I’ve become so numb. But you know me, I always end up pulling it together. So let’s pull it together, together.

Can I get an encore, do you want more? I hope so, ’cause I’m ready to go one more round.

On December 27th 2013 I posted an Eminem video (The Monster) and Zero’s World was born. Eminem not only became the first thing posted each new year of the blog, but Eminem became the theme music to which I wrote most of the posts and hopefully the soundtrack to which you read the blog. Some people still don’t get why Eminem. I’ve explained this before and probably will again, like all things dealing with this place, it’s complicated. The important part is we have made it to year 4 and Eminem is here for us. I chose a hybrid track to put this last year into motion and it fits, since this blog is a bit of a hybrid blog. Mixing it all up.

I know along the way many of you thought I was shady. And with some of you the feeling was mutual. But as a close friend of mine would say, “You got me fucked up!”. I’m not really all that shady, in fact I’m as sunny as that California state I go on and on about. Ok maybe not that sunny, but definitely as bright no matter how dark you may find me. (Is anyone enjoying this wordplay?) Hopefully this final year of posts will show this in a better light. And some of you might start, seeing me less as the shady one and more of the Doc type. I’m not talking about Hackett either. I mean Doc like as in the one in charge or the guy who will put you on the couch (‘Member? Yea, I ‘member).

So, with all that being said (wordplay and all), Get your ass up for the doctor
One more time, get your ass up for the doctor, Come on now, here we go, cliff hanger, it’s another club banger. Got you hangin’ on the edge of your seat.

Yep, here we go again. I’m gonna do what I do best. Get under the skin of the trolls and the righteous. Make you all think twice before you decide to fuck with another human being. I know, that’s a lot to ask for, but I’m gonna do my best to get us all there. I know there will continue to be naysayers and haters, but you had your chance. Times up, games over, you lose, I win ’bout to show these knuckleheads how to do this here. Yep, just call me turnip, because I’m ’bout to turn it up!  Sorry, that was bad.  You get me though, we are ready to actually go somewhere.

Ooh yeah, new year, next phase, begin, Look who’s got you goin’ crazy again. I do bring out the crazy in people, don’t I? Just look what I have done to our little loud mouth Fluke. He’s almost pathetic to look at now. Minus the almost. LOL, did I do that? Did I help make you irrelevant? Give it up Junior, I’m a trend, I set one every time I’m in, I go out and just come back full circle again. You a fad, that means your something that we already had. But once you’re gone, you don’t come back, too bad. Ha, ha!
That goes for all the loud mouth nuts. Dorothy, MM7, Jen, and all the others I haven’t really gotten to… yet. You’re off the map now, radar can’t even find you. We stay on the grind, you slip, we out-grind you. You walk around mad, you let your anger blind you. We walk around just playin’ the violin behind you. 
I love that line because it’s funny but also very true. While so many of you were bitching about me and my blogs and the good apples who found something here, we have been playing that mocking violin, exposing your blind anger and madness. It’s been quite a journey so far. This can’t go on forever though. Like I said, you had your chance, now enough with all the pissin’ and moanin’, whinin’ and bitchin’. Sit and observe, listen, you’ll learn if you pay attention.

Now can I get an encore, do you want more? I hope so, because I can’t do it without you. So for one last time I need y’all to roar!  I know I can count on a few of you to give this place a proper send off and finally get to the point. I bet some of you are saying, well get going, Now what the hell are you waitin for?  I hear ya, but we got to do this right. Because after me, there shall be no more.  Ok, that might be taking the whole narcissistic, arrogance a step to far, but I bet there won’t be anyone quite like me. So for one last time, nigga make some noise (that one’s for you Dorothy). But really, everyone, it’s time to speak up or shut up. So all my people on the left, all my people on the right, scream one last time. 

Funny, that right when I decided this blog had outlived its purpose it started getting attention again. Nerd and PS149 have returned (and yes, that is the “real” PS149), links to the blog are popping up in different places, some certain Websleuthers are dropping my name (by the way, comments like “Go ask your friend zero” do not go unnoticed, I have eyes everywhere! LMAO). It’s getting crazy out there again, the buzz is tremendous, we drop you all to sense it. I don’t gotta promote it for you to know that doc is off the benches. And I seem to have put together a pretty good team of my own. Well better than Dorothy’s crazy team anyways.  Just call us doody, ’cause we da shit. Or as Linda once so awesomely put it, “we are dope, you’re just dopes”.  You see, we keep the party rockin’ off the henges.
We ain’t showin’ off, we just goin’ off popular consensus.

Still my critics say that Doc is soft, Doc is talk, Doc is all washed up. To which I reply: Knock it off Who the fuck is Doc impressin’?
Doc is this, Doc is that, you got the wrong impression. You must be on the cock of Doc, cause Doc left you all guessin’.  No more guessing. It’s time for everyone to stop guessing. It’s time for everyone to just say what ya know. But know what ya say, because I’m here… no we are here (remember when I used to criticize everyone for saying “we” all the time, when they just meant “me”, then I started using “we” in jest, then I realized there really was a bad “we” out there, and now there is actually a good “we”.

So DJ take the needle and just drop it on the record (what)

We gon’ have this motherfucker hoppin’ in a second (bump bump)

That’s why we always save the best cut last, to make you scratch and itch for it like fresh cut grass.

You can try to deny it but I know you all are jonesing for me, for us, for this. So here it is, back one last time to satisfy your addiction. It’s time the war was won once and for all. By the way Dorothy (and I know you are hanging on every word) you can declare “war” on Zero’s World, it won’t change the facts that we already won most of the battles.  Cause we done swam with the sharks, wrestle with alligators. We took on Flukyou’s slander, Cristin’s lies, Dorothy’s delusions, Nancy’s insanity, McKee’s misdirection, Jen’s cryptic course, Son of Man’s crazy conspiracies, a hand full of self-important Websleuthers, a ton of sock puppets, as well as racist and bigots from all over Facebook and Twitter. And we won each time. No one wanted any of this, lol. In fact I bet a bunch of you are still worried about what you say out there. Posting then deleting, afraid it’s gonna show up in a post. And it probably will.
Some of you out there don’t want to admit it, but I think you are kind of a scared of this place. You see what can be done here. We go toe to toe, tit for tat, and we can play the back and forth all day. We can outwit, outplay, outlast!(speaking of which, did anyone else watch last season of Survivor? It was a good one) Point is, we took it all on and we are still standing. Most would probably agree, much, much wiser.
When I finally write that last post a year from now, I hope I have made some more new friends, I know I will have a few new enemies. Hopefully most will see through it all and realize some things are not so simple, some things aren’t always what they seem. But I know for some of you that’s just not possible. No matter what I say or do, no matter what is shown to you, you are gonna always see me as the “bad guy”. Every step that I take is another mistake to you (Caught in the undertow just caught in the undertow) And every second I waste is more than I can take…

Everybody sing along with me:
I’ve become so numb I can’t feel you there
I’ve become so tired so much more aware
I’m becoming this all I want to do
Is be more like me and be less like you

Man, how that rings true to me. I’ve been accused of many things since I first came across (and started blogging about) LISK.com and Catching LISK, but the ones  that say I’m no better than Fluke or Dorothy or that my blog is as bad as MM7’s blog, those hit too close to the mark. To think I might have become as bad as those I spoke out against, well, that’s something I can’t let happen. Yes, it may just be an elaborate way to show how we all get sucked in. How the bullied become the bully, the sane become crazy. How the internet can twist us all. Yes it may have gotten a little out of control at times… But I can’t become this.

