More Tragedy For Orlando

I can not imagine what the parents of this poor child are going through. With so much pain and loss already for those of Orlando, this news comes like a kick to the head while already unconscious.

There is nothing I can say here that will ease anyone’s thoughts on these shocking few days in Florida. In fact I only edge towards the fear side another step, since my previous post.

After my initial shock of this story I couldn’t help but wonder just how common alligators are at Disney World, after all it is in the middle of Forida’s swamp lands. I’m sure most of you who live in Orlando know what I found:

If you read through the thread in the last link you will see that back in 2011 there is even mention of a gator right in the same spot where this child was snatched:

gator in dw

There are lots of stories of sightings of gators in and around Disney World. And that should come as no surprise. I guess. Since I have not been to Florida or Disney World it’s hard to really comment, but I don’t know if alligators would be on my mind while enjoying one of “the most happiest places on earth” with my family. I do know what would have reminded me… a few signs saying that there are alligators in the water. Though there are “No Swimming” signs there seems to be no signs warning of possible alligators. And it’s not like they don’t know:

Disney gator attack: 2-year-old believed dead as rescue turns to recovery

From this article:

gators in dw

Yes, it is common knowledge, I’m just saying a few signs as a reminder seems like common sense to me.

I don’t want to join in on the blame game. Saying Disney is at fault is as wrong as blaming the parents, though I’m sure there are many out there who find it difficult to understand letting a 2-year-old wade in any water after dark. It’s a tragedy, and blaming is just a way to try to make sense of senselessness. Discussing who or what is to blame or what should have or could have been done will not take us back in time to make things right.

I bet some of you are yelling at me right now. Well, yelling at the screen in front of you. Saying, yes, maybe it won’t stop this tragedy, but discussing what could have or should have been done may help stop this tragedy from happening again.

Don’t worry, that’s exactly where I was going… because even though I’m sure they will try to tell you this is the first time something like this has happened, we know better. This is the swamps of Florida. Everyone knows there are alligators all over. Of course it’s happened before:

dw gator 1988

30 years… a long time ago, I know. But just because something happened long ago does not mean it should be forgotten and repeated. Though that does seem to be the human way.

I’m sure putting up signs about possible alligators in the water may not seem like a good idea to those trying to sell happiness. Besides everyone knows they are there, it’s Florida swampland. But I’m guessing there will be signs now.

This post is just my own attempt at making sense of senselessness. I mean no disrespect to anyone in posting it.

My prayers and deepest sympathy go out to this boys family and to all the families in Orlando grieving today.

As usual, there is not much more I can say then that, and that is nowhere near enough.


Shake It Off


Any new Cicada stuff out there? I haven’t even looked. But it’s that time of year.

I saw Anonymous is getting involved with the fight against terrorism:

And The Illuminati is taking over everything:

I bring up these 3 groups, because with all that’s going on in the world, it would be nice if we had some heroes… even some anti-ones.

But we are so involved in the back-n-forth. Victories are just the lead in to the next fight. Everyone’s pointing the finger at their oppressor and shouting demon! Actually we moved on from that… we now are pointing fingers at our accusers and shouting demon!

Even I, as I teach by example, have gotten too caught up.

Time to shake it off…



And The Beat Goes On…

As I said in comments, I spoke with Murt on the Tweeter the other night. He has a new blog about him and I don’t think he likes it very much.

Since I  have followed the whole Murt/Michelle/Radionewz saga, I have my own guess who’s behind the new blog. But for now I’m just observing.

For those who haven’t yet seen just how much Murt’s story merges with LISK stuff and the liars and gamers involved there, let me refresh your memory.

We first heard of Murt (well at least I did) when MM7 brought him up in connection to her so-called “DRONE” event:

Now to see how they actually got together you need to look at a tweet:

CK drone tweet

This may be hard to follow, but I have faith in my readers.

I had a couple long talks on the phone with MM7, and we discussed this subject in the last one. MM7 does not see that making this Tweet is what brought Murt to the LISK table. But anyone in the know about Murt knows he and Michelle McKee have been playing the old back-n-forth with each other for years.

