Making Friends In The Waiting Room

So… my blogs have a few new readers, some with the same thoughts… that I should ignore the likes of Dorothy and Joey… again I get what some of you are saying, though 1996/2000 I really don’t think you are giving my blogs there proper due.  They are what they say they are, and from day one I said I was not sleuthing a case. Also, I keep pointing out that this blog is not a LISK blog, look to the right… all those blogs in My Stuff, only one of them is a LISK blog. Zero’s World feels like a LISK blog because so many from  are still talked about here, and again, that is because so many wanted to remain a part of my world… and you will be for a long… long time.

But now, we wait.

Why? Well because we are in the doc’s waiting room.

No not that doc… the one with the couch.

Yes, we are all in the waiting room to see who is going on the couch. Because some one is…


At least there is some good music playing while we wait…

Waiting Room Music: Making Friends by Lagwagon



As you in this search for something to hate
I can feel you rally around someone
with your peers
but can you stand alone
Can you take the long way home
Cause I stood in the circle
a hundred times before
and I feel safer in the eye of a storm
You can throw your stones
I’ll only bleed for you one day
They all answer to the hearsay
but they will only care for one day
It’s so small and I would love
to show you all
I can see you in the middle of a doubt
You told them we had a falling out
Sick your dogs on me
as you take the easy way out
So I will be a freak show
when the circus comes to town
and I will rain on your parade
without a sound
Then we will draw a crowd
that’s only breaking down for one day
I graduate this class with honors
I will never fail drama
Making Friends
Will you still hate me tomorrow?














                                                                                                                                                                                            EASTER EGG