Shake It Off


Any new Cicada stuff out there? I haven’t even looked. But it’s that time of year.

I saw Anonymous is getting involved with the fight against terrorism:

And The Illuminati is taking over everything:

I bring up these 3 groups, because with all that’s going on in the world, it would be nice if we had some heroes… even some anti-ones.

But we are so involved in the back-n-forth. Victories are just the lead in to the next fight. Everyone’s pointing the finger at their oppressor and shouting demon! Actually we moved on from that… we now are pointing fingers at our accusers and shouting demon!

Even I, as I teach by example, have gotten too caught up.

Time to shake it off…



DAY 7: Blog Held Hostage

Mysterymom7 contacted me a few times yesterday. First time was another email. It asked me to call Dr. Nucc, someone I have mentioned before in comments on my blog and someone we both had been in contact with (I had shared a few emails with him and one phone call) I was not sure why Mysterymom7 would want to bring him into all this so at first I didn’t call. But then I did. He was busy and we did not get a chance to talk. I was gonna call him back later, but to be honest I have been having trouble with my phone and also, I didn’t see the point in dragging more people into this. I also get the impression he has know idea what any of this is about anyways.

So let me make this simple: I am not bugging people for there input or information or explanations, they are taking it apon themselves to do that. Mysterymom7 is one of the ones who loves to send me info though.

First email I ever got from someone involved in all this? Mysterymom7

Who sent me IP address and names I didn’t ask for? Mysterymom7

Who sent me emails about Mari/Hackett civil case saying she was helping Mari’s lawyer “dig” up info on Dr. Hackett? Mysterymom7

Who sent me her entire blog though I did not ask for it? Mysterymom7

Who sent me phone numbers and other personal info I did not ask for? Mysterymom7

When I started a new blog and was trying to blog about other things then LISK who sent me emails threatening to sue me? Mysterymom7

But it wasn’t until she wrote me telling me she knew who I was and wrote my wife’s name in a somewhat threatening way (am I wrong to read what she wrote about my identity being twisted and how that would affect my wife as a threat of some sort?) that this blog became about all of this, it is only then that I decided to continue blogging about what in my opinion is a bunch of mindless meddlers, spreading their disease all over the internet.

I also had some messages sent to me from Mystermom7 on my Facebook page yesterday. The first one was a snapshot of a comment from my LISK Blog. The comment was by me and although I feel the comment was strictly opinion with and open-ended question, I can understand why it bothered her, and made sure that comment was removed. It was actually part of a group of comments that was going back n forth between me, Mystermom7 and a few other commenters. So I removed all the parts of that conversation I think might now bother her. I told her so and asked her if there was anything else. Her reply was:

I’m sure there is 

Anywhere you call me a liar, a criminal, involved with Dorothy or Joe…

Instead of letting your ego blind you, you should read what constitutes defamation, read what you’ve said about me, and read it as if you’re wrong about EVERYTHING about me and I could prove it to a court… and seek counsel

I’m sure I don’t need to point out the irony here. Or the hypocrisies either. Trust me, I would love to move on to something else, and now that the LISK Blog is back up tomorrow and I will be bringing it to an end, I should be able to. This blog, the one you are reading right now is not about you. It’s not about LISK. It’s not about making the world a better place. It’s about me. Some of you seemed so interested in me I would think you would like this new blog. If you want to read more about me and less about you then I suggest you leave my name out of your mouths. Simple enough, right?  I said it at the beginning of this blog, you are now stepping into MY WORLD! If you wish to be a part of it so much, you can see I have no problem doing so.

So Dorothy, putting things like this:

DPH zero2 will only get you a mention every single day!

And Mysterymom7, please stop giving my info out. Remember what you said back when I first told you people had looked into my personal info:

I’m sorry you’re having people bringing your family in it


I didn’t know about the haunt thing until Jennifer’s comment. I don’t go looking into identities without reasonable suspicion. I was never suspicious of you as being any more than what I was… a blogger searching for truth.

And as long as we are bringing up “the haunt thing” again, yes I know you are talking with people about the fact I work at a haunt every October. Your acting like there is something devious about it, maybe even suggesting it be used to twist stuff about me? Well that’s what I heard any way. As I was going through old emails to write this post I came across where I first told you about me working at Fright Dome. It was back in July of last year, I even sent you a picture of me dressed up. Here are some of your replies to that:

Halloween is my fave! I love dressing up and costume makeup!

To me, costume makeup is just another artform. Fun stuff!

This was back in July. You said not to let my worries of someone trying to twist my involvement in Fright Dome to stop me from blogging. Do you remember that? That was back in July! So now you want me to stop blogging and you took the info I gave you and found out who I was. You said it took you 2 hours to find out who I was. Bet you got help from a friend or two as well. I know that’s how you all work. How much did you go digging for, and what did you find? Oh yea, that I work at a Halloween haunt every October and I dress up like a scary person. That’s what you got on me after 2 hours of digging and who knows who’s help? Hell, I already told you that back in July, remember? You said it was no big deal, just a fun thing. So why now try to twist it to the people you talk to about it? Why now is my working at a haunt so bad?

Look this is the last time I’m going to say this (ok, probably not) this blog is about me! Leave me alone and I won’t include you in it. As for the LISK Blog, I will be explaining its future tomorrow when it comes back up.

DAY 5: Blog held Hostage

Finally something from Mysterymom7. Although I’m sad to say she does not want to negotiate.:

This is not a hostage situation and there is no negotiation to be had. There are no terms and there are no demands. This is not a game. This is not a ploy. This is not pretend. This is a decision you have forced me to make.

