Blurred Lines

When this blog was created underneath the title “Zero’s World” was the tag line: “RL & IL in Parody”. As with many things I do, this had multiple meanings. The initials themselves could stand for a couple of different things (I wonder if anyone caught that). For the most part they stood for “Real Life” and “Internet Life”.  “In Parody” was part joke, part precaution.  At the time people used the word “parody” to cover themselves from anyone wanting to sue them for their internet content. I almost used the tagline “RL & IL For Educational Purposes Only” because this was used in lots of YouTube and other videos to escape copy-write infringements. I kind of thought that was funnier than “In Parody”, but “In Parody” seemed to fit better for what I had planned. Plus if anyone was serious about trying to sue me (and at least a few people were, I think), I could use the joke as a defense. If someone said I wasn’t allowed to post something I could just point out the tag line. This made it almost impossible to determine if I meant it as a joke or an actual legit, internet defense. This made even more convoluted by the fact that some of the blog was complete parody.  Exaggeration was used quite a bit. There were skits and song dedications… yes everything was real… but it was real parody as well.  The best parody sticks closely to reality, and that’s what I tried to do.

When the blog came back earlier this year some of you noticed the tag line had changed:

zw lines blurred

I don’t think I have to explain this… but I will.

All the shit we have been creating in our internet reality has crashed over into real life. So much so, that it is getting very difficult to tell them apart.  The very idea that the bully tactics of Twitter is now mixed in with actual policy should scare the hell out of everyone.

It does me.

I have never been a fan of world’s colliding, something I am sure I blogged about, but the internet world and the real world colliding has been one of my biggest fears for a while (other than the epidemic of crazy that we have all been going through the past few years, though that too was helped spread by the internet so…). It has left me with levels of lack of understanding that I am not really comfortable with. It has also left this blog with a lack of posts. With no new posts to put up on the ZW FB I started posting songs and lyrics from the band Twenty One Pilots… some of you might have noticed them. There are multiple reasons I chose this band and those songs… they do represent this fear I have of the lines being blurred and those two massive worlds colliding. Some of them were put up for certain people… some for everyone. Some were deeply rooted personal songs representing that exact moment in my life. Don’t read too much into them… the main reason I posted them was to countdown seeing them live for the first time. I posted the last one a couple days ago (the night of the show)… what a show!

Not the time or place for that… it was a great show though.

Alright, where were we?

Oh yea…

People have blurred the lines so much no one knows what is true anymore.

Let’s just get straight to it without metaphors, going off track, or complex tag lines… We have always had a problem separating truth from lie. It is not new, but the internet was used as a place to really let lies take over and surpass any common sense the truth needed to stay on top.

Yes. LIES became easier and sometimes more fun online. No consequences. For some at least. But it caught up with us, didn’t it?

Some of you were lucky enough to see my old YouTube Vlog about lies (lucky might not be the word, that thing is not good, I had some good ideas, some of those ideas followed me into my WordPress Blogs, but like with most things I do, I jumped ship early on, I have a very hard time not staring new things before finishing old stuff, or even giving them a fair chance to grow into something, I think that is a known thing about me, right?). Well if you did catch any of that Vlog you can see that early on I felt as a whole, people let our lies get in the way of understanding and finding true happiness (Red & Black stuff). This is something that goes back a long way with me, early on the lies of other people affected me and I also saw how it affected themselves.  I started being almost too honest and started wiping out those I knew had issues with the truth (I need to admit this goes with the drug scenes I sometimes found myself in during my younger years, drugs and lies go hand and hand). It was my distaste of lies that kept me from becoming an addict myself. When you give into addiction you give into all the lies. You believe them, especially the ones you tell yourself.

This was not easy for me… plus it came more across as a righteous asshole. In a way it just got people close to me to become better liars.  I really don’t want to get into all that now, that was a long time ago, I have come to terms with the fact people lie.  I get it and include myself in it. People lie, but in all honesty they also have a hard time accepting the truth (one of life’s vicious circles that keeps every thing spinning ’round).

The point I am making here (or trying to at least) is that the internet took our already troubled relationship with the truth and busted it wide open.

