RIP 2016

So this is usually where I post a Top 10 “Fuck You” list for the previous year. I’m sure some of you are saying right now, “put yourself on your own Fuck You list”. And I totally understand. I probably would have put myself on the list this year.

The top 10 Fuck You’s of 2013 was the first post (other than the Eminem video) for this blog. I did it to get everyone’s attention and to show that this place would be different. I wanted a post that would say, “Man, I’m done saying that I’m done playing”  I’m gonna start playing. (yes that’s part of an Eminem lyric, dontcha love it?) Anyways, I looked for a cool picture to put up with the post, found this:


Yes, that would get people’s attention. So I made the post. I don’t even remember who was all on it. Flukeyou of course. I love writing (and saying) Fuck you Flukeyou!  MM7 and Dorothy were there. And a few others. I know some  really didn’t like being on it… and that was the point after all.

Well you will be happy to know (well some of you may be disappointed), there is no top 10 fuck you list this year. Mainly because I don’t need a list to say “Fuck You” on this blog, I find lots of other ways to do it. But also because I’m just want to get this year over with.

It’s been a rough one. To much death and tragedy. Some of my biggest heroes passed in 2016, right up to the final days. Princess Lea was my first crush. With all that went on in the world with terrorism and gun violence. An election that dehumanized us all.I just want this year gone.

I know next year doesn’t look to promising, but there are some things to look forward to. Twin Peaks is returning to Showtime this year! My favorite TV show of all time! Yes, I can’t wait. And I know there are some other Twin Peak fans out there… so “It’s happening again”.

Also my favorite book series “The Dark Tower” by Stephen King is finally hitting the big screen in 2017!  Oh man, I’m so excited about this!  I’m a Tower Junkie and I can’t wait for the world to see why!

Also we have a year of this blog to look forward to! That’s something, right? I know some of you don’t like that idea at all. Well, this is the last year of this blog, so you have that. And I mean it, Zero’s World will come to an end this year.

But I don’t want to think about that now. Now I just want to kick 2016 to the past. So raise a glass with me everyone and scream “REST IN PEACE 2016!”

Happy New Year Everyone! Well almost everyone. To the rest of you:


Top 10 Fuck Yous Of 2015


#1o. Fuck you Flukeyou! You are barely hanging in there. (I mean, really, where are you?)

#9. Fuck you Mysterymom7… I know you haven’t been around at all this year, but Dorothy keeps your shit so fresh that I just had to throw you in!

#8. Fuck you Susan Skipp… have you ever heard the analogy of jumping into a moving car?

#7. Fuck you Bill Windsor… give it up already!

#6. Fuck you Donald Trump…  two words you will one day come to understand… “too far”.

#5. Fuck You Dorothy… you always say and do just enough to stay in the top 5!

#4. Fuck you Fox News…  you border on treason in my book.

#3. Fuck you crazies with guns such as Robert Lewis Dear, Dylann Roof , James Junior Minter, and John Russell Houser.

#2. Fuck you Lakeisha N. Holloway… Fuck You, Fuck You, Fuck You!

#1. Fuck you Terrorist… both the jihadist ones like ISIS, Taliban, Boko Haram and all their followers including but definitely not limited to those behind the recent attacks in Paris and San Bernardino but also the ones who just feel they have the right to take lives of others and terrorize people around them because of some crazy idea in their head. I know this makes my top three really all the same. Duh, it is the third one of these things. Just think of it like the ten commandments.

Shake It Off


Any new Cicada stuff out there? I haven’t even looked. But it’s that time of year.

I saw Anonymous is getting involved with the fight against terrorism:

And The Illuminati is taking over everything:

I bring up these 3 groups, because with all that’s going on in the world, it would be nice if we had some heroes… even some anti-ones.

But we are so involved in the back-n-forth. Victories are just the lead in to the next fight. Everyone’s pointing the finger at their oppressor and shouting demon! Actually we moved on from that… we now are pointing fingers at our accusers and shouting demon!

Even I, as I teach by example, have gotten too caught up.

Time to shake it off…



Top 10 Fuck Yous Of 2014


#10. Fuck You Julia Fletcher… and all the other crazy enablers out there!

#9.  Fuck You Jen… get out of the shadows already or are you afraid of what we’ll see?

#8. Fuck You Missouri and all those racist, homophobic, jack-asses there that don’t realize that they are racist, homophobic, jack-asses. You know, people like Willy, Mark, and David Jr. (are all Juniors big-mouthed pricks?)

#7. Fuck You to The Tea Party… are you guys still around? Will some one please put a fork in them?

#6. Fuck You FOX News… do I really need to write anything else here?

#5. Fuck You to 3 clowns who still think they are Klowns… you know who you are.

#4. Fuck You Flukeyou… you moved down in the list because you really don’t matter much any more.

#3. Fuck You Dorothy… you moved up in the list because you are a cunt.

#2. Fuck You to The GOP… both of them!

#1. Fuck You North Korea and Kim Jong Un… you almost ruined my Christmas… almost!

The End Of The #2014FuckYouTour

Just because I make a few cute fatherly posts and wrote about my son, don’t think it’s gonna be all cat pics and kid posts in here. Yes, the #Fuckyoutour has come to an end and yes, we will be growing up a little here, after all this blog is no longer a freshman scrub! But it’s bound to get all sophomoric up in here from time to time. My 6th day of Christmas post on ZW’s FB should demonstrate that.

Also, I know a few of you out there have daddy issues… don’t go searching here for that father figure… I ain’t him.


There is still one day left of the tour though, so let’s listen to the song that inspired me to tell so many “Fuck You” this year. And as we do, remember back to them all, the racist homophobes in Missouri, White Power! I mean Pride… I mean… go fuck yourself! The anti gay sites on Facebook. Do you want to know what’s a sin? Your judgemental rants and beliefs that your God is best… go fuck yourself! The twits on Twitter who think it’s OK to Tweet their racist and homophobic garbage, but don’t want you to tell them Fuck You for it… go fuck yourself!

Yes, think back to all those fucktards that just don’t get it… EVERYONE has the right to happiness… ANYONE can be what ever they want to be… NO ONE has the right to oppress or pass judgement. Get over it and move on… or GO FUCK YOUSELF!








P.S. There will still be a 2014 Fuck Yous posted later, after all that’s an annual event here in Zero’s World! Or at least it will be…

Top 10 Fuck Yous Of 2013


#10. Fuck You to anyone who posted “Team Zimmerman” on social media.

#9. Fuck You to Klowns with big mouths.

#8. Fuck You to @RustleFriends and all their friends.

#7. Fuck You Paula Deen!

#6. Fuck You Dorothy Hill!

#5. Fuck You fake anons! You ruined a good thing.

#4. Fuck You to Florida including George Zimmerman, anyone who still suports “stand your ground”, the 3 M’s: Murt, MandamusSeven,  and Mysterymom7, Allyssa Pack,  Matthew Supran,  and all the other crazies down there. What is in the water?

#3. Fuck You Flukeyou!

#2. Fuck You Westboro Baptist Church!

#1. Fuck You Ariel Castro! Rot in hell!