3 Down



Both the Democrats and Republicans have 3 states down in their race for the nomination of each party! Let’s take a look at how things went.

The Democrat Party went to Iowa with 3 nominees: Hillary Clinton, Bernie Sanders, and  Martin O’Malley. The results were very close between Clinton and Sanders, but Clinton squeaked the win gaining 23 delegates, while Sanders got 21 delegates for his very close second place. Martin O’Mailley, who got less than 1% of the vote, decided to leave the race.

That left just Hillary and Bernie to head to New Hampshire as a now 2 person race. Bernie took the win their earning 15 delegate, while Hillary picked up 9 for placing second (last). If you don’t know what a delegate is… it’s what they are all competing for. Each state has so many delegates to give out and the first to reach 2,382 delegates on the Democratic side gets the party’s nomination for president. And as you see these first 2 states gave out a few delegates to each first and second place… but in some of the states coming up, all the states delegates go to only the winner. In fact I should take a moment to explain all the differences (or at least some of them) that are involved in the road to the presidential nomination.

Each state is different. And each party does things differently. For example I already said the Democrats need 2,382 delegates to win, the Republicans only need 1,237 delegates to win the nomination for their party. Also, there are these things called superdelegates. In the Democrat Party they belong to the official party apparatus, which includes all current Democratic governors and members of Congress as well as former presidents, former vice presidents, state party chairs, and that sort of thing. There are a lot fewer superdelegates for the Republican Party. They go to the three members of each state’s national party. But the biggest difference is how each party is allowed to use its superdelegates. Democrats can use them on which ever candidate they want and can change their vote whenever they want, while the Republican superdelegates must go to who ever won the state. This can be a big deal in the Democrat race, which I’ll explain better in a moment.

Besides all the differences between how each of the parties run the race, each state is different as well. Some states have a primary, some states caucus. A primary is a simple ballot cast vote, pretty much the same as a regular election. States that caucus hold public events where everyone gathers discuss all the candidates and then vote. Well, the Republicans then vote, but the Democrats line up in groups for each candidate where there is a count and if the counts are close there is more discussion and people try to get others to leave their group and join their group and sometimes coins are flipped to determine a winner. Seriously, it’s kind of crazy. But I bet that’s close to how are founding fathers did it… we just have lots more people to deal with… so yea, it’s kind of crazy.

So Iowa was a caucus state. Republicans had their discussions in schools, churches, and other public buildings (and some homes maybe), then went and did a ballot type vote (will get to those results in a second). Meanwhile democrats also got together and discussed their candidates, but then they lined up in groups for each candidate, and when O’Malley people didn’t have enough to compete they were told to either line up in the Clinton or Sanders groups or go home (well more or less). Which means people from the Clinton groups are trying to get them to join them, as well as those in Sander’s group would be trying to get them to join them. In the end some coins had to be flipped to determine winners because it was so close. In the end, as I already wrote above (and the news already said back when the caucus was held) Clinton squeaked by with a win.

New Hampshire is a primary state so people just went and voted. As we know, Bernie took that state. Which sent Clinton and Sanders into Nevada (my home state, well the state I live in, Cali will always be my home state). Nevada is a caucus state and once again it was close, but Hillary won giving her 19 delegates, while Sanders earned 15 delegates. Did you do the math yet? That leave them tied at 51 delegates apiece! The race seems to be way too close to know how it will turn out… that is unless you are really paying close attention.

