Bye Bye Bobo

So… whenever I mention Bobo it’s usually a set up for some inside jokes. You see Bobo is an inside joke I share with Jen. Don’t we Jen? Nothing really important, but it is there. You know Jen, your name keeps coming up lately, lots of people asking, “who is Jen?”

And then just the other day, someone who does know you, brought you up in a question she asked me. It was at a LISK site, I won’t say which, it has enough problems with crazies. But someone asked me about spoof phone calls and mentioned your name. I wanted to answer it, but at the moment it would interfere with something I’m working on. Though, I’m sure you will be happy to know, you are thought of when the subject of “spoofed phone calls” comes up.

Alright, that’s enough setting up this inside joke, on with Bobo!

So most of you know I’m almost a Howard Stern Super Fan. I say almost, because I do not pay for the show and hardly listen to it any more. I know, doesn’t sound like much of a fan at all. But you see, I’m such a fan, that if I had the show at home I would be obsessed (Yes Dorothy we know how zero obsesses on things).I wouldn’t have much time for anything that isn’t Howard Stern. This blog would be called  “Stern World”. It’s already hard enough just staying off of all their social media. So I don’t catch it too often… but I do catch it. Usually when I rent a car and drive to California, which I did last week.

Last month I had caught stuff on Bobo stealing a joke from Fox News’ Greg Gutfeld. Yep, Bobo watches “Red Eye” (so do I, though I admit since the election I don’t watch Fox much, it’s just not funny any more). Read here to see the story:

So last week I caught 2 days of the show:

And Bobo’s fate was decided. He had to write an essay and it would be graded by a teacher. If he failed he was off the show for 3 months (yes 3 months) and he lost the name Bobo. If he got a D he was off the show for a couple of weeks and lost his Bobo name. If he got a C, off the show for a couple of weeks. B and nothing happened, A and he would be crowned super fan.


He got a D.

D minus to be exact. Which means no more Bobo. He loses his name! If Howard stands by this, that means no more Bobo posts! Damn. I like mentioning Bobo, not only as a nod to Jen, but I love everything Howard Stern!  Alright now to get to the best part. The part of the show that had me cracking up in my car when I heard it:

A 750-word essay is by no means unreasonable for a fifth grader to complete. Alexandria told Howard she once assigned her students a five-page paper on morality after the class read the book “Inherent the Wind.” Bobo never read that book but he did remember reading “To Catch a Mockingbird.”

“You are priceless,” Howard said. “You are a gem, Bobo.” And with that, Bobo was off to put pen to paper and write his essay.

Yes, Bobo is a gem, and as sad as I am that this may be my last Bobo post. The inside joke it sets up is also priceless. Thank you Bobo.

Dying Heroes

The track above comes from a Nikki Sixx solo project called 58. The song is called All My Heroes Are Dead Now. The album is called Diet For A New America. It came out in 2000. Don’t feel bad if you never heard of it, most people haven’t, which is too bad, because it is quite a remarkable album. Different from most of the stuff out 16 years ago, even different from most of the stuff out today. The album was way ahead of its time, and still is in my opinion. Please check it out, you won’t be disappointed.

When I first heard this song back at the turn of the century, the impact of what it was saying hit deep. It wasn’t a new concept of course.  People have been singing about losing their heroes long before I came to be. It’s a part of life that can’t be skipped unless you leave early or choose not to have heroes. Both ideas are very sad to me.

I have been lucky enough to both to have lived a little while and to have many, many heroes. I’ve use the word lucky a lot lately… I definitely feel I have lived a lucky life… I also feel lucky is just another word for blessed. And in this world of contradictions, being blessed is also being cursed. I know, that doesn’t sound right, but it’s true.

Back when I first heard the song I was quite a bit younger than I am today, (duh, 16 years younger) and it made me think of my lost heroes like John Lennon, Sid Vicious, and Kurt Cobain. But to be honest, other than Kurt most of my dead heroes were dead before they were heroes and Kurt was a quick flash, in and out, still very influential to me and his death was a shock and left its hole, but again it was all so quick. Also, with these heroes (John, Sid, and Kurt) their deaths were part of the whole romance, part of the story, part of the hero. Sorry words can’t help me get to what I’m trying to say, but  I know most of you get it.

I never want to claim to know what a writer of a song is trying to say, but I definitely don’t mind talking about what the songs say to me. And in this song, I knew that there might come a day when I would feel all my heroes were gone, the blessings of the curse.

