Weekend Of Horrors

Last Friday night, October 16th, at exactly midnight, so I guess you could also say it was Saturday morning… I broke my foot.

And let me just say it sucks bad…

It’s a minor break and I’m not in a lot of pain, but it came at the worst time it could have possibly have happened.

Next month and I’d be happy at the thought of putting my foot up, getting some much-needed rest, and maybe actually blogging a little.

But you see, last Saturday is the day I wait for all year-long, it’s one of the busiest, if not the busiest night of Fright Dome season and it get’s crazy up in the Dome.

Some people dread that night… but I live for it.

And last Saturday night (after a day at the ER) I spent at home, in bed.

Haters go ahead and revel for a moment, because it was a very bad moment in “Zero’s World”.

I mean not only was I missing my favorite night of the season, but looking down at my bandaged foot I knew the season was over for The Stranger. A very bad moment indeed.

But at around midnight, Saturday night… or Sunday morning, depending how you look at it, I awoke from a doze in my self-pity bed and was shocked at what I saw on the TV screen in front of me (I often fall asleep with the news on, a bad habit I’m trying to break):


I was half asleep as I tried to make sense of what I was reading on the screen. I turned the volume up and was devastated.

As much as I get tired of saying things like what I’m about to say, it’s still true: Thank God only one person died, this could have been a much more tragic tragedy.

And while yes it is true, what I said before it is also true, I am tired of having to say such things… yes thankfully there wasn’t mass casualties, but someone died, friends and families are grieving, once again we have to question just where are we safe in this world. Where can people get together and enjoy life without being worried about someone, mentally ill and full of hate using guns, knives, bombs, and other weapons of destruction to end your life and change the lives of everyone around you.

There isn’t much about who did this and why, though there is some stuff on the internet to “chase” dealing with Zombiecon and how some feel about it… I may just do that in the next few days.

And no mater what the circumstances was for this shooting, the subjects of gun control and mental illness are always relevent, no mater how politics paint these things.

But Saturday Night (Sunday morning) all I could think about as I sat in my bed, foot up on a pillow, watching people dressed as zombies running in fear from some lunatic with a gun on the weekend news… all I could do was think about how fucked up things are some times. Not the whys or the hows, or the what can be done to stop them…

I just sat there in sadness and shame thinking about how fucked up it all gets sometimes.


Sunday night at midnight (blah, blah Monday morning… you got it by now) I wheeled a wheel chair out of The Dome after a fun night of playing a zombie.

This is the part where you haters can stop high fiving each other. LMAO, fuckin’ haters.

No matter how much we all get to know each other, there are still those of you who think I’m some kind of bad guy, bully, or gossip blogger… and you can go on thinking what you want about me. But if you really want to know what kind of person I am…

at my darkest moments…

and Saturday night was a dark moment…

I am thankful to survive my dark moments and go on…

I am thankful that life always “goes on” while you are living it…

and especially because there are those who do not get that chance at the end of their darkest moments… I know it is my duty as a human being to go on.

So, I “geared” up as a zombie and laid on a stretcher outside of a crashed ambulance, scaring everyone who walked by. I think we have a picture:

patient zero

I even gave my zombie character a name: Patient Zero

I’m not gonna say it was easy bottling up The Stranger and being a mostly stationary zombie. But it’s what needed to be done.

In memory of the person who lost their life last weekend. For all those who were at Zombiecon and had to go through the ordeal. I felt the need to give them a small memorial. But most importantly, I did it for myself, because it’s what needed to be done.

And I’m quite happy with “Patient Zero”, I really got into it, and had lots of fun.

Things are fucked up some times, but we go on.

For those who no longer can, for those who need to be shown how, and almost more importantly, for our selves.

You get it right?

Some of you haters may still be stuck…

but the rest of you… you get it, right?

Something Diabolical

Well, The Stranger is back from the dead and ready to get at it!

I promised I would post The Stranger’s blog as soon as something was on it… and here it is:


If you don’t like scary stories, I’d stay away from it. Plus you have to be careful of The Stranger, he’s a strange one.

I have been asked to write the introduction, which I am working on and it should be up soon.

So click on and follow…

and enjoy…

not being able to go to sleep…




Three New Blogs

If you read here enough you might notice I do a lot of posts about posts that never happen. Or I promise big stuff is coming and it never does. Most of the time that is kind of a jab at all those out there who keep promising things that never happen. Dorothy and her “hope they look good in orange” type comments, always promising arrests and convictions of people she don’t like, Flukie Joey promising people coming forward to tell the “truth” about what happened to Shannan or his promise of last years Summer Blog that would expose everything and everyone, or Jen saying she’s finally had enough and is going to LE and Lawyers and blah blah blah… yea lots of big breaks always around the corner. I poke at that from time to time, I’m sure most of you see that.