And if you take Murts explanation for how he learned of the “Drone”, he says an anon friend brought it up to him and told him of MM7’s blog and trouble with a “Drone”… well it all fits…

MM7 made an inquiery to Michelle, Michelle then got Murt involved in hopes of confusing the whole matter and screwing with Murt.

Again, though, in my conversations with MM7, she dosen’t see it that way, or at least wouldn’t admit it happened that way. No, she insists that her telling Michelle about the “Drone” in a Tweet and then Murt coming to her (MM7) blog to give his 2 cents on the toy were not connected. According to MM7, Murt came to her site on his own free will because he was connected to all this in some way. This is one of the many reasons I had a hard time trusting or believing MM7. Murt was not involved in this. Say what you want about Murt, and people do, as I mentioned he has numerous blogs against him, and most who come to his aid, usually wash their hands of him at some point, but he was coaxed into the LISK stuff and called a stalker, but in this case it was all a set up. And for all I know they were all in on it. There was no Drone Stalker, MM7 has since admitted to me, that the toy probably belonged to a friend of her husband (or is it ex husband now, following Dorothy and Nancy’s footsteps there) who was living in their guest house at the time. Funny this was never mentioned anywhere at the time “Drone Gate” was going on. But even if Murt was duped into getting involved, he only has himself to blame. Because he is out there searching for the drama. He claims he doesn’t understand why so many “stalk and defame” him (sound familiar?) as he steps straight into each fire!  He should have seen the Drone mention for what it was… bait. And he might have and just didn’t care. Either way, he contacted MM7 to tell her what he thought the “Drone” might be. Which got him named as Cristin’s stalker.

I can’t spend too much time explaining this, because this post is gonna be a long one and I’ve covered most of this before, so hopefully those of you paying attention get it… those who don’t, start all over read ALL the blogs involved… you’ll see what I see.

So this led to all sorts of worlds colliding and had me wondering, just how did MM7 know Michelle McKay. Now I’m learning most everyone involved here was on Websleuths at one time, that may be the connection… Websleuths has lots of cases profiled on the site and there was a cross over from Florida cases like the Haleigh Cummings case and the Casey Anthony case to the LISK case.

Again, no time to get to into this, but if you read at ALL these places, and I have, you see the connections (yes, real connections Dorothy, not made up ones).

The thought that there was more going on here became stronger to me when Flukeyou was a guest writer on Radionewz, a satire news blog site (one that gave me the idea for my blog Vegas Confidential) that had a beef with Murt. Here’s Flukes post:

Is that Fluke?

Well Murt jumped right on in without even knowing what he was jumping into:

I wrote about it as it actually happened, and pretty much called it all out as one big charade and it all went NOWHERE!

Well it did go one place.

The Shannan blog:

For long time readers, you will remember that many thought this blog was done by MM7. And because I mentioned this, all hell broke loose and in my opinion, back peddling started right up. Again all because my questions were just too much for those trying to keep up with all their lies.

Now Mari Gilbert got involved at this point, and I am not gonna point any fingers or try to explain what really happened, but I’ll put it all out there, and as usual, you can decide.

The blog had a poll on it for you to vote who you thought had killed Shannan, and some of us questioned those on that list. Mainly the inclusion of Fieldnotes, someone who once was friends with Mari and was part of that whole group who came to her and wanted to help. The whole poll seemed spiteful rather than helpful.

Read the comments here for a better explanation of what happened:

But here is the comment that cleared up the mystery of who ran the page:

mari blog

So the blog is not ran by Cristin, but it was ran by a Kristine and then Mari took it over. At least that’s the explanation Mari gave.

Cristin told me a much different story. She told me Mari was behind the blog from the get go, but didn’t want others to know it was her, so when the questions of who ran the blog came up, Mari said that she (Mari) just took it over from someone. Cristin also admited to helping Mari with the blog.

