Zero Lyrics

I felt like writing some new lyrics today, this one’s called:

              Change The World

every where I look, everyone’s fighting evil

the side your on, depends on your point of view

every where I look, everyone’s playing the victim

and it all comes back to that mentality of us vs them


everyday I wake up to another disaster

the sign of the times brings it to us much faster

everyday I wake up with hope for the future

but as the day goes on I become not so sure


everybody want’s to change the world, everybody wants to change the world

everyday in every way

sadly— everybody— is changing the world everyday in every way


ever wonder what would happen if we just gave in

and stopped worrying about when it will end

looked ahead and saw something good

and got together as we know we should


ever wonder what would happen if we stopped procrastinating

pretending, lying, and ego masturbating

what could be accomplished at the end of the day

if we said what we meant and mean what we say


everybody want’s to change the world, everybody wants to change the world

everyday in every way

sadly—- everybody—- is changing the world everyday in every way


everyone I meet say they know a better way to be

but I’m not sure their way is the best for me

everyone I see say they have it all figured out

but I’m not sure anyone knows what they talk about


everybody that I know say they want the best for us all

but then they all laugh when we fall

everybody rides the tilt-o-whirl

everybody want’s to change the world…


NOTE: The first verse and chorus was written in April, the second verse was written May 8th, and the third verse was written today.


New Lyrics

I wrote this the other day. A little corny, but that’s ok. It’s called:


Chorus: You got to get to know me

   Before you dethrone me

  Come meet the family before you disown me

  Talking shit when you don’t even know me

  So get to know me, and then you can blow me


“Oh what’d he just say?

I wasn’t listening to him anyway”

Bitch you hang on every word that I say

Didn’t understand it? That’s OK

It wasn’t about you any way

See here’s the part you don’t seem to get

Nothing about you comes off to me as a threat

Best thing you could do is walk away and forget

In fact forget walking, run away better yet


You got to get to know me homie

Before you try to stone me

Don’t come at me when you don’t even know me

Like I give a fuck if you don’t condone me

You are you, and that means you’re not me

Moral of the story

In your search for the glory

Watch what you say, if you don’t know the whole story

You’d think you know this, I’m sure you heard it before me


So, I may have mentioned once or twice my love for music and lyrics. When I was younger I thought I would grow up to be a rock star. Nikki_Sixx  from Mötley Crüe was my idol. I was even in a couple garage bands back in the 80’s.

But I didn’t  have much talent other than writing lyrics and an ear for what would become popular. That might have been enough if I really did something with it. But I didn’t  and that is just life.

I never stopped writing lyrics though and I have so many of them that I just think the time has come to do something with them. So I am gonna post some here. And if there are any aspiring artist or accomplished one for that mater, who likes any of them, feel free to use them, all I ask is you mention the name zero on your album jacket if you use them in a song.  And with that I am going to write an original right now . It should be good because my head is raging with emotion lately. ( it might be crap too, I haven’t written a whole song in a while) Here it goes:


The worms crawl in, the worms crawl out.

Why does everybody have to scream and shout

Nonsense and hypocrisies

Blamings of you and me

Forever procrastinating

Deceitful and aggravating

Are we left to what is waiting


or is it just another lie?


I read the news today, something ’bout the human race

Sherlock Holmes is on the case

But no one’s the wiser

When we disguise her

We just get higher

Glass house town crier

Another liar!


it’s all


we fall


and what will become of us?


I don’t want to sound disrespectful

But you have quite a mouthful

It’s time to spit it out

Eliminate all the doubt

Last american boy scout

And find out

What it’s all about


we get


the shit


I get






lust to dust

what’s become of us