The Bad Guy Is Back

When I started the  Zero’s World blog back at the beginning of the year, it was to have some fun and approach the internet and those on it head on. Games and exaggerations were to be used to poke fun at those who are out there already doing these things but don’t like it done to them. That was the main idea, sort of, I mean this is a very complicated blog. It functions in many ways plus as I have said it is also somewhere for all my internet stuff to be in one place, my legacy blog, lol.

I thought I would only be visiting those I blogged about on my LISK blog once in a while because the internet was huge and I wanted to get to all of it, plus as the subtitle says, it’s RL & IL in parody, so I definitely had plans for real life stuff to be blogged about as well.

But some of you out there just don’t want me to blog about anything else. Even Dorothy, who hasn’t commented here (without the help of Nancy) for quite a while now,  still wants to post lies about people on her favorite places, and my name in one form or another is now added to those lies for ever. Here’s her latest:

DPH SG FB zero1

dph sg fb zero2

DPH sg fb zero3

DPH sg fb zero4


Well, at least she’s gone back to using “ZERO” when she lies about me. But as you can see she has no problem putting names down still. This is from April 5th, only a week ago. And it is still up for people to read. So many names dropped here, someone should stop it. All any of you have to do is report her comments to Facebook if she mentions your name and it will be removed, you should also copy it first in case you need it for legal reasons in the future, I do.

Again, only my screen name is used, other wise it would already be gone. I don’t get why anyone let’s her continue to post this crap. Hopefully me posting it here will get it seen by the right people and it will be removed.

Dorothy, you feed off the attention don’t you? Part of me doesn’t want to give it to you because it makes you so happy. But these kinds of posts and comments that you leave out there need to be stopped so I have to bring some kind of attention to you to do so. Again anyone who listens to or works with or has any thing to do with Dorothy, you should really think about it some more, Dorothy is poison to all who she touches, remember that. And Dorothy, you can remember that trying to link me to your lies will be your downfall, I’m on you bitch, and I ain’t ever going nowhere. (He’s using bad words again, someone needs to report this to WordPress)  LOL, we know I’m being nice here, I really should have called her a cunt!

Ouch! Better move on before I get in trouble.

So Cristin (oh yea, that’s a safer subject) want’s to come back and defend her buddy MandamusSeven, who was here to defend Cristin as well. How sweet. Fuck you both, the more you 2 try to defend each other the worse you look. Your wrong, you don’t get any of this, and should have just stayed far away from it.

Same goes for you Nancy!

Thank God someone finally stopped paying her cable bill or what ever it was they did to get her off-line. I’m sure she’ll return, but let’s still try to send her on her way as if we won’t be seeing her again (we can hope can’t we?). So here is the comment from Nancy she posted that had her phone number in it:

nancy phone number2

I mean damn… Nancy is crazy right? Well crazy or not , I did feel I should call her and try to get through to her, and I did… call her.

She answered the phone “Hello?”

I said, “Nancy?”

She said, “Yes.”

I said, “This is zero, not Mike, not your ex, not Dorothy, not anyone connected to any of this”

Nancy replied, “I don’t know who anyone is, anyone can be anyone right?”

I then kinda went off on a rant explaining exactly who I was and how, when and why I became interested in and it’s commenters.

She replied, “So, what do I care about all that”.

I could tell my call was shocking her a little, I got the impression she really thought Mike was gonna call her, and if you read her comment that gave me her phone number it’s all to painfully obvious just how obsessed with him she is.

I felt bad, and calmed my tone and tried to reason with Nancy. And it worked, or at least seemed to. We had a fairly nice conversation after that, though throughout it she still could not accept that everyone else out there was her ex Mike. This took us into her family, and all the things her ex has done, and why she thinks he is following her everywhere online. There was really no reasoning with her on this. This of course led into Dorothy. She went on and on that she thought Dorothy was not who she claims she is, how she uses the same picture for everything. I gave my reasoning to why I think Dorothy is Dorothy Price Hill, but conceded that I did not know for sure Dorothy was who she said she was, but I explained, there are many that I do know they are who they say they are and therefore not her ex, Mike.

She said I didn’t understand what he was capable of, or who might be helping him. With all she had to say about Mike, I have no idea what, if anything he had put her through, but she was being messed with by someone. She said she had an email from me where I said I was Linda, and Dorothy, and Mike, etc.

She asked, “What was that all about?”

I said I never wrote her such an email, I asked what the email address was, and she replied, “I don’t know, it said it was from you, zero.”

I said she had my email address, you can tell if it is from me or not. She played the confused one at this point, and that how could she know who was sending her stuff and calling her all the time saying they were the IRS or FBI. It was Mike as far as she was concerned and anyone else was Mike or someone helping Mike.