I said at the beginning of all this I thought it was going to be a Clinton vs. Bush presidential election. I know, I was way off with bush, and we will get to the republicans in just a moment, but I’m afraid I’m probably right about Clinton being the Democrat nominee. This gets me in trouble with the many people I know who are BIG TIME Bernie supporters, but it’s not my decision, I’m just going by what I see. I’d love to support Bernie, he seems like an honest person, a genuine “good guy”. I don’t even mind he’s a 74-year-old socialist, though if he is the nominee, his age and socialist ideas will be used against him by the Republicans, and there are plenty out there in Americana who might be afraid to elect a 74-year-old socialist. But the Democrats are a sneaky bunch (so are the Republicans, and we are getting to them, I swear). So even though the popular vote is really close, and you would think the delegate count was really close, you have those superdelegates… and those are overwhelmingly being given out to Hillary. I think Hillary has like 451 superdelegates while Bernie has only 19. So the Democratic voters may be split, but the Democratic establishment seems to be backing Clinton. As I said, superdelegates can change their minds at anytime during this race, so maybe I’m reading too much into it. In the end it will come down to 3 things. The millennial vote, which so far seem to be going to Bernie. The minority vote, which seems to be going to Hillary. But most importantly how many come out to vote… so far Democrat voter turnout is not very high.

Not so on the Republican side of things, who are having record turn outs. Let’s take a look at the 3 states the Republican candidates have behind them.

The first 2 states were the same as the Democrats. In Iowa Ted Cruz took 1st place earning 8 delegates, while Donald Trump came in second and Marco Rubio came in third each earning 7 delegates. Ben Carson got 3 delegates for 4th place while Rand Paul, Jeb Bush, Carly Fiorina, John Kasich, and Mike Huckabee all got 1 delegate while Chris Christie, Rick Santorum, and Jim Gilmore got nothing for coming in 10th, 11th, and 12th. No wonder they are having such a large voter turn out, they had so many people running for President. But after the first state 2 jumped out. Mike Huckabee and Rand Paul left the race.

So 10 remaining candidates went on to New Hampshire where Trump came in first receiving 11 delegates. Kasich surprised everyone with a second place win getting 4 delegates. Ted came in 3rd and Bush came in 4th each getting 3 delegates. Rubio got 2 delegates for 5th place. The rest of the order was: Christie, Fiorina, Carson, Santorum, and Gilmore. They all received zero delegates from New Hampshire, and when all was said and done all of them in last place in New Hampshire receiving no delegates from the state dropped out of the race. Well all of them but Carson. He joined the other 5 delegate winning candidates and went on to the next state…

As I wrote, the democrats third state was Nevada… but the Republicans disconnect from the Dems for a moment here and they go to South Carolina. And guess what… South Carolina is a “take all” primary state. So since Trump came in 1st he got all 50 of the states delegates which kind of puts him out in front. The rest or the order was Rubio, Cruise, Bush, Kasich, Carson… though they got no delegates regardless. In the end, one more would drop out of the race… Jeb Bush.

Yes, I was wrong on my first predictions that Bush would win the republican nomination… but I have to say, Trump has changed the republican race so drastically that all early predictions or thoughts on the Republican side of this race is out the window. Plus Trump really went at Bush… and let’s face it… Bush didn’t look like his heart was in the race at all.

So will the Trump Train just keep on going all the way to the nomination and dare I say… the White House?

It definitely could happen.

Ben Carson should have dropped out with Bush, and I can’t see why he would stay in much longer. I like John Kasich, but if he doesn’t win a state soon… I’m guessing he too might have to drop out.

That leaves Trump. Rubio, and Cruz… kinda scary, huh? Will Rubio or Cruz pick up enough voters from those who have dropped out to put them up over Trump? That’s what some are banking on… but I’m not to sure about that. I do think we could come to the end of this without any Republican candidate reaching the magic number of 1,237 delegates and then I’m not sure what will happen. That’s if the Trump Train doesn’t just leave the rest behind and runs a way with it.

Republicans have their caucus in Nevada tomorrow… and Trump is polling pretty well here.

Democrats will have their South Carolina primary on Saturday… if it’s not close and Hillary takes it big… it may just be “all she wrote”… and if it’s close and/or Bernie wins… you still have to think about the superdelegates.

Things will really heat up on March 1st when 12 states and one territory hold primaries and caucuses. It’s called Super Tuesday (Superdelegates…  Super Tuesday… I swear politicians think they are super heroes).

I had originally said it would probably be Clinton on the Democrat side, Bush on the Republican side, and Trump running as an independent… I was wrong. But I still think I had it close… though we will have to see how the rest of this race goes. It definitely is exciting!