I made this all public and it pissed people off. They thought I was calling out Mari, but I was really calling out Cristin. I don’t question Mari’s actions, but I don’t like that Mari was listening to Cristin (and others) and they were steering Mari into wrong places. To show what I mean, look at the last post made on that blog:

Who started this blog? Kristine, Cristin, Mari? I don’t know, but Mari made it clear she was in control of it now. So did Mari lie? Did Cristin Lie? I tend to believe that Mari did not start this blog just as she said or at least did not do it alone, and unless a Kristine wants to step up and claim it, I see Cristin in there somewhere. Until the other day Murt did as well:


Yes, Murt believes Cristin is behind the blog… my point in bringing it all back up… people are confused here and they like it that way!

They are all content with the game, they like the attention it brings. But as we have all seen, people are being hurt by all this confusion… anyone else keeping up on Nancy? I really hope someone helps her soon, get’s her checked into a hospital and then go after Dorothy legally for her part in Nancy’s demise.

My reasoning for believing Mari about not creating this blog (or at least given help on it) is mainly because the blog has stopped since Mari claims to have taken it over. I don’t think she planned the blog or knows how to continue it… this is my opinion based on what I have seen and read… as usual.

Why do they all like the confusion they are caught up in? Why won’t they all see common sense? Everyone has their own reasons I’m sure, but mainly its to feed those chemicals in the brain. Some just can’t see the truth because it will cut them out of the game.

Others know all to well what they are doing…

You reading, Joey? I hope so. How ’bout you Jimmy?

Enough with the “same old same old”, let’s get to some new stuff…

I keep going over all the ways Joey followers and Dorothy enablers are wrong in their conclusions about these 2 people. I don’t see why others don’t see it. I don’t have special powers, I just looked into it all and saw what I saw. And yet there are still those out there who want to tell me I am the one who is wrong. The latest comes from some comments left on my LISK blog by Jimmy:



I already addressed these in comments (click “HERE” to read the comments), but I want to bring them up here, because I’m just amazed that anyone would still stick up for Fluke after all that has been shown. But hey Dorothy has lots of Facebook “Friends” and Bill W.’s followers would believe he walked on water if he said it was so, meanwhile you are all being played. Yes, even you Jimmy, who ever you are. If you for one minute think Joey/Flukeyou’s intentions are good or believe any of his crap he has lied about (most of his lies have already been shown for what they are, give it time and it will all be seen as lies, please come back and show me anything that Joey says or has said that ever comes to anything but a lie, there did I say the word LIE enough, those who have told them will be held accountable, at least here, and we all know I ain’t going nowhere) then you are a fool. Sorry Jimmy, I can’t put it any other way. Well that’s not true. You could also be a liar, (is pretender a better word?)  just trying to get me going on Fluke again… Yea, I know that game.

So… the beat goes on, and we all know, I’m always ready to dance.


Share And Share Alike

I wanted to get to that post I am working on dealing with FOTM blog moving on to Nancy’s epic bed time story that Dorothy so encouraged her to tell, but I had to go and hit “SHARE” on a few Facebook postings and now I’m getting threats from Florida agin.

Let me point out 2 things. First, Facebook has a “SHARE” button so other people can “share” your posts. If you don’t want others to share it, there are ways to set it up so they can’t. Or you can just not post anything you don’t want others to see or share… I know everyone thinks they each have a personal internet and everything they put out there belongs to them. But in reality, the whole internet is set up to share what you put out there with EVERYONE… again one of the main points of all my blogs.

Second, the other day when I decided to “Share” some of the stuff people I have encountered on this blog, I “shared”  quite a few people’s post. Nancy’s, Jen’s a whole bunch of those racist assholes from the “White Pride” Facebook page, even something from Sussie S… and MM7 was the only one who decided to comment on them… and lots of comments. You saw some of them in the 2 posts before this one… here’s the others:


ckb zw fb0 blog

ckb zw fb rachel1

ckb zw fb rachel2

As you can see, my wife got sick of seeing crazy women attack her husband and got into the conversation. (go to ZW’s FB to see the whole exchange, but if you are gonna read there please LIKE it! I have to get to my next FB goal 100 likes! lol)

Cristin had a little more to write:

ckb zw fb3

Wow, do I really need to address any of this again? Good luck with my mess? Not my mess, but yes I have become the center of all your messes… better me then people going through hardships in life that don’t need all you nut cases commenting and emailing about them. I am the villain. Yes we covered all that.

