Tail Gate Party

Alright, I’ve had a couple of beers (I don’t drink much any more, so that’s really all it takes, lol), some chips and dip, yummy guacamole dip, a family tradition:

avocados (at least 4 or 5, but the more dip you need, the more avocados you need)

peeled, diced tomatoes (one to every 5 avocados)

mayonnaise (not too much, about a tablespoon to every 5 avocados)

and tons of garlic salt (must be Lawry’s garlic salt)

Mix it all together, go ahead take a bite, it’s like heaven in your mouth!

It’s a simple recipe, but it must be exact right down to the chips you use with it. They must be Doritos (which makes it perfect for the Super Bowl), preferably taco flavored Doritos (when they stopped making them they almost ruined the recipe, but Cool Ranch or Regular Nacho flavored also worked, now that Taco flavored Doritos are back, I recommend using them). I promise the dip will  disappear fast, so make sure to get some big scoops of it before it does.

Now some Pizza and Hot Wings! Or maybe some Burgers and Dogs! Wait is that shrimp cocktails?

Alright let’s eat up, drink up, and watch the game!

I think the Dot Team Dancers have a pre game for us as well!

That should be interesting.

So enjoy the game… I’ll see you here:


at halftime…

it really will be game changing!


Super Bowl XLIX Pregame

super bowl

The day is finally here! I’m so excited, how ’bout you? I hope most of you are. This is gonna be a fun time, well as long as you are not a witch. You wicked, wicked witches should be keeping an eye on the skies… there are houses up there waiting to drop, and they have your names on them!

Oh, that’s good stuff right there!

Well it’s time to kick this thing off… almost… its Pregame Time!

Make sure to check in at the ZW FB for all the festivities:


You don’t have to “LIKE” anything or comment… I know that place is dangerous, witches stalking everyone who goes there… that’s why the houses are dropping!

Just don’t miss the halftime show there! It will be during the real halftime during the game tonight.

Oh, and there will be a tailgate party here on the blog in just a few hours…

But first the pregame show on the Facebook page:


Are you ready for some football?!?


Super Bowl Sunday Halftime Show

It doesn’t mater if you are rooting for The Patriots or The Seahawks…

It doesn’t mater whether you think “deflategate” is real or make-believe.

It doesn’t mater if you love or hate Tom Brady.

It doesn’t mater if you are only watching the super bowl for the commercials and Katy Perry.

It doesn’t even mater  if you are just here so you don’t get fined.

This Super Bowl Sunday the only thing that maters is that you don’t miss Zero’s World Halftime Show!

So make sure to toon in to the ZW FB this Sunday:


It’s going to be game changing!

They Burn Witches, Don’t They?

So in the post I made the other day I mentioned putting Dorothy on the back burner. That was a reference to burning witches… which is something they used to do right?

After reading Dorothy’s private message on the Zero’s World Facebook:

dph c&d

I thought maybe I needed to take Dorothy off the burner all together and throw her straight into the oven till she was done!

Another “burning witches” metaphor for ya. But I seem to recall that they also used to drown witches. Two totally opposite solutions to the same witch problem…

Fire… water? I want something grander!

In The Wizard of Oz they combined the 2… throwing water on the witch, which then caused her to melt away. I like that… but it’s still not enough…

Wait… I got it!  This also comes from The Wizard of Oz, right from when the worlds collide jumping into Technicolor!

That’s right… we are gonna start dropping houses on these witches!

And those houses will begin to drop on Super Bowl Sunday, during halftime on ZW’s FB Page:


All information and hyped up fanfare will be posted to promote the House Dropping Event over the next 3 days…

Stay Tooned…