The Last Post On The Mystery Of Lake City Quiet Pills

Out of all my posts on all my blogs (well over 500 of them) there is one subject that got the most readers: THE MYSTERY OF LAKE CITY QUIET PILLS.

If you don’t know what that is, basically a guy calling himself Milo on Reddit claimed to be part of some kind of secret group of mercenaries. When it is announced on Reddit that Milo had died. The information came from someone called Angel Two-Six, one of many screen names associated with Milo on a couple of image sharing sites.

Here just read all this:

Together, these 3 posts have thousands of views, more than any of my other posts. At first I couldn’t figure out why. I was told it was a hot topic on podcasts, which would do it I guess, but other things I have written about are also hot topics on podcasts. Serial killers, internet bullying, religion, politics, music, and so on… why did this one get so much attention? And still does! Today Return To The Mystery Of Lake Quiet Pills post is number 1 and The Mystery Of Lake Quiet Pills is number 3:

stats on mcqp

I know, not to many readers so far today. It’s early. Plus it is Christmas Eve! Who am I kidding, I stopped writing and people stopped reading. We will discuss this in some of the next posts, for now though, I just want to show that this subject still gets views. Lots of them! And today while I’m writing a final post on the subject, people just happen to be looking the old posts up and reading them even though no one knows I’m writing about it today… oh well, maybe that’s not important… but it was kind of cool for me to see.

Anyways… I think maybe, I get so many views on this subject because there just aren’t many places out there with information on it. I wish I had more to add, but honestly I haven’t looked into it in a while. My biggest problem with it all being real was that a lot of the stories didn’t add up or fit a coherent timeline. But I also had an issue with it being a hoax. A hoax that takes years to go nowhere? And no one over at the site Drunken Stepfather (the then current site where these so-called assassins for hire supposedly met up and discussed things in cryptic code hidden from the naked eye (naked eye, lol. That’s kinda funny due to the type of sites they were part of)) seemed to want to join in on the hoax. Even though they were all being discussed and dissected over at Reddit, none of Milo’s “conspirators” wanted to get in on the game. Well that’s not totally true… Angel 2-6 did kind of set the whole thing in motion. But over the years, this little group has not really said much on the subject that they were part of a trending internet mystery. They haven’t seemed to play into the hoax or try to cover anything up if it’s real. I do know, the 2 main people to have brought this to the world’s attention Milo and Angel 2-6 have both been said to have passed:

Milo and 2-6 RIP

Were they permanently quieted? Or is it just a convenient plot device? I still can’t tell ya! Though I have to say I still lean towards it being a hoax or game or something. I don’t buy it that some secret killing gang is on a porn image sharing site discussing their private tales in coded boob pictures. Yes, I don’t buy it… but which ever way… it sure is a great example again of how the internet taints everything. This is either something sinister going on for a while now right in plain site, being discussed, and blogged about. Podcasts talking about all of it, and nothing has been done about it… or it’s a big never-ending wild goose chase. The internet is good at what it does.

In the end I guess it will go on being googled and looked into. People believing one way or another on it. My final thought on the subject is it’s a whole lot of circles leading nowhere… SSDD!

That don’t mean people shouldn’t chase those circles. If they want. But with this one, I really don’t think any answers can be found, unless another one of the “gang” decide to start explaining. And that ain’t happening. I decided to look up the Drunken Stepfather site, to see what it’s like these days:

They’ve come a long way from those early days of “That Old Guys Image Host”.  I bet someone is making some money from all the ads. Was it all just a elaborate scam to get people to go to their site? I don’t think so. I’m guessing that was just a lucky break someone got in all this. Again, we can’t be sure.

