Trick Or Treat (Our Last Halloween)

I know, I’ve been gone for a while and a lot has been going on. Most of which I will get to in the next few posts. Right now I just wanted to pop in to wish everyone a Happy Halloween!

Most of you know that Halloween is my favorite Holiday. It’s been that way since I was a kid.  There are 3 points in my life that connected and made my love for this day grow to what it is now. Which some of you out there have criticized about.  I get it if you don’t get it, but here’s a little more insight at why there was only one Halloween I didn’t dress up and why this time of year is my favorite.

The first point would be 1979 to 1980. This year is probably one of the biggest and most life changing year of my childhood. I lived that year in New York. My dad had taken a job in Rochester, and we moved across the country. We actually drove from California to New York. The trip was a lot of fun, and there are many relatives that we stopped to see along the way that would be the last time I ever saw them. So this is a found memory up there in my noggin. When we got to New York, the house we were going to live in wasn’t ready yet and we stayed at a Holiday Inn. Also great memories. Spent most of the time there at the inside pool which had a big window where you could see the snow out side as you swam. Yes, all good times, but good times aren’t meant to last, The first decade of my life was coming to an end, that second one (the one where our childhood dies) was waiting, and it would be much different. And I would get my first taste of the changes that Halloween.

The house still wasn’t ready, but we couldn’t live in Holiday Inn for ever. So we had moved into a studio apartment in what I remember was not a very good neighborhood. Well, that’s what I was told. I don’t think I ever left that apartment to see much of the neighborhood. In fact when Halloween came around we did not even go trick or treating. This was devastating to the little 8 year old me. Thinking about that apartment now, it was like a weird prison where the only good things I can remember about it were my dad’s grill cheese and tomato soup and watching SOAP with my mom on our little TV. But what I will always remember most about the time I did in that apartment, is no trick or treating.

Some might say this stunted my growth a little bit and it is why I have never not dressed up on Halloween since then. Maybe you are even right. But this isn’t the point where Halloween became my favorite. That would be the following year. By then my family had moved back to California, Well not all of us. My parents were getting a divorce and my dad still lived in New York. Yes a lot to unpack there, but not at this time, that’s a Christmas story.

Anyways, October, 1980, back in California and my mom out of the blue took my sister and me to Knott’s Berry Farm. What a great day that was. It closed early because they did this thing at night called a haunt. Didn’t know what it was but it meant some of the rides had Halloween props and the whole park was done up for Halloween. Man, we had such a great time that day. And then as we were leaving the park, some of the haunt’s actors were arriving. They had costumes and I was just mesmerized by them. A couple of them that were dressed as witches gave out a cackle  as they passed us, scaring my sister a little. But I was in awe. This meant something. It was a feeling of destiny of some sort. A longing. It was magical.

So that’s point one in my life where this whole thing got set in motion. The next would come the following year. My first year trick or treating with out an adult.

1981, I was in 5th grade and that second decade of life was now in full swing. A lot had changed from 8 to 10. Not only in me, but in the whole world around me. In the mist of all these changes was one of the greatest Halloween’s ever. Definitely the best night of trick or treating ever!

Some of you long time readers might remember Jeremy. I mentioned him in a post. He was my best friend at the time. That Halloween we had planned on trick or treating together. My mom had to work that night, so my sister and I were gonna go trick or treating with Jeremy’s family. At the time I had just started watching Marx Brother movies. I loved the Marx Brothers, still do. So at the time i came up with the idea that Jeremy, my sister, and I should go as The Marx Brothers. My favorite was Harpo, so I chose Harpo. Jeremy would be Groucho, and my sister would be Chico. I remember my mom helping us find all we needed for our costumes. I had this big blond curly wig and of course a horn, which I honked all night long.

This great night almost ended before it began, because at the last minute, Jeremy’s mom decided to take Jeremy to trick or treat at his grandma’s. We were losing our Groucho. But even worse, we would probably have to go trick or treating with my grandma, which was just gonna change everything. Most of my friends would be going by themselves, but I knew that wasn’t gonna happen for us… or was it?

It was simple really. The plan had been for my sister and I to walk over to Jeremy’s house. Why did it have to change. My mom went to work, we told my grandma we were going to meet Jeremy, and my sister and I set out on one of the greatest adventures ever!

Without our Groucho, most people didn’t know who my sister and I were supposed to be. Some thought we were used car sales men. One girl from my class said, “I should have known you’d dress up as a girl”. What? Fair comment, yes, but I was Harpo Marx! I just kept honking my horn at people. I would also hold out my hand to shake hands and instead they would get my leg…. some figured it out.

We would some times join friends and other times it was just me and my sister quickly filling our large pillow cases. It was such a glorious night. Every house was decorated. Several with garages set up like haunted houses. We went out of our group of neighborhoods, venturing way further than our mom would have been comfortable with. But we didn’t care. We were having the time of our lives.

