Our Last April Fools Day Together

About 2 weeks ago was our last April Fools Day here at ZW. Long time readers know that any post on April first should be taken very lightly (VERY lightly). For our last one though, I took some real stuff and put it to a fake narrative. I know, some of you think that’s what I do all the time… but let’s face it, those ones aren’t the brightest bulbs or sharpest tacks. Yes, those of you who really feel that way about this place who are still bothering to read here… dim and dull.

When I say fake narrative in describing the last post, I of course am referring to the Illuminati references. There is no Illuminati… it’s just a bedtime story for internet nuts. But if I’m wrong (and I am about many things… just don’t think I am about this one) and The Illuminati is real and out there pulling the world’s strings… I ain’t in it. That was all a joke. I’m sure most of you got that… but just in case some of you are worried to read here in fear of being hacked… I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again I’m sure (that line is needed here way too much), I ain’t a hacker, not part of Anonymous, not a criminal, not a stalker, and definitely not part of the Illuminati!

The reason I have all the stuff I put up is because EVERYONE SHARES EVERYTHING on the internet. It’s out there in comments and posts, emails and private messages, closed and secret groups…

I know it’s easy to blame me for this screwed up blog, and I will take that blame… but I very seldom get to the posts I plan… someone always seems to try to lead me somewhere… and I gladly go. Yes I write the posts, but the meat of it comes from all of you out there running in the circles we create for ourselves… SSDD.

We will get to all that later. For now I really just want to get across, that all the stuff I’ve posted and lots of stuff I haven’t is out there, being passed around… you should probably thank me for letting you know this stuff is being passed around… a little too much? That’s OK, I really don’t want any thank yous, the ones I do get make me feel weird… because I am part of the problem now… there’s no doubt about it. This blog is all wrapped up in the confusion and many don’t know what to make of it. But some of you do… so we march on… we will climb those last few hills.

Now it seems that my April Fools day post struck a few nerves… there was instant reaction… and a delayed one.

Instant reaction was a new screen name on Websleuths:

fake sassynzero

I do not need to explain that this is a cry for my attention. Long time readers get it.  So did this person want people to think it was me? I doubt it. If you read this persons posts, I think it’s very easy to see who it is:

snz pak

snz john ray

Yes, I’d know that comment under any screen name… but this cements it:

fake snz crowley

Yep you guessed it, the queen of screen names! I guess that April 1st post got to her enough to go straight to Websleuths and make an (another) account to, I guess kind of mock me? Is it a nod of some sort? Is it a warning? LOL. I know why they are mad, my April’s Fools Day post did show some more of the fucked up shit they are up to… still up to. But why keep blaming me for the stuff you are doing? Still doing! It’s really not my fault. Really. In fact after all the stuff you have been sending around about me lately… I really have restrained myself. Really I have.

As long as I’m posting these Websleuths comments, (I’m a rebel) let’s look at this one:

snz shannans boyfriend

Does anyone else find it funny that this person is always on the inside looking out? They always know more than everyone else. There have been quite a few of these, but this one has been going the longest and strongest. They ALWAYS know more than everyone else. In fact I would bet quite a bit that those emails I got a while back were from the same person as well:


Oh hell, let’s just say it… this fake Sassynzero wanting my attention (again) is TKAMB. Come on, someone tell me I’m wrong. But you better be very convincing.

You are really racking up those screen names, I may have to make a new list. I’d tell you to stop, but people have been telling you that for years… you won’t. I only bring it up to let you know I noticed. That’s all. Continue on. We have time still.

Now this is where this post would have ended… but you know how it works here…

I mentioned a delayed reaction to the AFD post. It came when I put it up on my new Facebook (I call it new, but I’ve had it for a little while now). I got a response from someone called Annuo Blissen. They didn’t like it and said I was lost in my own narcissism (I’m paraphrasing, but I think that’s what they were getting at). Now this is nothing new, we get this a lot here, don’t we? But this person was on my new(er) Facebook friends list:


And the circle they come from is a curious one. It leads back to that group of FB friends that came in with Jenny Salazar. Which includes that guy Ken Jones. Remember him? He joined in with Jerry and Dorothy with lies and sneaky tactics:

DPH leane man


Ken Jones is quite the interesting guy. But he didn’t like me looking into him. Who does? We all get it though, don’t we. Still this guy begs for it. He wants everyone to think he is a hit man or killed for money before… and to be honest, I don’t know that he hasn’t. He definitely wanted me to think I was in danger if I brought him up:



ken jones threat2

I probably shouldn’t bring him back up. But Annuo made me wonder about that group again. There was a few back then that friend requested me (Annuo being one of them) another being this guy:

seuhresto friends

This person befriended me, but so far has not responded to my messages asking who they are. This Seuhretso is also FB friends with Annuo, Ken, and Jenny… so of course he stands out to me. Plus as I said, both Annuo and Seuhretso friend requested me while I was having a private back n forth with Ken Jones, AKA the shark:



Now once you know who these people say they are (and I do) it only gets curiouser. But it’s a whole new rabbit hole… and I’m just not sure I want to go down it.