The conversation, as I’m sure you would have guessed, always came back to Mike. She really didn’t know much about anything else and told me so. I asked her about Dorothy’s tweet that said Dorothy and Nancy had evidence. Nancy said that she didn’t know what Dorothy was talking about. She said at first she thought Dorothy was someone who did have information about those evolved in criminal activity, but as time went by and nothing came of it she stopped believing she was who she said she was.  Nancy explained how many times Dorothy was gonna come to meet her in person and then came up with excuses for not showing up. Damn, this team of Dorothy’s didn’t hold together to well, Cristin wants nothing to do with her and Nancy thinks she’s someone working for her ex husband.

She told me she hadn’t heard from Dorothy in a while and I asked her about who Dorothy was talking about when she said her biological parents were in politics. To this Nancy told me Dorothy claims she is the illegitimate daughter of Mitt Romney’s wife. WTF? Man this started me laughing, I mean it really  cracked me up and still does.

Over all,  the whole phone call was exhausting, but I thought it ended well.  I thought she realized at least I was who I said I was, and she agreed to stop calling me Mike on the blog, but she still thought everyone else on there was associated to him and therefore out to harass her. Yes the phone call was exhausting.

And then right afterwards Nancy was on my blog posting more crap, saying I almost fooled her, but Dorothy and her talked after our phone call (wow she hadn’t heard from her for a couple of weeks and all of a sudden right after our phone conversation, Dorothy contacts her, man why do they all think I’m as big as dope as they are?) and that Dorothy told her everything (again). Nancy wrote: Wrong again. DPH says that you are a Minster in the Church of Satan. Something about the years the Church was born 06/06/66. That you’re a Devil Worshiper. That you and your cronies rented a house in Oak Beach from Brewer. That you make porn movies and like being whipped by women. 

LMFAO, well at least I’m not Mike, and I’d rather have almost any lie about me than that, I mean how did anyone mary that brain-dead cow? (oh, see he’s a mean bully who picks on defenseless women, he better look good in orange) Bitch I look good in every color!

Nancy seems to just have to open her mouth or write something down and it’s automatically wrong (these ladies have so much in common). Here’s a  comment from Nancy I didn’t let through because I had no idea who Nancy was talking about:

nancy tcth

Wrong again Nancy. No one seems to know who Becky Koster is. Damn, don’t any of you get tired of being wrong all the time?

Nancy, please don’t come back here, you know nothing about what is really going on. In fact you should stop listening to anyone on-line, reach out to real people, check yourself into a hospital, I don’t know, but get real help, none of this is healthy for you. You have nothing to add to any of this, in fact, I think there is only one person who knows less about all this then you, and that’s…

MandamusSeven… she has nothing to do with any of this and constantly says she doesn’t want to know anything about an open serial killer case, yet she is here, as well on her interest was just in Cristin’s interest I guess.

If you have been following the comments lately, you can see all Mandamus has to say about me. This after she agreed with me on just about everything I said in phone conversations we shared. Just as Nancy get’s all her LISK info from Dorothy, MandamusSeven only really knows what Cristin tells her about all this, and she told me so in our conversations. All in all our phone conversations went well but as we have seen she was quick to call names and threaten lawsuits the minute she was afraid I might expose the things she has told me. For some reason she thinks she can contact me and I can’t repeat what our correspondence was about to anyone or anywhere. That’s not my fault, I explained what Zero’s World was all about, plus can’t everyone reading here get it?  Here is her farewell email:

mandamus bye bye

This comes after the email that already stated I would not be receiving any more emails from her. LMFAO, the whole lot of you cracks me up so much. This farewell from MandamusSeven sounds like the text I got from Cristin way back in December where she told me I lost her help. Damn they always threaten to leave, but just can’t quite do it.

The best part about MandamusSeven’s good-bye is that she acts like it means something. “You ran me off” oh no, should I cry or something. When you are agreeing with me, you don’t want me to talk about it, and when you do comment on things it’s stuff like this:

mandamus first1

mandamus first2

Yes, I’m really gonna miss comments like this.  The only thing you had to add to any of this was dirt on Cristin and I’m not allowed to repeat that stuff, right? So good-bye MandamusSeven, you will be missed about as much as Nancy.

Oh wait, the email said she would no longer be reading here, so she won’t see any of this. Yea right. Like they can stop reading here, I said it before and I’ll say it again, you guys hang on every word I write. I will continue to write about you all, but not now, I’d rather let you wait and wonder when and what I will have to say about each of you attention whores. After all I’m officially the villain right. We all have beef and stuff like that. Yes, you are all quite funny to me.

But there’s someone missing from this post… oh Joey, I’m not forgetting you, you will get a whole post to yourself. and you don’t have to wonder when, it will be the next post. After all, we can’t forget about our big mouthed bully, turned girly girl coward, always commenting and running away from me.