You know, even though Milo and the LCQP subject has gotten me the most views it did not generate a lot of discussion. Almost zero comments from anyone on it. That to struck me strange. These 3 posts get more views than all my other posts, but almost no comments and discusion. Then recently I got an email about my LCQP posts:

So, imma just cut to the long and short of this. I’m revisiting this whole thing, having originally stumbled on it a couple years ago, and have decided to give it a go to see what i can come up with…
I’m a military vet, and have more than passing experience with the PMC industry and a decent capacity for investigative research. All told, i think i have a perspective that hasn’t been applied thoroughly to the whole thing, so i dug in.
I’ll get to my own conclusions after this, in case you’re not too interested, but i’m wondering if you’d mind sending me your notes on what you’ve got, on the off chance you’ve taken note of something that you didn’t think warranted publishing but i haven’t seen yet… Also, another blogger mentioned multiple sets of coordinates being left in a comment on a blog, and the only other real blog post i can find on the subject is written by you, and you did have that weird picture posted with the coordinates to the NY hotel. Well, she said the other coordinates listed pointed to an apartment building in New Jersey that had a tenant who’s first initial was “M” who disappeared in 2009. Do you know anything about this? (I’m emailing her separately.)
Anyway… As far as my own conclusions… Pretty much everything is slightly off with the narrative. Not SO off as to be able to write it off, but enough to induce suspicion. I don’t really see the need for an organization like that to post what they did in the manner they did it. If they needed it to be publicly available via the internet, as opposed to just having a mailing list or something, there are a million alternatives to hiding it in the source of a porn hosting site.
I’ve got more than a couple friends in my line of business on the South African side… I’m going to try and get a handle who were the players for SA contractors circa 2010 in maritime. The South African contracting world is small.
So, i’m naturally inclined to feel that this is a hoax, but besides that i’ve dedicated a decent amount of ritalin and the past two days into trying to use the info we know about RoP to link him to an identity. I’ve poured through hundreds of obituaries, records, you name it. I’m running on these presumptions:
He was born ~ 19 January, 1930. He died on 16 July, 2009. He was possibly born in either Pennsylvania, or New Jersey, and possibly died in Jersey. He served in WW2 in the Navy, but was noncombat. He first saw combat in Israel in 47. He was in Korea, and in 53 he was wounded, and his German buddy Gunter died. I’m sure i could dig up more than that, but i felt that was enough to go off of.
There isn’t a single person i was able to find that met that criteria. For your own information, Korea has a couple of extensive databases available for perusal, notably:
That’s literally every casualty record the government has for Korea, in a pretty powerful searchable format.

Nobody named Gunter, as either a first or last name, died in 1953. A Gunter WAS wounded, but no one else who was wounded with him on the same day fits the bill for RoP. There was as well a Guenther Kromrei, but similarly, none of his buddies that were wounded with him match up to what we need.

There were two men i was able to find that met general birth and death dates to an acceptable degree. There was a James Johnson who was in the Navy in WW2, born 19 Jan 1931, died 18 July 2009, and then the one that probably came closest to fitting the bill for our guy: Gerald Brooks, born January 19, 1930 and died 18 July 2009 in Colonia, New Jersey, wounded Oct 1952 in Korea, and was awarded the DSM, which is just under the Medal of Honor. He, however, went on to live a rather mundane life, and he hadn’t served in WW2 in the Navy.

I played around with the dates some, and found nothing interesting.
The name Milo wasn’t helpful in any real way; of the 3 Milos that were casualties in 1953, one was KIA, the other two returned to duty, didn’t match up otherwise, nor had any squadmates die the same day with German sounding last names.
I checked out everyone listed in the Korean War Veterans Association’s flyer who was listed in dying in July 2009, and there were no matches, but i suppose RoP wouldn’t have been one to identify with such an organization.
The last real thing i have to run down is whatever last name might be attached to that coordinate, then i’ll have exhausted my imagination and willingness to dump any more effort into this.
So, my overall conclusion, based upon over a dozen hours of sifting through obituaries and databases, reading through Milo’s entire post history, and other assorted research…

I think LCQP is a hoax being done by a group of dudes on DSF. I think they’re self-styled military aficionados who might have served in the military themselves, but probably didn’t. (If they did, i would put money on them having served during peacetime.)

There are too many mistakes in RoP’s post history that a real veteran of the events he claimed to have lived through would not have made, especially someone as lucid as he appeared to be. Off the cuff, after being wounded in 1953 he said he woke up in a military hospital in Hanoi… Vietnam. I think he conflated his history, as i couldn’t find any evidence of a military hospital being used by America in Hanoi.