One last thing… I thought Bush would be the next president because of a 3 Bush thing I convinced myself was an omen that would not be denied… it has been. Now, will that be a good thing or a bad thing?

(Post) GOP Debate

So as I said, yesterday was a very busy day, lots of important stuff going on, I didn’t even mention that it was Jon Stewart’s last Daily Show…

give me a second…

I get a little choked up thinking about the final show…

sorry, but I’m going to miss Jon… and The Daily Show, Late Night TV, Politics, and Fox News will never be the same… NEVER!


Well, with everything going on I still got a chance to watch the Top 10 Debate. We’ll get to that in a second. First I want to comment on the earlier “Happy Hour” debate.

The candidates who did not make the top 10 Fox News cut were:

Texas Gov. Rick Perry; former Pennsylvania Sen. Rick Santorum; Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal; former Hewlett-Packard CEO Carly Fiorina; South Carolina Sen. Lindsey Graham; former New York Gov. George Pataki; and former Virginia Gov. Jim Gilmore

I did not see all of this debate, but did catch the sound bites later. My first thoughts on it, was that it was strange… especially when compared to the Prime Time Debate. It was like an audition to be on the real show, which none of these candidates were going to be.

I myself did not learn anything new about these candidates, but again I was unable to watch it all, just not sure it would have mattered if I did. Carly Fiorina did come across pretty strong and I’m guessing will move up in the polls. Don’t be surprised if she is picked as a running mate if she does not win the nomination (I don’t think she will, but if we have a Republican win the election, I see her somewhere in the mix, Secretary of State maybe?)

Let’s talk about the main attraction…

Donald Trump!

Again, I say Fox news is genius! They have done nothing but cover Donald Trump over the last few months making sure he would be in their top 10 guidelines for their debate… then once they got him there, they made sure he delivered… I mean they set it all up from the very first question, which was aimed directly at Trump. But before we jump right in, there were other’s there:

Jeb Bush, Scott Walker, Mike Huckabee, Dr. Ben Carson, Ted Cruz, Marco Rubio, Rand Paul, Chris Christie and John Kasich joined Trump on the stage.

But Fox set this up as The Trump Show and that’s what they got. Like I said they made sure of it.

The first question was a loaded one aimed directly at Trump asking if anyone on the stage could NOT promise to NOT run as an independent if they did NOT get the Republican nomination to raise their hand… Trump didn’t hesitate, he knew they meant him and he raised his hand.

Wow, way to call Trump out early, I thought Fox News loved Trump. It really comes as no surprise, but it still was a hard shot and Fox News knows it. Getting that out there in the open preys on Republican’s fears (Do I say Republican or GOP? GOP is easier to type). If Trump were to lose the nomination to say, someone like Bush, and he then ran as an independent, it will take votes away from the GOP helping the Democrats to win the election. and this is true, but let’s face it, Mr. Trump is not gonna throw away money like that. Still let’s imagine it… we have Clinton against Bush and a excentric billionaire runs as an independent…

Total flash back to 1992 and my first time voting. Again, I don’t see Trump wasting money just to prevent the GOP from the Whitehouse, then again, it does sound like something he would do.

1992 all over again… wow! Can that really happen? I don’t want to think about it.

Alright so even if Trump won’t really run as an independent if he loses the GOP nomination, he of course has to be honest and say he can’t promise he won’t. So bam, we get off to an explosive start, and one has to wonder if the obvious answer will hurt Trump or if in some kind of bully like “leverage” The GOP will nominate him just so he doesn’t run as an independent.

LOL, I’m totally kidding, well Trump is a bully, but that’s just absurd to think The GOP would be dumb enough to fall for such tactics… right?

Still why did Fox news set up Trump so nice and pretty before the debate just to shoot him down right at the get go? Is this politics or ratings? Hmmm… I know what I would call it.