“Yeah, uh oh, better beware knuckleheads
The sound of my hustle says don’t knock
The doors broken it won’t lock
It might just fly open, get cold cocked
You critics come pay to me a visit
Misery loves company, please stay a minute
Kryptonite to a hypocrite
Zip your lip if you dish it but can’t take it
Too busy getting stoned in your glass house
To kick rocks, and you wonder why I lash out”



Marky Mark and the Willy Racist Bunch

So, remember my good friend Willy from Missouri? He thought it would be a good idea to come to my Facebook and call me names because he thought I was gay and against “white pride”. When the truth is I’m straight and against ignorant people who spread hate from their tiny little minds that probably are stored in their tiny little pricks (that should go off well). He left pretty quickly even though he promised he would have my page flooded with people  to make me pay for having my own thoughts on the types of thoughts he and others put out there for everyone to have thoughts on:

willy flooded

And there was his friend from Missouri who stopped by to and tell me how wrong I was. But then wrote me private messages that I was right and little willy was “way” into “white power” crap, exact words were: “He feeds into the white power shit way too much“. They also went on for  some unknown reason to let me know he was an ex con,”Will went away to prison, thievery and drugs, and came back practicing that Asatru shit. Before that he was just a godless, lawless man

And let’s not forget some of the nice things Willy commented on my Facebook himself:

willy dad3

willy dad

Yea, that willy is a great guy. I ask again, why do they have to always go to the molestation thing?  It’s a deep underlining theme with some of them. Makes you wonder.

So I made a little poster for my new racist friend:

Willy poster

Was that wrong of me to post this on my Facebook? I’m still unsure of what kinds of crap are ok for social media. Well I guess someone didn’t like it. Today (almost a month after I posted it) there is a comment from mark. Mark is also from Missouri, so I’m assuming it is another friend of willy boy. And what did mark have to say?

mark fb1

Um, I’m not totally sure what mark had to say here, lol, but I think he tried to dis me. Oh no he didn’t? Right?  Did he? Or maybe he didn’t? I’m still not sure. I think he thinks I’m  gay just because I stand up for all human rights. And then wants to say some dumb thing like I support STDs because of this, or that homosexuality is what is spreading aids. Damn talk about getting into a DeLorean and heading back to the ’80s. Mark’s next comment is a little easier to decipher, it was on another poster I made about a commenter in a anti homosexuality Facebook group. This guy felt the need to explain to me why God was hurt by homosexuality. So I took his words and his Facebook pic, just as I did willy’s and made a cute little poster:

george poster

Again, was this wrong, maybe a little, but if you put your judgements out there, you have to expect some back, right? And our Marky Mark decided to give some back:

mark fb2

Yes, that is what he wrote. My god is Gay… well, duh!  Anyways, I thought I’d keep the judgements going back n forth and decided to make a couple of posters for him, judging his words , and him a little, maybe, but all in good fun, right? Or is this a more serious subject? I’m afraid some of these experiences are starting to take its toll, and I’m starting to confuse my right from wrong… fitting in finally!

mark poster2

He’s a cutie!

mark poster1

Come on, that’s funny. Right?

Anyways, when willy promised a flood of people on my Facebook, I believed him, I just didn’t know it would trickle in one every month.


Yes, the Fuck You tour has begun!

The word FUCK is my favorite word:

The word itself can be used in many different ways, and to me that makes it a very flexible and useful word. Of course it is also considered a “bad word” the baddest one in most opinions. I’m not gonna get into the whole “bad word” thing, but to me there are no “bad” words, just “bad” people, words don’t cuss people out, people do. LMAO, I’m right though, huh?  It’s when you add the word YOU to it that you can really upset people with the use of the ‘Fuck” word, and I understand no one likes to be told “Fuck You”, but sometimes there is just no other way. Sometimes people use their own words, “bad” or not, to spread hatred and that is when I like to use that phrase, “Fuck You”. Which is why when my wife turned me on to the Lilly Allen song, it  instantly became my favorite song. And while trolling the internet looking at all the fuctards out there, I decided to go on a Fuck You Tour! So #2014fuckyoutour began yesterday, what is #2014fuckyoutour? Well it’s me passing around my new favorite songs to people who need to hear it, in my opinion.

I sent out the song in three tweets. One to this racist girl who I came across last time I was on Twitter (she goes by SandraAngry (why so angry Sandra?). The second went out to “WhiteResister” (yes, fuck them, bunch of pussies who think they are owed something ’cause of there lack of skin pigment) and the third went to the twit who goes by adair0228 with the phrase “no white guilt” above it. And that’s the one who bit.

He saw his video and tweeted back:


My Twitter is now at the right in “My Stuff” so feel free to go check it out, I hadn’t posted it to My Stuff yet, because, to be honest my “zero’s world twitter” is kind of boring. But this guilty white guy might change that.

Funny thing is I also had a reply on my Facebook from some guy named William:

william the racist2

Could they be the same guy? I tend to think so. But hey, maybe I have 2 new nuts to have some fun with.

William seems to think I am one of those people who hide behind their computers and says hateful things, afraid to say the same things to people’s faces. LMAO, that sounds more like that “No White Guilt” guy on twitter. I have no trouble telling people who spread hate and hypocrisy, to their faces if need be, to fuck off.

Facebook Warrior? Yea that doesn’t sound like a guy in his mom’s basement comment. LOL, Fuck You William!