Big Brother Goes Big Sister

Why we are waiting for the weekend, I thought I’d mention that Big Brother 17 starts tonight. I’ve mentioned several times that reality T.V. is a staple in my house. And it all started years ago with Big Brother and Survivor (well it really started with Real World on MTV, but it was Big Brother and Survivor that made reality T.V. family T.V. in my house). I have watched every season of Big Brother and Survivor. In fact Big Brother is the only summer show I really watch (sorry “Under the Dome” I tried, I really did). I’ve done my best not to look up any thing on-line about tonight’s show or the season to come, but I did catch a couple of thingsĀ that made me think we are in for a fun season. The theme this season is “the beach”, which is awesome! I will definitely be in my “beach outfit”! The other thing I heard was there was a transgender woman in the cast this season. That too is awesome! And about time, England’s version of the show already had a transgender winner. Well, I allowed myself to do a little Googling on this season’s cast and found this:

This should be a record-breakingĀ season as far as viewers. It could also create quite a stir on the internet. And you know how I love that. Yes, I’d say that this season of Big Brother could qualify as a #WorldsCollide moment. You know I’m there!