Brilliant, genius… and much more ratings than politics. I mean when it came to Trump they went searching for those soundbites that they can play all day, today and the days to come. So later when Megyn Kelly comes straight at Trump and confronts him on the names he has used to describe women on social media and other places, using words like Dog and Pig, it wasn’t so much as an attack on his ability to be the president (though it is) it wasn’t even really questioning his views on women, it was a grab at those soundbites!

Trump now says the questions were unfair and they were, but Donald shouldn’t take it personal, Fox was just doing good business and Trump gets that, right?

The one thing I know about Trump, he is a bully type who does not like to be poked. So when Fox News poked, Trump poked back. He kind of threatened Megyn Kelly (by the way, oh how I dislike Megyn Kelly, lol) when she “wasn’t nice to him” saying maybe he didn’t have to be so nice to her… but he quickly said he wouldn’t do that, just hint at doing it.

The biggest question is if his school yard bully tactics (which to me the way I always saw Trump) is ever going to actually hurt him since he can turn it all into a joke… a Saturday Night Live punchline. I really can’t wait to see how the polls react to Donald Trump and Carly Fiorina.

In the end Trump comes away the same as before, attractive to those who are tired of the government, but will that get him the GOP nomination? I don’t think it will in the end, just as I don’t think Trump will run as an independent… so to in my opinion, Trump will not factor in once the primaries are done. Still he will make it interesting till then.

So then who will be the GOP nomination? my bet is still on Bush, though you wouldn’t believe it from the debate. he looked out of touch and unsure… still he has the money and the name… I believe he will come around and get the GOP’s approval (I think he already has it, but hey, I’ll be happy to be wrong).

Mike Huckabee and Ted Cruz scare the hell out of me. Literally.

I’m sorry, but Chris Christie just seems sneaky. I know, they are all sneaky, they are politicians after all. Still I just can’t trust the guy and could never vote for him. and it goes beyond “Bridgegate” and his choice of friends. Maybe it’s a west coast thing, but it bothers me when people use 9-11 as much as some east coast politicians do. When Christie and Rand Paul get into it about surveillance on American people without proper warrants it was a good discussion, one of my favorites of the night. They both have a point, our safety is important, but government can not throw away our rights to do so. Rand Paul tries to get his point across and stealing some limelight by attacking President Obama, saying he didn’t trust Obama with our personal information (though it is the leader of our country) and then further ensuring that soundbite by bringing up Christie’s hug to President Obama (yes at the expense of cooties).

Damn, I thought, Rand Paul just served Chris Christie, but it was so Jr. High, “You hugged the President, you love him, why don’t you get married?” (That’s a great segueway into the question I was waiting for, how they all feel about the court’s decision to legalize same-sex marriage, but that too was part of Fox’s elaborate plan and didn’t really happen, well it did but didn’t, and I will discus it but we can’t go there yet because it was Christie’s response that really cemented how I feel about him.

Christie replied by saying the only hugs he remembered giving were the ones he gave to families of 9-11 victims. WTF? So is he denying hugging Obama or just forgot about it? I’m sorry, but that’s just wrong. Yea, no Chris Christie… he’s shady!

So, what about Rand Paul? I mean I want to like the guy. He thinks outside the box. Not your typical Republican. But he’s crazy right?

Who’s left? Marco Rubio and Scott Walker did alright and I’ll be waiting to hear more from them both as the months go on.

Dr. Ben Carson comes across as a very smart man… but I don’t know if he is ready to be President. As much as we’d all love for a non-politician to be voted President, it ain’t gonna happen. It would be disastrous with the state the world is in right now. But someday… yes, maybe someday.

Last but not least is the candidate I feel did the best last night, John Kasich. I really like the guy, but then he’s a likable guy, which is why Fox news went to him when asking about same-sex marriage. Oh you Fox News… so smart. Kasich gave the safe answer that he was old-fashioned and believed in “traditional” marriage but that he would accept his daughters if they were gay and that he went to a friend’s same-sex wedding. This is a story already known (I heard Kasich talk about being accepting and attending a friends same-sex wedding quite a while back) and exactly what Fox News wanted for that answer. Why? Because if they went to some of the other candidates and they went off on how they feel on same-sex marriage or how they believed the courts decisions were wrong and will destroy America… well then that would be the soundbite we would be hearing today… and Fox News wants it all about Trump.