So let’s pull it all together… together.

Here we go… Hands up for the grand finale! And keep them raised, this is gonna be another roller coaster of a ride.

Now can I get an encore, do you want more?

So for one last time I need y’all to roar!

One last time I need y’all to roar…


Angry Music


I’ve been told that the music I listen to is bad for me. It’s too angry:

dph zero rap

new dph fb2

dph black music

LMFAO! Yes, some of my stalked stalkers really don’t like the music I listen too. I believe SOM said something like rap music causes kids to get guns and shoot people and Madonna’s music causes girls to become sluts. I’m paraphrasing and since he is no longer on Facebook I can’t go and read he exact words… but that’s close enough to what he was implying.

Well let’s take see what I’m listening to right now:

Holly shit!! Maybe there is some truth to what my oppressed, obsessers are saying.

There’s no telling what I’m gonna write about next… or who.

The music has taken over… all self-control has been relinquished to the demons of hip hop, punk rock, metal, and pop.

And no one is safe!

The Duggars

OK… as I mentioned on ZW’s FB, I’m once again not sure what to do here. There are many things I want to get into, and back into. I want to start over on a few things, and a few people, lol. But there is always something new that I want to discus as well. And as I said, lately I  end up just not posting about anything… just waiting for those shoes.

But that’s not good, this is a blog… and I need to stop neglecting it. I don’t want it to end up like that creepy guy’s liar Vlog.

So while we wait for me to decide on the next post, I’ll get to a request of sorts.

Some of you may remember, last year when I explained how Cara had come back to read the blog to see if I had posted on Ferguson. At the time I had been contemplating writing a post on all that was going on there, but was struggling with it. And we all know that although I said I would try to get through that post and actually get it posted, I did not.

The reasons for this I have mentioned a little before, part was the way the story grew and changed, I didn’t want to write something prematurely. It seemed witnesses were lying on both sides of the case… and many remembered wrong or were not even there, so it makes it hard to know exactly what happened in those last moments when Brown charged the officer even though there seemed to be hundreds of accounts of it. Remember, at this point Brown had already been shot at least twice, had lost a lot of blood, and may definitely not have been in a good frame of thinking or understanding what was happening to him. I have questions about how it went down, but it seems you can’t trust anyone to just get to the point of the matter or speak the truth on such things, it’s just either he had his hands up and that doesn’t sit right with the autopsy results or he charged the officer wanting to kill him. And again I stress, that so much of the eyewitness reports contradicts each other and the facts. Plus there is the question of that witness #40, if I did do a Ferguson post I promise you, witness #40 would be who I blogged about mainly, that is the part that really makes me go WTF? By the way, Hannity on Fox news loved to quote Witness #40… so I’m sure my post would have become a rant on that dueche bag and what good would that do? I mean the world knows Hannity is a dueche bag.

It is obvious that you never get into a fight with a police officer who is still sitting in their car, I would never even get close to the window of a police car, sorry but fuck that.

So that part of the confrontation seems to be where most people base their decisions (ok, maybe not most, but definitely anyone who has any common sense, cause from there on, it all goes wrong on all sides, and again I say someone suffering from gunshots and blood loss running away and then charging, may have felt afraid for their lives and was trying to protect it and “survive” at that point, much as the officer said he felt when Brown reached into his car.

Can you see the struggles I had with it? How confusing such a post would become? There are 2 sides here. No scratch that, 3 sides.

The side of someone who feels treated badly by the system and police in general, who do treat many like criminals instead of human beings as a rule. We have the side of LE, who have to deal with the worst of situations all the time, and treating someone like a human instead of a criminal could get you killed. And we have those of us on the outside who manage to stay out of LE’s way for the most part, but have definite opinions in favor or against one of these other 2 sides. When in reality both sides are valid and need to be discussed and understood if we are to change what is going on in any way.

So yea, what point would it be for me to struggle through the post when really all I want to say is fuck you Hannity, you God-Damned dueche bag!

Alright, before everyone starts screaming WTF does this have to do with the Duggars… I’m getting to it.

So the other day F1-Girl asked me if I was gonna do a post on The Duggars and “19 Kids and Counting”. Just like when Cara asked about a Ferguson post, I had been struggling with doing a post on The Duggars when F1-Girl asked me about it. And they are similar struggles as with the Ferguson post, well sort of. In fact I told F1-Girl I probably wouldn’t be doing a post and instead we discussed it and I put out all my points and why I didn’t want to try to attempt a post about it.

Yet as you see by the title, I am going to attempt it.

But first I want to once again explain my word Hypo-Crites.

We are all hypocrites in some way. I explain my own hypocrisies by saying I’m a contradiction. I hate humanity but love it at the same time. I am against abortion, and hate how easily it is used in this day and age, but also strongly oppose it being made illegal or it not being covered by insurance and healthcare help type programs, including the christian and catholic ones. I’m not gonna get into a long discussion on how or why feel I this way, any more than I’m gonna get into a discussion on how I can watch a boxing match even though I find the whole thing barbaric and sad sometimes and don’t want to enjoy someone taking the chance of brain damage for my entertainment (yea, I didn’t get to the whole fight post either, and that was because I’m just not ready to discus my own hypocrisies yet, though here I am doing it, I also didn’t write the “Fight Post” because it would have gone into Mayweather’s domestic abuse, and opening that can of worms so close to Mother’s Day just didn’t seem right to me, yes some important post never get made).

So yes, I like everyone else have many different biases. Yes, we all can be bigots of some sort. We should know that about ourselves and strive to change our hypocrisies when possible and at very least try to understand where they come from or why we have them.

But there are those who can’t see any of this, and in fact do not find their beliefs bigoted or biased at all. From the Christians who believe in “eye for an eye” over “turn the other cheek” any day of the week. Or any religious person who doesn’t support food and healthcare for the poor, sick, and needy.  There are people who still think slavery was a good thing or that the color of their skin makes them superior in some way.  There are those out there who go out of their way to stop others from having the same rights as them.

Homophobes and racists… religious nuts and righteous wrong doers.

These are what I call the Hypo-Crites. A tribe that will not grow and learn with the rest of the tribes as we bring the tribes together.  It actually comes from a book I was writing (and never finished) when I was in my early twenties. I didn’t have a name for it, it was the story of a group o of supernatural beings that were a lot like the group of lost boys both in “Peter Pan” and in “Lost Boys”. Their leader was the oldest male being on our planet and was the product of  the rape of mother nature by 2 battling forces of good and evil  (both male) that landed on our planet in the beginning of time. (I really stole the idea from Clive Barker’s “Great And Secret Show”)

So anyways, this bastard child of Mother Nature is the one who populates the world and is the father of humanity in a way. But in the time of my story he has a small group of guys and they live in a sort of hidden Garden of Eden, the last of what the world was like in the time of Mother Nature,  you  learn in time that mother nature died while giving birth to not one, but 2 children. Yes there is a brother. But that comes later in the story, when we get to another story of good vs evil (I used to love to make up epic stories on this subject. Much like our ancestors). The story starts as a tale of a God like group of man-childs, who go around doing outrageously evil as well as outrageously good (seen as miracles by most who experience them) to keep the balance in the world. A world they call “land of the Hypo-Crites”.

