It’s Not That I Cant Stop… It’s That I Wont Stop

k8 dph151b

This is one of the truest things DPH has ever said. I OBSESS on everything!  Wait that makes what she said only kind of true.

Even though it may seem at times I’m fixated on one subject, that’s just what I have time to blog about. I’m constantly OBSESSING on all sorts of things I don’t ever get a chance to post about. And some things I post and never have time to get back to them even though I OBSESSED on it for a short time.

The truth of the mater is I can’t stay on a subject long enough without moving on to something else. Really it’s true, and I will show by example here in just a bit.

Besides Dot Girl, you seem to have an OBSESSION yourself:

dph zero pm

Those are from yesterday… YESTERDAY! They were in a PM on the Zero’s World Facebook Page. WTF?

I think she misses Kate.

Well, keep OBSESSING on me Dorothy…sit and wait and wonder what I might write about you next.




I’m sure I’ll get back to you at some point.