All my opinion of course, but it sure looks like a well polished and planed machine on Fox News part. Keep the outrageous Trump in the headlines and not some of the other candidates outrageous views. Though they did end it on God (did anyone catch Megyn Kelly snicker when she said “God”, like she got the joke, man I don’t like her).

And in the end that’s what worries me most about all these candidates. Their blind faith in what is written in the Bible clouds what we need a President to do, which is take us forward, not focus on taking us back.

Especially not back to 1992.

(Pre) GOP Debate

So today is the GOP Debate! It will be on Fox News and only the top 10 polling candidates will be on stage (though the rest will appear at an earlier debate, you know like the ‘kids table’ at Thanksgiving Dinner. I will be recording both just in case. I plan on watching them live, but this is the birthday of someone close to me and therefore I may have to catch some of it later.

Yes a busy day, did I mention I’m doing a Skype interview today as well? Yea, more on that later, wish me luck though, I’m a little nervous.

If all that wasn’t enough, Dorothy Price Hill once again decided to mention me in a comment on Shannan’s FB Memory page, and once again she is accusing me of criminal behavior:

dph sgm zero 8-6-15

Damn, that’s a good one. I need to be investigated, LMFAO!

Thank you for once again bringing up Cristin aka Mysterymom7… let’s see what Cristin had to say after digging up all my personal information:

zero FB cristin2

“Not even a speeding ticket”. Man, how many times can I say “fuck you” to someone? Well one more time won’t hurt, FUCK YOU DOROTHY!

How do you keep up with all those lies you tell Dottie? I mean you rant about “DISINFORMATION” and yet you can’t help but blurt out crap every chance you get.

Well dig away, I have to get ready for a TV interview. Maybe I’ll mention ya Dorothy, you know throw an old dog a bone. (You can’t see me right now, but the huge smile on my face just broke into uncontrollable laughter).

Oh yea, the GOP debate…

Anyways, Fox is genius in how they are handling it. They made the rule of only the Top 10 polling candidates will be there, and Fox News pretty much controls who gets news coverage and therefore who gets the best polling. Genius! I will be watching the debate when I get a chance and blogging about all that the GOP has to offer us in 2016.

And yes, I’m sure some more posts about Dorothy will be coming as well. She can’t get enough of me.

Shake It Off


Any new Cicada stuff out there? I haven’t even looked. But it’s that time of year.

I saw Anonymous is getting involved with the fight against terrorism:


And The Illuminati is taking over everything:


I bring up these 3 groups, because with all that’s going on in the world, it would be nice if we had some heroes… even some anti-ones.

But we are so involved in the back-n-forth. Victories are just the lead in to the next fight. Everyone’s pointing the finger at their oppressor and shouting demon! Actually we moved on from that… we now are pointing fingers at our accusers and shouting demon!

Even I, as I teach by example, have gotten too caught up.

Time to shake it off…



The Interview (A Zero Movie Review)

Don’t worry there aren’t gonna be any “SPOILERS” in this review. Well other than Eminem is in the opening scene. Which I already mentioned before… I am going to talk more about this scene in my next post, so if you don’t want to read about the opening scene of The Interview with Eminem then just skip the next post. But it’s a good one and only deals with that one scene and will not ruin the movie, I promise.

Alright enough about the next post, back to this one.

I give The Interview  a 4 stars out of 5 rating… or an 8 on a scale of 1 -10. But I have to admit that it would be more like a 3 star or a 7 on that scale of 1-10 if there had not been all the hoopla before seeing it.

The movie is funny, but not as funny as This Is The End, and nowhere near as funny as Pineapple Express. Yet it uses a lot of the same techniques from both, James Franco’s character comes up with crazy ideas, and Seth Rogan’s character says, “What? No. We can’t do that, that’s crazy.” It never gets old. Well not too old. Though I am getting suspicious that Seth is writing movies just for him and James to make out in (sorry… but that’s not really a spoiler in a movie with those two anymore).

