Our Last VD Together

This is our last Valentine’s day here at the ZW. I am a little sad. Hopefully most of you are busy right now. I’m getting ready to go to the movies. But for those lonely hearts out there, here is one last VD Post.

Remember the first one?


It seems like a life time ago.

Then our second VD:


That was a good VD, went and saw Marilyn Manson that night.

You might have missed our second VD if you weren’t quick. I had wanted to make something special for that year and I started to put together a skit. We don’t have enough skits on the blog. I created this Facebook group called “The Lonely Hearts Club” (not really, in the skit). It was a lot of work and I didn’t finish in time for valentine’s Day last year. But I still put it up unfinished. If you were quick you saw it. I just wasn’t happy with it and I took it down.

Some who read it told me it was funny. And since the whole idea was to poke at FB groups, poke at my lonely obsessors, and show what it’s like if I really put people’s comments to a make-believe narrative and all 3 of those things are still relevent a year later, I decided to throw an end on it and put it back up. I’m still not happy with it, but you can see what I was going for. To bad I didn’t continue on with it… I could add quite a few new people to the group. LOL!

Well, like I said, it’s back up, check it out if ya want:


And one last time…

Happy Valentine’s Day Everyone!

Lonely Hearts Club (Skit)


Nice sign right? It’s actually a new group on Facebook we will be checking in on from time to time… I feel it may be interesting… you never know who might drop in to a group like this… let’s take a peek:


Wow only one member at the moment… not including the Mod of course… I wonder what they are talking about:

lhc 1

lhc 2

lhc 3

lhc 4

lhc 5

lhc 6

lhc 7

lhc 8

lhc 5

lhc 9
lhc 11
lhc 12




Happy Valentine’s Day!




Cupid Carries A Gun

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Hope everyone has a good VD!

Even those of you in the lonely hearts club, I know how hard this day is for some of you. After all, love is war… or is it a battlefield? Ether way, cupid carries a gun:

That’s where I’ll be spending my Valentines Day! Surrendering to love…

at the Marilyn Manson concert tonight! The tickets were a Christmas present… thanks Sassy! I love it when holidays come together like that. I’m so freaking excited that I can’t even think of much more to write here.

Plus I gotta go get ready… where’d I put those red sneakers?