Wow, I’m getting way off topic, more than usual I would say. And I’m a little worried about someone stealing my story… out of all the books I almost wrote, that story is my favorite. The ideas I had for it are both beautiful and drastically morbid. Yes, a core idea of the so-called contradictions that haunt me.

Wow, over 1500 words and still not on topic yet, gotta get focused here…

Anyways (I use that segue, way too much), Hypo-Crites would stay with me and become my way to describe a sort of super hypocrite, which I guess was all I had to say.

So, on to the Hypo-Crites otherwise known as The Duggars:

Like I said, I struggled with the idea of blogging about the Duggars, and that is mainly because we don’t really know what Josh Duggar really did. It is described as “over the clothes molestation” or “forced fondling”.  And if this is true, well then it could be a lot for nothing. Kids experiment in strange ways if they don’t have the proper understanding of the sexual feelings they get while growing up.

Most of you are probably not to happy with what I just wrote, F1-Girl didn’t exactly agree either, which is why I didn’t want to write this post.

But since I am writing it, let me try to explain. If this was a more serious molestation, (yes I know how that sounds, deal with it or stop reading, or just yell at me in the comments, in fact I prefer that to the stop reading choice) then it would be easy to cry in outrage and say that this was handled wrong or that Josh may have some severe issues he needs to deal with. If he had been caught instead of coming to his parents confused about his feelings and actions, or if the sisters came out years later saying what happened to them, I’d be able to write a post I’m sure we’d all agree on and it would not be a struggle at all. But this could just be a case of bad parenting and child curiosity.

Josh went to his parents several time before they dealt with it, and they dealt with it by putting it in God’s hands instead of a realistic sexual education the boy may have needed to know and understand his sexual feelings and urges. I also think that growing up in such a large, close family might have been part of why it happened like this and that Josh’s actions might not be so alien as we all think they are.

When I was in 5th grade, during recess, all of the boys in our class ran around smacking the butts of our female class mates, and they ran giggling from us. It was a weird sexual tag that if was done today, I’m sure there would be expulsions and cries of molestation or “forced fondling” and in a way it was. But as I said the girls were a part of it and they didn’t say anything to the teacher nor ask us to stop, we were all wrapped up in sexual urges we didn’t understand and our parents didn’t know how to explain them so we ran around smacking girls asses. So maybe Josh and those like him in big, close, dare I throw in, overly religious families might end up in such experiences and therefore are not sexual deviance but natural child curiosity and sexual awakenings of kids who don’t have kids their own age and not in the family to experiment with or learn from.

Man why didn’t I just not write this…

I hope I didn’t piss to many people with good intentions into thinking I am OK with people molesting children. If this had been an adult, I’d be calling for castration, and I don’t find that hypocritical in any way, just the reality. And as I said, if this turns out that there is much more to what Josh did, or if it continued as he got older, then everything I wrote is wrong and the guy is sick individual who needs to be off the street for the safety of other children.

Enough with what is difficult about it, let’s get to the “Hannity” part of it or should I say the “Megyn Kelly” part of it. (LOL, did you see what I did there?) Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar are scary to watch, always have been for me, even before I knew about any of this. When I would catch their show “19 Kids and Counting” I would cringe sometimes (like I did many times in that Megyn Kelly interview). Something was just not right about them in my opinion. And the fact that they still want to spill ignorant views on people they do not know after all they have been through disgusts me.

It just bothers me when people with their own issues strike out at others. Worry about your own, which they did… I guess. Took care of it real good… “hush-hush and make a TV show about how great our family is even though we have way to many children to actually give the attention to each one needed, not to mention our religious beliefs have our family values all screwed up and we’d rather tell out children to pray than to actually help them understand what they might be going through”. Very judgemental statement, huh?  Well, every time this family opens their mouth to discus transgender equality and how they stand against it because they think they are child molesters and sick people, makes me want to judge right back. I know it’s wrong. But I can’t help it, I have bigoted issues myself. I said that, right?

Well, there ya go F1-Girl. I wrote it.

Bottom line, they are right, it was 12 years ago, it was dealt with, and it is none of our business. It’s sad that a minors sealed records would be exposed for what comes down to probably political purposes (yes the liberals can be just as bad as those conservatives).

That doesn’t mean the Duggar’s aren’t bad parents and are definitely Hypo-Crites who do not need to be on TV spewing their toxic beliefs. Keep it in the family, we know you know how to do that.

And don’t forget, all of this means nothing if Josh did more than what was reported or if it continued on into his adult life. Then, this post would be much, much different.

But the real bottom line is someone is probably gonna steal my version of “Lost Boys” and write a best seller. If this happens, when I open that book I better see the words:

“Special Thanks To Zero, Without Him This Book Wouldn’t Exist”

March Madness

Let’s get this 3rd month of ZW’s second year going. As usual I have so much to blog about that I don’t know how to pick something and “obsess” on it long enough to write a post. But here’s a couple of things on my mind this morning to get back into the swing of things again:


How the hell did I miss that?!? Well I posted there today, I know, a little late, I’m either way ahead of the game or fashionably late, but they average out to keeping me on time.

With Bill back in jail and the last of the Lemmings scrambling, this page would be great! It’s like a new Bill W. Facebook where everyone can comment. LOL. But I don’t think it will last. Too bad.  We still have the JIALK Blog though:


LMFAO! Best pic yet Ollie Reader! I along with many others who have come across this are very happy for all “The Joeys” and others who are getting to have the “last word” on the subject. Very inspirational!

Ferguson is back in the news and I still haven’t finished my post on the subject. I’ve written and deleted and rewritten it many times and have almost given up on finishing it. Look, racism exists… it’s EVERYWHERE! And the relationship between law enforcement and the public has been on a steady decline for a while. These are not easy things to discus, but we need to discus them. Trouble is, no one wants to see the other side of things. It’s this way or it’s that way.

A cops job is dangerous and they go through things on a daily basis that are not fair to make a human being go through. The poor (which tends to include most of our country’s minorities, another thing we should be discussing) have a harder time getting fair treatment by the judicial system all around. There, see how easy it is to see both sides… wouldn’t be nicer if LE could have a safer job? Wouldn’t it be great if the system worked for us all equally? These are the reasons why we need to discus this stuff, why all sides need to be understood, other wise everyone just keeps stating their side and nothing is done about any of it.

Since the shooting of Michael Brown, it has gone back n forth… we’ve had reports that Michael was shot with his hands up, then no, that’s a lie, he was charging the Officer who shot him, we then learn that the witnesses from both sides seem to be tainted in some ways. We’ve seen the investigations leading to coruption and those who said there was nothing here to even look at. Cop shot a bad guy end of story. Back n forth, seeming to go nowhere. And the discussion goes on.

