The Howard Stern Show 12-17-14

As I said, I took the day off from the internet yesterday, the day the world changed. Decided to take a trip to my home away from home… California. You see, I may live in the desert… but I was born on the beach… and it is the beach I must return to every so often to rejuvenate myself.

One of the pluses of going to Cali is that I usually have Sirius radio in the rental car… which means Howard Stern!

Ahhh, The Zeros… yes I have that CD. lol.

So yesterday was the last show before it’s winter vacation, and I was in for a treat! So many things I have been discussing here were discussed on the show.  Howard took a moment to talk seriously about racism in America, and I’ll bring that up in The Ferguson post which I will hopefully work on this weekend and get “PUBLISHED” by Sunday or Monday, though I do need to get to some Christmas shopping eventually.

Most of the show was spent discussing The Daily News and an article that was posted there about Howard:

As you could guess, having his face next to the burning towers with the word “IDIOT” in huge letters right next to it, did not sit right with The King Of All Media. He was pissed. And with good reason, because it turns out this was not even the report the 2 writers turned in, an unnamed editor decided to rewrite the story and take a potshot at Howard and sell some papers as well.

Let’s back track… Seth Rogen and James Franco had been on the show (wish I had heard that one) and they of course discussed the Sony hack and all the controversy surrounding their upcoming film. Howard called it a terrorist attack and said that he felt the news agencies should refrain from using anything from the hack, such as stolen emails, in news stories. And let’s face it, he’s right. As much fun it was to see hollywood exposed a little, people lost jobs, social security numbers were posted, the whole thing was messed up. Entertaining, but messed up.

Now this is before the threats of a “911” attack on movie goers… but with hindsight, the newspaper’s story of the 911 comparison kind of comes back to kick them in the ass, no?

Alright so Howard gives his opinion on the cyber hacks and The Daily News calls him an idiot. Something any listener could tell you is a sore spot, Howard’s dad often yelled “You idiot!” at him when he was a kid… plus mocking Howard on his feelings about 911, well let’s go back to 911.

I was on my way to work, back then I was a manager for a record store… Howard Stern was still on the regular radio and I listened to him  every morning on my way to work and at work. The show was usually on a west coast 3 hour delay, but that morning it cut in to the live feed. A plane had just flown into one of the Towers. I thought it was a goof, and started switching radio stations. As I said, I was in my car, so I looked into the sky, normally in Vegas there are lots of planes in the sky at any moment, flying over the Valley towards McCarrran Airport… but to my shock, there was not a plane in the sky. It was very eerie. It was real!

I arrived at work… my assistant was there, (also a Stern fan, so he too was listening to the radio show) the look in his eyes was terrible. I remember I yelled out, “We’re, under attack. we’re under fucking attack!”

Using the stores landline I called home (back then I did not have a cell phone yet, or I’m sure it would have been a call from my wife to tell me the news) my wife was in tears when she answered, the second plane had hit by this point and she watched it happen. She told me planes were still missing and she wants me to come home. So I closed up shop and headed home… throughout all of this, The Howard Stern show was playing in the background. And as anyone who was listening that day could tell you, Howard helped get us all through it… and I know that goes much deeper for New Yorkers. Howard and everyone at the Howard Stern Show handled the catastrophe with heart and genuine felling. As I said they got their listeners through one of the worst days of their lives.

So to mock Howard and call him an idiot, on 911 issues, yea, not fair, not right, and not very smart.

Howard, from his own words, was a mess all day and couldn’t sleep that night. So yes, it was the main topic of the show yesterday. But it goes on, because it turns out, the story printed in the paper was not the story the 2 writers had turned in. It seems that an editor got a hold of the story and changed it to make it about Howard Stern… a vendetta maybe? Any Stern fan can tell you that this is not the first time that something like this has happened to The Stern Show, throughout all its existence, reporters and uptight busy bodies (Jen, you reading? For some reason, that sentence made me think of you) who don’t even listen to the show and definitely didn’t understand it have to open their big mouths to try to swat down at what they believe is a very mean guy… I can totally relate. But this time, maybe they just went too far.