The American military wasn’t involved in Israel in 1947. He could have been part of the Jewish volunteer forces, but there’s 0 chance he was there at the behest of the American government, as he was 17.
The timings of some of his posts… On July 7th talking about how he hopes he doesn’t make it to 80.
He mentions having to work because he doesn’t have the luxury of a financed retirement, but yet “was loded.”
And, at the end of the day, while some of his later adventures post-Korea might not have much online, if he served in both the Navy and in Korea (Presumably in the Army.) there would be more than a tad bit of records available… And i’ve found nothing.
Reading through the hints at and discussions of every major romanticized conflict when taking all the characters and content into consideration reads more like a circlejerk in military adventurism, with every name coveted by /k/ommandos over at 4chan being dropped. IF LCQP was an actual entity, knowing what we do about how they conduct business, they would be doing shady African work, (Not “black ops” or anything like that, just literally illegal in anyone who’s concerned’s home country. Violating ITAR, anti-mercenary laws [Which is a thing in South Africa.], not having proper licensing or permits, etc.) employing equally shady individuals not dudes with serious backgrounds who can easily make extremely good money without having to worry about the FBI meeting you at the gate on your flight home.
So, yeah. A bunch of dudes who like to read penny action novels and read wikipedia got together and decided to rattle some chains. I’d say it worked.
Anyway, any input you have that might sway me one way or the other would be appreciated. If you want to use any of this, feel free.


So here was someone who looked into it much more than I, but we seemed to come to the same conclusions on it. I wrote them back, but really couldn’t give them anything they already hadn’t known, but I told them I agreed and was getting ready to write a final post on all of it and would probably use their email. I then got a reply to my reply:

Just some double taps on things… Looking back on everything, Milo was definitely a made up character. I put a few days of ritalin-fueled digging through casualty reports, census records, and obituaries trying to find any level of correlation and the names i came up with were the only ones that remotely fit the bill.
And, to be honest, the whole LCQP thing is too sloppy to be ran the way it was and not leave a footprint elsewhere online… Like, you’re not gonna have a contracting company communicating with its people via the publicly available source code on a splash page… Milo presumably coded the image hosting scripts that ran his site, even a basic password-restricted script would have been orders of magnitude more secure than what we saw. The only explanation for it is that it was meant to be found.

I think you’ve got some actual South African contractors on the Drunken Stepfather, and they were either in on it, or might have been the original targets for the troll but whoever was responsible moved it over to Reddit for a wider net…

As far as your concerns about the endgame… Not everyone is a masterclass troll with a fully developed plan that they carry to fruition. I think whoever was behind it started developing the character, wrote himself into a corner, or just lost interest in the entire thing. Not sure which. I never really dug much deeper into TDS forums, maybe if i get bored this rotation i might dig a little deeper and see what i can find, but i think it’s safe to say the whole thing’s a hoax.

I would have to agree with all of this. And can’t think of a better way to end this last post on LCQP. But if ANYONE has ANYTHING to add-on the subject… as usual, the comments are right below. But I’m calling this one the only way that makes any sense:
An old misguided hoax that the internet took and gave extended life to. Again, the internet is good at what it does.

1 Vegas Mystery, 2 Utah Tragedies

The last Vegas area story I came across while chasing the murdered girls in my Lost Girls In Las Vegas post was about a man from Utah who went missing in Henderson, Nevada.

I read this and was interested because…

A. I know the area in which Steven disappeared and…

B. There seemed to be a lot going on in this story… the kind that make for good internet chasing.

There are actually 2 stories here… the mysterious disappearance of Steven Koecher and the very sad story of Susan Powell. When I was done chasing both stories I realized I had seen the end of the Susan Powell story on the news. Very upsetting. Although these 2 disappearances were linked, there seems to be no real connections, so let’s take each story separately.

Now if you chase this story around on the internet in articles, blogs, and comments you will see there are lots of ideas out there to what happened:

My chasing even lead me to Websleuths (as most of my chases do):

Now there are lots of questions about what happened to Steven and even more questions about what he was up to in the hours and days before he walked away from his car.