I turned 45 the other day. I know most who read here are a little older than me and hate when I talk about how OLD I’m getting. I know, I know, I’m still really young… but I can’t help it, I feel my age. If it’s any consolation, as I’ve pointed out before, I’ve lived a very excessive life, and therefore I don’t just feel my age, but the life I lived as well, and damn it, I feel old.

Regardless, 16 years later (older), and the first of my heroes (the ones who have been there from the beginning and make you feel like they will be there forever) is dead. And I won’t lie, I’m not ready for it. And I’m not taking the news of David Bowie’s death well. Even after a week it’s still sitting very heavy on all my thoughts. I’ve been playing all my Bowie records all week remembering all the years his music was there for me, after all it’s been there my whole life. I really haven’t been doing too much else this week. Haven’t checked any social media or the blogs (and I see I’ve missed a few things, but we shall get to ALL of that in good time). I plan to write a more detailed memorial for David Bowie soon, when I can deal with this loss clearer. For now I’ll end this post with how last weekend crashed into my life, like a diesel truck hauling nitro glycerine.

I had spent Saturday January 9th, 2016 listening to Howard Stern and catching up. I hadn’t listened in a few months. I was devastated hearing of Riley Martin passing away recently:

Riley Martin Dead: ‘Howard Stern Show’ Regular & Alien Expert Dies At 69

Damn, I loved Riley Martin. His death saddened me even if I wasn’t too surprised by the news. Howard had often said Riley did not seem to be doing well, and since there had been a couple other Howard Stern show deaths this year, mentioned in this earlier post:

I had thought that a third death was imminent, and that it would probably be Riley. So I was not surprised, but still very sad from the news.

Later that night I thought about making a post about the things discussed on Howard Stern that day and thinking about Riley. And then I thought about how Natalie Cole and Lemmy Kilmister from Motorhead had both recently died. The 58 song came back to me. These were heroes to people, lots of people. Their deaths were more than just deaths, they were the loss of heroes.

Now some of you may doubt this part, but this is what happened and you can check television listings for that Saturday night if you don’t believe me. I was sitting there thinking about dying heroes and the 58 song and a David Bowie documentary came on the T.V. It was called David Bowie: 5 Years. I had never seen it before, and it was so good and brought me to some great memories I have that go along with all those Bowie songs discussed in the documentary. It was cheering me up and then the drastic thought came to me.

The song tells the truth, my heroes will all be dead one day.

Not David Bowie though, I told myself as “Diamond Dogs” played on my T.V. I couldn’t even let the thought form completely. I still hadn’t seen a David Bowie show, surely David wasn’t going anywhere till I saw him live. But something dark nudged at my soul. Still I would not let the thought finish in my head. It was just too much to wrap my head around.

Until the next day when I was forced to finish the thought.

I had just come to the blog and was deciding if I would write about Howard Stern or the many other things in my head begging to be worked into posts, the television was on,  news (as usual) and they announced that David Bowie had died.

I just looked at the screen at first not believing it, it was a trick of some kind. I looked at my wife who immediately teared up, she was seeing what I was seeing.

I cried out. “No…”

My wife said that she had woken up last night saw I was watching something about David Bowie and she had thought that she would really like to see him live again (Sassy was lucky (blessed) enough to see David Bowie live with Nine Inch Nails), I told her I had been thinking how great it would be for us to go see him live together. Then we both had tears running down our faces.

I turned off the computer, no longer in the mood to write a post and put on my copy of Ziggy Stardust And The Spiders From Mars.

And that’s where I’ve been the whole week, lost in my Bowie records, felling my age, mourning the loss of my hero.

Howard Stern Vs Madonna

I’ve been listening to Howard quite a bit lately and was lucky enough to hear 3 of the greatest interviews done on the show or anywhere else. The first one was with Gwyneth Paltrow, the second was with Conan O’ Brien, and the third was just the other day with Madonna. I want to talk a little bit about that interview, but first have to mention the loss of both my favorite Wack Packer and my favorite Super Fan.

Eric “The Actor” passed away last fall, he had become my favorite wack packer on the show and his constant threats of never calling back in were some of the funniest stuff on the newer years. I laughed my ass off when Eric was on the show and will miss him dearly as I’m sure many others will as well.

Last week, co-creator of The Simpsons and Howard Stern Super Fan, Sam Simon died after a long fight with cancer. If you don’t know who Sam Simon is, google him and read about him, the man was an inspiration and will also be missed by so many people.

I had just heard Sam on the HS Wrap Up Show, joking about how he should have been dead long ago and had hoped he would keep on defying the odds.

Their deaths are a loss to the show, a loss to the world, and a loss to all who knew and loved them.

