This Is Gonna Hurt

It’s been a while since I posted… I have been super busy in the real world and spent a lot of the last month’s internet time IMing with people and reading lots of articles… chasing the internet as usual. We’ve had new commenters both here and on the ZW Facebook. Welcome to my new readers and old ones returned. A shout out to Son of Mankind, some of you might have caught his hi-jinx on my Facebook, actually called me LISK, yes very original. I really want to get into SOM and our conversations and other little tidbits that link him to the ongoing craziness here, and I will, most likely. But not yet.

Anyone still reading Nancy’s page? Wow, what a story-teller and what are the odds of her and Son Of Man being connected somehow? Pretty good I think. Yea we may have go back into the Nan Nan lair of absurdity. But not yet.

Nothing new from Dorothy, but Flukeyou returned, I knew he would be showing up… Oak Beach has had some stuff happening and Fluke is ready to stir up people’s misery as usual. But is there anything to some of the newest connections and stories of Oak Beach that I’m hearing? There is lots to discus here, and I know quite a few of you would like to get that discussion going again, and maybe we should. But not yet.

More readers coming from all over to see what I wrote about Milo and The Quiet Pills Saga, made me re-look at it all, found some stuff, don’t know what it means, just like most of the stuff in that ARG/Assassin mystery. But I will get to all I can find on Milo and the whole gang at Drunken Stepfather. But not yet.

Politics and religion are crashing together around the world leading us to a premature Armageddon and I fell I must comment on some of it. But not yet.

Sadly, another unarmed black man was shot by a cop. I don’t think I can put off posting about this subject much longer. But not yet.

I also did some reading on the missing prostitutes that Annie posted in the comments, and I would like to post a little about that and a few other stories I found closer to home. But not yet.

I’d like to just pull it off quickly like a bad aid, get to the point of these and other things floating around in my head, you know make it as painless as possible, but let’s face it, it’s gonna hurt regardless. The world is full of tragedy.

But not yet, not tonight… tonight, all is right, and all of the worlds tragedies must wait! Tonight we watch the stars “before they fall”.

Yes, tonight Sixx A.M. is playing and I will be there! This concert is so needed right now, because I really do feel like the stars are about to fall. I mean something has to give when everything is being shoved together. Ah yes, #WorldsCollide, what a ride.  Plus this has been a really rough week, not anything I can get into here, but man I am glad this week is over… this is sincerely a TGIF moment.

And to end this week with my hero Nikki Sixx and my Sassy girl. yea, tonight is alright.

For those of you who still don’t know about Sixx A.M. (really?) you really should check them out. The band consists of Nikki Sixx from Motley Crue on bass (he’s the Sixx) DJ Ashba from Guns N Roses on guitar (he’s the A.) and the very talented James Michael who worked with many other bands on different levels is the lead singer (he’s the M.)

Together the 3 of them are making some of the best new music out there. Don’t believe me, then check out any of there 3 albums “The Heroin Diaries Soundtrack”, “This Is Gonna Hurt”, or “Modern Vintage”, better yet check out all three. Like I said some of the best new music out there.

So I plan on forgetting all the noise in the world tonight and enjoying a show that is bound to be a spritural for me. I won’t be able to forget it all too much because Sixx A.M.’s music is pretty thought provoking. Check in on the ZW FB over the next few hours to see my “set wish list”  to see what I mean.

So off I go to get ready for a very well deserved, fun night. I’ll be back later to start ripping those band aids off.