Shadow People Part One

SPOILER ALERT!!!  This post is about the movie/documentary called “Shadow People“. Though I will not be discussing the movie itself in too much detail, there are still parts of this post that may ruin the experience of watching the movie… just a little. So go ahead and skip this post if you are planning on seeing the movie. Then just come back and let me ruin the experience properly, lol.

Alright, are we safe now? Good. Let’s begin… this movie is really a mockumentary, and that’s not just putting the words movie and documentary together, it means that the movie is mostly faked in a way to make it seem like it’s based on a real event. I like these types of movies, but I’m able to see through them, what about those who don’t? I’ve often wondered (and mentioned here at least once) if these types of movies are having effects other than starting internet “thread” arguments.

Here’s what Wiki has to say about the movie:

I find it a little strange that wiki isn’t a little more detailed on the fact that most of the movie is not based on any type of true story, though it comes off like it is.

It talks about the fake You Tube Videos, but not that the movie’s whole story line is made up and its main character, Charlie Crowe, is not a real person or was not a real person, since many people believe he is now dead, from SUNDS, thanks to the fake “in memory of” at the end of the film.

Yes, the movie goes so far to make its viewer believe the movie is a true story as to make up a later death of it fictionalized lead character.

In fact it’s hard to find anyplace that explains Charlie Crowe is not a real person. The movie itself plays fake old video of Charlie Crowe, making you think they are actual footage of a real person, but that too is just an actor like in the You Tube videos. That’s right they have 2 actors playing Charlie Crowe, Dallas Roberts who is listed as playing Crowe and an unnamed actor in the fake old clips, pretending to be the real Charlie Crowe… which I’m telling you… there is none. Well there is real Charlie Crowes, just not this one made up for the movie.

It’s a great way to use the internet for marketing this type of movie, and quite a few mockumentary movies are doing this. In fact some are blurring the lines between real stories and hollywood scripts so well, it’s almost impossible to tell anymore if what you are watching is a real documentary or a mock one.

Even in this interview, the actor playing Charlie Crowe, Dallas Roberts, get’s in on the fake back story:

Is Fangoria in on the joke too? Probably. Let’s take a look at what is said:

sp interview1

The real answer there would have been, all of it, since the footage is not real and was filmed for the movie.

sp interview2

Well, that was truthful I guess, lol. Everything was so descriptive in the script, because that’s where the whole Charlie Crowe story comes from.

sp interview3

And that’s where it just crosses the line, using another real person, Sam Phillips, and a movie about real people, “Walk The Line” to make the reader truly buy into the lie that Charlie Crowe was real.

Are you confused yet?

Let me sum it up… Shadow People is a complete facade, a sham, a phony, a fake.

I think it’s a good movie though… I say I think, because I really only caught the last 20 minutes of it. But it got my mind racing immediately. Right away I was like, is this real, or another great “Catfish” movie.

I hit the internet and Google searched for anything on Charlie Crowe… go ahead try… it’s not there, because he’s not real. The only things on him come from the movie. The whole story of a radio DJ being pulled into the mysteries surrounding sleep paralysis and the stories of Shadow People never happened. There was no controversy and no suicide heard on air (Ok a little movie discussion, but not much). About the only thing real in the movie, is that there is a documentary called Your Worst Nightmare that does deal with sleep paralysis, but even that film can be questioned to whether it’s a legitimate documentary.

In fact there are many questions about sleep paralysis, and what some call “Shadow People.”

But bottom line, nothing in Shadow People is real… so therefore it could cloud people’s judgement if they are looking at the movie as a true story. Especially if they are dealing with something like sleep paralysis. Believing the Charlie Crowe in the movie is real and  the story portrayed in the movie is also real could cause some confusion I’m sure. And you will find stuff on Charlie Crowe, like this:

That one even says he was a disc jockey beginning in 1971, good year. Wrong spelling of the last name though, so not our Charlie… how ’bout this one:

That one’s a football player. Nothing on the Charlie Crowe from the film though. But if you search, the truth is out there:

“The film is quite clever, but for the record Charlie Crowe is “also” a fictional character (though the phenomena of “Shadow People” is not).”

“The character Charlie “Crowe” Camfield, seen in the 2012 movie “Shadow People”, is a fictional character. The person who is seen in the movie portraying the “Real” Charlie “Crowe” Camfield is in fact an un-named professional actor. The fact that this is a fictional character is the reason you were unable to find his cause of death in your search. The movie “Shadow People” is brilliant in it’s portrayal of it’s half Horror Film, half Documentary style, and leaves the viewer not sure if it’s all true, partly true, or all fiction. Only a long, involved search of many resources gives you the true answer, which is that the movie deals with a very real phenomenon-SUNDS-and mentions a very real “outbreak” of SUNDS in mostly Vietnamese immigrants, but other than that it is a fictional movie. A look at the “actual” Camden College Sleep Study GR16, 1971 video on YouTube shows that the number of view does not match, highly suggesting it was put there as a highly effective marketing ploy for the movie.”

Sleep Paralysis and SUNDS… real subjects in an otherwise not very real movie. I only know a little about SUNDS, but I know quite a bit about sleep paralysis… dealt with it first hand. Let’s leave that for the next post where we can bring back those who were afraid I might ruin the movie for them, which this post kind of does ruin the movie if you just want to believe it’s all real instead of a hollywood script (anyone else out there see flipped parallels?).

I’ll leave you with the Camden College Sleep Study GR16 from 1971 (there’s that year again), you be the judge on its authenticity:

To Be Continued…