Confused? Sorry. But Annuo has me stuck in mid-thought.

I will say this though, if the AFD post created so much misplaced reaction… tomorrows Easter Egg Hunt should be interesting…

See ya tomorrow!





Snow In Vegas

Alright, the snow watch is over. Nothing has stuck anywhere… but Jay Jay got his snow (although a trip is still needed into the mountains so he can build a snowman, make a snow angel, sled, and all the other fun things you do in the snow). He ran around in it for a while and was as happy as can be.

It doesn’t look like we will be getting anywhere near what was expected though. That makes for a safer New Years, I guess. I bet that 15 is packed right now. 95 as well. Well, I hope they are being careful, the roads are still dangerous out there. Get here safely, there is quite a fireworks show waiting for you here in Vegas!

Speaking of which, tonight will be the first night in a long time Sassy and I aren’t going out for New Years. The kids usually spend it with Grandma. I know bad parents… but in Vegas, you go out for New Years.

As I walked with my son in the flurries and flakes, I told him that we’d be staying in for New Years and celebrating it together. His already beaming face lit up even more.  So,  good parents again!

Have a safe and Happy New Year everyone!


Get Well Nancy!

So if you are expecting a long post going over all the crazy, mean, or outright impossible comments of Nancy Evans Figat, this post might be a little disappointing, but please read on any way. We’ve all read it before, and if Dorothy has her way we will all read it again.

Just not here.

I’m not saying Nancy will never be mentioned here again… we all know there’s no telling where ALL (and when I say ALL, I mean ALL)of this will go, but for now I have to wash my hands of the Nancy part of all this. I’m sure most of you understand this, but if not, hopefully this post will make it clear.

From Joey to Jen… from Jen to Cristin… from Cristin to Dorothy… from Dorothy to Nancy (there are other names I could write here, but I don’t because I don’t know for sure how the others connect… I know pretty well how all these ones connect, they each explained it at one point of time or another) I have wondered about the motives of each of them. Are they evil? Stupid? Crazy? It’s hard to tell some times if any of these people really believe the crap they post, or are they just using it to attack the enemy’s they think they have, adding all those they encounter along the way to this list of enemies (and as I pointed out, look how easy it was for someone who has nothing to do with any of this, who put out their own point of view what was going on, to get pushed to the front of that list, it’s all crap, all of it, I can’t say that enough in these blogs, the mass majority of people I talk to, both credible and non-credible alike tell me it’s all crap. Everyone except those involved in this little circle of crap).

Where was I? Oh yes, do any of them believe their crap. For the most part I don’t think so, other wise my personal stuff wouldn’t have been added to the bedtime stories, especially when they write things like, “Joe Smo (leave out Joe Smo and put one of the many names you’ve seen dropped by these people, better yet put your own name in that Joe Smo part) who says they live in (just add your home town), and work at (again add where ever you work, or if you don’t right now, think of a place you once worked, just play along) and they have a brother/sister named (if you are not an only child think about your siblings name here, if you are change it to another family member) but it’s not true, they are really my ex husband who steals identities from people to stalk me with.”

This has happened to me several times, it has happened to others as well. Now as you picture it happening to you (and it could, so be careful when you deal with people on the internet). Do you think this person is mentioning your name out of concern for you or do you think they are purposely leaking your personal information. This is something I’ve gone back ‘n’ forth on a lot.

Now imagine people from your Facebook page, some you don’t even really know (the Facebook page of mine that, Dorothy likes to steal friends names from is a fan page, so seriously, I don’t really know most of them) are having their information and pictures shared in posts about serial killers and stalkers. Would you still think they don’t know what they are doing? Would you still believe they only bring up your name and anyone connected to you because they want to expose their ex husbands for identity threat?!?

Or how bout what happened to Linda,  a memorial page for a possible murder victim has a commenter who likes to do all the things I just discussed above (I’ve been called a Satanist, child pornographer, and serial killer on this page) and at the end of one of these name dropping rants your fathers obituary is posted with names of all your nephews and nieces. Is this also to show we are not who we say we are, or more of DOXING  people you don’t like on the internet. A very mean and nasty way of bullying.

Now, add that you have constantly try to explain all of this and they just don’t care.

Kind of hard to believe they don’t know exactly what they are doing, right? And that’s made my blog go this way and that way since day one.

But I have to say, Nancy is the exception  (there is always an exception, only Siths deal in absolutes). It may be hard to see how someone can believe the things Nancy does. But I think she does. I mean this has been going on with her for a while. I have heard now from those who say they know her, and they tell me her ex husband is not at all like he has been portrayed. Same thing I heard about Dorothy’s ex husband when I looked into him way back when. Yes it’s odd that these 2 ladies have chosen the same way to deal with their failed marriages, but that’s what happened, and if there is anyone out there who still don’t even believe either of these people are real… I assure you they are.

So what I’m getting at, is Nancy truly does not understand what is going on here. She thinks Dorothy, me, and all of you are Mike, and Mike doesn’t factor in at all from what I’m told. it all just seems like Nancy has had a hard time dealing with her break up and all that went with it. I think we all could agree there right?