I learned from comments, that many people got involved, trying to help and that there was problems between some of them and Steven’s family, and there are some who said that LE was uncooperative. But I have to point out that this all comes from the internet and internet involvement.

Did people see him after he disappeared that day? Is there anything to stories that he might have been hiding the fact that he was gay? Was he really here in Vegas for a job or job interview?

Here’s a blog that covers it all pretty well:

I just want to point out, that in the comments someone mentions the Patrick Carnes case in Reno, suggesting similarities, I’m not gonna discuss that because it seems very unlikely that the 2 cases are connected, though who knows. It definitely shows how we have new accesses to seeming connections thanks to Google and the internet. I was connected to both cases by looking up key words and that is how things work here on the web, you all know that.

We also have in the comments, someone who knows what happened and who is responsible, also how it works on the web, you definitely all know that!

As I mentioned, I know the area where  Steven parked his car, an it is indeed a very upscale, kind of private, residential area. And that particular part of it is not easy to get to, only a couple of streets off a main highway will get you there. And back then parts of it would have had nothing around it as you drove further out to get to where he parked…. it was a very new area, hell it still is.

My point is, he was going out there for a reason, and didn’t just find that spot by accident. But why was he there? Was he finding a spot, way out, to leave his car and then disappear not wanting to be found? Was he there to meet someone? Strange place to meet, especially since Steven walked off quite away from where he parked.

So far there is no answers to the many questions about Steven’s disappearance, and there may never be. But let’s hope that someday more will be learned, possibly Steven may even return and be able to tell his story. The other story, the one of Susan Powell does have some answers, but I’m sure that doesn’t make it any easier for the families evolved. Let’s first take a look at why these 2 cases are linked:

I would have to agree that these 2 cases are not connected, other than in stories made up in the mind of Steven Powell, Susan’s father in law. He most likely gave the idea to his son,  Susan’s husband, Josh Powell, who then said, “yea, that’s what happened, she ran off with that missing guy”.  Very convenient, just like the late night camping trip Josh took with his 2 children the night Susan disappeared.

But as I said, this case had some answers, and as I read more, I realized I had seen some of this on the news, and I knew it did not end well.

I had seen the news about the social worker taking the kids to see their dad and him grabbing them and locking the social worker out and how they all died. The story had shocked me and I was deeply saddened by it. Now, knowing the whole story, I’m only saddened even more. This sick family had these kids for a while before they were finally taken away, and then with all that was known but could not be proved, this man being allowed to see the kids at all, just doesn’t seem right.

I also read the brother Michael killed himself shortly after wards:

The whole thing is such a devastating tragedy and I say the person at the heart of the whole thing is the father in law, Steven Powell. The guy is a sick man, he obviously raised messed up sons. The man was delusional and sick… I can’t stress that word enough. I usually use the word crazy a lot, this has been pointed out to me once or twice, but let’s face it, sick is a better word to describe some people. They are sick in every sense of the word. And this guy is sick:

Reading that he would be released, I had to do some more chasing to see what had become of him:

So he was released and then arrested again. But from what I can see is now free again. More tragedy.

I-80 Murder Mystery

While chasing the internet for more information on the girls killed in Las Vegas (previous post), I came across some other stories closer to home than my usual topics, I’d like to share these stories and my opinions on them if you don’t mind, I’m sure most of you don’t. And some of you may be able to spin it into your ongoing list of connected crimes, all leading back to me, Afroman. (sorry, I couldn’t resist)

I was trying to see if there was any other news on truck driver serial killers that could be connected to the girls in Vegas since their bodies were dropped off of highways in 3 separate states. I came across all sorts of  cases and stories of serial killer truck drivers, a subject I will have to cover in more detail at a later date. One story of a missing elderly man from Reno, Nevada caught my eye, so I went chasing:

Like with other cases, it is unsure if these disappearances are related, but it seems more than coincidental that Judith Casida’s car was found in the same spot as Pat’s. Coincidence is always in question it seems, when is a coincidence too much to be a coincidence? Some people believe there is a killer or killers behind at least some of these cases, and if that’s so, the case of missing person Pat Carnes and his dog Lucky needs to be shaken up till something falls, Pat was pulled over where he said he was following a trucker (them? like it was a couple) because they were heading the same way, this means Pat must have been in some kind of contact with that trucker before Pat was pulled over (that is if the cop isn’t a suspect in someway and misleading the whole thing, I know, very unlikely, but must be said). and sometime shortly after Pat and his dog vanish. No one has come forward to say they were that truck and had nothing to do with his disappearance, again, something like that seems to point that there is something to that truck Pat was following that night.

