My Secret Blog

Ok, let’s move on to something else.   MM7 use to say she understood I was just playing “devil’s advocate” when I first started questioning more things in my comments and my blog. I used to laugh because she was not the first to call me this. I have been that way most of my life. I not only try to see other people’s sides of things, but I also try to show people all sides of things. It is easy for people to get stuck on their own perceptions, and not see things from all the sides that may exist. So back when I was deciding to stop the LISK blog the first time I started another blog, one I never mentioned to anyone. And I called it what else: The Devil’s Advocate:

I think it was the start of a good blog, but sadly I did not do a whole lot with it, haven’t even checked it in a while. I got into the whole Murt/Michelle/Radionewz stuff and the DA went to the curb. But Radionewz did inspire me to start-up a whole new blog, one that would combine a few bloggers including my secret DA and would deal with stuff more local to me. It was called Vegas Confidential:

I had some big ideas for this blog. But for reasons I will discuss in a later post, Vegas Confidential disapered completely. I recently brought it back, but it is the kind of blog that get’s dated quick if you don’t keep up on it. Again more on VC later. For now both of these blogs have been added to “My Stuff” at the side, and I’d love to hear any feedback on them.