In fact after finding out that it wasn’t even the story the writers turned in, but that an editor rewrote it to get at Howard or to use him to sell papers, Howard was even more upset. He told how he talked to his shrink about it all, and they said, well of course your pissed, what this editor did was wrong and would upset anyone.

And now with the latest “911” like threats, Howard and others on the show, and many listening as well I bet, felt the paper owed a retraction and an apology. Still waiting to see if that happens.

After listening to the show, I of course heard that the movie would not be released, and damn if that didn’t just put it all in to a greater prospective. Howard was and is right. This was a terrorist attack… and it was a succesful one.

We will be dealing with this story quite a bit as I mentioned in the previous post. This is unbelievable, when someone doesn’t like something someone does now, you better believe they will just threaten a “911” attack, because they see now how it scares us into submission… they see now just how well 911 worked… I mean we are so scared we canceled a block buster movie… that’s so far away from what America stands for… and they see it! So more 911 threats will follow and when we do not listen to them (which I’m sure we will have to do on the next one, defiance will have to be made, I mean just look at the backlash Sony is getting for caving… no, the next one, we will flip our middle fingers at them and march on) maybe they will think well, maybe we  need another 911, to remind them (us) of how scared it makes everyone. Trapped in circles!

Alright moving on…

The other main focus of the day was the show’s “Secret Santa”. They had made a $50 limit on presents, and Scott The Engineer had given someone a $25 dollar gift card. He did not hear the end of it… even on the Wrap Up Show, this was the main discussion. LMAO! Loved it!

Another highlight of the show was the vote on who was the most annoying caller on the show. And when I heard the top three candidates, Marilyn from Brooklyn (I wonder if she knows Candyce), King of All Blacks, and Bobo the clown, I already knew the winner… or is it loser. Call it serendipity, since we all know that’s what I call it, lol, or just call it psychic mambo jumbo, but I knew… we both know, don’t we Jen (you can’t get any more inside for a joke). Bobo!

Poor Bobo, he did not take it very well. LOL.

My favorite moment has got to be when David Arquette called in to explain why the whole “idiot” thing was bothering Howard (which I already mentioned). David told Howard pretty much that people are gonna hate, people are gonna call you stupid, but you just gotta love yourself brother, because others do and for good reasons… it was a beautiful moment…  David is so funny, some may think he’s lost it, but I love that guy, he get’s what the rest of us are fighting with. Or maybe he just is trying to hard to become part of the “Wack Pack”, either way, I love that guy.

There was so much more in the show, Nicole Bass agreeing to come back after the break and show Howard, Robin, Fred, and possibly Garry her vagina. We found out all the many objects Ass Napkin Ed has had sex with. And on the Leiberman Show we got to hear from some of the “Wack Pack” on their views of Cops wearing cameras and the Presidents change on stance with Cuba. Made me think of our own little “Waco Packo” here at Zero’s World!

It was a great show, and made me once again question myself. I am a huge fan of the show, why don’t I get Sirius Radio already? But if I have it all the time, I would do nothing else… or at least it would be hard to… and I already have that problem with other things (hint, hint) so although I miss it and love when I get the chance to spend the day (and night) listening to Howard 100 & 101 (switching back-n-forth between the 2 channels for hours and hours) the highlight of my day was not the Howard Stern Show… after all that was just the trip, and yes the trip is always half the fun… but the destination is what it’s all about, at least this trip it was…

and standing there with my arms around my wife, with the wind blowing against us, watching the dark Pacific crash on the beach, the last light of day going, going, gone… I was at my destination, for a moment at least. And although I knew the world had changed today… I could feel peace for that moment… clear my head of it all… listen to the waves. Get lost in that moment.