As with most cases, someone out there has information that could break this case, let’s hope someone does.

Return To The Mystery Of Lake City Quiet Pills

Yesterday there was a spike in views for Zero’s World. The strange thing was that over a hundred views were all to a post from last year… take a look for yourself:




Seems there was a lot of interest in Milo and the Lake City Quiet Pills yesterday.  That kind of spike in readers on that post makes me start to wonder… what happened yesterday to spark interest in the mystery?

I did my best to chase down answers to the mystery when I first posted about it… but came up with 2 equally believed conclusions. Half the people seem to think the whole thing was a hoax and half think this was a group of military friends who got together on the different sites linked to the mystery. Very few actually thought they were mercenaries for hire, though there was some things hidden in the conversations of this group that did seem to imply something secret was going on.

I corresponded with one of the members on who seemed to do the most research on the whole thing and they believed there was no mystery, just a group of military buddies who stayed in contact through the porn pages they made (though most of the discussions were encrypted in those sites).  We both agreed, that only the group themselves could clear the mystery up now, and they didn’t seem to be wanting to do so. In fact at least some of them seemed to be feeding the mystery at some points or maybe covering it up. Milo himself really made it seem like there was something in it that was worth looking into. And with the announcement of Milo’s death, maybe the game he started was continued by others. I chased it as far as I could and decided to wait and see if anything new on it turns up.

Well, did something new pop up? I went searching for anything new on it, and my post seems to be the newest info on it, and since my post relies on mostly the posts on, those are the posts that seem to be the last on the subject:

Still, there was an unusual jump in interest yesterday… I’m baffled and intrigued, but I am left with nothing new to add… well accept this:


It’s a comment left on my LCQP post. It’s from a little over 5 months ago. Not really a comment, just a link:

Kind of strange. I missed it when the comment first went up, which is not so strange since sometimes I miss comments. Especially back then, when there used to be lots more of them.

Well, when I went to look at my post after seeing the spike in views yesterday, I saw this comment and clicked to see where the link would take me… and it only got stranger:


This shows it was created about 6 months ago, right before SUSK put it in the comment on the ZW blog. It is coordinates leading to this place:

This could have to do with the “party” that was maybe held in honor of Milo after he died, which some believe is actually cryptic discussions of the assassination of Mahmoud Al-Mabhouh:

And if that’s the case, well then it leads more credibility that there is something more going on here than just some war-time buddies hanging out… in fact even if it was a party in remembrance of their buddy Dutch Milo it seems a little extravagant:

party bills here is the final for the party hotel rooms 48341 limo 6080 bus 569 bar bill 18890 food 8030 dancers 8300 misc tips 850 misc exp 2840 med supplies 180 (fat tommy and stu are okay, to.) total 94080 you all did dutch milo proud. thanks.

The more I think about it the more I think this is some weird hoax… but there’s just enough there to be something else…

And with this SUSK comment I am once again chasing stories…

I put SUSK in to the old Google bar and these are what came back:…0i10j0l4.………..0.ZelPfXIzxgw

Ukrainian Canadian Student Union…

Well that is mysterious.

If you still read here SUSK, feel free to comment again. I wish I had seen it when it first went up so I could have addressed it properly.

So that’s where the mystery sits… if you weren’t one of the many people who read the post yesterday, here’s a quick link to it:

I actually wrote 2 posts on the subject (this makes the third), but the second post did not get the rush of readers yesterday that the first post did. So if you want to check out the second post on the subject, click on this link:

And if anyone is coming here to read about Milo, Angel 2-6, Kim, Jerro Mank, Joe The Snake, Fat Tommy, Stu, RoP, The Drunken Stepfather, or any other Lake City Quiet Pills connections, please leave a comment explaining why all the sudden interest… I mean over a hundred views in one day… and they came from all over:



I’m really curious… actually I was really curious when I first looked into it, now that so many showed up here yesterday to read about it, I’m beyond curious! I’m dying to know more!