Sometime after midnight (which was just so freaking awesome to be roaming the streets alone hopped up on sugar) when there wasn’t much of anyone else out, we headed home. The pillow cases were overfull and almost difficult to carry, almost. I remember hitting a few more houses along the way and seeing a group of kids I went to school with we had hooked up with earlier in the night. They too looked as if they had the time of their lives. That moment will always be etched in my memory. It was pure joy.

My mom and grandma never found out. In fact we stopped at my grandma’s house to trick or treat early on that night, making up some excuse for having broke away from Jeremy and his mom, and a picture was taken of me and my sister, without our Groucho:

marx bros halloween

It was one of the best nights ever, and Halloween would be my favorite holiday from then on.

Point 3 would come 5 years later.

1986, I was 15 and a freshman in high school. In 3rd period, which was my favorite class, Drama, some people came by to see if any of us were interested in working in a haunt they were building for that Halloween season. By then I knew what a haunt was and jumped at the chance.

It was my first job. I was paid to dress up and scare people. And I was good at it. Every night the owners would pick the scariest, I won most of the times. And this was against much older, experienced actors. I made it my goal to scare everyone who came through. That included friends from school, family, and just about everyone I knew.

I had so much fun and at the end I got a paycheck. That was it. I knew this would be a big part of my life.

Here we are, many, many years later, and it is still a big part of my life. For the past 11 years I have worked at one of the top haunts in the world. My family joins me every year in the magic, and I get to keep a good part of my life going. Memories that join together to become something more than just memories. I dare say purpose… but I will settle for what ever it is, because I love it.

Which reminds me, I gotta get going. There is still 1 more night left of Dome and I gotta get my scare on.




Before We Go On

This blog is very organic… I blog about what ever is on my mind (that is not always easy to decipher since so much is on my mind lately), what ever is going on in my life, my blogs, and the world in which we all live. It can jump around or get very fixated. It can even go silent when I come to an empty page and decide once again not to write anything. That doesn’t mean I don’t come to it, don’t deal with emails and private messages about it, or not chase the internet on subjects I should be writing about. It’s just when I come to the actual part of putting it all into words lately, I’m already exhausted and just can’t bring myself to separate my thoughts on one idea long enough to type them down.

This has happened before… so much going on around me that I just need a break from the blog… maybe even the internet… the thing is this time I had a break, my haunt season break, I should be ready to go and I am… but there is just so much going on and I have so many different ideas about what I need to blog about (a big part of me feels this blog is slowly becoming another “Red & Black” Prophet Blog, and I have mixed feelings about that. I stopped that blog with good reasons, and going back to it may not even be possible after the places we have gone since then) and posts are getting left in the “Post Graveyard” or worse yet, left in my head to be forgotten or resurfaced depending on this organic blog.

This blog centers around 3 things most of the time… my personal life and it’s experiences, the internet and how it affects that personal life (both of these deal with the world around us, such as the Arts, Politics, and Religion and how they affect the personal and internet life and how the personal and internet life affect them), and third the crazies I have encountered while blogging about the first 2. I try to stay balanced, but sometimes we get stuck. Which is ok, but I don’t like getting stuck on nothing, and that is where I am.

It’s not hard to understand why I’m stuck. I just spent a lot of time away from the blog. And as most of you know I spent most of my free time over the last few months with one of the top haunts in the world: FRIGHT DOME! (shameless plug, but it’s true) I had totally planned on blogging about this season a little more and not staying away for so long. And this season was full of ups and downs that would have been great to blog about and many posts were in my head ready to write down. But whenever I decide to start a personal blog I have to think about that third thing I mentioned above. The crazies I have blogged about like to use all that personal stuff to whatever craziness they can come up with in their crazy heads. Most of you will remember the private messages between Kate and Dorothy that I posted about a year ago (remember the super bowl party?), but there was much more to that conversation. At one point Dorothy writes about how she looks at all the Facebook’s of people connected to zero (me), mostly haunt people or people into haunts. She calls them devil worshipers and even says something about someone’s wife… something about their looks, as in they were not pretty. Shallow stuff we come to know from the Dorothy team, but we also know these nuts are dangerous with the things they say, so after seeing first hand how Dorothy looks into people around me, and not knowing how many crazy people she talks to, nor how many of these crazies and the other crazies we know are discussing my personal information and people who may or may not know me, I have to pause and think real hard if I even want to make a post discussing friends, family, and personal experiences.