Maybe we will get past the back n forth at some point. I hope so… it’s beyond time to get past the discussions and move forward with understandings. And let’s not stop with racial discrimination, minorities are definitely discriminated against, but the real discrimination has and always will be on the majority… the poor.

I mean let’s face it… being poor is a crime. And trying to help them is a worse crime. This coming from a society who feels Christians are under attack. What Christians? Christianity is based on taking care of your sick and your poor… but our President is breaking the law for giving the sick and poor health care. After all, none of these Christians want to pay for the sick and the poor’s health care. Kennedy, from Fox News said so today.

Some of you may remember Kennedy from her MTV days:


Though now she is one of Fox News Pretty Talking Heads. The whole thing boggles my mind… but well, I went to Twitter to respond to Kennedy:

kennedy tweet

First off, it was nice of Kennedy to reply. But really, “Do it by choice, not by force”. That is such a “talking head” thing to say. If you don’t mind doing it, it’s not by force. If it’s in your precious Bible of what you are supposed to do, who cares how it gets done? Only because you don’t want to do it, does it become forced… and well, that was my point. She came back with this:

kennedy tweet2

LMFAO… really? REALLY? Isn’t Jesus encouragement enough? No? What does “this current system” mean? That sounds like an Obama crack. Yes since the black man took office, we are no longer encouraged to help the sick and poor. Wait? Um… he’s practically “forcing” you to care, didn’t you just say that? I’m confused.

Look we can blame others for why we don’t do what we know is right. No one wants to admit they are greedy and could care less about the weak and the poor or the sick and the needy, they only want to take care of themselves. But the truth is very obvious, to me at least. What that matters, I don’t know.  Well, I still said my piece:

kennedy tweet3

I’m expecting Twitter to ground me at any time, lol. I’m just not good at it.

Back n forth… back n forth… and nothing get’s done…

Business as usual… no one really wants to fix things…

But I’m really getting tired of all the hypocrisy… I can’t be the only one.

Alright, I’ll stop here, but only for the moment. This is gonna be a busy post month, hope I still have some readers out there.


Shake It Off


Any new Cicada stuff out there? I haven’t even looked. But it’s that time of year.

I saw Anonymous is getting involved with the fight against terrorism:


And The Illuminati is taking over everything:


I bring up these 3 groups, because with all that’s going on in the world, it would be nice if we had some heroes… even some anti-ones.

But we are so involved in the back-n-forth. Victories are just the lead in to the next fight. Everyone’s pointing the finger at their oppressor and shouting demon! Actually we moved on from that… we now are pointing fingers at our accusers and shouting demon!

Even I, as I teach by example, have gotten too caught up.

Time to shake it off…



The End Of The #2014FuckYouTour

Just because I make a few cute fatherly posts and wrote about my son, don’t think it’s gonna be all cat pics and kid posts in here. Yes, the #Fuckyoutour has come to an end and yes, we will be growing up a little here, after all this blog is no longer a freshman scrub! But it’s bound to get all sophomoric up in here from time to time. My 6th day of Christmas post on ZW’s FB should demonstrate that.

Also, I know a few of you out there have daddy issues… don’t go searching here for that father figure… I ain’t him.


There is still one day left of the tour though, so let’s listen to the song that inspired me to tell so many “Fuck You” this year. And as we do, remember back to them all, the racist homophobes in Missouri, White Power! I mean Pride… I mean… go fuck yourself! The anti gay sites on Facebook. Do you want to know what’s a sin? Your judgemental rants and beliefs that your God is best… go fuck yourself! The twits on Twitter who think it’s OK to Tweet their racist and homophobic garbage, but don’t want you to tell them Fuck You for it… go fuck yourself!

Yes, think back to all those fucktards that just don’t get it… EVERYONE has the right to happiness… ANYONE can be what ever they want to be… NO ONE has the right to oppress or pass judgement. Get over it and move on… or GO FUCK YOUSELF!








P.S. There will still be a 2014 Fuck Yous posted later, after all that’s an annual event here in Zero’s World! Or at least it will be…

The Devil’s In The Details

Two months ago I posted “The Devil You Know” and “The Devil You Don’t Know”…  I had planned on posting the third part (which you are reading now, well sort of, this part would not have been there if I would have written it back in August, but I didn’t) shortly after. But it got really quiet everywhere again. And it was nice. I mean there was almost no response at all from the nut gallery over at FOTM (which I didn’t expect any really, I’m sure they tell themselves I’m irrelevant, and they may be right… self-named zero, right?). It’s just as well, I don’t have time at the moment to get into the craziness that resides at that blog. It’s like the tea-party and those at FOX NEWS got together, smoked some crack laced PCP, had sex, then had a baby… and they named it FOTM (Fellowship Of The Minds).  Common sense says RUN! But I’ll just skip away for now…

The whole idea behind the 2  “Devil” posts was to ask the question out loud,  whether to continue with the crazies I have been dealing with from LISK related sites or to move on to other crazies out there in the wild, wild, web. But, the question was rhetorical. I knew who would respond first and who I would continue on with (as I said, I didn’t expect any response from FOTM, they like their crazies all in one nut sack. Easier to control the misinformation that way and how many times do I have to say Dorothy and I are BFFs?) So I knew it would be the Flukeyou/Dorothy/Nancy team to actually reply, and I was ready with a third part to the “Devil Trilogy” where we could bring up another question… will get to that at the end of this post. So I sat back and waited.

Eventually, Nancy and Dorothy had some things to say on each other’s Facebook, but that was expected. They have a zero quota to keep up with, and must mention me at least every nine days. I wasn’t so sure if Fluke would comment again… at least not so soon… but he did. So I decided to quickly get to the new post, wrote down the title which I had already planned, “The Devil’s In the Details”. Then started gathering the different things I wanted to discus and link (see it was gonna be about how all the old things from “Dorothy’s Team” such as emails, posts IMs, etc. might need to be given a second look at to see if some of it can be understood better, see if any of it means anything or just proves they are all full of lies, games, and agendas. Something I’ve mentioned before and I’m actually gonna get to that part in a minute, so this parenthesis ramble is really not needed, back to Joey’s comments…)

So Joey made some comments:




Now I’ve already answered these in the comment section, but I wanted to post them as I see them, so you can see them as I do. I love the emails Fluke uses… and the zero’sazero still cracks me up. I also want to address something. Some people still ask how I can tell it’s the real Fluke aka Joey Scalise commenting here, and I think it’s pretty obvious it’s him, but hey, they do come from different IPs as you can see here. There were 2 different IP addresses used in the new comments, so it could be 2 different people, and I have said many times, some people may still be working together as teams to keep games going. But for sake of argument let’s just say it’s Fluke. I can explain why I think they are from him, but I don’t want to… yet… it’s all about the suspense now!