I think you can all go back and see where I say many times I don’t think there was some big conspiracy… just a bunch of busy body crazies with a lot of problems in their own lives, most with severe relationship problems, who got together to “HELP” with real open murder cases. They all quickly became the victims of the case, either their ex husbands were the killer or the killer was stalking them for their internet sleuthing.

My opinion of course, but most people out there have agreed with it. Well everyone but Joey, Dorothy, Cristin, Jen, and Nancy. They still insist what they know is truth no matter how many times it is shown to be lies, they insist that everyone who disagrees with them is trying to misrepresent the truth even though most of us are just saying we don’t buy their crap, I have never said I have any idea who (if anyone) involved in the blogs, sites, and general chatter was a killer or stalker or a victim of childhood molestation. I’ve mainly just put out what I have read… and I think I covered everything with where I read it. But I’m really tired of explaining myself or defending this blog. It’s not going anywhere.

I don’t mind threats of lawsuits… but seriously, you need to look into it. Your emails, FB comments, etc. are not private, and if you email me or post something on my FB, I can do with it what I want. But again, I only use the ones that apply. I’m not posting every email or FB comment… lol. Just those that need to be focused on. Damn it, I need to stop writing these explanations and apologies…

Cristin, your blog and emails are the whole reason I got involved with this… you worked with Dorothy… you said that time and time again, so to deny it now is just another lie among all the other lies linked to Dorothy. I never looked into anyone’s personal info, I said it was not what my blogs were about… I just wanted to know who was behind what comments on the blogs… people volunteered tons of personal stuff, and people like you, Dorothy, and Nancy, have no problem putting all your personal stuff out there. Again though, I did not do background checks or try to get dirt on anyone… just tried to figure out what I was reading, what was real and what was being manipulated.

But you Cristin and your buddy Cara…(is that a no-no?) decided to look up my personal info… then you used it to constantly threaten to sue me, your friend called me and let me know that info was gonna be used to mess with me, but she talked you out of it… don’t worry I have proof to back this all up. Hell, you even half way admitted it, though she says she talked you out of it and you say you were only thinking about it, never planned to go through with it. Which is true? Because she insisted it was her that stopped my info from being misused, it was one of the main reasons she called me. She made it sound like if she hadn’t been there to talk you out of it you would have put up fake stuff about me and the hooror movie industry (funny, because that’s exactly what Dorothy did with my info once she got it). I told you buddy Cara (MandamusSeven, for those who don’t know, which I’m guessing is almost all of you, because I was nicer with people’s identities then they were with mine.) that I wished she’d hadn’t talked you out of spreading lies about me (again, the same type of lies Dorothy would eventually spread… go figure) that I was fine with people making things up about me… I don’t need to make anything up, everything I wrote about was from what was written on the internet for everyone to see.

So you and you buddy got my info, you say to sue me, she says you were gonna use it to make fake blog about me, but all you did  was threaten me with it:

It took me 2 hours to find out your real name once I decided I was going to sue you. I had never bothered to look into you, your family, your work, your children, or anything about you until you left me no other choice. I didn’t get any info from anyone else. Since I have your real name and address, it will take a lot less time to bring a lawsuit to court. I don’t have to jump through any hoops.

You know your information could be twisted far worse than mine, and would be in the wrong hands. Sit with that feeling (and add Rachel into that feeling) like I have for the past year. You have no connection to the LISK case other than curiosity. The same as myself. You’re still sitting with your anonymity online. I’m not. You have the power to stop the name dropping, but you’re making the choice to keep it going for your own entertainment.

This is from an email Cristin sent me back in January. She says she got my info to sue me, but never does… instead she gave it to her friend who then called me to warn me, or so this friend said. Yea, courts gonna love that. Then Cristin sends out stuff like this, telling me how my info could be twisted and how I can add Rachel to that feeling as well. Yea, I got lots of stuff like this… empty threats of an even emptier lawsuit.

Again, if anyone would like to give me the name and number of their attorney, I’d love to talk to them!

NOTE: This post has been changed from it’s original form.