So yes, I wanted to blog about the things that happened this season. I broke my foot, the cast of Big Brother came through, the 13th season had so much triumph and turbulence, I was excited about telling some of the stories. But each time I’d think about Dorothy and that ever-growing nut gallery and wonder if I should put so much personal stuff out there, I mean there’s already enough and there’s always some new nut and I’m bound to write something they won’t like and, well as much as I want to write about my haunt season, I just keep deciding to put each post off till it’s already the middle of November and I really should just move on.

Some may say, hey that’s not fair, you don’t mind posting about these crazy people, but won’t put your own personal stories up. Good argument if it were true. But it’s not. I post all sorts of personal posts. I’m not afraid for people to know my stuff, it’s just the people around me who have no idea what is going on in this blog or who these crazies even are that I second guess my posts for. And plus like I’ve said before, the stuff I post about is usually already out there or what people have been putting out there for years. But some people will never see it that way and therefore I post less and less personal stuff. So I guess no haunt stories. Maybe another time.

Though I have to say this about the haunts I have worked for, and this goes out to Dorothy, Cristin, and anyone else who has a misconception of people who work at haunts. Yes, most are into Halloween and/or horror movies, that’s a given. But you might want to think twice before you judge them. Half of them are newly highschool graduates starting college or heading out into the world for the first time, and the haunt is their first job experience. There are also quite a bit of school teachers and veterans. People living with disabilities and those who have survived cancer, yea I have worked with a lot of cancer survivors over the years, whose stories of survival would humble most reading here (crazies with the victim psychosis not included). I’ve been doing Fright Dome since 2007 and I have had the pleasure to work with some truly amazing people, so while I am protective of not mentioning it at all so the likes of Dot and Nan Nan don’t do their evil on good people, I have to point out that they are good people, whose shoes you have not walked in. (SHOES! Dropping, walking, the shoes are there, red ones and all!)

Another catch 22… or contradicting riddle. Don’t want to talk about my personal life as to not give the crazies things to distort and yet the need to correct any distortions. Such is life, both the real one and the internet one.

Before we leave the subject of the haunt, I need to post a couple of pictures of my new characters this season:

patient zero2b Patient Zero

zero da klown1 Zero Da Klown

Some more of that #WorldsCollide with zero’s world making its way further into the haunt world… but here is where we must leave it for now… the haunt is over.

Fine, easy enough, skip all of that. There was plenty of things going on in the world around us that I had no problem coming up with what to blog about. And after the tragic events in Paris on Friday the 13th my television has been on the news night and day and there has been so many things to blog about such as terrorism in general and how it is affecting us. When does crazy become evil? Will our government lost in politics and the upcoming presidential election lead us into the eye of that craziness and  a “Holy War”? Are we now making decisions out of fear? Are refugees and others coming into our country dangerous? Should there be a coalition with Russia? Do we need troops on the ground? Should POTUS just say the words “Islamic Extremist”? When did The President Of The United States become POTUS?”

Discussion is good and we do need it. But real change in all these maters are no where in sight. Politics, Religion and the quest for land and power is a greedy trip that is way too imbedded into what we are. All we can really do is say thoughts and prayers are with the families of the victims and hope someday it wont be like this. And I have that hope. But I don’t see that journey all sunny days and lemon aide.

So blogging about it does bring me down a little I guess, and I tend to back out of such posts. After all I don’t have the answers needed to such topics.

Still as I said, discussion is needed and I’m sure there will be much more discussed here, on this blog, on all of this. After all we are going into a presidential election year.

Before we move on there is one part of the sad world of current events that I don’t want to skip over and loose it forever.

That is the subject of Anonymous getting involved with ISIL, or if your politics prefer ISIS:

When I first saw this on the news I went searching the web.

I was really wanting to quickly post about it. I have a tendency to let Anonymous related posts get unfinished. This is mainly because I just don’t know what they do half the time. I’ve said before, I want to believe in them, that what they do helps, but I can’t help but wonder, do they make things better or worse?

And before I could post about them getting involved, that question was again raised in things that followed.

First Anonymous seemed to live up to their word helping by exposing and having deleted, ISIL/ISIS Twitter accounts:

That’s good, but then this happened:

It seems Anonymous has discovered where ISIL/ISIS will attack next and reported it to the worlds leaders and governments, but don’t feel, they (leaders and governments) are doing anything about it so, they (Anonymous) had to make these targets known to the world via the internet.

That day is today, Sunday, November 22, 2015, and they put up quite a bit of targets.

Before we can even discus if this is the right thing to do or if it helps spread more fear. Before we can ask what our leaders and governments should be doing to check on these and other recently posted fear propaganda declaring more attacks are coming. You get this:

anonymous twitter

You might have seen this in the above posts… yep, Anonymous denies the earlier Anonymous tweets. That’s the problem when any one in a Guy Fawkes mask can be Anonymous, and I believe I have said this before.