Now on to the Madonna interview…

The interview aired twice, once in the afternoon last Wednesday and again in the morning on Thursday. I listened to it the first day and it was a strange day on Howard all around. Everyone was out of whack due to starting the show so late in the day… and most of the show just seemed to be waiting for that moment for Madonna to arrive… lots of music played before coming back from commercials made the whole show seem to just float on by with not much going on, as if everyone was just waiting for Madonna. And they were.

Which remember, I’m an 80’s kid… perhaps, THE 80’s kid… so I got it, I listened in and waited myself.

Howard played some songs off the new Madonna album to get ready, and in fact seemed to genuinely like the album, from what I heard, I did too.

I’m not gonna get too much into the interview, there are places to read all that kind of stuff and really, just go listen to the interview, as well as the Conan one, man, that was a great interview… there are places to hear them, right? Plus I’m guessing most of my readers are Howard listeners, so no need to go over the interview too much other than to say they needed more time! I mean this was 20 years in the making and only scratched the surface of what they could have talked about.

Howard himself knew this, and had said early on in the show, that no mater how much time they had it would not be enough, he had so much he wanted to talk to her about.

They ended up with about an hour and a half and most of it was good stuff, but remember this is Howard and Madonna, the King and Queen of all medias coming together for the first time.  They took some feeling out time, and as interesting as it was to see (hear) them be coy and skirt around each other, there was lots of stuff to get to!

But they had to feel each other out… and the interview was very much the 2 of them feeling each other out… both giving a little at times, taking at others, back n forth (in a good way) slowly getting through to a very engaging interview. Just not enough time to get to it all.

Which reminds me, when Madonna finally got there, they had microphone problems. Normally I love when this happens, I should have been cracking up as Scott and Gary stumbled over getting a mic up and working, but I just yelled at the radio, “Damn it, there’s not enough time for this shit!”


In the end both Howard and Madonna delivered. And when the time came for Madonna to go, Garry coming in to ask if they could go to commercial so they could get pictures as Howard tried to close out the show with a Madonna song and get to the off air meet and greet, was just more of how the whole show was just about Madonna and everything else on it was back ground noise.

A rare and fun Howard Stern show.


I hope everyone had a good New Years! Let’s get this year started! #2014FuckYouTour is done and as promised, 2015 will have “worlds colliding”.

Ordered and watched “The Interview”  on New Years Eve (last night). Over all, it was funny. A full review will be up this weekend. But guess what, Eminem is in the opening scene. Gotta love that. Which reminds me, when I made the Howard Stern post I totally forgot Eminem was mentioned on the show that day. They played a game where Howard played songs and Robin guessed if the song was actually used in torture on our captured terrorist prisoners, and turns out Eminem was. Interesting, I will have to research this. I bet you’d all love to hear what songs made the torture “Hits” list.

I also did some internet reading last night. Read at both Bill W.’s Facebook and the Joey Blog. That shit is coming to a head real quick. And it is fascinating to see how it is all playing out. Is Bill really on the run? And are some more of his Lawless America on the run from him? Damn, it’s getting sooo good! Very entertaining!

I also read on Nancy’s Facebook… sadly it is also all coming undone there. And the outcome will not be pretty. I truly feel for her, but can’t return there. I shouldn’t even be mentioning this. But it is not entertaining to watch… no, it hurts my soul… and that’s the truth.

I did some Twitter reading… some Websleuths reading. As usual I just let one thing lead me to the next… it’s amazing how all these worlds will connect before your eyes when you just go with it. Dangerous, yes, we know this from others’ experiences… but don’t worry I’m approaching it all with caution.

Still, take it from me, colliding worlds can cause friction and sometimes the destruction of entire worlds. I’ve seen it happen before.

But it can’t be stopped… nor would I want to try. I’m ready to see them all come crashing together!

dph neighbor

The Howard Stern Show 12-17-14

As I said, I took the day off from the internet yesterday, the day the world changed. Decided to take a trip to my home away from home… California. You see, I may live in the desert… but I was born on the beach… and it is the beach I must return to every so often to rejuvenate myself.

One of the pluses of going to Cali is that I usually have Sirius radio in the rental car… which means Howard Stern!

Ahhh, The Zeros… yes I have that CD. lol.

So yesterday was the last show before it’s winter vacation, and I was in for a treat! So many things I have been discussing here were discussed on the show.  Howard took a moment to talk seriously about racism in America, and I’ll bring that up in The Ferguson post which I will hopefully work on this weekend and get “PUBLISHED” by Sunday or Monday, though I do need to get to some Christmas shopping eventually.