On the internet people can be what they want, believe what they want, and lie about all of it. I am old so I was online before Prodigy even came about. Though that was more like a connected thing and you knew who you were talking to. My very first time on Prodigy someone asked to DM (this was back in early 90’s so I don’t think it was called DM) and immediately they started in with sexting (again not called that yet). I was in a room full of friends at the time and my 19 year old self was like Wow Bob Wow! (alright Twin Peaks was not out yet so I did not say such a phrase back then, I was probably more like just “WOW!”). I was yelling to my friends, “This chick is a freak”. (cool freak, though I think most freaks are cool). I was instantly surrounded by everyone telling me what to type and everyone’s mind blown at what she was writing.  This was a new world for us all. Then my dad walked into the room and brought us all back down to earth. “You know it’s a guy, right?”.

Everyone broke out laughing (some at me, you can imagine the hazing I received). As soon as my dad said it, I was like “duh”. I can’t remember what the screen name was, it was a female name, but I am still not sure why that was enough to have me not even thinking about the obvious. It happened so fast but it was my first lesson in the internet and the idea of Sock-Puppets (though that wasn’t really a sock-puppet just some horny old dude and not to sound like a broken record, but sock-puppet wasn’t a phrase back then). It was my first real internet experience and it highlighted the anonymous monster it would become one day.

A few years later I was using Sega to get online and I got into the whole “group” experience as I became close to quite a few people in an internet group we all would meet in. It was a clicky group of freaks that fucked with all who dared enter it (life is circles and repetition,  don’t ever forget that).  That group was fun. We even had a online wedding where I was the best man. I wonder what happened to that group of internet “friends”, we are talking well over 20 years ago. I had fun and remember them fondly. Except for the bill, back then you got so much “free time”online and then you paid by each extra hour. I built them hours up.

After that I (like the rest of the internet world) was collecting AOL free discs. Man those early days of AOL were like the wild, wild, west. So many groups to get into.  Most people hiding behind a cool screen name and total anonymity. It was a fun time online. Everyone downloading free music (you know I loved that) and interacting with each other like never before.  This is where the internet troll was really born and everyone boned up on their ability to tell lies.

On and on it went… MySpace, Facebook,  and the devil himself… Mr. Twitter. There was a line though, for most there was the internet and there was real life… get me now. Somewhere it changed. It changed enough for us to elect someone like Donald Trump into the highest responsibility in America, maybe the world. Say what you want about Donald Trump but he is an internet troll, maybe not the anonymous type but an internet troll none the less. In fact this could be what did it. The world learned we don’t have to keep it in internet animosity… Trump let everyone know it was O.K. to troll right on out in real life. Be proud to be a troll, no need for it to hide online. Take it to the streets!

I don’t know about you… but I don’t like it. “Alternate facts”… WTF is that? It’s a real thing now. It seems nobody really knows what is “really” real anymore… we’ve blurred the lines so much… so well… that we can’t tell them apart anymore. The things we read on the internet are real things no matter who might be making them up.

Scary right?

Don’t answer that. If your answer is no… just wait.

The real question is:

How long before the blurred lines become one?

Shake It Off


Any new Cicada stuff out there? I haven’t even looked. But it’s that time of year.

I saw Anonymous is getting involved with the fight against terrorism:

And The Illuminati is taking over everything:

I bring up these 3 groups, because with all that’s going on in the world, it would be nice if we had some heroes… even some anti-ones.

But we are so involved in the back-n-forth. Victories are just the lead in to the next fight. Everyone’s pointing the finger at their oppressor and shouting demon! Actually we moved on from that… we now are pointing fingers at our accusers and shouting demon!

Even I, as I teach by example, have gotten too caught up.

Time to shake it off…




Circles are everywhere, would you agree? Planets travel in them and so do we. We get stuck in them. The smaller the circles are, the faster we come back around. I am attempting to travel in bigger circles in the posts on this blog… but it seems we are still in much smaller connected circles… coming back around very quickly… sometimes so quickly it dangers on repetitiveness (am I repeating myself here?).

Sometimes that’s all the bigger circles are… a bunch of the same smaller circles intertwined spinning you around like a carnival ride.

So, as I venture out into larger circles, don’t be surprised when they snap us back around again… just try to hold the nausea down and enjoy the ride.

Thanksgiving and Black Friday Posts (Revenge Of The Turkey Sandwich)

I had planned on writing a post for Thanksgiving, I was gonna call it “Gobble, Gobble”. It would have been short and sweet and mainly discussing whether or not there is something in turkey that causes everyone to get so sleepy after that big meal in between the football games.