So do they hurt or help? Whoa, how did I get here? Not where I was heading and I probably shouldn’t be poking at the vast Anonymous army of delinquents right now. But before I can even finish any thoughts on Anonymous’ affect in the fight against ISIL/ISIS something new comes into the picture:

GSG tweet

Wait, who is Ghost Security Group?

Well, I went searching/chasing the internet last night and today and it seems there is a new group in town:

Wow, Anonymous Vs. Ghost Security Group… sounds like a long forgotten post of mine called Anonymous Vs. The Illuminati. This was after the Malaysian Airlines MH370 crash/disappearance and I had come across this on YouTube:

Here’s some other links from that lost post:

That last one is a doozy!

I never finished the post, because as usual, I didn’t see anything come of what Anonymous was proposing. Still asking, do they help or hurt?

But my questions about groups like The Illuminati, Anonymous, CICADA 3310, and now a new one for me, Ghost Security Group are matched with my hopes one of them is the super hero they claim to be… man, we could use a super hero right now. Plenty of people ready to step up and try to be the villains, we know that.

I will be keeping my eye on this Ghost Security Group, a smaller Anonymous, with more purpose than CICADA, and not fake like The Illuminati… yes, I’m intrigued once again.

Well, we can check off


as well.

That’s both this years hashtags in one post. Good, gotta get them in there as much as possible, the year is almost over and other hashtags await.

And that’s where we will leave the Politics and Religion darkening the world as we speak. Too much conflicting ideas there, all waiting to contradict. Some of you know there are C words I have a problem with… and some I don’t…

Which brings us back to that third thing… the crazies… (were you thinking of another c word?) Yes, if I am to escape the craziness of the world for the moment, what better place than the crazies that  keep me from more personal posts? They are still out there, and a few new ones have crept into the comments and emails lately. I’ve stayed away long enough, no?

Let’s get started!

Black Carpet

So, back when I first started exchanging emails and messages with some of the people I let out some personal info. This was back when I was only known as Zero nobody knew who zero was. I should have been quiet, but I just have such a big mouth.

I mentioned to MM7 first about me working at a local haunt here in Las Vegas. She would eventually use that information to find out my name and chased down my whole family on Facebook. She also shared info about me with Dorothy who would take the info about my haunt life and use it to slander many people who share the love for haunt season with me.

I next told Jen about my haunt character (for you slow ones I am The Stranger). Jen actually knew someone who worked with me at the haunt years ago. But Jen would use the info to go digging up my YouTube stuff and then pass them on to others accusing me of creating my LISK blog to self promote.

What a witch, scratch that w add the b.

So I went a long time blogging, never mentioning haunt season and why I love it so much. Not wanting my haunt life and friends exposed to the gallery of nuts that have become a large part of the readership of my blogs.

Well I’m done worrying about the nuts and their thoughts on my haunt life or their wonders of why I blog (even though I have explained why I blog over and over again).

For those of you that don’t know what a haunt is or what haunt season is all about… it’s the art of putting up and acting in haunted house/mazes. I worked at my first haunt when I was 15, but I’ll blog about that another day.

I grew up with Knott’s Scary Farm, and Halloween has always been my favorite Holliday, there are less than a handful of times where I didn’t dress up for Halloween my entire 4 decades on this earth. As some would say, it’s in my blood.

So in 2007 when the chance came for me to work at one of the top ranked haunts in the world I joined the Fright Dome family. For those of you who still don’t know what Fright Dome is, check out the website:

No that’s’ not me in the video, but if you search enough Fright Dome videos you are bound to see me.

Now I know most of you already know this about me, many of you have seen my picture in gear (gear is what a haunter’s costume is called), in fact Linda visited Las Vegas last year and got to meet the Stranger personally (again, The Stranger is me).

I’m bringing this all up for 3 reasons (would you expect anything else).

1st: Hmmmm… hero of the stupid seems to think I’m just some gossip blogger without a life… trust me, that is the furthest from the truth. My life is almost too full… it takes a lot to get it all done.

2nd: I wanted to show everyone what it is that keeps me so busy during this time of the season and away from the blog for so long.

And 3rd: Tonight is the night where all the hard work that’s been going into it all finally pays off… it is Opening Night!

And Fright Dome starts the season of with black carpet! It’s a media blitz with celebrities and many of my scary friends! And yes I will be on that black carpet tonight. Hmmmm… I wonder what my haters are all up to tonight.

Me, I’ll be having a great time at one of the top haunts in the world!

Oh and to save you some time looking for Fright Dome videos with me in them, here’s a clip of Black Carpet from 10-3-13 :

Did you see me? (and no Hmmmm… I’m not a clown!)

Well there you have it. My free time for the last few months had been very limited. I’ve been busy helping get one of the top haunts in the world ready for its 13th season.

And now it’s time for the fun part!