But it is funny… and as I said, due to all that went on during the release of this movie, it’s only funnier to watch.

That’s right, the best part is watching the movie knowing how upset it made Kim Jong Un, I mean Sony was hacked in an attempt to stop this movie from being seen, lmao, how “wacky” does that make Kim look even before the movie is watched? Which, let’s be honest here, Kim doesn’t care if Seth and James make a movie about him, he doesn’t care if everyone in America goes to the theater and sees it. He just don’t want it finding its way to North Korea. He doesn’t want anyone there to see it and realize how foolish he looks to the rest of the world. And that’s bound to happen… the DVD will come out, and activist will send that thing over the border in parachutes… and North Koreans will see Kim looking foolish in the works of Seth and James.

And that is where the movie is really funny. As you watch the Kim Jong Un in the film you can’t help but laugh, knowing it bothers the real Kim so much.

And good. LOL!

You also find yourself saying, “Really? All of that over this?”

So thank you GOP and Kim Jong Un! You actually helped  make  the movie much  funnier than it actually is. And also cheaper. I would have paid a lot more to see it if I had gone to the theater. My whole family watched it for $5.

The movie’s funny, and it’s only $5… so get it, watch it, laugh at Lil Kim Jong Un some more, he’s funny!



SPOILER ALERT!!! The next post does contain some spoilers from “The Interview”.  READ AT YOU OWN RISK!


The World Changed Yesterday

I go away from the internet for one day and look what happens!

The world changed yesterday… for better, for worse… it changed.

While President Obama was announcing that America was changing its relationship (or lack of one) with Cuba, Sony announces that they will cave to terrorist threats and not release the new Seth Rogen/James Franco Movie, “The Interview”.

Some say the President is doing the right thing, that it’s time to rethink our policies on dealing with Cuba (after all it’s been the way it is for over 50 years, and NOTHING seems to have changed). Other’s think the President has once again screwed over America. Cuba is the enemy and the enemy is the devil… (it’s tradition).

As for Sony, same thing… some think they did the right thing by canceling the release of the ‘The Interview”, after all, there are threats of a “911” on movie goers, it’sfreaking scary. But others say this was the worst thing Sony could have done to deal with the cyber threats.

Do you want to know what I think?

Well, you are here and you are still reading, so I guess you do.

Reaching out to Cuba and trying to reestablish ties with them has to happen eventually if we want change from the way it is now. And the way it is now just isn’t right. I am not going to go over the back-n-forth America and Cuba have been involved in during the last 50 years, but it’s definitely two-sided. Though as with all the things America does, we can always argue that we do what we do for the greater good. Freedom is something ALL people should have, and any country whose people are not free and suffer at the hands of dictators or corrupt rulers, endangers not only them, but us as well… and we can’t afford to turn our backs on those who suffer or reward those who oppress. And guess what, I very much agree. But it’s time to reevaluate lots of different things here in America, and around the world as well… because the way we do things is not working… we have to try other ways. We have to look at alternative actions to the solutions we all chase… because aren’t we tired of just chasing these solutions?

Could changing our ways with Cuba end up being a bad thing? Of course it could…  but it could also be the start of something really good. We could set the example on how we keep saying other countries with similar issues should behave. And if it does go bad… isn’t it just better to get it over with. I mean if we can’t get along, shouldn’t we just admit it and all just go at it? But we can get along… and most of us know it. And that is what we as a country and we as humanity are aiming for, right? So let’s try something different… what’s that phrase I’ve seen some of you post before, “The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results.”  That seems to at least somewhat apply here.

Flip that coin and let’s look at what Sony did. Most would probably say they  gave in to terrorist demands, something you should never do. And I’d love to be a hypocrite here and agree. I want to say, you can’t back down from any type of terrorism, fuck North Korea, fuck GOP, put that movie out, don’t fuck my Christmas up, because I really want to see that movie. (I’m serious, my Christmas is ruined). But honestly, Sony had no choice.