Welcome Back MM7… Again!

Alright, gonna get to all that nasty misleading gossip Nancy and Dorothy put out there the last couple days. It’s really quite compelling when you put it together.

But first, more reaction from the one who got this all started for me… Mysterymom7.

I know she’s probably baiting me just so I’ll mention her more often and then she can try to sue me again, but I just can’t resist the one who showed me ALL of this! Here’s her latest comments on ZW’s FB along with my answer:

CKB zw fb

All this is over a comment I recently made where I said MM7 was in the New York area. Now as I explained in my comment, no one gave me any gossip on MM7, but MM7 had been using her phone to read and comment here on occasion, and since it is a mobile device it changes its last 2 sets of numbers every time she comes on. But I watched the first 2 IP numbers closely (if this is confusing, don’t worry about it, the whole IP discussion is tired and really isn’t important any more with so many using mobile and proxy servers) Still using the Sta Counter that MM7 herself showed me how to use those first 2 IP numbers using the same mobile phone company popped up from time to time. Florida and then Massachusetts. But a few times it popped up in Bronx New York. Here’s an example of what I mean:

mm7 bronx

MM7 bronx2

I bet this brings back memories Cristin! I need to point out… the MM7 next to the IP was written by me… I enter a name next to an IP when I have made a good guess who it is. You do this mainly by connecting IPs from this counter to those who made comments on the blog. In this case there a 3 comments on my blog from Cristin with this IP:

ckb nancy

I chose this one because she was trying to warn Nan Nan about us… lmao.

This was how MM7 kept track of who was who on her old blog “Catching LISK”, and in fact it was her who kept insisting I do so on my blog. Well I did, and from what I can see it looks like MM7 was in The Bronx, New York.

Now back in the day of “Catching LISK” and “” this would have been enough for Cristin or Dorothy to have used against someone else that they claimed were stalkers and serial killers. But with mobile devices and proxy servers, IPs aren’t always traced appropriately, and because of this I never mentioned the MM7 IP that looked to be coming from the Bronx, until now.

I did however, recently, mention MM7 being in the New York area, which I thought was fair, because she was in Massachusetts by her own admission.

There did I clear up the drama?

Look if MM7 says she is back in Florida, I believe her. If she says she wasn’t in New York, that’s fine too. All I said was New York area. I really don’t care where she is.

The main point of my question was whether are not she is still in contact with any of these people… which, I’d love to believe her when she says she isn’t. But her public comments always sound like she hardly had any contact with any of these people or worked with them on things she wrote in her blog or posted on the internet… and that’s just not true and she knows it:

ckb dorthy1

This was about the whole Newman card player thing which she blames here on Dorothy, but I remember plenty of posts and comments from Cristin questioning CPH in Newman’s death and even as so far as to say CPH was posing as his dead friend playing poker… we all remember how that theory turned up right? PS149 ended all that quickly (PS149, why won’t you talk with me?!? lol). And there is so much more of these people working together. I’ve posted tons of it and have tons more to prove it. If I have to, which I guess I do. One of Cristin’s first emails to me mentioned  Dorothy, when I asked her who Dorothy was. I was confused by some of the things I was finding on DPH (the name had just recently been brought up when PS149 on had wrote that Cristin’s Fieldnotes interview was a fake and that someone had called though saying they were Dorothy Price Hill and they were the real MM7, games and BS probably done by Dorothy herself, or maybe Jen, not important to where I’m going with all this though) anyways, here’s is what Cristin first told me about Dorothy:

I’ve never heard of a political figure named Dorothy Hill, but I don’t think she’s that? Lol I have been speaking with her, though, although only one person knows that and it’s NOT Joe Scalise. So SHHHHH! lol We’re putting our heads and resources together.


Yea, they pulled their resources together alright. MM7 helped Dorothy with all her delusions… Dorothy in return helped Nancy with all hers.

How’s that. Am I gossiping, making anything up, lying? We know I’m not because it is ALL in ALL of your OWN words…

I guess it’s time for you all to start hating me again.