I will explain one thing though, from the minute I started my blog I kept a collection of screen names and their IP addresses. So did MM7, and she once sent me her list of IP addresses:

“linda”    108.
alphamale    208.
alphamale cell?    208.
Auntie G    76.
Babylon Barry    198.
BabylonBabyDoll    71.
C Peter Hackett    70.
Cheryl    69.
CPH comment    69.114.
CPH comment 2    24.38.
CPH comment 3    24.191.
Dorothy    108.41.
Dorothy 2nd IP?    74.108.
Dr. Michael Nuccitelli    67.
Ed Boyle    65.
Hackett?    209.
Jackie    70.
Jennifer cell    208.54.
Jennifer home    173.52.
Joe Scalise Cingular    198.228.
Joseph Scalise @ home    71.224.
justiceforever    (2 Ip Addresses)
Lisa’s cell    174.*
Lorraine Waterman?    76.
maineiacgirl    67.
Mandamas    97.
me    184.88.
Michael Dougherty?    24.
Murt?    184.
my cell    70.193
my cell-not home    70.193.
mysteryadikt    (2 Ip Addresses)
new IP for Hackett?    68.
ps149 #2?    166.
ps149?    208.
Scalise @ work    173.163
Sherre @ work    198.
Sunflower    71.
Susie?    74.
Todd Harrison Yaskal    76
tooclosetohome    69.
wrote my full name    24.
Zero    76.

Did you make her list? I obviously have removed most of the IP numbers, but MM7 gave me the full numbers. I know she did it to help, and I think most of the time MM7 might have been helping in her mind, but her time to get it all out in the open has come and passed, she feels she has done nothing wrong, I know many who disagree, and I am one of them.

Anyways,  I found it weird that these were the only ones she kept, I had much more, but I guess these were the ones she was pretty sure about. I compared her list to mine and started figuring some things out, but her list was a mix of screen names, people she thought they were, and people she knew they were. So it wasn’t until I had her blog to read as an administrator that I was able to truly understand her list of IP addresses.

Again she gave her blog to me freely, and before any of you say, she gave you info and then you used it against her, I’d like to point out, that until I saw her blog from her view, I didn’t know how messed up it really was. Plus I did not ask for it and she still sent it to me twice! I wouldn’t even open the link she sent the first time, I was very leery of opening links people sent me and could not understand why she would send me it:


Again think of me as you want, but part of the problem, actually a lot of it, was and is that some of those involved here were/are sharing so much information, misinformation, and personal information with everyone. Plus, as I said, reading that blog as it really was, made me see MM7 in a final light as far as I’m concerned. But I still think she could help nail the likes of Dorothy and Joey if she really wanted to. So whether she thinks she is helping or not, I think she could and doesn’t… plus she helped confuse a lot of stuff in my opinion. Yes, my overly public way of putting things out there may be wrong to some of you, but the private passing of info was way more damaging and in my opinion, still, shedding a light on all of it can only help. Well, most of the time I think that. Sometimes I think we should all just shut up. but that ain’t happening.

So Joey made some comments… yawn. Dorothy and Nancy’s stuff was much better:

nan fb dph zero richie 8-31

This one cracks me up. Hopefully I don’t have to explain why. But I will. Nancy actually stumps Dorothy here. Dorothy tries though. I don’t know which is funnier, Nancy’s classic reply to Dorothy’s lame attempt to confuse her about who I am or Dorothy’s hilarious explanation?  If I’m pretending to be Richie, then who am I? Oh, maybe you don’t know, but then how would anyone know what I look like? Oh the whole thing is such a ludicrous, conundrum. It makes me laugh to tears. I bet Dorothy wanted to say “Zero is Richie”, but that would show their cards. Right? Get it? Sort of? Hope so, cause I’m moving on:

nancy fb dph zero sept 20

I gotta clear this up, red and black are a lot of people’s favorite colors. I AM NOT MIKE! In fact growing up, as I have said many, many times, I idolized Nikki Sixx, his favorite colors listed once in a magazine were red and black, up till then mine was just red, but from then on it has always been red and black. No dots to connect, I just really idolized Nikki Sixx (still do, just got the new Sixx A.M. album “Modern Vintage” and I LOVE it! Playing it in the car every day, sorry, back to the post). I really wish you would stop seeing everyone as your ex. It’s wrong and it’s unhealthy. I’m done with that whole game. I’m not Mike. I won’t say it again. (sigh… yes I will).

O.K. what else?

dph n fb fl

Now why is Dorothy bringing up Florida to Nancy?

dph fb fl

Oh no she didn’t? Kind of weird that MM7 ain’t threatening to sue Dorothy. I mean that’s straight VENT BLOG SHIT all over again. But then Murt has some messed up stuff about MM7 on his blog:


I mean this is worse than anything I have posted, right? Although I do agree with Murt (and the fact that MM7 made me agree with Murt only adds to that mountain, Murt is a real creepy guy, I mean really creepy) that there is some fishy stuff with the whole Drone talk, and I do think Murt was brought in to help confuse that whole situation, but my point here is, this guy is right in Florida, why not sue him or threaten him in some way? Maybe there’s more to this Murt connection then I thought. But again, we moved to far ahead.

This last one gave me mixed feelings:

dph nancy fb zero sept 20

“Who is this sociopath?” LMAO, funny stuff, but again, please, don’t mention my children in your BS posts, I’m sure I covered this… last warning.

Also it’s absurd to say I attacked The Scalise family, or Cristin’s family, or Dorothy’s family. I won’t even dignify it with a response. But hey, she posted a link to my blog. That was helpful. I like when world’s collide!

I was ready to respond to all of this and get to this post (yea, I haven’t even gotten to this post yet, not the one I had planned already) but then I decided to wait. I mean why jump when they want me to? I know a lot of you think I do. So I didn’t. I took the Sunday I had planned to write this and just relaxed… but now I feel I should finnish this “Devil Trilogy”! It might have lost something in the wait… or gained too much… I’m not sure which… but onward we go…

So as I said, after I wrote those 2 posts 2 months ago I decided to take a new look at some old stuff for the third post, like this email from Dorothy:

dph email1

dph email2

dph email3

Wow, Nancy Evans Figat is mentioned. I didn’t know the name back then so it meant nothing to me, but with hindsight I can see Dorothy was trying to play the “Mike” game way back then, it just never took off because no one knew what she was talking about. I see another name that might mean something:

Pete Fiorello.

Or is it Peter Fiorillo?

Dorothy brings this name up a lot. And others have mentioned it to me in private. Am I suppose to chase this name like I have done other names so many times before. All of us chasing names and theories. Will it ever lead any of us to answers?

Well then let’s get it all out there in the open. Anything else in that email that stands out? And how about some of these other names I have seen out there:

Rebecca Hayashi

Peter Brendt

Alison Raffaele

Inge Curtis

Matthew Hackett

Rebecca Dennis

Joe Gargiulo

Gino Fiorelli or is it Eugieno Hernandez?