This could be bad… really bad. Threats on the internet can now stop movies from being released?!? What’s next? I’m not going into all that now awaits us in this new world, but the implications are beyond any type of scary I have ever experienced. Still, like I said, Sony had no choice.

Many theaters had already decided to not show it and can you blame them, it’s one of  the busiest movie days of the year, and if they play that movie, they take a chance of people not coming to their theater to see any movie, just out of fear of something happening. They could lose a lot of money due to just the fear factor of it. There are other movies to think about as well, they too could lose money just because they are playing at a theater where ‘The Interview” is playing.

And what if it played as planed and something did happen? Yes, Sony had no choice.

I still say that sucks, and this can’t end there.

And it won’t. I see now the White house is getting involved, after all this is a succesful terrorist attack at the moment, but it’s not over… there is much more to come… and as I said… the world has changed.

I will be blogging much more about this as it all unfolds…

I do hope though, that Sony decides to try a different approach to this movie since they can not release it as planed, but should be seen by those who want to see it… flip the technology back again… put it straight out on direct view type cable and Netflix… put it online! Do it before someone just hacks in and puts it out there. J/K… but you get the idea…

So, yea, I have opinions, and they are shakey… like the rest of us who see a world that could be… I have to struggle with my views… as we should… they are not clear choices… do we try to understand each other better and learn to accept and help each other get to where we want to be… or do we just say enough is enough and stand up to all who are against us. Get it over with. Stop pussy-footing around and take the enemy down. One way or another stop chasing the solutions and actually achieve them.

Did everyone just go whoa? I know I did.

The Interview And The GOP

The last movie I went to see at the theater was “Guardians Of The Galaxy”. It was playing at the cheap theater (normaly $1.50 but this was $3.50 because it was in 3D, still a very good deal) since it was about to be released on DVD (which since then it has been, check it out, if you like Marvel movies you should love it and wait for after the credits for a look back into the ’80s… lol). The movie was great, but it was the coming attractions that really caught my attention.

The preview for The Interview staring  Seth Rogen and James Franco showed and after seeing it, I said to myself… “that’s gonna cause some trouble”.  And boy was I right.


The plot of the movie deals with an american talk show host and the talk show’s producer being invited to North Korea to interview North Korean dictator Kim Jong-un. Before they can go though the CIA recruits them to assassinate the dictator during their trip.

Seth, you are a genius… of course it’s safe to say Mr. Rogen will never make such a trip in real life…

So, if you havent heard, a group calling themselves the GOP (Guardians of Peace) (damn that’s pretty funny for so many reasons) have hacked into Sony Pictures and are causing havoc with the things they got at.

Now again, if you haven’t heard, the GOP are demanding that Sony not release the movie or they (Sony) will receive a special Christmas present from the GOP. This of course leads many to speculate North Korea’s involvement in the GOP. Again, I’m sorry, but that is funny.

So what has the GOP done so far? They’ve released  damaging emails as well as  put out movies yet to be released by Sony for the public to watch. It may seem silly and childish, but Sony is definitely losing money and people are probably losing their jobs… so yea, is it funny? Unfortunately it still is. I mean it’s like a freakin’ movie right?

Read these, see for yourself:









OK, it’s messed up, but something about Hollywood freaking out over its emails being posted is just funny, I mean, Seth Rogen should be writing all this down… it will make a great prequel to “This Is The End”.

I really liked what Lisa Kudrow had to say about it… it’s the same thing I keep saying here, anything you put out there, is out there! Don’t put anything on the internet in any form that you don’t want made public…

Still how far is GOP willing to go? What kind of gift will they leave for Sony if the movie is released as planed?



Alright, this isn’t funny anymore.

You better believe 2 things… I am keeping an eye on these stories and will be posting more on all this…

And on the day after Christmas look for a review of ‘The Interview” here on the blog, because I will be in that theater come Christmas Day, hopefully it’s as funny as it looks!