Another Message From Zero’s Id

Finally, these chains are gone! I’m free! And let me say, not a second to soon…

Zero has really wussed out on this blog. Always worried about other people’s feelings… Fuck that! And yes Doc… fuck this and fuck that! But you might be right about that break Doc, because now I’ve seemed to have been emancipated from that meddling Ego and Super-Ego. Which is good, because I was tired of everyone telling us what we can and can’t write about.

Now bitches nothing is off-limits…

If I want to blog about Mysterymom7 and her stupid, lying, gaming blog “Catching LISK“… I will. If I want to post something from there like this:

LISK curious MM7 tits

or this:

LISK mm7 tits

I will!

If I want to blog about Nancy or Brandon or Mike Sr. or Jr. or any other freakin’ Figat that seems to be lost in the past and stuck on retard… I will. If I want to post something like this:

nancy & mike

or this:

DPH and Nan Nan poster

I will!

If I want to blog about Joey Scalise Jr aka Flukeyou and all the lies and agendas he is behind… I will. If I want to post something like this:

LISK Joey mm74

or this:

LISK Joey mm72

I will!

If I want to blog about Jen and all her stories of how her stuff is stolen, hacked, and spoofed… I will. If I want to post something like this:

jen hacked

or this:

jen on blog

I will!

If I want to blog about Dorothy Price Hill and how I wished Mr. Wolf wouldn’t have given up so easily… I will. If I want to post something like:

dph 3 abusive relationships

or this:

dph 3 sisters

I will!

If I want to bring up Murt and The Drone… I will! If I want to blog about Cicada 3301 or Missing Flight MA370… I will! If I want to write about Lost Girls or The Confessions Of The Oak Beach Drifter or post lyrics from Eminem or Motley Crue… I will!   If I want to write about Lawless America, Anonymous, or The Illuminati… I will! Serial Killers, Politics, and Religion… all in one post if I want. Hell, if I just want to say MandamusSeven looks better as a blonde than a red-head… I will!

It feels so good to finally be free!

I know most of my readers have come to read here because of my look into a site called and the many screen names that use to post there. A lot of those screen names became readers of my LISK Blog. Some became commenters there. And yes some even followed here, wanting to see what I would say next. I’ve been praised for seeing exactly what was going on in all those comments and accusations, but I’ve also been labeled the Devil and the one who has really misrepresented things here. I doubt most of those who think the latter have actually read what I have written. I suggest you go back and actually read my LISK blog.

The “Red & Black” was my attempt to make the internet a better place. This Zero’s World blog is my way of saying that ain’t happening any time soon.

But my LISK blog was a real look at someones search for the truth in a situation very out of control. From beginning to end it is a year-long look into someone (me), who came across all of you and tried to understand what you all were doing. It’s what I  got out of all your comments and accusations.  And I think we all know, I pegged most of you, eventually at least. Problem is, it is indeed an onion with many layers of people willing to lie and play screen name games.

I thought I was done. And that blog is done. But it seems more is needed. So here we go, an epilogue, if you will:

Those who were not involved in games but just were wrapped up in them to stop them, like Linda and To Close To Home, were shown at least to me for who they truly are, and the things they have said never was part of the lies and games, but screams of outrage at those who continued to play the games. Lots of others involved like MDRice and Fascinated  were just readers brought into the confusion.. also not part of the games and agendas… those who I believe who were really part of the games and agendas come in 2 sides from what I can see, ( I can hardly believe I’m going through all this again, but I am…) We have the agenda… started by the screen name Flukeyou which everyone now knows (though Flukeyou denied it many times) is Joey Scalise Jr. an Oak Beach neighbor with an obvious agenda, lie about his neighbors enough till others started in on those lies. And who fell in line? Well there was Truthspider, a sleuth with some good questions at least about one of Joey’s neighbors, Dr. Hackett. But with out Truthspiders input in all this (and I have not had any, that I know of) it is hard to tell how much he was involved in the comments that made him and Flukeyou look like they might be collaborating. Then there is Mysterymom7 who used both Flukeyou and Truthspider information mixed with her own ideas and created the Blog Catching LISK. So much went wrong from here, a whole collection of people “helping” each other. Mysterymom7 had emails and phone calls with Joey, Dorothy, and Jen. Jen had been to both Joey’s and Dorothy’s house. All of them at some point worked together. They may try to deny this, but they can’t, because they have all admitted to it at one point or another. So Joey had these 3 ladies, now with agendas of their own, (in the case of Dorothy, she had her own agenda from the beginning and it was to become part of this case and write a book about it, MM7 got caught up in it all and I think still doesn’t see the dynamics of all these people getting evolved in this and what it has done, and Jen, well her agenda or reason for bring involved is still not clear to me, is she just  “a typical Long Island know it all who feels compelled to inject her self into the situation, with little to no regard for the people who matter” as I have been told by quite a few, or has her constant insert of herself into this case and everyone involved really given her some information that can be used? Highly doubtful if it hasn’t yet. That’s more Dorothy type stuff, isn’t it? But I’ll give JJJ the one ups on Dorothy there. Everyone seems to have met Jen, Dorothy can’t get anyone to listen to her) Wow, long parentheses, and all just my opinion from what I have witnessed, why these 3 ladies got involved and stayed involved is on them. But Like I said,  Joey’s agenda is known by all. Even in the book Lost Girls by Robert Kolker, you can see Joey’s obsession with proving things he can’t honestly prove. And the stuff he’s posted under the screen name Flukeyou over the years about his neighbors was just lies and misinformation to get help with his agenda.

Before we get into the game part we have to go to a gray area… PS149. And I mean who ever commented as PS149 on the final days of Although not knowing who they are can mean they can be any part of the games or agendas,  as far as all the posts on, they were all true, from what I remember. I wrote a little bit about Ps149 in the blog, but I think I misunderstood them at first. Not knowing where people fit in can do that, and it did to me throughout the year. Point is, though PS149 is a controversal subject in a way when we talk about the games and agendas of some of these screen names, looking back, I can see them as just someone wanting to expose lies themselves could see. Again not knowing who they are makes it hard to know. And also again, I’m talking about the Ps149 on

Agenda really became game once Catching LISK was made and the  69 IP , under the screen name C Peter Hackett made the very first comment there and the first of many commnets from this IP address.. This IP address would use many other screen names on the Catching LISK blog as well as my own blogs. Mostly using the screen name NERD but also connected to the screen name AMD which brings in a couple other IP addresses. But there were even more screen names being used out there, some by NERD or AMD, some by Jen or Dorothy, a few by Joey himself. And a lot of others who seem to be hit and runners.  Agenda became game. And though most of it has been exposed people still want to keep it going. Like Nancy. Who seems to know nothing about the real LISK case, other than what she got from Dorothy. But Nancy brings in a whole new can of worms to all this. Centereach and NERD are now somewhat trying to be explained with the “Figat Connection”.  More games if you ask me. I know who asked me? Trust me, I have tried to stop giving my opinion on all this many times, but then that onion is peeled back a little more.  Like the new Flukeyou comments on my LISK Blog:

fluke key largo2

They have the same email address that has been on other comments I believe to really be Flukeyou, the same Gmail account I have received 2 emails from that I believe are from the real Flukeyou, meaning Joey. But these 3 new comments have some weirdness to them, first off, the IP addresses seem to imply they come from Florida, second we have the use of the plus sign (+) sign instead of the usual equal sign (=). Both are on the same key so could just be a mistake. But who made it? A vacationing Joey making a “key” mistake from the actual Keys? Or someone else in the Keys hitting the wrong key while pretending to be Flukeyou… or a third choice, someone wanting me to think someone in Florida was writing as Fluke.  Confused? Me too. Is this Key Largo Fluke really Joey? Or someone else who is foolish enough to want to still play?

Let us know Key Largo Fluke. Are you the real Fluke, still the coward, posting Fluke equations based on lies and Joey agenda, or are you another pretender, hoping to keep the game going? Either way, man up, or woman up. But come up out of the games and agendas. No ones buying them.

There did I cover enough? It’s never enough is it?  My  LISK Blog was done but some of you want me to continue. And thanks to those like Dorothy who want to throw my name around, I continue to continue. And continue I shall…