Shake It Off


Any new Cicada stuff out there? I haven’t even looked. But it’s that time of year.

I saw Anonymous is getting involved with the fight against terrorism:

And The Illuminati is taking over everything:

I bring up these 3 groups, because with all that’s going on in the world, it would be nice if we had some heroes… even some anti-ones.

But we are so involved in the back-n-forth. Victories are just the lead in to the next fight. Everyone’s pointing the finger at their oppressor and shouting demon! Actually we moved on from that… we now are pointing fingers at our accusers and shouting demon!

Even I, as I teach by example, have gotten too caught up.

Time to shake it off…



I believe this blog has been hacked!

I have reasons to believe this blog has been hacked. I have contacted WordPress and this is the email I received from them:

We have looked into you’re WordPress account as per your request. It does seem that your account has compromised. We suggest that you delete this account and start a new one.

There was more but this was the gist of it.  So as of today… this blog will be gone.  Nice try, but only I get to control my world!

Click HERE for more info!