I had heard this so much over the years. “Turkey has tryptophan in it, and eating all that turkey is like taking sleeping pills”. Right? Well that’s what most believed, and lots still do even though I couldn’t find anything supporting this as I searched the web on this, and that’s because most have heard that this is just not true. In fact a look at Wikipedia seems to say that the whole turkey is a sleeping aid story is nothing more than that… a story:

And most things you find on the internet about the subject look like this:

So I planned on writing on all this and that might have led to discussing how people can be so sure of something and then after a little bit of time, they believe the totally opposite. I would have then discussed how the internet can be the thing that helps us decide between such conflicting ideas.

You type in such questions into your Google search bar as: “Does Turkey cause sleepiness” and you read, and usually go for what has the most written on that particular slant or side, in this case as I said, almost everything written on the subject now says that the whole turkey thing is a myth.

From there I would have gone into how myths are used on the net, how they can both be started and sent into mass knowledge much easier now with out instant communicator… but how the internet is also used to bust such myths…

Wow! I thought it would have been a simple post, but even here, I would have muddied it up the way I seem to do. I mean the sky is open to where I could have taken the post to… would have maybe even brought up the question:

How many of you had to search for a little while after first seeing “RIP Robin Williams” in your social media? How many articles or posts did you have to read before you knew it wasn’t a hoax?

Who knows where I would have taken this simple post about Thanksgiving Turkey and your dad sleeping on the couch? Like I said there are many who still think turkey puts you into a sleep coma no matter how much is said to the contrary… and maybe that’s where I would have ended up on the post… how people can still believe things even though they have been long proven false…

Well, I never got to the post. After all that turkey I ate Thursday, a long nap on the couch was just easier than opening up WordPress and trying to put any thoughts together… I then slipped into a  real turkey coma!

Then I thought I’d do a post yesterday on Black Friday.

Now I would have kept this one really simple, I’m sure of it. Just a couple of links to the shenanigans we all think of when we think of the after dinner shopping massacre:

And then a link to what I thought was the best part of Black Friday this year:

Um, forget Thanksgiving and Black Friday… in fact lets just skip a whole year of holidays and get straight to Christmas 2015!

Yep, I’m the biggest Star Wars nerd there is! That might not come as a surprise to most of you.  I even enjoyed all the fake trailers posted, my favorite was this one:

But for those who don’t know better, those fake and fan trailers may be what people think are the real trailers and not even have seen the real one… in fact I’m not 100% sure that the link I posted as the “Official” trailer really is it… confusing huh?

Who cares right? The movie isn’t even out for another year. Plenty of time for more fake and real trailers to temp fan boys. ( I can’t believe I just wrote that)

Well that might have turned into a muddied post as well… so thankfully I never got to writing it… got to sleepy and needed another nap. Must have been all those turkey sandwiches!

Hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving and a safe Black Friday!

OSI: An Internet Fable

Many of my new readers find me after coming across Dorothy and Nancy’s internet debauchery and start hitting that Google themselves to see more… and well, as many of you know, you can’t Google many of them anymore without finding Zero’s World, and I like that. No Scratch that… I LOVE that!

So one of those Nan & Dot finders who than became a reader, sent me some information about an internet group:

Now my long time readers know I have come across many so-called organizations on the net that claim to be against bullying, or cyber stalking, etc. that turn out to be a place for someone to use the  techniques the organization claims to be against to get even with others on the internet. Anonymous is a great example of this… look at what they have become, now any racist with internet connection and a Guy Fawkes mask can be part of Anonymous, and all they seem to do anymore  is DOX each other and post crap for the lulz… which can be very entertaining… but far from the hacker-do-gooders that were gonna expose the evils of the world they once seemed to be.

And there are so many others… anti-bully sites, bullying those who speak out against them… and so on and so forth… you get it, and if you don’t, you are part of the problem… so please keep reading.

OSI seems to be ran by one person, not really a group, but someone with agenda. And this of course meant people would speak out against it:

Go ahead and read around that blog… it’s an interesting story. I’m not gonna get into too much here, both sides can get a little out there, read for yourself.

To me it looks like another game of back-n-forth, where the lines are blurred and you wonder if any stalking or bullying is really going on. More like head butting and world’s colliding. I have tried to contact some of those involved in this internet story… is that what I should call it? They are all so entertaining to read, mysteries and feuds forever there on the never-ending internet. Entertaining, yes, but as many of us have seen, confusing and destructive as well. And as in the Murt internet stories, (yes, I am gonna call them internet stories for now, because they are more than feuds, they are internet entertainment… some thing you can watch each time you click on, and each story leads you to another, some will not like that… because most of the stories deal with people’s real lives as well… yes… you are starting to get it now) they can go on for years!