Alright, given the subject matter here, I may have over spoke. “Dying to know more” may be a little too much, but I am curious, so if there is anything new on the subject, please share. If not here, my email is (who doesn’t know my email by now? lol):

I will also keep a look out for anything new on LCQP…

Until then… it remains a mystery!

Shake It Off


Any new Cicada stuff out there? I haven’t even looked. But it’s that time of year.

I saw Anonymous is getting involved with the fight against terrorism:

And The Illuminati is taking over everything:

I bring up these 3 groups, because with all that’s going on in the world, it would be nice if we had some heroes… even some anti-ones.

But we are so involved in the back-n-forth. Victories are just the lead in to the next fight. Everyone’s pointing the finger at their oppressor and shouting demon! Actually we moved on from that… we now are pointing fingers at our accusers and shouting demon!

Even I, as I teach by example, have gotten too caught up.

Time to shake it off…



Religion Of Peace

When you start reading about Religion of Peace aka Milo, you get a few understandings about him. He had been in some military wars, he liked “tea”, and he hated spammers! Here’s a few places with RoP comments on


In the second link we see the comment “dose of lake city quiet pills”, which is similar to what is written in the bio of Angel Two-Six on a site called  “Dispensing Lake City Quiet Pills to lousy bastards in need of permanent rest since 1968.” CLICK HERE to see Angel Two-Six’s account at Fark.

Here are some of the comments made by Angel:

“One of my favorites is to use Remington’s sub-caliber rounds (223 in a 308 sabot) or a Glaser in 308. Neither one is usable for markings comparison, although you do need to collect the sabot after use to be certain.”

“AR-15’s are not assault rifles. Maybe in WW2 someone would consider them an assault rifle, but only because it’s a semi-automatic. Just like the Remington 747.
It’s a piece of shiat, just like it military cousin, the M-16.
2-6    “

“Reach out, reach out and touch someone. Permanently.”

All of this has been hashed around by members of the site, and still it is all up in the open to what is really going on here. Part of me thinks this is just a hoax of some sort, but these comments go back many years… so that seems unlikely (not untrue, just unlikely).

Still, the biggest clue to all this seems to be Angel Two-Six, and at a quick Google I find this Facebook page:

Is this the same person from Fark? A possible friend of Religion of Peace, or possibly is RoP if it is all a hoax.

What more is out there about Angel Two-Six?


The Mystery Of Lake City Quiet Pills

The last 2 posts were stories from my own back yard, here in Vegas, but this new post is bringing me back to New York, and an internet mystery that goes back years. I’m sure Dorothy will try to connect all this to her east coast conspiracies, which is fine, I guess, but I’m hoping for actual insight into this new mystery and not agendas from the same old crazy people.

I only started looking into this yesterday, so my information on all of this is limited and possibly incorrect, but we have to start somewhere, so here’s my summary of what hopefully will become another ongoing subject here:

Though it may go back many more years, the mystery itself seems to begin around 4 or 5 years ago on a site called Reddit which is described as “an entertainment, social networking service and news website where registered community members can submit content, such as text posts or direct links”.  The story seems to center around a Reddit member called Religion Of Peace (RoP) and a website called “That Old Guy Image Hosting”, a site RoP had posted on Reddit. It was located at  From what I can tell the site is no longer there, or at least I can’t get to it, though according to the Wayback Machine, someone archived it (or crawled it) last month, so maybe it is still there. Here is a look at the sites “about” page:

togih about

I have (through the Wayback Machine) seen some of the site and the images posted there, and just a warning if you do go searching for it, there is nudity in these images, in fact some might consider this a porn site. Although there are all sorts of JPG images here, most do have a naked or half-naked girls in them. Ohhh porn… I got some of your attention now, don’t I, lol.