Your identity, by your own admission, is easy to find, as was mine. So it cannot be held as ransom like you are now portraying I am doing- in public.

If you must read the link I left on your Facebook 100 times to comprehend the reason why I must sue you, then you should. It is in your best interest to do so before you continue blogging about me (as Cristin, mysterymom7 or MM7, etc.).

I have contacted a lawyer. It is a holiday weekend. I will discuss a plan of action with a lawyer on Tuesday.


So my LISK blog has been down for 5 days waiting for Mysterymom7 to tell me what is wrong with my blog, what she wants removed, and her reply is she “must sue me”.

Though her first step in all of this was not to see a lawyer, but to tell me she had my personal information and that it could be twisted in the hands of the “wrong” people. She could have just found out my information and took it to a lawyer, but she had to go and threaten me with it first. She may not think what she wrote me was a threat, but I suggest she show that email and all our other email correspondence to her lawyer tomorrow.

And your friend Dorothy is now posting comments all over my Facebook, accusing me of child porn. And if you want to say Dorothy isn’t your friend, I’d have to ask you to show all yours and Dorothy’s email correspondence to your lawyer as well.

Don’t throw this back on me. I didn’t make my blog up. I blogged about what I read. Mainly from your blog. Just because you pulled it doesn’t mean I have to pull mine. I stand by my blog and it will return in 2 more days. So please once again let me know what you want removed, but stop with the narcissistic thinking that my blog is about you. I don’t blog about you. I blog about lots of things, you keep yourself involved here. Not me.

DAY 4: Blog Held Hostage

Half way through the 7 days and still nothing from Mysterymom7. Well that’s not true, she did leave a link on my Facebook page:

MM& defination law

Still nothing from a lawyer though. And still no list of demands. If I do not know what you want taken down in order to secure the safety of my personal information how can I reply? I already know my identity is being passed around, lies being made up, and fake connections are probably being made to me and anyone who knows me to the LISK case. That is how these ladies work. But I’m still unsure why me.

Though many have put others identities up in public, Joey did this, Mysterymom7 did this, Dorothy loves to do this. I have never been one to do so. In fact I pulled numerous things when asked to, and many of my readers know this to be true. When people have written me and asked to be left out of this I did so. In fact as I wrote before, when Dorothy first came to me asking me to be removed from my blog, I had no idea who she was at the time, but I did so. I even took it out of comments made by others, something I don’t like to do. Many accused Mysterymom7 of changing what they wrote in their comments on her blog, I did not want to be accused of such things and therefore did not adjust comments. But like I said, Dorothy wanted her name removed. So once I did so, she started commenting on my blog with all sorts of names and accusations. That’s the kind of people I have been dealing with on my LISK Blog.

As for Mysterymom7, at first she liked my blog, when I asked her about some of the harsh comments about her she said she didn’t mind me letting them through because it gave her a chance to defend herself. Even when I started to ask her tough questions about her own blog she said she understood. Here’s one of the places she mentions me playing devils advocate:


Now in this comment sent to me on her blog back in April of last year she said “she didn’t need to prove anything to anyone here” and she was right, she could have just shut her blog down then and let LE find her stalker for her. But she didn’t, she kept it up for another month and during that month lots came out. The whole drone thing back fired in her face and she started heavily moderating any one who called her out on her posts. My blog then became the sound board for all those who had things to say about her blog.

So her blog came down, (I blogged that I was sure it was not completely gone) and once again if she felt she had nothing to prove she could have just left all the LISK stuff behind. But she came back. Though she felt she had nothing to prove she sent me her entire blog! I couldn’t believe it myself! At this point she had made it clear she did not like my blog and thought I should just remove it. I know she had hoped it would show me she was truly stalked by someone or something along that lines, but it didn’t. The opinions I had formed about her blog while reading it when it was up only worsened once I read it from the creators view. I saw things in it that readers did not.

And of course I blogged about it. Now my LISK blog is about a lot of things, but mainly it is about the misuse of the internet by a group of people who are mostly only known by screen names. Two of these, Mysterymom7 and Flukeyou had already been doxed by the time I started reading, so that can not be blamed on me. Those who I have talked to who have asked to be left out of it, I have.(other than Dorothy, which at first I swear I tried, but you all know how persistent she is in being a part of all of this) Sometimes this is not easy, because people who want to be left out of this have given me key info on people like Joey, Dorothy and Mysterymom7. But contrary to what some may think I do not put all my emails up on blast.  I feel I have been very respectful of everyone’s privacy.

So please Mysterymom7, stop looking into me and my family, I was not the one who did so to you, you know this. There are many times I stuck up for the privacy of you and your family. Let’s not forget, when Murt was brought into this, many went straight to him and gave him the usual mug shots and personal stuff for him to counter your stalker claims, but I was the only one who commented on his blog that he was wrong for reposting it all. (Although you did call him a stalker) I came to your defense many times back in the beginning. So why now because I did not believe your story of a drone or someone from the bomb squad being at your house. Or that I think your blog was a hoax of some sort, it just had too much BS in it. Although you constantly said you didn’t have to prove anything to any one you kept trying to do so. I was one of those people. But I have a right to my opinion and do not deserve to be threatened or my information dug up and held for ransom.

I stand by my blog, but I DO NOT want my personal life up on blast by people who don’t mind twisting the truth to fit their agendas. So if you want my blog down or something removed let me know.

There’s no reason to make this go on 3 more days. Let’s get this over with and move on.