Well regardless, maybe we will get more insight to what went on here and what may still be going on there, if any of them respond. The reason it was shown to me and the reason I’m bringing it up here before my next post? Read this part of the story:

Did you see any familiar names in that list of OSI followers?  I did.

So, the moral to this fable?

Connections, both real and imagined, when put together, can show a very scary picture!

But you all know this, don’t you?

Fuck Facebook (and Richard Cranium too)

There are so many reasons I don’t like Facebook. I know, “why do you have so many of them then?” Fair question. I very seldom use my original FB account with that Dick name on it. That one was made to keep in touch with family and friends, and I still use it for that. But as I said, I don’t use it much any more.

Dharma hadn’t been used in a long time, it was created for LOST fans to post stuff about the show when it went off the air. It was neat to see fans of the show from all over the world come to the FB account and share things. But eventually, it died down and I stopped going to it. That was till I decided to use it to check on all the other people”s  FB accounts I had accumulated while looking into those I blogged about. There was no way I was gonna use my real FB where friends and family might be messed with (in the end many found this FB anyways, hence the middle finger profile pic) and I thought The Stranger was not the right one to use in contacting people who didn’t know me (well except The Drifter, I used my Stranger account to contact him , thinking he would like The Stranger, I was right.) So as I ramble off as usual, all I’m trying to say, is the Dharma account came in handy (for a moment) but now once again, I don’t use it to often. No need to at the moment.

I do use my Stranger FB a lot. Mostly to keep in touch with other horror and haunt actors and fans. Also to promote The Dome of course.

So yes, there is stuff Facebook is good for, and yet I hate the fuck out of it, lol. I guess that’s the way most things in life are.

One of the things I have hated over the years on Facebook is the private stuff people throw out there.  Everyone on the internet does not need to know every time you take a shit. And if all you ever do is complain about your life, well that get’s to be tiresome reading. We don’t need to hear about how so and so isn’t your BFF any more or how your boyfriend/girlfriend/husband/wife is evil and all the things they did to you this week to cause you to change your relationship status. This is one of the worst. And having a few accounts I have seen the break-ups of friends, family, and complete strangers (ha ha, STRANGERS). And many of them end up right back together when the fight has blown over. Some change the status back and delete their rants expecting you to forget about how messed up their mate is until the next time.

There are many reasons why I find this wrong, but to hammer it in I will say, on more than 3 occasions, I have seen two people I know and care about who use to love and care about each other, tear the other apart on FB and expect their Facebook “Friends” to do what? Choose between friends or in some cases family?!? And in front of the whole FB world?!?

Yea, all that  negative personal stuff and life griping seems pointless and just adds to the drama that you probably have too much of to begin with. Add that to the hate speech often disguised as FB opinion pages and sometimes you just want to yell out “FUCK FACEBOOK!” And a lot of us do.

But, who am I to complain… it’s your FB. So do with it what you want. But we all know we need more than “LIKE” to click on. We need:

like unlike



So you can show how you truly feel about what someone posts on their timeline.

(pay attention, because here’s the part where I explain why I really don’t like FB or other social medias)

That’s sort of what I did with Zero’s World Facebook. I put up my middle finger to some pages and those who came to ZW’s FB to bitch about it. And that should be all good. You can post things, others can post things about what you posted, if you don’t like it, delete what they wrote or just block or ban them and move on.

But nooooo… Facebook, like other social medias are full of crybabies who can dish it out… well you get it.

The whole thing is ass backwards if you ask me, and you know I don’t care if you ask me or not. I mean if someone calls you a serial killer, or says you were molested as a child, or that you make child porn. Yes these types of remarks should be reported. If some one posts your family’s names on social media sites with malice intentions, Facebook should do something about it. But as we have seen for ourselves first hand… those types of things don’t always follow under Facebook guidelines, and even though someone may be responsible for numerous complaints where they actually should probably be removed or at least not allowed to post comments on pages… well I think most of you know exactly what I’m talking about.