But I made out like March was gonna have lots of new posts and 3 new blog announcements, and I really had planned on writing a lot last March, no jab or poke or false promise, I really had a lot to get done, just didn’t have the time to do it. Life got hectic as it tends to do when we have a lot planned. Plus, every time I did get online there was PMs and emails, Facebook pages and other blogs to keep up with, and some sad news and more strange coincidences to try to understand. Most of the posts I didn’t write are still in my head and I’m gonna do my best to get them out over the next few weeks. And as for those 3 new blogs, well there’s a chance none of them will never become anything, theres a chance all of them get worked on, and there’s a chance only 1 or 2 of them will see the light of day. Always 3 . In case they never come up, I felt the need to let you know the ideas I had been working on or thinking of working on.

Two of them are actually up and running. Let’s talk about them first, even though it is now unlikely that I will be working on either of them.

The first is called Stranger’s Fiction. There is a whole separate WordPress set up for it, but nothing is written on it, so I can’t link it. I made it a while back as a place to write Fiction.

As you know, I write lyrics and poetry, but since I was a kid I have been writing stories, mostly science fiction at first… but then horror and good vs evil, end of the world type stuff… like my blogs, most of that stuff went unfinished, lots barely started, even though the whole story had already played out in my head. After blogging a while I thought WordPress would be a good place to start posting some short stories. I also thought The Stranger would be a good vessel for it.

You remember The Stranger, right? My Haunt Character. I had planned on writing some stories this spring and starting the site in the summer just in time for  the haunt season. And then when The Stranger was mysteriously removed from Facebook I thought even better… I can have The Stranger’s return with the short story blog…

Don’t know if I’ll have much time for writing short stories… but The Stranger has recently returned, and I know he wants to get the blog up and running, so I’m gonna try to find the time to get a few stories written, and if I do, Zero’s World will be the first place I post a link to it.

The second blog I actually started working on a little more than the Stranger one.  It is a fan blog for the television show Twin Peaks:


It has been announced that Showtime will be doing a new min series on Twin Peaks next year. Rejoining the story 25 years later.

I am a huge Twin Peaks fan, and you know how I can obsess on something. Twin Peaks is one of those things.

I have been saying for years that I hope something is done for Twin Peaks 25th anniversary… and any Twin Peaks fan understands why that anniversary is so important.

So when I heard about Showtime picking up the story 25 years later,  I decided to write a fan blog. The plan is or was, I’m not sure which will hold true at this moment, to re watch every episode and post about each one. I also wanted to cover the movie “Fire Walk With Me”  and book “Diary of Laura Palmer”. Plus I have the fanzines “Wrapped In Plastic” which I would have also discussed.

The blog would discus all aspects of the show which if you were a fan know it hits on many levels. It was watching Twin Peaks where I started seeing trees everywhere, lol. I swear David Lynch hid threes all through it.

The plan was to go over all of it in time for the new series and then discuss each of the new episodes. And as much as I really want to do this, it would be very time-consuming, there is a lot there to discus, things others got out of the episodes, things I got out of them. I could easily get lost in it all and not have much time for anything else, and I admit, I now don’t know if I can make that commitment. Plus there are lots already written on the show, still I know I could make a great blog on Twin Peaks and probably meet lots of more cool people to discus the show with, so who knows. I definitely will be re watching all the old shows getting ready for the new ones, and at the very least I will make some Twin Peaks posts right here.

Which brings us to the third blog.

When I decided to end the LISK blog, it was mainly because I felt I had said all I could on the subject. All the stories and people telling them seemed to lead nowhere. But many have expressed that they would like to have another blog on the subject, a place where it can be discussed without getting lost in the agendas and games, a place to separate helpful from hearsay. I have thought of doing so, but so far have not been able to bring myself to make the blog. I have a title in mind, have the whole first post planned out, and have an idea on how to keep it from becoming like all the other places that have preceded. And yet I still am cautious. I keep hoping things will move along and something will come out of the latest chatter or arrests and then there will be no need for a new blog. And everyday it seems there is something new added to the whole thing which makes you once again wonder how it can go unsolved for so long, one of these so-called connections has got to help break the case, right?

I’ll leave it at that… I may get to them all, I may get to some of them, I may not get to any of them. But just know I wanted to do them. I had plans for them and hoped to share them.

Life is just so demanding with its time though, and March came and went way to fast. Hell, April is already half way done.

So I guess I better get to writing.