Most of the show was spent discussing The Daily News and an article that was posted there about Howard:

As you could guess, having his face next to the burning towers with the word “IDIOT” in huge letters right next to it, did not sit right with The King Of All Media. He was pissed. And with good reason, because it turns out this was not even the report the 2 writers turned in, an unnamed editor decided to rewrite the story and take a potshot at Howard and sell some papers as well.

Let’s back track… Seth Rogen and James Franco had been on the show (wish I had heard that one) and they of course discussed the Sony hack and all the controversy surrounding their upcoming film. Howard called it a terrorist attack and said that he felt the news agencies should refrain from using anything from the hack, such as stolen emails, in news stories. And let’s face it, he’s right. As much fun it was to see hollywood exposed a little, people lost jobs, social security numbers were posted, the whole thing was messed up. Entertaining, but messed up.

Now this is before the threats of a “911” attack on movie goers… but with hindsight, the newspaper’s story of the 911 comparison kind of comes back to kick them in the ass, no?

Alright so Howard gives his opinion on the cyber hacks and The Daily News calls him an idiot. Something any listener could tell you is a sore spot, Howard’s dad often yelled “You idiot!” at him when he was a kid… plus mocking Howard on his feelings about 911, well let’s go back to 911.

I was on my way to work, back then I was a manager for a record store… Howard Stern was still on the regular radio and I listened to him  every morning on my way to work and at work. The show was usually on a west coast 3 hour delay, but that morning it cut in to the live feed. A plane had just flown into one of the Towers. I thought it was a goof, and started switching radio stations. As I said, I was in my car, so I looked into the sky, normally in Vegas there are lots of planes in the sky at any moment, flying over the Valley towards McCarrran Airport… but to my shock, there was not a plane in the sky. It was very eerie. It was real!

I arrived at work… my assistant was there, (also a Stern fan, so he too was listening to the radio show) the look in his eyes was terrible. I remember I yelled out, “We’re, under attack. we’re under fucking attack!”

Using the stores landline I called home (back then I did not have a cell phone yet, or I’m sure it would have been a call from my wife to tell me the news) my wife was in tears when she answered, the second plane had hit by this point and she watched it happen. She told me planes were still missing and she wants me to come home. So I closed up shop and headed home… throughout all of this, The Howard Stern show was playing in the background. And as anyone who was listening that day could tell you, Howard helped get us all through it… and I know that goes much deeper for New Yorkers. Howard and everyone at the Howard Stern Show handled the catastrophe with heart and genuine felling. As I said they got their listeners through one of the worst days of their lives.

So to mock Howard and call him an idiot, on 911 issues, yea, not fair, not right, and not very smart.

Howard, from his own words, was a mess all day and couldn’t sleep that night. So yes, it was the main topic of the show yesterday. But it goes on, because it turns out, the story printed in the paper was not the story the 2 writers had turned in. It seems that an editor got a hold of the story and changed it to make it about Howard Stern… a vendetta maybe? Any Stern fan can tell you that this is not the first time that something like this has happened to The Stern Show, throughout all its existence, reporters and uptight busy bodies (Jen, you reading? For some reason, that sentence made me think of you) who don’t even listen to the show and definitely didn’t understand it have to open their big mouths to try to swat down at what they believe is a very mean guy… I can totally relate. But this time, maybe they just went too far.

In fact after finding out that it wasn’t even the story the writers turned in, but that an editor rewrote it to get at Howard or to use him to sell papers, Howard was even more upset. He told how he talked to his shrink about it all, and they said, well of course your pissed, what this editor did was wrong and would upset anyone.

And now with the latest “911” like threats, Howard and others on the show, and many listening as well I bet, felt the paper owed a retraction and an apology. Still waiting to see if that happens.

After listening to the show, I of course heard that the movie would not be released, and damn if that didn’t just put it all in to a greater prospective. Howard was and is right. This was a terrorist attack… and it was a succesful one.

We will be dealing with this story quite a bit as I mentioned in the previous post. This is unbelievable, when someone doesn’t like something someone does now, you better believe they will just threaten a “911” attack, because they see now how it scares us into submission… they see now just how well 911 worked… I mean we are so scared we canceled a block buster movie… that’s so far away from what America stands for… and they see it! So more 911 threats will follow and when we do not listen to them (which I’m sure we will have to do on the next one, defiance will have to be made, I mean just look at the backlash Sony is getting for caving… no, the next one, we will flip our middle fingers at them and march on) maybe they will think well, maybe we  need another 911, to remind them (us) of how scared it makes everyone. Trapped in circles!