How does this all become a mystery that continues on to this very day? Well it starts when someone called 2-6 writes on Reddit that Religion Of Peace had died at the age of 79. From there it all took root. There was talk of RoP possibly being a mercenary or assassin of some sort. I’m not sure if this was something people thought before or only after the news that RoP had died and some of the strange things were discovered. What strange things? Well remember that porn site of RoP’s, seems there might be some hidden stuff there.

Here’s where it starts to get confusing for those of us who are not into HTML and source codes, but there seemed to be text hidden at, before we get to that, let’s take a look at this domain name.

From reading comments left on Reddit about all of this, it seems most people think Silent Pills means bullets, and I’d have to agree. Then a quick Google leads you to Lake City, Mo.  and the Lake City Army Ammunition Plant (LCAAP):

Though I saw some comments on Reddit that say something about a The Iowa Army Ammunition Plant:

I don’t know why Iowa is brought up, maybe it was a mistake, and they meant the plant in Missouri, or maybe I missed something. I should also point out that there is a Lake City, Florida, but that’s really just to confuse a few of my readers…lol.

Since I read, (as I’m sure anyone else did, looking into this) “Over 99 percent of all small-arms bullets (5.56-millimeter [mm], 7.62-mm and .50-caliber) consumed by the Army under its Title 10 responsibility to supply and equip its forces are manufactured at the Lake City Army Ammunition Plant.” So,Lake City Quiet Pills seems to be referencing the LCAPP. And a comment found that was made by someone called Angel Two-Six (remember someone called 2-6 was the one to come to Reddit and let them know RoP had passed on) seems to help point us that way: “Dispensing Lake City Quiet Pills to lousy bastards in need of permanent rest since 1968.”

I know some of this may be already getting confusing, so let’s just get straight to the text found hidden at the Image Hosting site with the army bullet domain name:

12 March 2010 spec: 4/team – 3mo sec gig. fed ccw a plus. no us w/w. spec: Four for 24/7 DP. one week gig. fluent english. working french a plus. 2-week 1/4 pay sequester on refusal. bonus.

08 March 2010 FilledXXXXX spec: 2 lite surveil. no us w/w. no mex w/w.

04 Mar 2010 spec: 2 no EU w/w. working dutch a plus.

22 Feb 2010 LOSTXXXXXspec: 2 “business class” security. nonconus. fluent french req.

21 Feb 2010

FilledXXXXX spec: Need 6 eng speaker. private sec at sea. recent s or sbs preferred. no UK or RSA w/w. bonus.

19 Feb 2010

news: med insurence went up. sory. me an shade cut our take by 5% to help cover the tab. You pay 2% more. FilledXXXXX spec: Immediate need! 4 korean. fluent korean/dialect/accent details after contact. 6 week halfpay sequester on refusal. 6mo gig. bonus.

02 Feb 2010 party bills

here is the final for the party

hotel rooms 48341 limo 6080 bus 569 bar bill 18890 food 8030 dancers 8300 misc tips 850 misc exp 2840 med supplies 180 (fat tommy and stu are okay, to.)

total 94080

you all did dutch milo proud. thanks.

18 Jan 2010

we got 38 rooms in the marriot on 46. shade has the key cards for locals (pick up at the party). give your travel name to the desk and that’s it. no id needed since were covering the bill. keep the room service under 500, okay? the phones there are not secure.

bus from the hotel leafs at 1330. car service vowchers for return trip when your ready to crash. DONT DUI!!!!

12 Jan 2010

hapy new year, everyone.

were having a birthday party for the old man on the 19th. party starts at 1500 at the usual. send your rsvp to shade. fyi, were booking a room for 3 days for anyone coming from out of area, and overnight for locals.

come hoist one for dutch milo!

14 nov 2009

milos will clered probait. sirprize! milo was loded. email shade if we sent you out in 2005-2009. shade will have cheks cut for you. amont is by how many times, not by pay total. small share is 3-4k.

30 Sept 2009

For those who have asked, I bricked Milo’s IronKey the same day. All is well.

FilledXXXXX spec: Need 4 eng speaker. DP. No US W/W.

17 July 2009 I am sorry to tell you that old Milo died yesterday. He went quiet and calm, not like we all figured. I gave that fat mangy cat of his to the little girl next. No services or nothing, you know Milo. I’m taking his ashes back to where his farm was. Close to it anyway. Theirs a mall where his place was.