Shake It Off


Any new Cicada stuff out there? I haven’t even looked. But it’s that time of year.

I saw Anonymous is getting involved with the fight against terrorism:


And The Illuminati is taking over everything:


I bring up these 3 groups, because with all that’s going on in the world, it would be nice if we had some heroes… even some anti-ones.

But we are so involved in the back-n-forth. Victories are just the lead in to the next fight. Everyone’s pointing the finger at their oppressor and shouting demon! Actually we moved on from that… we now are pointing fingers at our accusers and shouting demon!

Even I, as I teach by example, have gotten too caught up.

Time to shake it off…



25 Days Of Christmas Music: Day Thirteen

Day 13! Which means we are over half-way there, plus it’s THIRTEEN! The Stranger’s favorite number, which makes sense, right?  After all, we all know I created The Stranger… and my favorite number is 3… so he just added the number one to it… had to “one up me”, lol. Plus there’s all that occult connection to the number.

So in celebration of being half-way through the songs and that much closer to Christmas, as well as a holiday time memorial salute to the nearly departed Stranger, we are going to Mayhem T.V. for our 13th chain “link”. As some of you may have found on your own… The Stranger had his own YouTube channel called Mayhem T.V. (yes, an early look at zero’s creative side on the net, before things got so serious). In 2009 The Stranger posted his own little Christmas video… it’s not much and it will probably scare or offend some of you or maybe even further the beliefs that I’m some satanic, serial killer… so yea let’s post it!

Sing Along:

       Silent Night

Silent night
Silent night
Silent night

Silent night, holy night
All is calm, all is bright
Round yon Virgin Mother and Child
Holy Infant so tender and mild
Sleep in heavenly peace
Sleep in heavenly peace
Silent night, holy night
Shepherds quake at the sight
Glories stream from Heaven afar
Heavenly hosts sing Alleluia
Christ, the savior is born
Christ, the savior is born

Christ, the savior is born
Sleep in heavenly peace
Christ, the savior is born
Sleep in heavenly peace
Christ, the savior is born
Sleep in heavenly peace
Christ, the savior is born

My Name Is Zero… So Nice To Meet You


Hello to all my new readers! Welcome to my world! Who am I? Sorry, allow me to introduce myself, my name is Zero.

Want to know more? Read the “Red & Black” Prophet Blog.

Read the whole thing… it isn’t too long, and see exactly how we got to this blog, the infamous “Zero’s World”.

Some who read here call me a hero… which I am not, though I do have my moments. Others here think I’m a villain… also not true… but again… I have my moments.

Although right now some are saying this blog and yours truly are attacking those who stand up to corruption, if you do a little reading, you’ll see that is not true. And those of you saying this, you REALLY should do that little reading!

Reading the “Red & Black” before reading here may show you some insights that may help you understand where exactly I’m coming from.  Yes, if you really read it, you might understand me better. You might even see why I stayed away from social media yesterday, though part of me really wanted to log in to Twitter world… don’t get what I’m saying… read on, read back… READ!

I’d be the first to admit, this place can get a little repetitive, but it delivers enough to keep most people happy. And I do appreciate all my readers! Some even get to be part of my posts! And if you read long enough there is stuff hidden away in these posts that only YOU will get! I swear!

I deal with real life and internet life in a somewhat sarcastic and satiric way. But there are no lies… this is a blog of truth just as all my blogs are. It may get gamey in here, and I do tend to stoop at times, but honesty wins out… even in the comments!

Though at the moment I am still very wrapped up with some nuts that had gotten together and used the internet to confuse open murder cases like the LISK case, with their own personal agendas and delusions, there is much more to this blog.

For those of you that come here from Lawless America stuff… stick around… I plan on doing a few posts on all of that real soon.

There’s a lot going on out there in life and on the internet… the more you read, the more you’ll understand.

So read and feel free to comment. I love comments! As we finish off the first year of “Zero’s World” much more will be revealed… new friends will be made… new haters as well… stick around!

Death Of The Stranger

So, I’m not upset… I’ve been through this before… and I knew it was coming eventually. Seems like adults love to act like children. Fucking little tattle-tales. LMFAO! Keep on encouraging me!

