Flu Season

So while I was shaking off all the liars and dirty, dirty cheats I caught a nasty little bug.

Had to pick my son up in California last Wednesday, but as I got ready to hit the road, my stomach felt a little upset. Later when I stopped for lunch, my Subway sandwich had a strange taste to it. After picking my son up and heading back for Vegas we stopped at In and Out and my Double Double had the same strange taste my sub did. I knew then I was about to get sick. My taste buds are always the first to go.

It’s been years since I was this sick. I swear Sunday I just wanted someone to put my pillow over my face and say goodnight.

Last night was the first sleep I had since Friday, and it wasn’t the best of sleep.

Flu season in a big household like mine is very dangerous… when you are the first to get it, it may still be making its way though everyone by the time you have finally gotten rid of it, and therefore it’s happy to jump right back in ya!

Yesterday it made its way though the whole house in record speed… so I’m hoping we will all  kick it and it will stay gone… cause like I said, I haven’t been this sick in years. My head feels like someones been stomping on it for days, and my chest is on fire… and there is nothing left in my stomach, which makes throwing up a very difficult and painful thing.

Sorry for the TMI, just wanted to share my misery with everyone, lol. But also wish everyone out there a safe passage way through the flu season, it’s no joke. Well almost everyone…

(Blows great big wet kiss to Dorothy)