So then a few years ago, Dorothy comes into the picture… and look where we are. Dorothy has used Nancy for a while now, but went all out once she came across me. Dorothy hates me for some odd reason (I’ve been told this by people who say they have spoken with her) and she got Nancy all twisted up about who I am and what I’m really blogging about. I’ve shown you where Nancy first commented about Dorothy “warning” Nancy about me. Now take a look at a recent comment on Nancy’s Facebook left by Dorothy:

dph nan fb zero mike1

I feel Dorothy has been feeding Nancy lies for a long time now, and it is probably her behind all the things nancy thinks Mike is behind. Why? Why does Dorothy do anything she does? That’s the question we shall focus on in the future.

We’ve all read Nancy’s page quite a lot lately, I think it’s easy to see how Dorothy is leading Nancy, and when I react here, it only further confuses Nancy and I don’t want that on my conscience. Dorothy may not mind messing with people on that serious of a level, but I do.

Now although I feel for Nancy, and think she has been victimized by Dorothy, I still don’t just give Nancy a pass. She is way long past being a child, and is overall responsible for what she has done, does, and will probably continue doing. Still I’m jus a little above taking advantage of an old womans sanity… just a little.

Before we leave Nancy to sink or swim on her own(or best scenario and the one I’m hoping for, those who do care about her, get through to her, and remove Dorothy from the equation… I’m almost positive there’s enough out there to get this done through the legal system, I mean it’s got to be a crime to do what Dorothy is doing to Nancy), we do have to look at one last exchange. this between my wife and Nancy.

Those who read here knows my wife likes to stay out of my blog, she thinks I’m dealing with people who should just be ignored by everyone. And I respect her for that belief, but confrontation of what people put out there on the World Wide Web is exactly what Zero’s World is all about. Readers also know when my wife does comment, it never disappoints. She says exactly what she want’s to say. My wife has addressed both Dorothy (who promptly blocked her on Facebook) and recently Cristin on FB as well. I, like my wife, would just like her or anyone else I know left out of this, this blog is mine, not the good people I’ve chosen surround my life with, but that’s not how this worked from day one, long before I got involved, so I knew my family would not be spared any more than anyone elses, and no one’s has.  But when you bring up my wife or kids,  especially on Facebook where it will get seen faster (she really doesn’t read here, I don’t blame her, this blog sucks! lol) you will probably hear from her. And as I said, she don’t hold back.

So when Nancy made a post once again including my wife’s name (although misspelling it) saying she was my sister, which made out marriage incestuous, my wife sent Nancy a message on FB:

sassy & nan nan2

Yes, that’s my Sassy. And I recommend never mentioning her again (LOL).

I put this up for a few reasons, one is to show what I just said (don’t mention her, trust me), and to help explain, that when you bring up names of people you don’t know, you can’t be surprised that they react. I keep trying to show that here in this blog, but so many out there just don’t get it, and I feel the need to constantly repeat it! Don’t use names of people you don’t know in your twisted social media rants, especially if you are just gonna make up things about them due to the fact you don’t really know them. Odds will catch up with you eventually… mark my words.

I also put this up to so you can see Nancy’s response. Here it is:

Nancy sassy reply1

Nancy sassy reply2

First off, they say Facebook User, because my wife has since blocked her, not wishing to have any contact with her. My wife said, “She (Nancy) needs outside help, and even trying to reason with her would only really be humoring her and adding to her deterioration.” I’ve been thinking about what my wife said… and most of us feel this way, but even in these comments things are hard to understand. Nancy says “Are you the GUY that called her (Dorothy) recently?” If she really believes Dorothy is Mike then why would she believe this?

Yes, when it comes to Nancy, I’ve gone back and forth in what I believe, tell I finally gave up the other day and just accepted both (don’t read too much into the giving up wording, I didn’t really give up, just accepted that what I thought all along was most likely right).

Nancy goes back and forth herself, wanting to believe when things are told to her, but always questioning it all. And since anyone reading can see, she doesn’t make the wisest choices in what and who to believe.

So it is in everyone’s best interest, especially Nancy’s, to stop including Nancy in this blog. Maybe even Dorothy’s best interest. Without anyone else mentioning Nancy, and not letting her comments here or on the ZW’s FB Page, maybe Dorothy will get bored with Nancy, see she’s of no use any more and leave her alone. Which would be smart, cause some one who knows and cares about Nancy is gonna come along one day, and they are not gonna like what you’ve been up to Dorothy!

Of course it will probably go on till that does happen. Again, for now though, it won’t be going on here.

I will not be keeping out comments at first, ’cause I know people might have things to say about this post. But Nancy comments of any kind will be left out down the line.

I’m gonna let the comment from an outsider (as far as I know) end this post, and have the last word (post wise at least) on this subject. Sometimes an outsider can help give perspective. My theory of course and so far, it remains to be proven. Still I think Donna’s comment is the best way to go out here. Donna, I couldn’t agree more. Thanks for reading and thanks for a great comment. Hopefully Nancy will take it to heart and think long and hard about Dorothy Price Hill.