Some of you may remember back when I first came across all this LISK craziness, I had wanted to talk to some of those who were contacting me via email and the blog through Facebook. This would make it easier to tell who was really who they said they were. But to go through Facebook meant showing who I was, and I was not ready for that. There were lots of crazies out there reading and commenting in different parts of this, from LISK.com to my blogs, and I wasn’t about to give some of these crazies access to my friends and family (though that happened anyway). I had 3 Facebook accounts, one with my name, used to talk to family and friends, but not used to often. Another, my Stranger account I used quite a bit, for fun and promotion of the haunt I worked at every Halloween season. As I said, I didn’t want to use my so-called “real” Facebook   due to the fact that I didn’t want anyone playing loony toon games with my friends and family. And I couldn’t use The Stranger for so many reasons… mainly three though. One, because I didn’t want to freak people out contacting them with The Stranger, I mean we were dealing with serial killers and internet crazies… I didn’t think The Stranger would be well received or understood. Reason 2 was because I didn’t want anyone to say I was using the things I blogged about to promote anything. I admit I love to self promote, but that was not where my interest lied in all this, as I said before, I just wanted conclusions. Third reason, I had already dealt with losing The Stranger on Facebook after building him up for years, and I didn’t want to go through that again.

As I mentioned there was a third Facebook, Dharma, but at the time I had forgotten about that one, so I decided to make a new Facebook account under the name Nick James. It was no secret who Nick was, I told everyone who I contacted through it who I was, (well, not my real name, it was still unknown back then, but I did let them know it was zero). So everyone knew Nick was Zero and I did talk to a few people with it (mostly Jen).  Someone didn’t like me using the Nick James account to talk to people though. After a very short time I received a message from Facebook that the Nick  account had been reported as “FAKE” and was temporarily taken down. Facebook required I give them a phone number to verify who I was…

Well, I had talked to enough with the Nick account and  decided to just let it go. I mean it didn’t even have a picture, lol. Very troll looking.

Lots of people freaked out, saying how unfair it was for the account to be down and some were even pointing blame. I had to explain it was no big deal, this was how Facebook and other social medias worked… I mean social media is definitely the definition of “the lunatics running the asylum”.

A good way of explaining this is with mine (and many others) experience with Twitter. You see someone with an idiotic tweet. Maybe it’s racist, maybe it’s homophobic, maybe it’s just in bad taste. You tweet a reply and suddenly you have been reported and your Twitter is on “timeout”. It sucks, but in a way I get it. People want to put what ever they want out there with no kind of reaction from anyone who might not of liked what was put out there in the first place. The problem is, I love to do just that. I like to make people think about their internet activity… I mean if you put it out there you should expect reaction. I do, hell I love the reactions!

I’m getting muddied here… let me get focused again.  People love to tell me, if I don’t like what I see on the internet, turn it off, don’t read what people have to say out there in the never-ending ones and zeros. My reply to that is, “yes, I agree”. If you don’t like someone’s reply to what you put out there, don’t put it out there, turn off your internet, don’t read people’s reactions. But you do and you cry about them and the back ‘n’ forths begin. And as I have learned, most can’t handle the criticism or slap in the face with common sense, they cry for their mommies.

And since they are adults and their mommies can’t help them, they complain to someone who can. They click on “REPORT”  and well… they tattle-tale. “That’s not their real name” “what they said was offensive”… and if it’s a group of crybabies (yes, groups getting together on the internet, I said a mouthful there) the result can be quick.

You are put on time out or you account is frozen. It’s a weird game people play with each other on the internet. Part of that back ‘n’ forth I keep writing about.

Now, if someone is stalking your Facebook for no reason, or if someone has stolen your identity and made a fake account with it, or if they are posting slander and lies about you or your family… those kind of things need to be reported. But the Nick James account was not doing any of that… some people just didn’t want me talking to others.

Anyone getting this?  Still muddied a little, I think…

What I’m trying to say is, most of the times, social media rules and regulations usually don’t work the way they are supposed to, and often just help the trolls and players out there… simple enough?

But, I knew all this by the time Nick James was created and I was expecting it to be reported and removed, so it didn’t surprise me the way it did others reading about it on my blog.  As I explained it had happened before with my Stranger account. If you don’t know who The Stranger is yet, you really haven’t been paying attention. He is a character I made for a haunt I work at every Halloween. No big deal, but some of you want to attack it and lie about it  just to get at me in someway, yea, how’s that working for you?


Alright, as I explained, back when Nick James was put on time out (did any of you even get the “nick” name… “I’m Nick James Bitch”, maybe it was only funny to me) I had already dealt with losing my Stranger account a few years earlier. And as much as it sucked, I learned from it.

See, back before I was blogging about LISK gamers or internet trolls, I used the internet for fun and entertainment, I’m sure I mentioned this before. I loved to make videos and stuff. All for fun. I only really used Facebook for my haunt character. I was promoting the haunt while making my character more known. I mean the whole back story to The Stranger was promoted using social media. Even then, in fun I was poking at what we were using the internet for… but the whole story of The Stranger will have to wait, this isn’t the time or place, still those of you who follow me better than the others may get the whole idea there.