Facebook, like other social medias (Twitter is even worse with how their complaint system works), policies just don’t work as they are intended. For example I give you exhibit A:

poor white people

I was greeted with this when I went to my Facebook the other day. And when I clicked on continue I saw this (exhibit B):

fb pwp

Seriously?!? Because I wrote “The poor “white” people”, I need to review my page’s content? LMFAO! Social media somehow always misses real complaints and caters to the haters for some reason. Let me further explain my “The poor “white” people” comment. It was posted under a picture someone had posted on their page. Here’s the picture (exhibit C):

white genocide

When I saw it I just had to share it (isn’t that what Facebook is all about?) And I wrote the “The poor “white People” comment under the shared picture on Zero’s World’s FB page. As you can see, the pic was posted by someone called Richard Cranium. And I’m guessing they didn’t like the comment I wrote under it. Or maybe they didn’t like that I shared it. I’m still not sure what it is I got chastised for? For sharing the picture or for the comment I wrote under it? Seems all Richard Cranium had to do if they didn’t like  me sharing it or my comment I wrote on my page, where I shared it,  was block me or contact me and ask me to take it down… isn’t that how they suggest things to be removed?

No it’s reported, taken down, and now I should review my page’s content. Yea, fuck that. Damn, Richard Cranium you aren’t the Dick Head you think you are, you really should change your name to Sob Infant. OK, sorry, I really reached for that one. Still if he didn’t like me sharing his pic on FB, I doubt he’ll like that I shared it here. And I doubt he’s gonna like the next part either:

dick head

If you go to RC’s FB, you’ll see just where he stands… to the right. Good for him (I’m only assuming they are male due to the name and obsession with guns, lol, that’s a joke you gun toters out there). I really don’t care if you stand to the left or the right, just stop thinking that’s the place everyone should be standing, because thankfully it’s not.

Anyways, gun rights activist, immigration reform protesting, Obama hating, destroyer or Islam, Richard Cranium posts things like this:

Recently, while I was working in the flower beds in the front yard, my neighbors stopped to chat as they returned home from walking their dog.
During our friendly conversation, I asked their 12 year old daughter what she wanted to be when she grows up. She said she wanted to be President some day.
Both of her parents – liberal Democrats – were standing there, so I asked her, “If you were President what would be the first thing you would do?”
She replied, “I’d give food and houses to all the homeless people.”
Her parents beamed with pride!
“Wow…what a worthy goal!” I said. “But you don’t have to wait until you’re President to do that!” I told her.
“What do you mean?” she replied.
So I told her, “You can come over to my house and mow the lawn, pull weeds, and trim my hedge, and I’ll pay you $50. Then you can go over to the grocery store where the homeless guy hangs out, and you can give him the $50 to use toward food and a new house.”
She thought that over for a few seconds, then she looked me straight in the eye and asked, “Why doesn’t the homeless guy come over and do the work, and you can just pay him the $50?”
I said, “Welcome to the Republican Party.”
Her parents aren’t speaking to me….LMBO!!!



How cute… I love the B in LMBO, Butt not Ass, keep the acronyms clean! What else can we find on RC’s FB?




Did you know that Planned Parenthood commits hundreds of thousands of abortions – destroys hundreds of thousands of human beings – every year? Did you know that your tax money funds this abortion giant – whether you like it or not? Well, we have good news. Live Action is launching a national campaign to show the American people what this corrupt organization is doing with their money…and to give our leaders the knowledge they need to do their jobs, and protect us from being forced to fund a huge child-killing corporation.Please visit and see just how deep this evil runs. See what your tax money is funding. And sign the petition to put a stop to abortion conscription.
Photo: BREAKING: The Department of Labor, which is supposed to represent the needs of U.S. workers, says that the government needs to find ways to get more skilled foreign workers into the country.
keep calm islam
dick head2
Yea, I doubt Mr. Cranium will like this post too much. Will I be getting an email from WordPress asking me to review my blogs content? Probably.
I don’t know why so many have a problem with what I have to say. Even though I don’t agree with most of the shit people put out there, I strongly believe in freedom of speech and know that everyone has a right to say what they want.
But it then must also hold true that people have a right to say what they want about the things you say. I’ve said this before, right?
So stop being fucking cry babies, you fucking cry babies!

Deja Eww!

Restaurant hoax


This was making its way around my Facebooks today, and at first I was like grossed out and thought ewwwww, how nasty that so many people probably ate there and did not know the horrors going on in the kitchen and the delicacies they had been enjoying. Then I decided to look it up and find an actual article on it, because it’s just so nasty! I put it in Google and all sorts of differnt stories pop up, most are from years ago. I start to get sick to my stomach, wondering, how often this really happens.