Come full circle… before heading back around… for another ride.


Before it get’s all sue crazy again in here… let’s all sit back, take it easy, and enjoy some serendipity…

The other day when I told TCTH my real name and showed her my Facebook, she said, “you really are an 80’s kid”, and this is such an understatement.

My wife turned me on to a song the other day and I have been playing it non stop (like I do) ever since. It’s called Sloth’s Revenge by the Dirty Heads. Click on the LINK to hear it:

It brings it all together don’t it? No? Well take it as you want, but I like it and I think it needed to be played here to help relax the mood again. Because I think some scary times are ahead.

                SLOTH’S REVENGE

I am, Everything that I said I am
Keep my shit tight man, motherfuckin’ Hoover Dam
And I ain’t crackin anytime soon, My mind said its fine tuned,
This world will be mine soon,
Show down at high noon, Sharp as a harpoon,
Crash like a monsoon, Style like a costume,
I’m constantly awesome,
Voice fresh as spring, Yo my beats bout to blossom,
Caution, get outs of it when I’m moshin’
My friends are all high, I’m nice and I got em that way,
We Bulls on Parade,
My bowls full of weed man, higher than a pterodactyl
You can call me caveman, California raisin,
Hear me through the grapevine,
Duddy B be dazed again but man I’m feelin’ just fine,
I be out in Vegas while ya bitches just at state line,
I ain’t never stoppin’ til’ I finally feel I got mine.

[Jared: Chorus]
We never gonna lay down, We ain’t goin nowhere, You can come and give a try
Our bond is our blood and thicker than water, Like Goonies never say die
Ooooooooooooooooooh Like Goonies never say
Ooooooooooooooooooh Like Goonies never say die

[Duddy B: Rap]
I keep it cool right, I’m like an avalanche,
I get stupid when I want to, Rain Man
I keep it flowin’ and I do the rain dance,
Man everybody loves me call me Rain Man,
Here I go, I be gettin’ so high like I’m standing on my tippy toes,
Spread my wings and fly but I got two arms where my wings should go,
Hungry as an animal, Tearin’ down the devils door,
He’s sellin’ me his soul for all the lyrics in my arsenal,
Eyes red, Lungs full, Half-massed flag pole,
I’m about to kill this beat and throw it in a Drowning Pool,
Hair long style, cool lyrics, fresh jet fuel,
On this track no lookin back, I’m hippy like a hacky sac
Smoother than a Cadillac, P. Demspey need a medi-vac
Yeah I lost my shit but bitch you know I got the passion back,
Lock this out my temper trap, I’m laughin’ at your pussycats
I ain’t never stopping til the top is what I’m lookin’ at

[Jared: Chorus]
Say, We never gonna lay down, We ain’t goin nowhere, You can come and give a try
Our bond is our blood and thicker than water, Like Goonies never say die
Ooooooooooooooooooh Like Goonies never say
Ooooooooooooooooooh Like Goonies never say die

[Jared: Rap]
Okay listen up kiddos I’m a shark you’re a minnow,
Balls on your chin, Call your bitch Jay Leno,
Don’t go swimmin’ cause your shit sounds menstrual,
We ain’t here to play like Dr. Dre South Central,
Spit barbiturates to make you move your tits and shit,
To have your body movin, have your hips just throwin fits,
Willie sittin’ high, just as high
The time is 9 now, Floorin’ my Dalorean, Marty McFLy yeah
Anybody home, two spliffs to the dome,
It’s a headshot, dread not,
Noobs get pwned!
Yeah I fucking said it, That was so last year,
I got a pack full of gear and a trunk full of beer.

[Jared: Chorus]
We never gonna lay down, We ain’t goin nowhere, You can come and give a try
Our bond is our blood and thicker than water, Like Goonies never say die
Ooooooooooooooooooh Like Goonies never say
Ooooooooooooooooooh Like Goonies never say die