I had about 1500 “FRIENDS” on my Stranger account and it was a lot of fun to use to promote and to get to know haunt fans.

And one day it was reported as a “FAKE” account. I was devastated! Just like that it was gone. Someone or someones reported that my real name wasn’t Stranger. Well, DUH!

Facebook wanted me to send them a copy of my ID showing my “real” name. At the time I thought it was so unfair, so many others have Facebook accounts using names that  were not on their IDs. I had the account for 3 years, I couldn’t understand why it was gone.

But that’s the way it works… and there was nothing I could do.

As I said Facebook doesn’t apply their rules very well. There are all sorts of people out there not using their real names, from trolls and gamers to people using nick names and character names, someone even told me that Julie Fletcher was not the real name of the Facebook user using it (and if you were one of those who reported my Facebook, shame on you). But I’m not gonna go on and on crying sour grapes though, life is like that, both internet life and the real one. We get used to it.

So anyways, I eventually started another Stranger Facebook after the old one was gone and moved on (the new one had over two-thousand friends before I woke up this morning and saw it was gone, but as usual, I’m getting ahead of myself).

So after the Nick James account was gone I came to a point where I decided (as I blogged about) to use another Facebook account. This was Dharma Initiative. An account I made long ago for the T.V. show LOST. It was a fan page, but I hadn’t used it in a long time. So I used to talk to some crazies… but this time I didn’t tell anyone it was me, at first. Dharma caused all sorts of confusion, so I came clean and let everyone know it was me and stopped using it other than to mess with the anti-gay pages on Facebook, those guys are just so screwed up.

Well the other day I noticed Dharma was gone… someone or group of someones must have reported it. Facebook wrote me a note saying that it was obviously representing a T.V. show and needed to be changed into a PAGE. So I let it sit in limbo, like the Nick James one, no reason to make it a page, I don’t need them , I’m not Candyce or some of you others, I’m not trying to build a Facebook army of fake accounts. And besides at this point, everyone knows who I am, right? But with the death of Dharma I started a countdown in my head for my Stranger account, which really sucked!

Well, today it happened, my Stranger account was pulled. What a bunch of crybabies! That account wasn’t bothering any of you! And those who know me, know how much I love the haunt business and how many years I have invested into making The Stranger what he is today.

But again, this was foreseen and as most haunters and cosplayers know, Facebook will do this if enough hypocritical haters decide to play informer. Therefor a plan was all ready in play.

So, although this sucks, I was ready for it, and more importantly, there will be the usual “cause and effect” for what you loonies do.

I have been doing my best to leave The Stranger out of all this. But it seems some of you want to invoke him, so in the future when he arises from the ashes… don’t blame me if you don’t like the kinds of things he can get done.

Zero Back On The Couch (skit)

Ahhh… Zero… I didn’t expect to see you here… but it’s not a minute to soon… quickly… lay down on the couch and let’s get right to it!

I fear what I told you before has begun to happen at a rapid pace. You are all over the place fighting shadows and ghosts. And you language and stance has degenerated to it’s almost lowest levels. I mean it’s always, “fuck this and fuck that”, do you even know who to aim it all at any more?

I am very serious when I tell you, you are heading for a break and your Id and Egos will be separate for ever.

Let’s talk about the alters for a minute… you’ve always had many running around in that head of yours, right? I mean zero isn’t the name your parents gave you, most people have figured that much out.

But how many people are in there? That’s the question. There was that creepy guy who did the old “liars” Vlog… You bring him up from time to time, but I notice you haven’t got a link to that old YouTube site over with  your”My Stuff”. I don’t blame you, you should bury that guy back, deep, down where no one can see him again.

Or how bout The Stranger… there’s a disturbing creation I hope you keep control of.  There are others as well, Dharma and The D.A. Is he still in there? And those 3 stooges you created just for this blog, you Id, Ego, and Super Ego. But those are real Zero, and if you continue down this path you may find out all these others are real as well. I mean do you not see the dangers in someone like you, getting involved with these internet people who trade screen names and identities like hats… or masks.

Ah yes… you know about masks, don’t you Zero. How many Masks do you wear?  These people don’t know you Zero… but I do, don’t I? I know the types of things you are capable of. Do you really want to risk it all?

Wait, where are you going? Sit back down… we are not finished here… if you chose to ignore what I am trying to tell you, the outcome can and will be devastating… all your so-called “readers” will get a front row view of a man breaking down and loosing all touch with reality… splitting… breaking… never to be whole again…