But then I see they all seem to be in Atlanta, and of course they are all chinese restaurants. So I clicked on a few of them to read the whole thing, here’s one of them:

restaurant hoax2

So either this happened years ago… or it’s just a returning internet hoax. So I dug a little more and found this article:

And then I found this:

Well, I’m thankful it’s not real… I mean… YUCK!

The moral of this icky story? Check out everything you see on the internet, by looking it up on the internet.




Nancy & Dorothy Part 2

So just about everything I posted in the first part of this has pretty much been removed from the internet. Dorothy’s rant about her ex on “”… gone. The thread where Nancy mentions them writing a book… gone. Wow, once again, all I have to do is post it here and it disappears from the internet. This kind of thing has been happening since I started blogging about the LISK site and some of its commenters. Sites, blogs, Facebook pages, they just seem to disappear, not always because of me, I know, but still it’s happened a lot since I started blogging last year. But not with the same quickness as things I repost from Dorothy. They are gone almost immediately.  Kinda makes me feel powerful. If I want something of Dorothy’s crap removed, all I have to do is post it here.

Let’s test it. There is still plenty of stuff  that Nancy & Dorothy commented on together out there, let’s look at some more:

DPH & nancy FB1

DPH & nancy fb2

dph & nancy fb3

dph & nancy fb4

dph & nancy fb5

dph & nancy fb6

dph & nancy fb7

Most of that discussion took place on Valentines day last year. Again, in my opinion, that’s a hard day for them both. After reading so many discussions between these two ladies, the phrase “thick as thieves” comes to mind. For multiple reasons that I won’t get into, but they definitely seem to be closer than nancy would want us to believe. The fact that Nancy now wants to try to convince me Dorothy isn’t real, cracks me up. But I probably shouldn’t continue to make lite of it. The things they write about other people is just so disgraceful and there is nothing funny about it. But let’s see how long it takes for this to be gone. Not that it matters, it will be here.

So how long have Nancy & Dorothy been working together and has it always included LISK connections? I’m not sure, but I found an old tweet of Dorothy from December 2012 that shows at least since then:

DPH tweet nancy

Dorothy always drags someone else into her posts of about “evidence”, I’m sure even Nancy would say “what evidence?” There is none. And those who keep getting sucked up in this crap need to see it. This is a game to Dorothy and she has no problem dragging others down and linking them to her made up evidence. I mean doesn’t even Dorothy realize that after years of promising everyone links, evidence, and arrests that you have to show something to back up your false promises or people will stop believing. Nancy even said something like that once.

While I was writting this post Nancy decided to start commenting on the blog again. Still claiming I’m her ex husband and that I faked my picture. Fine, everyone online is a guy named Mike and is stalking you everywhere. That makes much more sense then we are who we know are selves to be and you are stuck on your ex and see him everywhere. Yea the game is kind of one sided, because though none of us who you(Nancy) bring into this know who Mike is, we all know who we are.

The blog called joeyisalittlekid, which I have mentioned before, and I must point out again, it has nothing to do with a little fish discussed here, is quite a good read and has some things to say on the on-goings of Nancy & Dorothy. Although Dorothy is not mentioned as much as Nancy, there are some other commenters there who had things to say about their dealings with Dorothy:

on DPHon DPH2

I don’t know who Connie is, but there seems to be an epidemic of people out there making things up and then turning those who read the made up crap and don’t believe it into part of their delusional stories. Oh yea, my opinion of course.

Again, I recommend the joeyisalittlekid blog to see just this. I like the regulars there and feel a somewhat kinship to them as these somewhat parallel Nancy posts might explain:

Are they both crazy? Skipping meds? They both accuse me and many, many others of being their ex husbands (though they both say they are not really divorced). They both accuse their ex husbands of not only being abusive to them, not only guilty of some kind of bank fraud or money laundering of some sort, but also of being part of a serial killer gang that LE, Oak Beach Neighbors, and online bloggers are trying to cover up for. You see they are still so jacked up on their exs, they are so obsessed with them, that they think the rest of the world is also in such awe of their ex husbands that everyone around them let’s them get away with all of this. Hmm, I think I stumbled onto a deep and telling thought. Both Nancy & Dorothy feel they have figured out how evil their ex husbands are and now feel the rest of the world is blind to it and have to be shown the truth. Yea, my vote’s crazy.

