RIP 2018

Oh man what a long fucked up year. I mean I hope you all had a great year, but as for me, 2018 was a slow-moving snail of a year full of endings and changes and… and… disruption. Not looking forward for 2019, just glad to see 2018 gone.

Wow, I don’t want to come back all down and out in Zero’s World but 2018 was a rough one. How I made it through with out this place is a mystery beyond even Lake City Quiet Pills. Speaking of, let’s just address the elephant in the room. Is ZW back?

It seems to be.

What that means exactly, I’m not sure. But it feeeeeels so good to be back!

I really do hope everyone out there had a better year than yours truly. I hope things are going well for all of you out there, so well that you will never know this blog is back up (personally aimed at those I truly hope have moved on though I know some have not, still I am sincere when I say I hope they have no need to read this).

Did you miss those drag on parenthesis?

This feels right. Until right now I didn’t truly know how much I missed this place.

I got the old laptop out, Em blasting, feeling the room with inspiration.

Yes it feels right.

I tried (not quite succeeding) to leave this place and everyone here in a better place, on a higher note. Here we are a year later and I don’t know about any of you but I’m as “malevolent as I’ve ever been”.

So much for that high note. Or was it high horse. Either way, I failed.

In my defense there was shit going on and the blog NEEDED to come down. But who was I kidding, riding off into the internet sunset like that. Whatever symbiote shit the internet has infected us with, we all got it. It seems to be a part of us now. RL…IL… what’s the difference any more?

And some of that shit that made me pull the plug on this place are piles of bricks waiting to rebuild it. They nagged at me with the rest of the disruptions of this past year.

There I go again, sorry.

It’s time to let 2018 go.

Raise a glass with me once again friends.

Good bye twenty eighteen! Here’s hope twenty nineteen has better things in store for all of us.

There’s always hope.

All Bad Things Must End

Of course the Motley Crue show the other night was amazing! We got to see Tommy Lee do his drum solo in the “Cruecifly”!

When we took the kids to see them at the beginning of the final tour in San Diego last summer, there was no Cruecifly because it was at an outside arena. But it was there at the Vegas show and it had another part of it (they were like 2 robotic arms) that Nikki and Vince climbed into during Kisckstart My Heart (best song of the night, Live Wire was right up there though) flying them out over the crowd. Fucking awesome!

Tonight is the final show in L.A. I tried to get tickets but it didn’t happen. I hope the show is as great as the Vegas one and that everyone there has the time of there lives. I can’t think of a better way the spend new years.

Well, there is another great way to end 2015 and that’s making Zero’s World’s 3rd annual Top 10 “Fuck Yous”! 

And luckily enough, I get to do that.

Sassy asked me earlier if 10 would be enough for 2015. I laughed, but after thinking about it, she’s right, it’s gonna be hard to narrow that list down.

Well, I’m gonna have a couple of drinks and do my best…

Stay tooned…

Snow In Vegas

Alright, the snow watch is over. Nothing has stuck anywhere… but Jay Jay got his snow (although a trip is still needed into the mountains so he can build a snowman, make a snow angel, sled, and all the other fun things you do in the snow). He ran around in it for a while and was as happy as can be.

It doesn’t look like we will be getting anywhere near what was expected though. That makes for a safer New Years, I guess. I bet that 15 is packed right now. 95 as well. Well, I hope they are being careful, the roads are still dangerous out there. Get here safely, there is quite a fireworks show waiting for you here in Vegas!

Speaking of which, tonight will be the first night in a long time Sassy and I aren’t going out for New Years. The kids usually spend it with Grandma. I know bad parents… but in Vegas, you go out for New Years.

As I walked with my son in the flurries and flakes, I told him that we’d be staying in for New Years and celebrating it together. His already beaming face lit up even more.  So,  good parents again!

Have a safe and Happy New Year everyone!


No Snow For Jay Jay

So last night, before going to bed, I saw on my “smart” phone that we would be waking up to snow. I switched on weather by the hour and at 4 am it showed a picture of a snow flake.

My 9-year-old has been wishing for snow since last Christmas, he’s too young to remember the last time it snowed here and teared up when we showed him pictures of himself playing in snow when he was around 3 years old. He had kept saying he has never seen snow, so we showed him pictures and like I said  he teared up.

So last night. I showed him the hourly forecast on my phone, and as soon as he saw the snowflakes those tears began to gather in his eyes again.

“I’m gonna see snow!” He cried as he stared at my phone’s screen. He than followed the snowflakes down each hour from 4 to 10 am.

“I’m gonna see snow, I’m gonna see snow!” He yelled, dancing around the room.

My wife, much wiser than me at times (at times), cautioned me, “What if it doesn’t happen?”

But I was sure we’d be waking up to a white neighborhood (not how that sounds). I said, “There will be some snow somewhere in Vegas tomorrow and if I have to, I’ll drive him around till we find it.” To this my son grinned the biggest grin!

Well, woke up to the usual colored neighborhood (again, not how that sounds), although parts of the Valley are getting “lightly dusted” throughout the day, the local news assures me.


Well, I guess we are going for ride.

Winter Storm Warning

That’s what it says on my phone. Weather channel says the same thing. Let’s take a look on the Net:

OH sh@t! It’s true! Snow!!!

That’s sooo cool, but also very scary and dangerous!  New Years visitors are in for a surprise… and that trip down the 15 for Californians will be much more difficult then the usual sometime parking lot, stop and go trip. In fact if it is as bad as they say, that trip may not be possible after tonight…

We shall see!

New Years Eve 2014 Snow Watch In Vegas… begins now!