(NOTE: It was October 21st when I was writing this and planned on finishing and posting it the next day. But in real life I was dealing with car issues and other problems I won’t get into here,  they did all eventually work out, I know a few of you knew about them and I just wanted to update you. Also Linda came to Las Vegas, blowing my mind a little. We had a great time, and I enjoyed meeting her. She is just as she says she is. This made me wonder if I should continue… I mean, real people are involved here. Some good, some bad, some bat shit crazy… do I continue or run away like some of the others. So I stopped, right where the real post would have originally started back in August or September. Dorothy’s email and a list of names, which might have been larger had I continued… but again, I had stopped…  I should also point out Nancy had been constantly IMing me on Facebook, and others said they were also in conversations with Nancy as well. You could guess how those went and probably be right, they all come back to the same stuff, all though now we are getting away from Nazis and into extraterrestrials (more on all that soon, patience and suspense everyone!). Then someone let me know Nancy asked about my wife… Why would Nancy bring up my wife to someone she doesn’t really know? Why would Nancy bring up my wife to someone who does not know my wife? All right fuck it, let’s finish this post and let the chips fall where they may. 11/6/14)

I could go on name dropping, like many here like to do… but let’s stick to some sort of story line:




Does this email Cristin sent me back in May of 2013, which is just an email she had sent Jen back in April of 2013 help explain anything? It does show the connection between them all. And that the break up came right before Jen came out in my blog. I’m thinking she was there all along, but now that the friendship was over she wanted to chime in on a few things. Funny thing is Jen and Cristin often sent me the same emails “from” or “to” each other to try to show me how it was the other one who played the games… how many of those emails are worth relooking at?

jj on 2 cbs

Is there something to be learned from the fall outs with Mari?

candyce ss

These ladies went out of their way to discredit each other to Mari, how much of it went on to be games and attacks on each other? By the way, that screen shot was sent to me by Jen, so the red scribble on it is hers, I believe trying to show me things… but the more they all tried to show me things, the more it looked like a bunch of crazies wrapped up in a never-ending caucus race. I’ve said this before, correct?  So, are there things to be learned from  these old feuds? Or how ’bout the fights that poured over from Websleuths?


Cristin sent me that a while back. It was one of her reasons for thinking PS149 was stalking her and was indeed CPH (Dr. Hackett). There are lots of emails and stuff on this subject, as well as the things on Websleuths and LISK.com that can still be seen. I’ve already clearly stated my opinion on whether CPH has ever read or been involved in any of the blogs, it was “not a chance” and nothing to this date has changed my mind on that. But I do wonder how many from Websleuths got involved in the games of “Catching LISK“.  There are lots of this that spill into Websleuths world, a world I’m not suppose to talk about out of Websleuths, which kinda bothers me. Why does that place have to be kept so hush-hush? There is stuff to be learned there… lots of stuff. Right? So why not let people talk about it? What is there to hide? Something I’d like to get more into… but right now I’m focused on its past with MM7 and Flukeyou and the mess that came out of it. Untangling everyone,  if you will.

So was it just a feud between sleuthers that bled into a feud against lonely crazy ladies that tried to cling onto a tragic case? One that Fluke used to focus his own agendas on…

A bunch of feuds between some selfish people??? Is that all it all was? Is? Or was/is there something more to all it?

Is there stuff to be read in an old post like this, that may help?


Again, reading this a second time (I found it a while back) with hindsight, might help understand some things. I mean, it isn’t hard to tell who wrote some of that stuff knowing what I know now. And that takes us back to some old gamers I’ve been warned to just leave out… should all of it be left alone then? Is it worth making some of these people account for their actions, explain their lies?

Most people think there is nothing to any of the lies and games peddled by all these people and sites… and I must admit that they keep leading me back to nothing… and yet in the same breath most say they think something is there… somewhere… in the CCC stuff… or the Utopia Guide stuff…… or in the Oak Beach Residences like Joey or Hackett… or in the connections to other cases and suspects… from the suicide of  JB, the aquarium guy to the recent arrest of JB the possible serial killer… everyone has questions… everyone has connections… my question is… do we keep looking at old stuff even if it is from nut balls and people with agenda to compare to new stuff that may mean something? I mean can listening in on Flukeyou explaining to MM7 how he got his screen name help us with any REAL insight? Someone sent me a link to it as if it did:


You tell me… does any of this (and more like it, much, much more) help sort useful stuff from crap? I mean we all have stuff like this, right? Should it all be examined and weighed in on? At the very least it helps show how full of crap some people were/are. Right?

Or am I the crazy one here?


Guess Who’s Back… Back Again

Miss me?

I missed all of you.

I hope no one really thought I was done here. As I said before , we are just getting started!

I was/am having some issues with my rotator cuff, and while it isn’t serious, I am supposed to rest it, and that means no typing (right now I am blogging left-handed… which is not easy for me and only seems to make my other arm sore since it is not use to the use). I also went on vacation last week leaving the laptop at home. Which made it a lot easier to stay away… but I couldn’t stay away any longer. Like I said, I missed you all!

I did have a great vacation though, saw Alice Cooper and Motley Crue in San Diego, great show! Then did some camping and beach going at San Onofre, I love that place! And then had some fun at Magic Mountain and Hurricane Harbor. I will blog about the whole trip soon, but due to the left-handed typing, I’m gonna have to keep these posts a little shorter than the usual posts that go on and on.

So straight to the point of this post.

I spent some of the time thinking about how to continue to discuss Dorothy and her ongoing social media lies, slanders, and bully tactics without discussing Nancy.

And I came to the conclusion that it’s just not possible. I’m sorry, but it’s just not. Here’s my line of thinking:

Joey is nowhere to be found. No more repetitive slander of his neighbors popping up here or other sites, no Super Summer Slander blog like he promised… so I can move on, no need to bring up the little fish boy anymore.

Jen has been mostly quiet for a while now. Well except on Websleuths, where her busy body, know it all  attitude shines bright! But that’s not for me to discuss here, and as long as she isn’t telling tales of phone spoofs and eerie hack attacks as well as the cryptic stories of Flukeyou/Joey (none of which I believe, sorry, but you are too close to the Scalises in my opinion to buy any lie you tried to set me and others up with), as long as she doesn’t try to piss on me again and tell me it’s raining, I have no reason to get into her cloak and dagger again.

Cristin has run away and wants nothing to do with any of this and wants to pretend Catching Lisk never existed. Although I still think she doesn’t realize her getting involved with Joey, Dorothy, and Jen as well as being in contact with Mari and her (Mari’s) lawyer, she has had an ill effect on the LISK case in general… And although I don’t think she realizes how harmful her blog actually was… as long as she isn’t threatening lawsuits or offering information online that is mixed with Joey/Flukeyou crap, Truthspider and other Websleuths stuff put off as her own (yea I  did some Websleuths reading, I see where you got a lot of your ideas), and crap her, Jen or Dorothy “connected” together… I really have no reason to rehash her mistakes and blunders or reopen old wounds for others.

And Nancy… well Nancy is fast approaching Bat Shit Crazy (with Dorothy’s help of course)…  so going round that merry-go-round with her is really pointless.