So hoist a few for the old man. Remember what he said, keep the faith with the man who’s got your back.

FilledXXXXX spec: Immediate need! 8-10 chinese/korean. fluent korean/dialect/accent details after contact. 12 week halfpay sequester on refusal. FilledXXXXX spec: Four for 24/7 DP. two week gig. fluent english. 2-week sequester. FilledXXXXX spec: Four eng/french private security on cruise. Must be bondable. FilledXXXXX spec: Immediate need! 12 SA Spanish speaking. No papers required. No records kept. 4 week paid sequester if refused. filledXXXXX spec: Four – Italian/Spanish speakers. No euro w/w. must be bondable. filledXXXXX spec: Four for 24/7 DP. four week gig. english speaking. Spanish/Portuguese fluency a plus. filledXXXXX spec: Need formed group (8-10). single op. deliv bonus. “gentleman’s agreement” insurance. Immediate need. LostXXXXX spec: three chinese/korean. fluent korean/dialect/accent details after contact. 6 week sequester. filledXXXXX spec: two ground types. fluent farsi arabic french. no papers, no problems. filledXXXXX spec: Need 5 fluent Portuguese, no euro w/w. 6 month private gig.

filledXXXXX spec: Need 2 eng speaker. private sec at sea. HW exp a must. recent s or sbs preferred.

Shade is maintaining the calendar and access to the filedump. Angel has the job postings for EU and asia. We aren’t sending anyone to ME. No one. Don’t ask for listings.


What to make of all this? Well it does look like possible mercenary type stuff is going on here, but is it real? A new name, Milo seems to be given for RoP, and this is discussed on Reddit as well. We also see the name Shade used here, as well as the names Fat Tommy and Stua (who thankfully are OK) all freinds of RoP aka Milo? The text itself is believed to be written by the fore mentioned Angel.

If you are totally lost, I understand, and you might want to wait till I write about something else (nan nan). But if you are intrigued to read further let me throw a conspiracy theory in here. Some think the above hidden comments have something to do with the assassination of Mahmoud Al-Mabhouh . I’m guessing mainly because of the dates of the assassination being the same as the “party” mentioned in the hidden text. Now this seems absurdly crazy to me, but it shows how much people have looked into this strange site of a possibly dead mercenary. Most think the “party” was just what it says, for the memory of their good friend Milo, and most think it took place in New Jersey and New York (There ya go Dorothy, run with it).

Before we go any further you need to read some of this for your self:

This is a thread on Reddit started by zaasakokwaan, who from what I can tell was the first to find the hidden text. This is important, because of the who smelt it dealt it rule. meaning if this is a hoax or game, the person who first brought it to light is most likely involved. The same goes for the 2-6 person who let everyone know RoP was dead (which goes along with the hidden text about Milo). Now this was 4 years ago, and I have only looked into it for the past 24 hours, so I’m not trying to jump to conclusions, just pointing out what I think might need to be pointed out.

The next thread that seems to be linked is by stereoa:

Alright, so 8 to 9 months seemed to have gone by since the announcement of RoP’s death by 2-6 and then zaasakokwaan get’s everyone’s attention with a possible mystery… now we are getting some where, right?

Well it didn’t get anywhere for 4 years. Though new threads are still popping up on Reddit and it’s section called RBI (Reddit’s Bureau of Investigation) a Readdit member called Jasenlee seemed to have done a lot of research on it all over the years. A thread by vivannick1 only a few days ago shows that no answers are yet known:

And this thread by mdax8414 makes it seem like there is no mystery to be solved:

So what exactly went on here, was RoP aka Milo a real person who was ex military and ran an image sharing site with their old buddies, and if so was it a front for something else? Or was the whole thing some kind of game or hoax, and if so, how and why did it go on for so long, what is it’s purpose, if any?

To me though, just because so many people have been looking into it so deeply fascinates me enough, that hoax, game, hidden conspiracy, or just people looking into a group of military buddies, it don’t matter. The journey the whole thing took is what pulled me in.