Alright moving on…

The other main focus of the day was the show’s “Secret Santa”. They had made a $50 limit on presents, and Scott The Engineer had given someone a $25 dollar gift card. He did not hear the end of it… even on the Wrap Up Show, this was the main discussion. LMAO! Loved it!

Another highlight of the show was the vote on who was the most annoying caller on the show. And when I heard the top three candidates, Marilyn from Brooklyn (I wonder if she knows Candyce), King of All Blacks, and Bobo the clown, I already knew the winner… or is it loser. Call it serendipity, since we all know that’s what I call it, lol, or just call it psychic mambo jumbo, but I knew… we both know, don’t we Jen (you can’t get any more inside for a joke). Bobo!

Poor Bobo, he did not take it very well. LOL.

My favorite moment has got to be when David Arquette called in to explain why the whole “idiot” thing was bothering Howard (which I already mentioned). David told Howard pretty much that people are gonna hate, people are gonna call you stupid, but you just gotta love yourself brother, because others do and for good reasons… it was a beautiful moment…  David is so funny, some may think he’s lost it, but I love that guy, he get’s what the rest of us are fighting with. Or maybe he just is trying to hard to become part of the “Wack Pack”, either way, I love that guy.

There was so much more in the show, Nicole Bass agreeing to come back after the break and show Howard, Robin, Fred, and possibly Garry her vagina. We found out all the many objects Ass Napkin Ed has had sex with. And on the Leiberman Show we got to hear from some of the “Wack Pack” on their views of Cops wearing cameras and the Presidents change on stance with Cuba. Made me think of our own little “Waco Packo” here at Zero’s World!

It was a great show, and made me once again question myself. I am a huge fan of the show, why don’t I get Sirius Radio already? But if I have it all the time, I would do nothing else… or at least it would be hard to… and I already have that problem with other things (hint, hint) so although I miss it and love when I get the chance to spend the day (and night) listening to Howard 100 & 101 (switching back-n-forth between the 2 channels for hours and hours) the highlight of my day was not the Howard Stern Show… after all that was just the trip, and yes the trip is always half the fun… but the destination is what it’s all about, at least this trip it was…

and standing there with my arms around my wife, with the wind blowing against us, watching the dark Pacific crash on the beach, the last light of day going, going, gone… I was at my destination, for a moment at least. And although I knew the world had changed today… I could feel peace for that moment… clear my head of it all… listen to the waves. Get lost in that moment.

Come full circle… before heading back around… for another ride.

25 Days Of Christmas: Day Eighteen

So, as I mentioned, I took the day off from the internet yesterday, listened to some Howard Stern… next post will be all about my day and the show… so to get us all in the mood here’s some Christmas songs from the Howard Stern Show.

Sorry, I didn’t have time to chase down lyrics for all of these… this is for the Stern fans. Bababooey!

Crack Head Nan Nan

So it’s hard for some of you to move on… I get it, I do. But I am moving on for now. Besides, Nancy is the only one dumb enough to still be posting comments with any  type of agenda at the moment… and due to her crack head like mentality,  I just can’t understand what that agenda is any more. I mean does anyone know what Nan Nan is saying half the time?

crack head nan nan

She’s going off about my red shoes again… which we all know comes from Dorothy, she was the one who noticed them in the Valentines Day Video. I have worn the shoes 2 more times, and there are pictures and video of both occasions I wore them at, so maybe Nan Nan is trying to point something out  here, like maybe she has seen me in these red shoes again, (though she said she never saw the Valentines Video, so she never saw the shoes, right? Maybe she has seen the video now, or maybe it’s all just a message from Dorothy, hard to tell with only Nan Nan’s ramblings to go by. I mean who is the Chow Bitch and her dorky husband?) Yes I hang out with  creepy clowns, but still this is all so vague and confused, just like our gal Nancy. She reminds me of someone…

Yes, that’s it, Nan Nan reminds me of Crack Head Bob from the Howard Stern Show!

So if this is who the rest of you are hoping will put me in my place… well… good luck to ya all. Because Crack Head Nan Nan can’t put it all together in a coherent form so that the readers and I might understand… I mean maybe she has me here with this comment, maybe she put me right in my place or exposed something about me… who would know?

I guess it’s back to the drawing board for the likes of Dorothy and Joey… because the shit you are feeding CHNN (Crack Head Nan Nan), which is already diluted with crap when you give it to her, I’m sure, is just lost in her crack head. And when it finally comes out it looks like… well like the comment above.

“20 years ago when you left me”… in my red shoes right?