Yes, I really could see myself not mentioning any of these people again under the right circumstances… I mean, I don’t go on and on about the other dopes I have encountered since I started Zero’s World. Like those “white pride” dopes: William Edwards, David Patrick Scott Jr., Mark ZacharyRichard Cranium, Wright Ryder. Or those that are part of the hypocritical, bible thumping, gay hating, Facebook groups: DOPES and more DOPES. And I barely mentioned all the dopes over at FOTM. So if these big-mouthed cowards  can stay off my radar just by using that little bit of intelligence they each must (I really mean might) have and realize it’s best to just ignore me, I could see myself doing the same for the first four dopes mentioned up above. But I made it clear a long time ago, I am never leaving Dorothy. We are connected forever (or at least as long as I can see her somewhere on the internet). And I can’t discuss Dorothy without talking about her dopey team.

But still, I noticed the longer I stayed away, the less and less Dorothy mentions me. In fact she hasn’t mentioned me, or any one I know (including blog readers and commenters) on her old favorite place to slander people, SG’s FB memorial in quite a while. If this has anything to do with those who run the page I sincerely thank you, I’ve always said, that is not a place for games and agenda. Those who use it for such (like Dorothy) have no conscience.

Even Nancy’s FB (Dorothy’s new favorite place to make up stories about people) has settled down on the name dropping… though there had been a little during my short absence from the World Wide Web:

dph nan fb more linda

dph zero air

dph nan fb zero proxy

nan fb zero linda

dph nan fb linda pedo

dph nan fb linda boston

Over all, not much compared to all the posts made there. There was one that did go a little too far though:

DPH zero kids

Now although I have “zero” money or assets (I’m not fully sure of Linda’s financial status) and could care less about some empty threat to take away money I don’t have, bringing up my kids is just the biggest no-no you can do… I know most involved here in the comments and blogs feel the same way. Now, I also know this comment was probably made because many have questioned Dorothy’s parenting skills and have publicly commented that social services might want to step in there. I don’t think I have made such comments, but I probably agreed with some of them. This comes mainly from the stories that a lot of us have heard about Dorothy bringing her children into the internet games (for example… during the drone games it was said that Dorothy had her son on the phone, I believe with Jen, to give his opinion on  Cristin’s “phone recording” drone being the real thing and not  just a toy). Now I don’t know how crazy you really are Dorothy, but I do believe you are a lying, slandering, internet game player, and if you include you children in you delusional games, I think it’s fair for people to question the welfare of your children. But to be perfectly honest, that’s for those arround you to decide. Just as with Nancy, it’s up to friends and family to get you the help you might (I really want to write most likely) need. But regardless of what others say about your parenting or lack of it, I strongly suggest that NO ONE mentions my children being taken from me ever again in any shape or form… that could cause things to blow up quite quickly here, and that just seems unnecessary now that most of you seem to want nothing more to do with me and my blogs. I mean you all really have stopped most of your crap, and I know I can’t take all the credit for it, but I will, in satire of course.

YEA, that’s right, I shut all you dopes up! You dopes are all talk and soooo transparent!

Love that satire!

O.K. gotta wrap it up, even though I have so much more I want to say. I know, what a big, mouth know it all. Some of us have so much in common!

And if any of you really thought I was gonna end this blog on a post about Nancy and Dorothy… shame on you:


LMAO at the rotator cuff line.

Here’s one for you Linda:


And some other Eminem that I’m feeling at the moment:



Yes, I think that last one says it nicely!

Nan Nan & The Fellowship Of The Minds

I wrote a post called Narcissism, poking at a comment made about me on a blog called FellowshipOfTheMinds.  This was about a month ago when Nancy was going on about the First Lady, Michele Obama being a transvestite.  I followed her link to a post. And boy was I in for a mind blower that day. A whole blog of insanity!

I mean this place was just scary crazy, and they booted Nancy from it right away. I of course needed to leave a comment there:


I got a quick reply:


I should point out, I did not save these comments at first and only went back to get them today. Although this reply is similar to the original reply, Dr. Eowyn must have gone back and changed it. It was originally worded a little different and included the fact that I was in Nevada. Seems the Doc (yes another doctor, mikes and doctors… coincidence always mucking it up) wanted me to know he could see where I was commenting from. But I have a blog also… I know how it works… I kinda wish they hadn’t changed the comment though, it was better the other way, and I liked that they mentioned I was in Nevada, funny stuff. But they changed it. The gist of it remained the same, which was to call me a narcissist and a “useful idiot” which is what he calls people who support the left side of the politicians out there. Something they are totally wrong about, I don’t like or support any of the power hungary idiots on both sides of kool-aid line. But the MM7 girls loved to call me a narcissist, and I’m sure a few other readers out there think of me as at least a little bit of a narcissist, so I wrote back as much:

So I wrote the narcissist post and started this post, but lots has happened since then. I never made another comment on FOTM Blog, though I know linda tried to comment there, but they wanted know part of her, lol!

When I had started this post last month, I had planned on going at this blog hard and hopefully getting some reaction from anyone who posts or comments there, but now I just want to finish this post and move on.

I could go on about how wrong it is to call tragedies hoaxes due to the sensitive nature of people DYING! But that’s the way of the wackos… 9/11 was faked, the Boston bombing was faked, even that case I just mentioned in Santa Barbra where the directors son lost it and killed 6 people:

People still believe we never landed on the moon… Hollywood has been faking everything for a long time. Right?

Yea, I really wanted to get into all this last month… but damn if everything doesn’t now seem fake to me.

Maybe I’m like the real “Truman Show” and everyone is here to entertain me as they are all in return entertained by me being entertained by them… (shake it off zero).

Alright so going at these bozos is not needed. For all I know the FOTM blog is really ran by Democrats wanting to expose how stupid republicans can be. I mean the internet is like that. People pretend to be one thing to show how stupid others are. And any message gets lost along the way. The whole thing starts to hurt my head when I really think about it. I mean maybe some of those racist, homophobic Facebook pages are really made by those who are trying to show how hypocritical we all are.

Yes, the whole thing makes my head hurt. So let’s move on from this absurdly, cartoonishly, wrong blog of minds. Psychotic Minds! Sorry couldn’t resist.

But before we leave it we must look at the comment that got Nancy booted:


So let’s see, you can think Obama is really Bin Laden, but don’t insult one of their own. LMAO. Seems they have a commenter there with the name Mike. He never saw it coming, lol!

So that was that, Nancy got the boot. But it started me thinking. By letting Nancy continue to post here, am I only helping those like Dorothy who may be praying on her?

When I started this post I was gonna use the whole Michelle Obama thing to lead into a long and crazy post going over Nancy’s story line of morphing and changing murderers. But now instead I am gonna use it to actually lead into my last post about Nancy Evans Figat.





If you are keeping count, that’s 2 down!

Fuck Facebook (and Richard Cranium too)

There are so many reasons I don’t like Facebook. I know, “why do you have so many of them then?” Fair question. I very seldom use my original FB account with that Dick name on it. That one was made to keep in touch with family and friends, and I still use it for that. But as I said, I don’t use it much any more.

Dharma hadn’t been used in a long time, it was created for LOST fans to post stuff about the show when it went off the air. It was neat to see fans of the show from all over the world come to the FB account and share things. But eventually, it died down and I stopped going to it. That was till I decided to use it to check on all the other people”s  FB accounts I had accumulated while looking into those I blogged about. There was no way I was gonna use my real FB where friends and family might be messed with (in the end many found this FB anyways, hence the middle finger profile pic) and I thought The Stranger was not the right one to use in contacting people who didn’t know me (well except The Drifter, I used my Stranger account to contact him , thinking he would like The Stranger, I was right.) So as I ramble off as usual, all I’m trying to say, is the Dharma account came in handy (for a moment) but now once again, I don’t use it to often. No need to at the moment.