But they are persistent little loonies, I’ll give them that. So Nancy, Dorothy… go ahead and post your slanderous lies and made up stories, and I’ll keep making posts like these.

The End Of My Willy Trilogy (hopefully)

So Willy found his way back to my Facebook and some other white pride guy had to give him a little back up. Assholes like them always need to gang up on others, bully’s are cowards at heart. So this guy named David came on and tried to explain to me what races where and why people should be proud of them.

Before we go on, if you want to be proud of your race, fine, I don’t mind that. If you think your color is your race, well I strongly disagree with you. If you also think your color makes you a better race, well again I say, fuck you! You may not like it, the same way I don’t like the things you say.

David came wrote his comments as I was about to go somewhere so we didn’t get to finish properly and while I was out he got a friend of his (when I say friend I mean they are Facebook “friends”) To come on and call me a cracker, while her Facebook “friend” called her a… well here see for your self:

racist nword

Let me just say to all this, you can call people what ever you want, words are words, made up by people, they mean what we want them to mean. Do we say that white guy or that black chick, yes people do this all the time, we see color, I don’t deny that. But to think that that color or lack of it makes you better or if you still feel the need to preserve your color and those who mix it up are somehow wrong, well again, I say Fuck You!

You can see they are trying to bait me here, let’s see how it went on another thread:

Racist w girl1

And they are funny. Let’s read on:

racist w girl2

Wait did David  just threaten to kill me?

racist w girl3

Yes 3 of them, damn that number and how it taunts me! At this point they think I’m gay, so I messed with them a little, I know, I’m such a dick. But to see where that started we gotta go to another thread:

willy dad

Yep, he actually wrote that. So many out there hope someone in my family touched me, some kind of kindred spirit thing I don’t get. But you know I had a reply for this:

willy dad2

So I don’t know where he assumed I was gay, I think it has to do with the Fuck You Song and my support for everyone’s rights to respect and understanding, or maybe it was this song his dopey partner David posted on my page calling me gay. I didn’t hear the song yet, wasn’t about to click on his link, you know me. So I’ll look the “your gay” song up later. Oh these three had me laughing so hard I was in tears. Hard to believe there are so many out there who still need to hate others because they are afraid of being less than them. They have it in their heads that they have to belong to the better ones. Politics, religion, nationality, sexual preference, and the 2 more simpler ones we like to grope at, black or white… man or woman.

You can post your beliefs on these things, you can say “pro white america” or say “gay is against God”… and I can say Fuck You!

There that should end this.

Little Willy Racist

So my new Facebook friend had some more things to say on my Facebook:

william the racist3

This is after I had written back that white and black were colors not races. You can click on my Facebook over in “My Stuff” at the right side of the blog for the whole exchange.

I wrote back explaining how dumb his ideas were and that he would be better off just leaving my Facebook page now before it all got to involved. From here his comments changed a little:

william the racist4

He almost sounds human again. But this is a trick racist do because they know they can defend their beliefs against logic and truth. all we have to do is look at Little Willy’s Facebook to see what he believes. Shall we?

pro white crap1

This was reposted on Willy’s Facebook. As you can see it comes from the Facebook page called Pro White America. So Willy says “no to America being a white country” and yet he post crap on his Facebook from groups that obviously feel this way. So I decided to take it straight to “the horse’s ass.”

I posted the beautiful Fuck You song by Lily Allen, and what do you think happened. Did I get a response, did they try to explain to me why their beliefs are not shit? Nope, they deleted the comment and blocked me from commenting there again. LMFAO at all the fucked up losers who use the internet to put their toxic beliefs out there, but don’t want to hear any ones response to their hatred. LOSERS! #HellIsForHaters is my new hashtag for all these losers. Hope it catches on.

But as I read more on Pro White Garbage page I saw more and more disturbing comments from people who obviously would be better off someplace else (#HellIsForHaters). So I had to do it again:

pro white crap2

Shit like this puts me over the edge. What a bunch of fucktards. I used Dharma to post the Fuck You song here, but as you can see it is not there. The cowards that run this page removed it (again!) and blocked Dharma from commenting there. That’s fine, I’m sure I can find some others to post the song there for me.

Here’s a link to Pro White America:

I know there are lots of jack asses out there like this, so my #2014Fuckyoutour is just getting started.

By the way Nancy, pay attention, I’m showing you who the real assholes are out there.