t continue even if all the responses were from haters & crybabies, I would.

Like I’ve said before, we are just getting started here.

I can’t wait to see what kind of new friends are out there. And I’ll do my best not to lose touch with any of you. Not that you would let me.  In fact Jen has reached out to me again recently, on Websleuths, and I’m not suppose to blog about Websleuths stuff so I won’t, although that is what she contacted me about,  not blogging about Websleuths stuff, so I guess I did. Really?!? REALLY!?!

I mean Jen has been playing a game since the begining with how she contacts everyone telling them “secrets” and then telling them they can’t tell anyone else… yea, how many reading here know exactly what I’m talking about?

So… I’m guessing we need to kick it up a notch… something new to get us out of the rut some of you want to stay in. Something that will free this place up for other things. A new blog, maybe?

There’s something for us all to think about this weekend!

Am I Evil?

Some of you out there (I think like 3 of you) think I am evil and this blog is the work of the devil. You are lost in you religion and bad relationship choices. Some of you have made blogs or commented on other people’s blogs showing these “breaks” with reality as you got lost in your own madness. But if it’s easier to demonize me, a stranger, who got into this to try to understand each of you better (a seemingly impossible task since new crazies keep popping out of the woodwork) then so be it. Again, make me your bad guy, turn me into your ex or the screen name that got the best of you. Take the one who has been honest about themselves the whole time and make them the one responsible for all this. Put me up on that cross and crucify me (though you are giving me quite the God complex).

Hmmm, a pattern that has been part of humanity for a long time, demonize your enemy, crucify them, watch them become Gods for the next uprising.

I though about just banning some of you, but I want EVERYTHING to be seen for what it is and not what some of you see it as. I will however put some of you on time out, like I’ve done with Dorothy in the pats and Nancy right now.  I don’t want to do this, but some of you can’t help putting people’s last names in your comments and accusing them of crimes. Also some of you like to repeat old crap that we already covered and put out to pasture. Then there’s the spam posts, repeating yourselves over and over about crap no one cares about. So yes I will put you on a time out if you can’t keep your comments sane and not so repetitious. And you may act like you don’t care, but I know how some of you don’t like it when I don’t put your comments through.

I’m about to take Nancy off time out and put all the comments she has sent since I stopped letting her through last night. I do this for 2 reasons. First, to show again that it is not me with the compulsive, stalker like mentality. And second because when I stopped letting her comments through it was at 666 comments on the post she was commenting on right now:

lisk 666

I keep seeing this as I look at my comments, and though it is amusing, it also scares me a bit. I may not be evil, this blog may not be evil, but evil could be out there lurking.

Naw, I’m just fuc*ing with ya. LOL.

But seriously look at all the comments flooding this blog from Nancy even though I was not letting her through. Very NERD like.