I do use my Stranger FB a lot. Mostly to keep in touch with other horror and haunt actors and fans. Also to promote The Dome of course.

So yes, there is stuff Facebook is good for, and yet I hate the fuck out of it, lol. I guess that’s the way most things in life are.

One of the things I have hated over the years on Facebook is the private stuff people throw out there.  Everyone on the internet does not need to know every time you take a shit. And if all you ever do is complain about your life, well that get’s to be tiresome reading. We don’t need to hear about how so and so isn’t your BFF any more or how your boyfriend/girlfriend/husband/wife is evil and all the things they did to you this week to cause you to change your relationship status. This is one of the worst. And having a few accounts I have seen the break-ups of friends, family, and complete strangers (ha ha, STRANGERS). And many of them end up right back together when the fight has blown over. Some change the status back and delete their rants expecting you to forget about how messed up their mate is until the next time.

There are many reasons why I find this wrong, but to hammer it in I will say, on more than 3 occasions, I have seen two people I know and care about who use to love and care about each other, tear the other apart on FB and expect their Facebook “Friends” to do what? Choose between friends or in some cases family?!? And in front of the whole FB world?!?

Yea, all that  negative personal stuff and life griping seems pointless and just adds to the drama that you probably have too much of to begin with. Add that to the hate speech often disguised as FB opinion pages and sometimes you just want to yell out “FUCK FACEBOOK!” And a lot of us do.

But, who am I to complain… it’s your FB. So do with it what you want. But we all know we need more than “LIKE” to click on. We need:

like unlike



So you can show how you truly feel about what someone posts on their timeline.

(pay attention, because here’s the part where I explain why I really don’t like FB or other social medias)

That’s sort of what I did with Zero’s World Facebook. I put up my middle finger to some pages and those who came to ZW’s FB to bitch about it. And that should be all good. You can post things, others can post things about what you posted, if you don’t like it, delete what they wrote or just block or ban them and move on.

But nooooo… Facebook, like other social medias are full of crybabies who can dish it out… well you get it.

The whole thing is ass backwards if you ask me, and you know I don’t care if you ask me or not. I mean if someone calls you a serial killer, or says you were molested as a child, or that you make child porn. Yes these types of remarks should be reported. If some one posts your family’s names on social media sites with malice intentions, Facebook should do something about it. But as we have seen for ourselves first hand… those types of things don’t always follow under Facebook guidelines, and even though someone may be responsible for numerous complaints where they actually should probably be removed or at least not allowed to post comments on pages… well I think most of you know exactly what I’m talking about.

Facebook, like other social medias (Twitter is even worse with how their complaint system works), policies just don’t work as they are intended. For example I give you exhibit A:

poor white people

I was greeted with this when I went to my Facebook the other day. And when I clicked on continue I saw this (exhibit B):

fb pwp

Seriously?!? Because I wrote “The poor “white” people”, I need to review my page’s content? LMFAO! Social media somehow always misses real complaints and caters to the haters for some reason. Let me further explain my “The poor “white” people” comment. It was posted under a picture someone had posted on their page. Here’s the picture (exhibit C):

white genocide

When I saw it I just had to share it (isn’t that what Facebook is all about?) And I wrote the “The poor “white People” comment under the shared picture on Zero’s World’s FB page. As you can see, the pic was posted by someone called Richard Cranium. And I’m guessing they didn’t like the comment I wrote under it. Or maybe they didn’t like that I shared it. I’m still not sure what it is I got chastised for? For sharing the picture or for the comment I wrote under it? Seems all Richard Cranium had to do if they didn’t like  me sharing it or my comment I wrote on my page, where I shared it,  was block me or contact me and ask me to take it down… isn’t that how they suggest things to be removed?

No it’s reported, taken down, and now I should review my page’s content. Yea, fuck that. Damn, Richard Cranium you aren’t the Dick Head you think you are, you really should change your name to Sob Infant. OK, sorry, I really reached for that one. Still if he didn’t like me sharing his pic on FB, I doubt he’ll like that I shared it here. And I doubt he’s gonna like the next part either:

dick head

If you go to RC’s FB, you’ll see just where he stands… to the right. Good for him (I’m only assuming they are male due to the name and obsession with guns, lol, that’s a joke you gun toters out there). I really don’t care if you stand to the left or the right, just stop thinking that’s the place everyone should be standing, because thankfully it’s not.

Anyways, gun rights activist, immigration reform protesting, Obama hating, destroyer or Islam, Richard Cranium posts things like this:

Recently, while I was working in the flower beds in the front yard, my neighbors stopped to chat as they returned home from walking their dog.
During our friendly conversation, I asked their 12 year old daughter what she wanted to be when she grows up. She said she wanted to be President some day.
Both of her parents – liberal Democrats – were standing there, so I asked her, “If you were President what would be the first thing you would do?”
She replied, “I’d give food and houses to all the homeless people.”
Her parents beamed with pride!
“Wow…what a worthy goal!” I said. “But you don’t have to wait until you’re President to do that!” I told her.
“What do you mean?” she replied.
So I told her, “You can come over to my house and mow the lawn, pull weeds, and trim my hedge, and I’ll pay you $50. Then you can go over to the grocery store where the homeless guy hangs out, and you can give him the $50 to use toward food and a new house.”
She thought that over for a few seconds, then she looked me straight in the eye and asked, “Why doesn’t the homeless guy come over and do the work, and you can just pay him the $50?”
I said, “Welcome to the Republican Party.”
Her parents aren’t speaking to me….LMBO!!!



How cute… I love the B in LMBO, Butt not Ass, keep the acronyms clean! What else can we find on RC’s FB?




Did you know that Planned Parenthood commits hundreds of thousands of abortions – destroys hundreds of thousands of human beings – every year? Did you know that your tax money funds this abortion giant – whether you like it or not? Well, we have good news. Live Action is launching a national campaign to show the American people what this corrupt organization is doing with their money…and to give our leaders the knowledge they need to do their jobs, and protect us from being forced to fund a huge child-killing corporation.Please visit PlannedParenthoodExposed.com and see just how deep this evil runs. See what your tax money is funding. And sign the petition to put a stop to abortion conscription.
Photo: BREAKING: The Department of Labor, which is supposed to represent the needs of U.S. workers, says that the government needs to find ways to get more skilled foreign workers into the country.
keep calm islam
dick head2
Yea, I doubt Mr. Cranium will like this post too much. Will I be getting an email from WordPress asking me to review my blogs content? Probably.
I don’t know why so many have a problem with what I have to say. Even though I don’t agree with most of the shit people put out there, I strongly believe in freedom of speech and know that everyone has a right to say what they want.
But it then must also hold true that people have a right to say what they want about the things you say. I’ve said this before, right?
So stop being fucking cry babies, you fucking cry babies!